Tory MP Davis puts Rayner to shame over shoot-first comments

‘We need our security services to make the right decision’ – and Davis challenges Starmer to say what he thinks

A Tory MP has put the deputy leader of the Labour party to shame over comments on policing and human rights. Such are the dark and perverse days we are living in.

Former Cabinet minister David Davis showed Angela Rayner how it’s done over her claim that she supports police shooting suspected terrorists first and ‘ask[ing] questions later’, saying:

We need our security services to make the “right” decision not a “shoot first, ask questions later” decision.

Davis also directly challenged Rayner’s boss to come out and say what he thinks:

Starmer, of course, is desperately trying to persuade die-hard Tories and billionaire newspaper owners that he’s no threat to their interests – and infamously gave now-departed Met police chief Cressida Dick his unqualified support despite her role of the operation that did shoot first (and then avoid questions), killing the innocent Jean Charles de Menezes in London.

And he was perfectly willing to stand aside while the Tories pushed through a bill to give security services and their civilians agents immunity from prosecution for crimes they commit while undercover, claimed the Bloody Sunday massacre ‘unfolded’ as if it was a natural disaster and not state-sanctioned murder and has now got his drones smearing Jeremy Corbyn by claiming Corbyn’s policy was to be soft on criminals.

So don’t hold your breath for him to condemn Rayner’s trigger-happiness – unless he and his handlers decide there’s some short-term political gain in it. And so far, they appear not to think there is.

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  1. David Davis is a tough politician and if my memory serves then hes one of the only politicians I know to put himself up for re…election in a challange and increased his majority.Hes a Tory and there must be somthing warped about him,but hes got the measure of carreer politicians like rayner.and the knights Labour party.

    1. BLUE Tory David Davis –

      “We need our security services to make the “right” decision not a “shoot first, ask questions later” decision.”

      I agree with David Davis.

    2. Joseph Okeefe, Davis is a clear example of why giving the choice between voting for a right winger or voting for a fascist, it is always better to vote for a right winger. I don’t like the Tories and he is a Tory but, at least Davis is a democrat. Starmer and some on the Labour front bench no so much.
      Hence, I am afraid that voting Labour while Starmer is leader amounts to vote for fascism unless you are voting for a handful of MPs that are member of the SCG.

      1. Yes maria the knights Labour party are a clear and present danger to the British people and national security.The funding of the knight using foreign money from an Israeli spy must be investigated if only to ensure that the Labour party leadership elections were not rigged by ouside influence.The fact that foreign influence was involved in his election is a absolute abomination.

    3. Many years ago, David Davis took to the stage of the Royal Festival Hall to debate with Tony Benn in front of a full house and a TV audience.
      I would argue with him til the cows come home over Brexit and many if not 99% of his party’s policies – as we all on here would – but at least he comes across as a politician of principle, with a sense of decency lacking in his own party, and 75/80% of the PLP.
      It’s encouraging to see his comments contrast with those of the hapless Rayner, who thinks that she has the support of the left vote in the party.
      She and The Glorious Leader deserve each other.

    4. Davis is ex SAS, but clearly an independent thinker. He was a member of Liberty when Shami Chakribati was head of that organisation. Strange days indeed when an honourable Tory has to remind the deputy leader of the Labour of the basics of law in a democracy.

    5. Joseph, I am pretty sure that ha was SAS. To think that the sas are more humane than the PLP beggars belief.

      1. Wobbly – When Davis Davis left Bec Grammar School in Tooting, his A Level results were not good enough to secure a university place so Davis worked as an insurance clerk and became an infantry soldier in the Territorial Army’s 21 SAS (Artists) Regiment in order to earn the money to retake his examinations.

      2. My mistake he wasn’t in the SAS. Serves me right, heard this from a msm tele journo some time ag0 who clearly confused a different David Davis who was ceo of a company called SAS.

  2. What a sad day when a Conservative is attacking the LP “leadership” from the left.

  3. Rayner’s crass comment = her believing she is now one of “The Few”. She knows she is neither brown nor black nor poor so unlikely to be the type she’s happy to have shot first with precious few questions asked after.

