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Starmer to call for return of hanging?

‘A few innocent lives taken is nothing compared to winning little England’, Labour leader expected to say at any moment

Keir Starmer is set to announce support for the return of hanging, half a century after it was abolished in the UK, as part of his attempt to win a few more votes in die-hard Tory areas. A European ban on reintroducing death sentences is believed to be behind Starmer’s pronouncement this week that there is no room for the UK to rejoin the EU.

No, not really. At least, not yet. But it might as well be on the cards after Starmer’s deputy, Angela Rayner, told right-wing media that anti-terror police should ‘shoot terrorists first and ask questions later’. That went down well with the rabid press, of course, particularly as ‘terrorists’ in their eyes carries a strong implication of ‘black, brown, Muslim or Irish’.

Rayner’s staggering idiocy or lack of political and moral backbone ignores (or more likely disregards) the fact that people have been killed by the police on just such a principle who turned out to have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism, notably the Brazilian Jean-Charles de Menezes – who was executed by a squad under the command of now-ex Met chief Cressida Dick at a London underground station. But it’s far from limited to one incident, just ask Irish people about the ‘shoot to kill’ policy in Northern Ireland. It also ignores the fact that even if a suspect really is a terrorist, live ones provide a lot more intel than dead ones.

Irishman @ToryFibs on the issues of Rayner’s support for ‘shoot to kill’

And if you can ignore those factors in favour of ‘shoot them all and let God sort them out’, then it’s only a small step to deciding that a few innocents executed for crimes they didn’t commit is a price worth paying for appealing to the biases and bigotries of small-minded reflex Tory voters and getting a few positive headlines from the most racist parts of the right-wing media.

Such a stance, like Rayner’s nonsense today, is entirely in keeping with the recent declarations of Starmer and his drones – pronouncements that grossly and libellously smeared Starmer’s predecessor – that they are going to be tough on criminals, with an implied ‘and f*** the causes of crime or the consequences for innocents wrongly targeted in the crosshairs’. It’s also entirely in keeping with the entrenched and never-punished racism of the Labour right.

After all, there are racists, bigots, xenophobes and Pavlov’s Tories to appeal to instead of the 33 million people in this country to disillusioned to vote when all the main parties offer the same dish on a different-coloured plate.

Here are a few names of people hanged and now known or believed to have been entirely innocent of the crimes for which they were executed:

  • Timothy Evans was tried and executed in March 1950 for the murder of his wife and infant daughter. An official inquiry conducted 16 years later determined that it was Evans’ fellow tenant, serial killer John Reginald Halliday Christie, who was responsible for the murders. Christie also admitted to the murder of Evans’ wife, following conviction for murdering five other women and his own wife. Evans was posthumously pardoned in 1966 after the inquiry concluded that Christie had also murdered Evans’ daughter. The case was a major factor leading to the abolition of capital punishment in the United Kingdom
  • George Kelly was executed in March 1950 for the 1949 murder of the manager of the Cameo Cinema in Liverpool and his assistant during a robbery that went wrong. This case became known as the Cameo Murder. Kelly’s conviction was overturned in 2003. Another man, Donald Johnson, had confessed to the crime but the police bungled Johnson’s case and had not divulged his confession at Kelly’s trial
  • Somali-born Mahmood Hussein Mattan was executed in 1952 for the murder of Lily Volpert. In 1998 the Court of Appeal decided that the original case was, in the words of Lord Justice Rose, “demonstrably flawed”. The family were awarded £725,000 compensation, to be shared equally among Mattan’s wife and three children. The compensation was the first award to a family for a person wrongfully hanged
  • Derek Bentley was a learning disabled young man who was executed in 1953. He was convicted of the murder of a police officer during an attempted robbery, despite the facts that it was his accomplice who fired the gun and that Bentley was already under arrest at the time of the shooting. Christopher Craig, the 16-year-old who actually fired the fatal shot, could not be executed as he was under 18

Angela Rayner was contacted for comment but did not respond.

