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Video: Cressida Dick gone, told to go by Khan. Here’s Starmer backing her

Cressida Dick, the woeful Met police commissioner behind the delays in acting on Boris Johnson’s ‘partygate’ and the decision not to name him if he is fined for breaching lockdown laws, is gone – apparently told to quit by London mayor Sadiq Khan.

Khan’s action showed her to be unpalatable even for centrist tastes – and she oversaw the police shooting of the unarmed Jean-Charles de Menezes and a spate of racially discriminatory stop and search incidents, as well as a botched investigation into alleged sexual abuse of children and atrocious responses to women’s protests against murder of women by police officers – yet Labour’s right-wing leader Keir Starmer is on record saying he backed her and how pleased he was that her contract was extended, even though his supporter Doreen Lawrence, mother of the murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence, had called for Dick to go:

Just as reliably as Jeremy Corbyn has been on the right side of history, Starmer unfailingly picks the wrong side – and is now seen to have done so again.

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  1. Just saw this on the BBC website myself. Apparently Cressida Dick said 3 hours earlier she had no intention of resigning – what arrogance -and Sadiq Khan forced her hand by publicly saying he had no confidence in her.
    I have no time for Khan – a right winger who always plays to the gallery but he was absolutely right on this occasion. The woman is a wooden top, promoted beyond her capability and has presided over a series of shameful and horrific events ( including the killing of Jean-Charles de Menezes after which not only held on to her job but was promoted) so its no surprise Starmer wooden top in chief, man without principle or conscience should support her.
    She’s going – about time he followed her out the door.

    1. posted an hour ago on earlier thread. In addition
      Ms Cressida Dick:
      ⛔️ Operation Midland supporting Tom Watson enabled Carl Beech.
      ⛔️ Daniel Morgan found with an axe in his head in a pub carpark.
      ⛔️ Seven bullets point blank in an innocent man sitting reading his newspaper on a Stockwell Tube train, followed by an orchestrated deluge of lies from the Met, the media and other Establishment operators slandering their victim.

      ⛔️ Ms Dick resigned after that dreadful state murder of the innocent Jean Charles de Menezes only to be reappointed and made under and gifted a DAME-HOOD by THERESA MAY.

      ⛔️ Thereafter under Dick’s watch, despite to date a FORTY year career in the police force and FIVE WHOLE YEARS of corruption, misogyny, perversion, racism and unnecessary violence by the police under her watch, with many of the guilty PROMOTED, Dame Dick remained in post.

      ⛔️ We then had under BLUE TORY regimes Theresa May in particular and Red Tory Sadiq Khan, THREE terrorist deadly incidents in as many months ALL involving people KNOWN to the security services and no doubt known to Cressida Dick because if she did not know of them, she would be grossly incompetent.

      ⛔️ Dick’s Cousins kidnap and murder of the young lady in Clapham was not enough to dent Khan’s confidence in her.

      ⛔️ RAMPANT Knife crime in London THROUGHOUT the tenure of Khan & Dick.

      ⛔️ Dick’s refusal to investigate Johnson’s heartless breaking of rules HE made, claiming she does not investigate “retrospective crimes” as if crimes are not retrospective.

      ⛔️ When Sue Grey, a NON police person, successfully does the Met Police’s work, only then Dick DELIBERATELY intervenes to BLOCK the publication of Johnson’s partying bonanza while the rest of us grieved often with a handful of people instead funerals with hundreds honouring and giving loved ones a fitting send off.

      ⛔️ Dick in my judgement, EXACTLY as the Daniel Morgan inquiry, ACTIVELY hindered investigations into wrongdoing at 10 Downing Street, be it partying, dodgy money flushing around re thousand pound vases and wallpaper etc, and £ BILLIONS of unscrutinised funds re PPE £37 billion, So called Testing & Tracing … over £50 billion, and more re Sunak’s Furlough.

      ⛔️ In every instance above, it is clear that Dame Dick prioritised serving those who did gross wrongs under her watch and moreover those who gave her promotions and Damehood.

      EASILY predicted, expect Dame Dick to be made Barroness this or that eventually sitting in the House of Lords with LORD Keith Starmer 📣🆎⚠️📣🆎⚠️📣🆎⚠️

      You’ve read it ahead of the curve on

      1. classic example of overeaching employment choice. appointing a candidate who is ‘different’ with the expectation that change will follow was wrong. the maggots ate the cat.

    1. benmadigan Theresa May already made her DAME Dick after her officers murdered Jean Charles de Menezes in cold blood on Stockwell Tube.