    Same mentality of warmongering MPs. They KNOW neither they nor their children will be sent to kill others and die. Just look at WMD Blair’s who swiftly became multi millionaires and kept out of harm’s way.

    Note well also, “Tough on Crime” does not mean crimes like the A Class drug dinner party set, nor Andrew Mountbatten, the bankers, the Post Office IT lot AND politicians in charge then, nor the Covid-19 bandits and enablers eg Johnson & Hancock. Rayner’s targets are ALL of us who cannot fish out TWELVE MILLION POUNDS to escape prison.

    “One rule for us” “The Many” “another for them” “The Few”.

    Rayner feels sure now she is one of “The Few”. Hypocrite is too gentle a word for Rayner, Starmer & gang

    1. Singpost, Rayner is the ultimate careerist ready to sale anything for her own advancement. She doesn’t have an iota of personal integrity.
      She is very ready to regale the public with histories of her own poverty ridden childhood, she is a class traitor that believes that if she can get to the top, others can get to the top too. I wonder how many people Rayner has back stabbed to get where she is.

      1. Or like Jess Phillips, been prepared to stab in the front…..

  4. I don’t have much in common with David Davis. David Davis is an upfront Tory, has his views and principles and is open about them. I am an upfront Socialist I have my views and principles and I am open about them. I disagree with David Davis on most things but not in this case. This time I have more in common with him than with Angela Rayner ,an unprincipled and downright dangerous snake in the grass.
    Rayner’s vile advocacy of a shoot first policy should be disowned by Starmer. It has brought the party into disrepute and Rayner should face disciplinary action and deselection. This won’t happen of course – she is not an “antisemite” ( code word for Socialist and anti Zionist) so in Starmer’s Labour it is OK to drag the party even further down into the gutter without consequence.
    Also It says everything about Starmer and the shower he has round him that it was a Tory David Davis who called her out, not him.

    1. Raynes words are pure Likud. Don’t be too harsh on her. Ginger kids get bullied. That’ll explain why she is a psychopath. Remember when she was very popular with the left?

  5. As it stands, I now (and have for a while) genuinely believe the Tories are forming a better government than Labour would. Or, to be more exact, that Labour would be worse than the worse ever government in living memory. Which is quite a feat.

      1. P42 of the report on the GLU and antisemitism:
        “[LP]Director of Policy and Research Simon Jackson, meanwhile, said to colleagues regarding a potential snap general election [in 2015]:
        Ultimately though, who votes for JC?
        If it’s a choice btwn him & TMay how do WE vote for him??
        I mean we’re not fucking mad”
        “On 6 October 2015, Acting Director of Policy and Political Research Simon Jackson said that Iain Duncan-Smith was “shit” but “the mad thing is he’s better than most of our shadow cabinet”. The shadow cabinet was, then, a broad “unity” shadow cabinet, in which only four MPs were supporters of Corbyn.”
        A “Tory boy”?

      2. It may have escaped your notice but 2015 was 7 years ago.

      3. goldbach, thank you for above extract. 💐💐💐

      4. Ben simply recognises crypto-fascism when he sees it and hears its leaders thinking fascist thoughts out loud. That doesn’t make him a Tory, it means he is honest and puts telling the truth before office seeking.

      5. Ah yes, it was long ago. Sorry I keep banging on about Corbyn and blaming him for the ills of the world.

      6. signpost – you are welcome. I have a copy of the report, so I’m happy to contribute appropriate snippets from time to time.

      7. I see that Luke Akehurst has appeared yet again.

        I’m gonna say it too. Davis is on this matter, more left wing than the bloody Labour party!

        Are you a closet fascist? You seem to idolise the current labour party who match Mussolini’s definition of fascism all too well.