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  1. ZERO surprise. IMMEDIATELY he succeeded in deceiving the membership, it was clear “worse is to come”, “everyday a new low”, “look at his public record”… then COUO within 12 months of Jeremy’s tenure.

    Starmer & gang’s GROSS disrespect of the members choice, revealed ALL that anyone needed to know.

    1. Rayner’s comments are beyond belief –
      and just after the deaths on “Bloody Sunday”
      were remembered by all of Parliament** on
      their anniversary..

      ** well nearly all?

      1. Holbyfanmw…..apart from the wounded Tory government going into talks with the DUP in secret.The agendas the usual to keep afloat two corrupt parties that are on the precipice with the usual unfettered support of the partition Labour leader and his shadowy cabinet..This is lives on the line which we have to continually remind the British Crown in Ireland.who appear to have little interest in the economic black hole of Ulster and only show interest when it means propping up a Tory government.What the knights playing at defys lodgic.

    2. Fine Sir we will go for it again but to show how safe and humane we will need a volunteer to demonstrate how wonderful it’s to hang someone. You don’t mind volunteering especially as it’s your idea do you?

      Or as normal is this all virtual singling to the knuckle scum readers and other assorted right wing rabid types?

      That the ‘right sort’ or ‘class’ of people like you are of course exempt from this no matter how bad a crime you commit as normal yes?

      The usual defence in the right wing rags about how you was led astray by the evil left wing loonies. The police will send round a nice questionnaire later!

    3. Here’s the full interview Rayner gave at the end of January to the Forde Political Party podcast:

      Rayner interview starts @18′ 30″ in.

      Rayner does give the answer police should shoot to kill.

      Later in the interview Rayner seems to go along with the diagnosis of GE19 that Labour gave a poor message 2015-20 and says nothing about GE17 & the change in Brexit position – flagged up at 2018 conference by Keir Starmer (who else) -which cost Labour the devastating defeat of 2019.

  2. Of all the utterances by these Southbank Labour politicians, this one has got to be the most crass, the most stupid one yet.

    No point in asking what Angela Rayner was thinking. She wasn’t! Leastways, not thinking as a Democratic Socialist. More as a right-wing – perhaps, rabid, hard-right-wing – Tory, in their declared effort to win Tory votes. Despicable!

    In doing that, how many soft Labour votes has she lost?

    Hopefully, enough to see her kicked out of Parliament, at the next election she contests.

    This, bearing in mind, I once watched her stand on a stage – less than three years ago – and give Jeremy Corbyn her ‘wholehearted’ support.

    1. I think she wants to give Liz Truss a run for her money in the knee-jerk ignoramus stakes!

    2. Red in tooth and claw. Hands up those you who felt that she’s the one to lead us to a worker’s paradise? No-one? That’s odd I could have sworn… Oh never mind, I’m old, must have imagined it.

      1. Wobbly….shes working-class theres very little doubt about that,just look at how she doesn’t fit in with starmer and the shadowy cabinet.Shes a class traitor and another example of just what the selection farce is in the dying Labour party.Roll on dave Nellest and a true working-class person of undeniably impressive stamina and socialists belief.Thats the man to shake up the Labour party in the bye election in the midlands.

      2. Joseph – Some would describe his it as masochistic. Do you think he’ll manage to get his deposit back?

      3. SteveH18/02/2022 AT 3:12 AM
        Joseph – Some would describe his it as masochistic.

        So what’s your excuse for returning here then?

