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Outrage sees Starmer trend on Twitter after he claims Bloody Sunday ‘unfolded’

Keir Starmer is trending on Twitter after yet another egregious insult to victims of the state, tweeting this morning that Bloody Sunday ‘unfolded’, as if it was some natural sequence of events rather than the state-sanctioned and stated-covered murder of innocent civilians.

Young Labour, yet again showing itself the only real Labour organisation still functioning, put him right:

The disgust at Starmer’s latest offence led to his words trending on Twitter, as thousands expressed their contempt and anger:

What a clown.

As Young Labour pointed out, Starmer also acted against the people of Northern Ireland (and the rest of us) by ordering Labour MPs to abstain on the ‘Spycops’ bill to give immunity to police officers and troops who commit crimes in the name of ‘security’ – and he chose the most volatile weekend of the Northern Irish calendar to announce that he is against Irish reunification.

And Starmer’s record of siding with oppressors and criminals against victims is not limited to Ireland. The so-called ‘leader’ chose to write for the hated Murdoch rag the S*n, which spent years smearing Hillsborough victims and their families to assist in another state cover-up of police guilt – and then when the people of Liverpool and every decent person rose in outrage against it, said he would do it again.

Keir Starmer is incurably a creature of the Establishment, not a man of the people – and his insults and injury to the people of this country who need a genuine Labour government will not end until he is gone.

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  1. The only high ranking politician who is too thick to realise that he is controlled and in charge of nothing.

  2. Good old Starm-Trooper …
    Always with the oppressor …. Never with the oppressed.

  3. Perhaps he knows what he’s doing – trying to impress his Trilateral Commission Cronies?
    For the real Starmer see Oliver Eagleton on him, Novara Media (2/3/21).

    1. That, and every speaking gig Blair gets on the “rubber nuclear chicken circuit”.

  4. In my opinion it should have been the Officers who were
    prosecuted first – for they were in charge and ultimately
    responsible… Whoever put the Paras in were also responsible
    for they were totally unsuitable – as was apparent from the BallyMurphy
    Massacre also involving the Paras – which took place in August 1971.

    (There was a good Channel 4 documentary about it ..)

    1. PS I see that there was a similar desire from posters
      to prosecute the officers in a previous Skwawkie article
      about Bloody Sunday.

  5. Just discovered that, when the charges against 5 people accused of the murder of Daniel Morgan were dropped, the decision to drop the charges was made by …………….. guess who?

    1. The same person who refused to prosecute Savile & Co. The same person who refused to prosecute those who killed Jean Charles Menezes for going about his daily business in London.

  6. Maybe he got lost in the ‘moment’

    Fookin idiot. For a supposed ‘top’ barrister, he can’t even choose his words correctly. Just HOW the absolute feck did he EVER get these jobs?

    1. Starmer gets lost in EVERY moment. Imagine thinking a termporary poll lead caused solely by the incompetence of the government you’re meant to be opposing but don’t is a vindication of your vendetta against everyone who is too anti-austerity, anti-oppression and antiwar for your comfort zone-IOTW, everyone who is antiwar, anti-oppression and anti-austerity at all.

    2. Toffee, Starmer got the jobs by having at I can do whatever is necessary attitude, a yes man to the establishment. No morals, no principles but good at climbing the ladder.

  7. So Bloody Sunday ” unfolded” according to Starmer the man is a f€”king retard.

  8. So what do you do if you have just set up a new new Socialist group to work with the leadership and the fucker shits in your custard the following day

      1. He eats his sponsors custard with a silver spoon
        New new Socialists appear not to have any Red Lines
        That’s my support for Dawn Butler down the pan

  9. Some will say too much is being read into one tweet. But it’s a revealing choice of word(s).

    Unfolding does indeed suggest a natural flow of events…. A flower unfolds its petals in the sun.

    There was nothing natural or normal about those events.

  10. Keir probably thinks the idea of a United Ireland is “antisemitic”.

    The eedjit doesn’t know that all Ulster Unionist types are right-wingers and none, under any circumstances, would want a Labour government

    1. Kenburch, Starmer is Labour in name only, the man behaves like a fascist. Therefore, he has a lot in common with the Orange Order hard men.