      She will no doubt be soon made Baroness This of That and sit eventually with Lord SIR Keith Starmer where they will both continue to pollute public office at TAX FREE public expense. Office “expenses”, a HUGE pension pot of MILLIONS (i kid u not!!!) and over £370 DAILY just for signing in at the House of Lords.

  2. How diverse working people need an Herculean Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party but sadly it will take more than a day.
    Hope Sharron carries through on Unite’s funding threat to Right Wing Labour, and hundreds of thousands are waiting for such a new party, come on JC.
    Let’s Make history!

    1. If you really did have 100s of 1,000s waiting to join your ‘new socialist party’ then funding wouldn’t be a problem.

      1. Show patiance Stevie 👦wonder…The birth of a new left wing party that captures imagination of the voters is inevitable…due to the establishment punishment of the working-class people who are being lumped with the burden of corruption across all of the big three neo liberal alliances.The old addage of backing into a corner and going for the throat comes to mind
        ITs looking like the destruction of the welfare state will be the catalyst for a a real insurrection and then you will realise that they the working-class are no longer invisible.or compliant.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if women need to be even more conformist and even more compliant, acquiescent and deferential to authority, than men to become leaders.

    It says something big that Cressia Dick lost her leadership job because the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, says it’s clear “the only way to start to deliver the scale of the change required is to have new leadership right at the top”.

    Keir Rodney Starmer should consider himself ‘warned’. Even a fellow ‘centrist’ with strong RighWing leanings can see that there’s a little too much Cressida Dick in the leadership of Labour.

  4. Once again with the:“When I was DPP…”

    He worse than uncle Albert off fools & horses ffs.

    Except there isn’t ways a glorious tale to tell…What else occurred when you were DPP, keef?

    Oh that’s right… If anyone mentions the inconvenient truths, it incites a hate mob, doesn’t it, you polygonal-headed victim.

  5. Told to go

    Not SACKED then? Another corrupt plod being allowed to claim a taxpayer-funded pension for gross incompetence at best…

  6. Some still shed a tear for Brazilian John Charles de Menezes.
    John Charles was sat quietly reading a paper on a tube.
    Mr S in another DPP case apparently flew abroad to where a suspect was apparently being tortured, and Mr Starmer’s concern was apparently too to ensure he got the info he wanted? (Eagleton, Novara Media, 2/3/21).
    How we need an Herculean Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party, you could weep and so many times.
    Justice is long overdue.

  7. Following his announcement that Starmer still supports Cressida Dick, I am wondering if Doreen Lawrence is now reviewing her decision to be a Starmer supporter, I hope she is.

    1. Has with the Westminster paedophile ring these people either hang together or hang themselves.ITs a vile brotherhood of enablers and criminal perpetrators who slither through the the knight.
      Along with starmer I bet dick has a file on all of them so shes untouchable.

      1. And now she will spill the beans or pick and choose what retirement means but like all of them she will never have to worry about money again.

      2. Steve H Hall…do you not realise that dick wasnt “let go” like yourself as a job centre advisor.She can pick and choose in her retirment and like all those who mixit with spooks her files will be locked away for a very good lifstyle.People like Dick dont get sacked they move on to feathering her nest.onwards and upwards for the corrupt ask the knight how it works boyo.!

      3. It’s called an address book and it’s private, so myob.

  8. SteveH11/02/2022 AT 2:34 AM
    Untouchable? She was sacked!

    Oh, really? Sacked, you reckon? Why’s dick still there until a replacement is found?

    “It is with huge sadness that following contact with the mayor of London today, it is clear that the mayor no longer has sufficient confidence in my leadership to continue.

    “He has left me no choice but to step aside as commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service.”

    Not anywhere does dick complain or even make mention of being dismissed. That it actually has the brass neck to murmur about being given the choice is grating.

    Nope, dick will get to keep every cent of its substantial pension – but only because khan has finally tumbled to the fact even he can no longer justify her tenure, and the fingers will soon start to point at him had he kept dick in office.

    Like illeagle will hopefully soon discover there’s only so far that living off the back of repeatedly mentioning you are LGBT and in a position of authority will get you, before your arrogance, incompetence and sleaze will override & replace any remaining traces of goodwill.

  9. Toffee our deep reef diver has gone to bed dreaming of chasing old bags and sheep across the windswept pennines looking for a “small mill town up norf ”
    You couldn’t make it up but Stevie did.!

  10. Jimmy Saville was never charged with anything despite being the centre of so much speculation at the time, it was an open secret. Now we have a case of mass amnesia, especially among journalists who ‘flock’ around to support Stasi Starmer. Imagine, the leader of the Labour Party receiving so much support from the elites! Incidentally, what is the right or the wrong side of history & who judges?

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