    1. This shooting in 1999 still resonates, especially the lies that were told.

    1. Pierrepont came to the conclusion that capital punishment did not work because it was not a deterrent

  3. So if I was a black Irish muslim I would be very worried by Rayners outburst.

    1. And theres quite a few of black Irish moslems in the Republic of Ireland nowadays with over six percent of the population having been born outside Ireland and have added to the technology and scientific community that has made Ireland one of the wealthiest countries in the world.Look to the north and we see a economic meltdown with the British public subsidising a mini statlet to the tune of five thousand pounds per person in a population of two million.Obviously Sinn Fein will have to factor in the damage done in the North East when they are elected as the government of the Republic of Ireland.and thats a significant amount even for a wealthy country like Ireland
      .But if the Germans can tear down the wall so can we as a united Ireland whatever the circumstances…

  4. Absolutely shameful statement by ‘death squad’ Rayner!

    And let us not forget the case of Sirhan Sirhan who was framed for the assassination of Robert Kennedy. He is still in prison where he will probably die just like James Earl Ray who was similarly framed for the assassination of Martin Luther King.

    Sirhan only narrowly escaped being executed in a gas chamber!

    Thomas Noguchi, the Los Angeles Coroner, conducted the autopsy on Kennedy and wrote of the clear contradiction in the evidence in his 1984 autobiography, Coroner.

    “Thus I have never said that Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy”.

    For more on this appalling injustice, watch Ted Charach’s 1973 documentary:

    1. “Death Squad” Rayner – brilliant! Did you come up with that? I’m nicking it!

  5. Anyone who takes a human life deliberately is a barbarian and it is often premeditated.
    Hanging, state murder, reduces us to their level as the state on our behalf premeditates the killing.
    And in fact are we not worse as we sanction this as sane, calm, rational, compassionate human beings?
    We thus debase and dehumanise ourselves, as some desperate politicians seem willing to do for votes?
    How low in the gutter are some Right wing Labour politicians willing to go?

  6. A fantastic piece Skwawkie.

    From smiles to anguish. Great writing!

    This is just that little bit more evidence that we’re witnessing a cull on humanity. Raynor or Starter shown any enthusiasm for population control? Malthusian comments?

  7. I would love to say I am surprised by all this. Unfortunately I can’t because it is just the sort of thing we have come to expect from Starmer’s Labour.
    Angela Rayner disgusts me – what she has said about shooting first asking questions later shows how ignorant, ambitious and shallow she is. Does she really think it is OK to shoot someone only to find out later that they were totally innocent and the marksman was mistaken. Of course not -.She knows this is wrong but is she is so devious and unprincipled that she is pushing this line in order to appeal to the “hang em high brigade” and get their votes. She appears to be oblivious to the fact that her comments repel and disgust all normal right thinking people who are horrified by the thought of killing or maiming innocent by standers.
    It seems she and Starmer are at one on this as it appears he wants to bring back the death penalty. Killing people for crimes is the mark of an uncivilised country because if a person is wrongly convicted by the time you find this out its too late – they will be dead – killed by the state.
    Starmer and Rayner will find that most decent people will be completely turned off by their more Tory than the Tories stance on these issues, not just “antisemites” i.e. Socialists like me. I sincerely hope I am right and the whole backfires on them big time.

    1. Smartboy – “It seems she and Starmer are at one on this as it appears he wants to bring back the death penalty”

      You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried about Keir Starmer’s views on the death penalty
      Starmer has for many years been a director of the Death Penalty Project, which campaigns for abolition of capital punishment across the world. He has been directly instrumental in persuading several Caribbean, African and Asian states to either abolish or impose a moratorium on the use of the death penalty. He has literally saved the lives of hundreds of people who were on death row.

      1. “He has literally saved the lives of hundreds of people who were on death row.”

        Which organ of the billionaires’ synchronisd MSM did you read that in stvieh, because it is almost certainly 1000% meaningless nonesense!? Tell me the name of one former-death row prisoner who is still living and not expected to be murdered by its state and then, if you’re up to it, explain how Sir Sneer Rodney Starmer saved that person’s life.

      2. qwertboi – Here are a couple of instances.

        20 June 2005: Working pro bono, Starmer is instrumental in overturning the mandatory death penalty in Uganda and saving the lives of 417 people.