  11. Ulster has been a graveyard for many politician’s who choose to “play Ireland” .This fool will find out that the people of Ireland are not a game to play with.

  12. Not sure if the link I recommended will appear –
    so if you want to see Corbyns reaction at Bloody Sunday
    commemoration – google

    “Belfast Live” Corbyn

  13. Similarly, a US PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) documentary once told its viewers that an atomic bomb ‘fell from the sky’ over Hiroshima.

    No, rain falls from the sky. The atomic bomb was dropped over Hiroshima!

  14. Starmers personal opinion of the future of Northern Ireland is just that, an opinion, what is most important is the question of consent, in the first instance the consent of the people of NI, freely given in a border poll as acknowledged in International law [the right of peoples to self determination etc] just as the UK government have allowed Scotland and Wales that same option. Secondly the people of the Irish Republic also need to be consulted as to whether any agreement on the terms of a united Ireland is suitable for them.
    As everyone knows the Good Friday Agreement was only concluded when the Irish government changed articles 2 and 3 of its 1937 constitution from a claim over jurisdiction of the whole Island of Ireland its land and territorial seas, to an aspiration, dependent on the consent of a majority of the people of NI Catholic and Protestant. Consent is the key here and it has to be acknowledged by both parts of Ireland through referenda.

    1. Harry Law
      We have suffered enough from Referendum in the last decade
      So enough is enough
      Nothing should happen until one side polls at least 60%, so neither the Scottish Referendum or Brexit would have been held
      Same for Irish reunification where two sides have to meet the bar set, so it ain’t going to happen either
      Democracy may be the least worst system, but its people what fuck it up

    2. Harry law….I think weve had enough greasy bottom feeders lawyers sticking their snouts in my country….The demographic profile of Ireland will unite Ireland and no amount of chicanery will be allowed again
      ….Starmers is only a opinion “?much that I detest lawyers and especially the knight his opinion in commiting the Labour party to keep Ireland partitioned is a absolute abomination.You harry boyo are a hypocrite in supporting Palestinian freedom but running with the bottom feeders profession knight on IRISH unity.Talks have already started and complicated issues will be discussed but Sinn Fein will abide by the GFA unlike your Labour leader or your orange pals….I think posters on here know your games mr Harry law….!and not one comment from you about the bloody Sunday fiasco of not one single soldier Officer or politician have been prosecuted for the murder of catholics by the Crown forces of occupation over the months after the bloody Sunday massacre.RIP the innocent civilians gunned down.

      1. Joseph Okeefe… .”The demographic profile of Ireland will unite Ireland and no amount of chicanery will be allowed again” Thank’s once again for confirming your view that a demographic view of democracy is a sectarian head count, the figures in the referenda in both parts of Ireland should disabuse you of that notion, Joseph you are a sectarian bigot
        The Republic of Ireland claimed sovereignty over the whole Island of Ireland and its territorial waters in their 1937 constitution [articles 2 and 3] The Good Friday Agreement [GFA] between the UK and Irish government [including Sinn Fein] recognised that the people of Northern Ireland have the right to self determination when the Republic changed its constitution from a ‘claim’ to an ‘aspiration’ and confirmed that there can be no constitutional change in NI without the majority agreeing to it.
        The result of the Irish Republics referendum in 1999 was 94.39% for constitutional change to 5.6% no change. This complemented the 1973 border poll in Northern Ireland which was 98.8% to remain part of the UK to 1.2% for a united Ireland. on a 58% turnout [Sinn Fein told their supporters to boycott the poll]. The GFA could not have happened without the Irish Republic and Sinn Fein recognising that the people of Northern Ireland have the right to self determination. When a majority in NI vote for a United Ireland, just as when a majority of Scots vote for an independent Scotland, negotiations between all parties concerned can take place in order to bring it [Irish unity and/or Scottish independence] about in an amicable way. All perfectly democratic, with no need for violence.