        They did say that it would come from the left (not that left really exists. Just another crack at the whip?) when it appeared again…

      8. Reply to Steve H
        I don’t think anybody can be fairly called a Tory Boy just because they recognise a Starmer government would be worse than a Tory government or indeed any government in living memory. Its called stating facts and I really wish what Ben says wasn’t true but it is.
        No UK party in government or out of it has expelled Jews wholesale, torn their characters to shreds and barred them from holding office on the absurd premise that these Jews are Jew haters, hating their own families and congregations solely because they too are Jews.
        No UK party has allowed it Deputy Leader ( a dangerous unprincipled idiot ) to openly advocate State killing of suspects on the grounds of suspicion alone.
        No UK party has shut down debate and undermined democracy by ignoring Conference policy and local decisions.
        If Starmers Labour treats lifelong members like this how do you think they would react if given a mandate to govern. Its scary. I genuinely fear that a Starmer government would be a right wing dictatorship which would trample our human rights into the ground.

      9. No I’m not Steve H. You are getting me mixed up with Keir Starmer.

  6. Luke Akehurst said

    …It may have escaped your notice but 2015 was 7 years ago…

    Says the man who bleats endlessly about yesterday’s man, Jeremy Corbyn

  7. ‘Starmer, of course, is desperately trying to persuade die hard Tories & billionaire newspaper owners that he’s no threat to their interests”, not true…………not only is he actively embracing Murdoch’s Media to promote his fascist ideologies but Starmer’s Labour Party will no longer be a Political Party representing the interests of the many, but the few. .MSM has united & now succeeded in destroying Socialism, any threat to Liberal Capitalism removed.

  8. Davis has consistently supported Tory economic cruelty against the poor but has perhaps built a niche for himself as ‘Mr Civil Liberties’ so we’ll see if he opposes the Draconian Police Bill and in particular the grotesque clause on Gypsies and Travellers?
    In this case he did actually destroy working class sell-out careerist Rayner (?)
    But didn’t Davis, Starmer, Rayner, Reeves and the rest of the political lightweights, as the brilliant Radical Socialist Feminist Network (New Left Review) pointed out “Vote to bomb our Black and Brown sisters.” (?)
    Their certificate for The Barbarians Club is in the post.

    1. Never mind about the blokes then?
      That was a strange article, definitely written by a civvies. Critical thinking soldiers of the west. Tell that to Irish, Kenyan, Malay, Cypriot citizens sleeping quietly in their beds when our critical thinking boots, batons and rifles butt’s came crashing through their doors deep in the night. Phh..

  9. What I find most shocking, and tell me if I’m wrong, not a single Labour MP has made anything approaching Davis’ condemnation of Rayner’s ultra-right outburst. Why not, are they so cowed?

    1. Philip – Are you disappointed that Jeremy doesn’t appear to have commented on Rayner

      1. “Labour MP and former barrister Karl Turner defended the ‘shoot first’ approach comments, however, tweeting: “It’s a working class thing, we aren’t terribly keen on terrorists or (for that matter) thugs much.”

        From the same article. Tweet appears deleted though now.

  10. Accepting that SteveH gets a pile on just for posting, much as this site holds Starmer responsible for all evil in the world ever, it nonetheless irks me that SteveH comes out with the Tory boy jibe, thereby exposing the indolence that keeps this country debased. The manufactured ‘clash of titans’ scenario that is wheeled out to keep us chained to a Tory calamity or a Labour disaster must’ be exposed for the delusional shit it so patently is. Listen to ideas rather than observe the colours of rosettes and if you’re still arguing the toss over left or right being better then you’ll always remained earthbound- the way forward is upwards and we won’t achieve escape velocity weighed down with the collective shite of two redundant parties. Ditch FPTP and may people find common cause where they will.

    1. Tim – Currently the only credible route to replacing FPTP with PR is through a Labour government.

  11. SteveH – perhaps. I am not a protest junkie but I would support a mass boycott of the next election to force the issue because holding one’s nose to vote Labour does not appeal.

    1. Tim – I doubt that anyone will notice. I have always thought that boycotting an election is an exceptionally stupid strategy. It is the pointless gesture of those who know they can’t win.

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