        14 May 2007: The High Court of Malawi declares the death sentences on all prisoners on death row unconstitutional in a landmark judgment that spells the end of the automatic death penalty. Starmer is once again involved.

        and more recently

      3. “qwertboi – Here are a couple of instances…..”

        Evidence or are they just antiinformation words?

      4. qwertboi – What sort of nonsense is that, what proof would you like. All these instances were widely reported worldwide at the time. Google will quickly provide you with all the proof you need.

        This detail is on the Death Penality Project website
        In a landmark judgment, the High Court of Malawi today declared unconstitutional the death sentences on all prisoners on death row.
        In their unanimous judgment, the High Court ruled that the automatic nature of the death penalty in Malawi for murder and other offences violated the right to life and amounted to inhuman punishment, as it did not provide the individuals concerned with an opportunity to mitigate their death sentences. As a result, several dozen prisoners currently on death row, including the Applicant, Francis Kafantayeni, will fall to be re-sentenced with the death penalty as a possible, but only a possible option.
        The legal team representing Mr Kafantayeni in the High Court included, Ralph Kasambira, John-Gift Mwakhwawa and Noel Chalamanda, Attorneys at Law and Fiedson Kapindu from the Malawi Human Rights Commission. They have been assisted by a team of UK lawyers Comprising of Saul Lehrfreund MBE and Parvais Jabbar (who run the Death Penalty Project Ltd in association with Simons Muirhead & Burton, solicitors) and Keir Starmer QC and Joseph Middleton of Doughty Street Chambers. They travelled to Malawi on a number of occasions before the hearing to co-ordinate the case and assist with the drafting of legal arguments. in addition, they attended the hearing in the High Court. Their assistance was partly funded by the Global Opportunities Fund of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture and Doughty Street Chambers.
        Saul Lehrfreund MBE, Parvais Jabbar, Keir Starmer QC and Joseph Middleton are part of a larger team that has been involved in successfully Challenging the mandatory death penalty in nine Caribbean Countries since 2000, and in Uganda in 2005, in a Case which saved 417 prisoners from the death penalty.

        Saul Lehrfreund MBE and Parvais Jabbar, human rights lawyers and Executive Directors of the Death Penalty Project state:
        The cases of at least thirty prisoners on death row in Malawi will now have to be reviewed. The implications for future murder trials will be the introduction of a completely new set of procedures restricting the imposition of the death penalty in the first instance. We are delighted with the jurisprudence from Uganda and other regions in the world has now been accepted in Malawi and that the decision reflects the notion that law should move progressively towards the greater protection of human rights. This decision is a milestone in the international Campaign against the death penalty.
        Keir Starmer QC, who last year won the Bar Council Award for outstanding commitment to death penalty cases, said: ‘This is undoubtedly the beginning of the end of the mandatory death penalty in Africa. The implications for all English speaking jurisdictions around the world who retain the death penalty are profound.’

        If you’re still not satisfied then come back when you have some credible evidence to the contrary.

      5. SteveH:”If you’re still not satisfied then come back when you have some credible evidence to the contrary.”

        The credible evidence is Sir Sneer Rodney Starmer himself. 10 Pledges, no ‘pact’ with LibDems, etc., etc.. And for whast it’s worth, your integrity compass is a bit out on the MSM. Most people can smell propgagandist shite staight off the printed page, but evidently not you.

      6. qwertboi – Is this your attempt to side step providing any proof of your pathetic assertions above

    2. Starmer is allegedly against the death penalty, but doesn’t mind the Apartheid State of Israel blowing kids heads off with illegal exploding bullets, or Establishment Paedos raping little boys…..Quite a concerned individual is the Official Leader of the Opposition. A pillar of the Community.

      He’s a duplicitous lar and a snake.

      1. The cowboys kill their own and speak English. Does rotting in jail constitute clemency. Ask Julien.

    3. If Starmer is against the barbaric death Penalty then I am very pleased.
      I note you have made not responded to my comments about Angela Rayner’s recommendation about shooting first and asking questions later. Can I take it you agree with me that she is devious and unprincipled in this matter and playing to the hang em high brigade?

      1. Smartboy – Suffice to say I didn’t vote for her, she didn’t even get a look in on my ballot paper. People are too easily taken in by shouty politicians.

    4. Rayner’s just another hypocritical shithouse with it’s shoot first & ask questions later

      We all seen how she shat out after calling the fat scruffy toff ‘racist, misogynistic scum’

  8. Angela Rayner has truly out-Starmered Starmer himself with her advocacy of “shoot to kill” policies.

    Even those who truly are guity of terrorist offences against the people (leave aside for now the question of who truly is a terrorist), deserve a trial by jury. What kind of trajectory is the UK now on if mainstream politicians champion summary execution? Truly, no-one, and I repeat NO-ONE is safe. We, or any of our loved ones could go out on a mundane errand and never return alive, having met our end because a police officer thought that the way we were dressed and/or our behaviour indicated that we might be a terrorist.

  9. Forget “terrorist” just common criminals for example rapists, paedophiles would be more incline to kill rather than leave alive witnesses, once the death penalty is re-introduced.
    In the US violent crime is higher on states with a death penalty than on States without the death penalty.

  10. It makes me wonder if Rayner and Starmer are in competition to see who can be the most right wing.
    I can imagine on hearing about her shoot first, ask later. He thought how can I be more horrendous, oh I know I’ll announce I’m all for the return of capital punishment.
    I shall await patiently for the reaction of some in the shadow cabinet by telling Starmer they’re resigning.

    1. Starmer has for many years been a director of the Death Penalty Project, which campaigns for abolition of capital punishment across the world

      1. He was also a human rights lawyer, but shows scant regard for human rights now and perfect willingness to give them away by abstaining in Parliament or wage war on them in the Labour party

      2. SW – There is little to be gained by voting against legislation for the sake of it. Boris has an 80 seat majority so even if Labour whipped to vote against every single Tory bill it would make no difference to the outcome. He has obviously calculated that there is more political capitol to be had by voting in a way that he judges to be in the country’s best interest.

      3. Starmer left Project Death in April 2020.
        It was the group who may have helped save some lives (good) but he is not ‘The Great Man of History’ who did it all by himself?
        An academic recently argued that benefit cuts etc are a form of economic violence against the poor and how many of these citizens have given up, some so desperate have even thrown themselves under trains; Right Wing Labour we’ll abstain then
        You don’t need attack dogs you need socialist practice and political courage!

      4. Bazza – The role he had as a director was probably incompatible with his role as leader of the opposition. Also it would be wrong to say that he has left the organisation he is now a patron of the Death Penalty Project.

      5. From time to time this death penalty nonsence is wheeled out when mps are feeling fragile and fully realise that it can be a vote winner amongst the working-class non voters who have a lot to say about terrorists especially Irish which is code for violence.and terrorism.The truth is that the only people who experienced the automatic death penalty in the last fifty years is the murdered Catholic civilians in Ulster under the collusion of Crown forces who are now to be given a Amnesty if the government and the DUP get their way on excusing the murder of over a thousand innocent civilians at the hands of Ocuppying Crown forces..IF the already weakened government give in to DUP blackmail who want the government to suspend elections in May to ensure that the assembly remains out of control by Sinn Fein who are tipped to be first minister with DUP out of control litterly..The DUP need to see a return to the troubles to have a reason for existing and a N.Ireland protocol and the GFA are in the way.
        Once again the thought of Catholics in partitioned Ireland being in the ascendancy in Ulster is clearly unacceptable for the Conservative and unionist party and nowadays the extreme Labour and unionist party as we see it..
        Few people in Britain have any interest in Ireland and it shows with very little coverage of events in Ulster or the behind the scenes deals
        Talk about hanging,talk about terrorists but with our European partners and the USA we will not return to the days of automatic execution of Catholics in partitioned gerrymandered Ulster when the Nationalists strive for the democratic wll of the people through the ballot box.and the Crown decide that democracy in Ireland should be suspended .

      6. Joseph – But that was yesterday, today you have an international treaty registered with the UN that makes specific provisions for a referendum on uniting Ireland. You may well live to see the day.

      7. Steve H hall Starmer has for many years been a director of the Death penalty project “well that sounds about right and I am sorry to say that amongst those who bother to vote amongst the working-class its not a vote winner but like the Labour party and your leader a vote looser.Bring on the bye election stevie boy and we will see just how desperate a dying Labour party is amongst the working-class of the Midlands.”

      8. Joseph – I’m struggling to see the point you are trying to make.

      9. Ted Bundy talked people out of suicide, so what’s your point with Rodney?

        This is the human rights lawyer who harmed millions by throwing the 2019 GE. A human rights lawyer who backs NATO to the hilt, ignoring how they destroyed Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. I believe it was 500,000 children in Iraq alone? Is keef related to Madeline Albright?

        And as for the whelp excuse on abstaining, we see it. It tells us they don’t care. It doesn’t matter that the bill will go through on the majority, it matters that you take a stand, that you pick a side. What I see is manoeuvres, designed to show the right that Labour can be Conservative

        And that seems to be Labour in the last week. Taking a stand with other people’s lives…

      10. NVLA – You are entitled to your views regardless of how blinkered and naive they may be.

      11. Reply to Steve H
        There is a very good reason to vote against legislation you don’t agree with even if you don’t have enough support to defeat the motion – its called a matter of principle, a concept Starmer’s Labour is totally unfamiliar with

      12. Smartboy – That’s all well and good but those same principles can be applied to the good things in the various bills that you would be voting against. Why would you want to hand a baseball bat to Johnson and his cohorts to beat you over the head with every time they are challenged in parliament or on the media.

  11. Perhaps some poor soul on benefits (not the rich in their upper class bloated luxurious welfare state) may be sat at home and feel a bit down, vilified by the media, by Tory MPs, attacked by some Right Wing Labour MPs like er Lightweight Labour Loser Reeves (?) and to hear that someone is fighting for them could give them hope.
    The best political leaflet I have ever put out in my life was through my socialist trade union branch and we countered the Right Wing Dominant Narrative on Welfare; we shared political arguments with oppressed people to try to empower them and I loved putting this leaflet through letter boxes.
    The Tories by using the term Skivers etc it could be argued dehumanise claimants when we should be re-humanise them by calling them claimants as citizens.
    When we followed up the leaflet with outreach on the high street in that area I remember meeting a woman on UC who had received our leaflet and she was no longer felt crushed and even asked for the results of a survey we had done with claimants as citizens outside the biggest local job centre.
    Socialist courage, socialist practice, politicise the masses, not just vote for us every 5 years so we political lightweights can take the power for ourselves, give you a few crumbs, and ourselves too have wonderful, well rewarded careers, and nice consultancies and pensions on retirement.
    To the oppressed and those who genuinely fight on their side!

    1. Bazza – Many fine and admirable words but the reality is that is all they are. You have nothing tangible to offer apart from more of the same, another Conservative government.

      1. You have nothing tangible to offer apart from more of the same, another Conservative government

        Whereas keef offers…?🤔

      2. SH I actually pity you and the other Right wing Labour lightweights, you simply don’t actually understand working class solidarity.
        We stand by oppressed people and treat them as equals sharing political arguments with them to try to empower them and to try drive the rich, Tories, Right Wing Labour etc Barbarians out, democratically.
        You have a narrow view of politics as though voting is the be all and end all when fighting causes on the side of the oppressed builds solidarity amongst diverse working people.
        And should actually win electoral support by our practice too!
        In recent years (Covid rules permitting) my socialist trade union has been out on high streets about 100 times on a range of working class issues and we had a number of victories including against Right Wing Labour councils whilst Labour put a few leaflets out before elections.
        And as Covid hit we had had 40 Zoom union meetings plus had rung every member to see if they were ok before Labour remembered it had members!
        You are Right Wing Labour, you believe in ‘The Great Man and Woman of History Thesis’ (KS will sort all our problems out?) despite not having an original idea in his head?
        We believe in the Great Masses of History.
        You want crumbs.
        We want the table!
        It’s simple really.

      3. Bazza – We should all do what they can to support our communities.

      4. Ooops – We should all do what they we can to support our communities

      1. Joseph – No I haven’t a clue what you are ranting on about, do you?

    2. Starmers death watch group or something is just custard for his CV. Michael Howard worked for the Howard League and…

  12. Thanks Bazza youve just spelt out in clear English with clear examples of why the British people and Irish people need a Opposition that Opposses and are paid for that but choose to duck and dive and occasionally come out with the most outlandish right wing politics such as hanging people,partitioned Ireland and benefit cuts across the whole welfare system including more privatization.Steve H you cannot seriously support all of this and claim to be a democratic socialist as it says on the membership card unless you are a complete fraud yourself …please explain and not the distraction politics.

      1. Steve H ….Many fine words “..well you wouldn’t be on here if you didnt believe in ” the power of words although I have always believed in carrot and stick with the British Crown..You choose distraction politics and refuse to answer my questions above.Your choice and its certainly a indication that you are paid for this although I didn’t believe that the knights that stupid but then again…..?Its bedtime for you steve h enjoy the rest.whilst we enjoy the morning sunshine 🌞and keep posting as you’re a liability for the deranged Labour party.

      2. Joseph – I don’t see what there is to explain, you were a LA councillor for 1 term so you should know how it works.

      3. Whereas keefs’ offers…?🤔

        Come on plums, it’s about time you put your money where your mouth is.

        We want to hear, from you, personally – and NOT a link to or a mention of the Corbynist 2019 manifesto that you seem to think keef has any interest in – what policy/policies keef has publicly announced that isn’t in any way toerag derived.

        But you won’t.

        Because you can’t.

      4. SteveH, what is Starmer offering? What is tangible about Starmer?
        By his and David Evans behaviour the only thing that it is tangible to me is that the LP under Starmer’s leadership is descending into FASCISM.
        In my eyes anyone defending Starmer and Evans actions as you are, putting as a valid reason political expediency is a FASCIST.
        In simple terms so that you can understand, voting LABOUR= voting for FASCISM.
        Good luck getting former Labour voters in the red wall to vote for fascism. It isn’t going to work.

    1. Quite right. Cowering, kneeling, bowingand scraping or silence, none of these are opposing. These things are nets for gathering baubles and badges from the ruling class. It’s called corruption or not doing what you are overpaid to do. Yet even those trophies are not enough because there is always x’s and two jobs. How can anyone put an x against these salivating wretches names is a mystery to me.
      ŔIP Bevan, Benn, Hardie, Foot , BR, NHS etc. Murdered by the neocons of these blackshirts. If only Putin would do what the cowboys tell him to. Invade Ukraine, but he won’t. He will defend the motherland and the Blairites will have all the cadavers they dream of.

  13. Steve H I walked away undefeated with a vote of two thousand in a rock solid Tory town that the Labour party previous record was nintey rock solid Tory Surrey and the home of the Tory leader Sir keir Rodney “Starmer..Just for the record stevie I could have taken it again but banging my head against a Blair Labour party and right wing councillors was not for me.I served in every office in the constituency but the nail in the coffin was the futility of seeing the privatization of the NHS, PFI. Warmongering and finaly the continued privatization of the utilities….I didn’t belong in the Labour party and I have finaly found a democratic socialist party I do belong to….you me and the Labour party have come to a parting of the waves and you lot are liable to be drowned when you sink beneath the waves. Go to bed steve..!

    1. Joseph – The Labour Party don’t stand in Ireland so why are you still obsessing about it?

      1. You better ask the knight why he will campaign to keep the partition in Ireland and will commit the Labour party without discussions to drop the neutrality that the Labour party had on for over a hundred years in Ireland Steve H Hall its very worrying that you condone your knights dictatorship without having a clue about what hes been bleating on his visits to the disloyalist community to resure them that he will keep the subsidies rolling in if elected.

      2. Joseph – It will be the people of Ireland who will decide their future. When the time comes they are the ones that will weigh up the arguments and cast their votes accordingly. Keir doesn’t have a vote.
        I have more confidence in a vote for a united Ireland than you do. You can’t have much confidence in your argument if you worried that Keir may sway the vote one way or the other.

  14. I see Andrew Neil is into pursuing Jennifer Accuri through the courts for defamation when she alleged that Our Andrew was in the Epstein diarys.
    I wonder why he never challanged private eye who on a regular basis published picture of elderly man in darkened night club smooshing with beautiful young lady old enough to be his grandaughter.?

  15. The only death penalties here belong to the straw men who are being beaten to death by Skwawky and co!

    I think we need to dial back the rhetoric, there is an extremely good change Kier Starmer will be the next prime minister, personally I think that is still leagues better than Boris. Corbyn needs to shit or get off the pot (personally I think he left it ages ago and should make that clear so he isn’t giving people false hope).

    1. Terry – just as soon as the pandemic ceases to be in the news
      plus the May Elections the Tory Party will kick out Boris and
      he will be replaced who will win the next Election. At this time
      before the 2015 GE Cameron was doing badly yet he won
      the GE outright.

      As for Starmer previously being opposed to the death penalty – he
      is evidently in the process of Constructive Ambiguity – or else
      why does he not slap Raynor down? Instead it is left to the cooler
      Labour MPs to do so – there are some who back her up!

    2. Terry – The Labour whips need to accept Corbyn back
      as a Labour Party MP so he can get on with his job without
      that distraction.

      Just as soon as they do that he can get on with his job
      and take his place as a Labour MP. I don’t think anyone
      expects him to be Labour Party leader again – but Starmer
      and Evans need to stop their war against the ordinary
      Labour Party member who does all the work in campaigning
      and delivering leaflets.

      1. Holby fan mw ….The pound is rising especially against the doller and the euro,.Oils dropped o ff after heading for the one hundred doller a barrel and Brent crude is down to low eighties.its looking like the knight has missed the boat and the money men have calmed down with the signs that Boris Johnson as missed a bullet once again….Whilst the knights trying to impress the markets they were panicky about a knight led Labour government.The All clear been given and the conservatives party are now free to party time once again.There will be plenty of Champaign corks popping round fenchurch street in the city tonight.
        Thank God we dont have the Stock exchange in Ireland….!

    3. How very sophisticated of you Terry hands “never mind the quality feel the width and your knights not fit to lick Corbyns case youve been asleep 😴

      1. I have no idea what the fellow is talking about, Joseph.
        I suspect that neither does he.

    4. TH – I think you need to read a few political books, Ralph Miliband’s ‘The State in Capitalist Society’ would be a good start for your much needed political education.
      Right Wing Labour in Government (it won’t win) but not in POWER!
      And the working class and trade unions policed and kept in their place as Starner delivers for the rich and powerful who continue to rule.
      Trilateral Commission Agent Starmer – Job Done?
      But fortunately 99% on here and the readers are critically thinking socialists.
      Like SH you need to be on a lumpen Right Wing Labour web site political moron!

      1. Bazza – But where is your so called socialist alternative, it doesn’t exist

  16. New New Labour should change their name to the Conservative party and end the pretence

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