      2. Play with figures all you want harry law but the majority of Ireland with ourselves alone deciding on a prosperous hi-tech Ireland that has no need for ordinary people of Britain to pour their money into..We are no longer second class citizens harry boyo and we will have a united Ireland whatever your narrow minded veiws or your leader of the Labour party thinks.You may want the Labour party involved in Ireland but even the right wing other than starmer and you believe in a partitioned Ireland.Now the Torys have always used Ireland as a political football,but now you and the leader want a partitioned Ireland…thats not going to work Harry and never did work.even after all the gerrymandered bridges harry boyo not false borders in the economic black hole of Ulster.I notice that you still havnt mentioned the bloody Sunday massacre harry,and I will leave that for others..Put your sash and drums away harry and join the positive future in a united Republic of Ireland…..god save your queen?

      3. Joseph “Sinn Fein will abide by the GFA” does that include you? If it does then you agree consent is required, your condition is that nobody in Northern Ireland can vote in a UK election and since nobody in NI has the vote at the present time,let me explain. the Labour party which aspires to be the next government of the UK does not stand a candidate in any of the NI seats [18] ipso facto NI residents are excluded from the democratic process, I take it that discriminatory process is fine by you, but it is not democracy.

      4. Harry law the slave wants to throw of the shackles and you describe me has a bigot because I want a partitioned gerrymandered Ireland destroyed…Some bloody democrat you are and your fascist dictator.Still no mention from you of the murder of catholics on the bloody Sunday massacre
        Fifty years and theres still people like you around willing to condone murder and massacre so long as its Crown forces.Your mask as slipped Harry boyo.

  15. Quite Harry Law.

    The Irish Govt did what they could to make the agreement
    a possibility.

    Also – from what I have observed there has recently been a definite effort from
    the Nationalists to accommodate the needs of what is now a Unionist
    “culture”. The new leader of Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland said in passing
    that they could consider making July 12th a possible additional Holiday
    in the New combined Eire ..

    I think we owe Mo Mowlam and John Major a huge debt of gratitude for the
    Belfast agreement – along with other international negotiators. In fact Corbyn
    has made a point of acknowledging both of these people – but never
    Tony Blair – I was disgusted at how Mo Mowlam was treated

  16. And it was Left Labour MPs who planted the seeds by talking to Sinn Fein.
    They were vilified by the Right, the Labour Right and the Right Wing media.
    But guess who rushed in to claim the prize when the seeds came to bloom?

    1. To be fair – there were many many people who
      kept up the dialogue between Sinn Fein and
      the English Govt.

      Not only Sinn Fein – for example Mo Mowlam*** walked
      into the Maze prison where she met
      Loyalist prisoners unaccompanied and face-to-face

      These included both clerics and non clerics and featured
      in the excellent BBC Documentary. Some were named and some
      were not and none expected any recognition I guess – but were
      just delighted at the possibility of peace.

      *** She was treated shamefully by T Blair ! Her illness sadly cut
      short her Parliamentary career which ended in 2001. She was
      against the Iraq war and took part in Demos with Tony Benn.

  17. Labour again?
    Is that all you have to write your piss poor pieces on?
    Not heard of the nationalities and borders bill?
    Q’white interesting.

  18. Once again. Damien from Brighton, blocked black women, who were enduring racist abuse.
    Not an activist.
    A racist.

  19. So Starmer claims that as head of the PPS when the decision to not prosecute the molester jimmy Saville was nothing to do with him.Same as the Witchunt in the Labour party and money gone missing along with the biggest mass breakout of party members ever seen in the UK and Europe….not his fault gov?…and as for pill 💊popping its well known amongst many mps and staff including the NEC were its almost compulsory….ask keith Vaz…?

    1. Yeah, as head of the CPS he knew nothing of the Savile investigations. Or the Heath, Janner, Brittan, Smith investigations either. And then he ordered an ‘inquiry’ and found all the files had been destroyed……Funny that.

    2. Pill poping Joseph?

      I thought it was the Columbian marching powder, Johnson was referring to. According to reports last week there are traces of it all over Westminster – apparently.

      1. Nemtona…they need to get the sniffer dogs out…pity the dogs though having to be put through that sort of stink,…especially from starmerites front bench

      2. What did you think white stuff on their faces is? Talc? We should bring Vaz and Proctor in to investigate this snow shovelling. They’ll get to the bottom of it.

  20. So three jabs Truss has caught covid and is pleased to have been imunissed against covid?….and shes considered PM material?…no wonder party boy Smarmerite is planning another party with his sarf london gang….
    “Roll out the barrel” …

  21. When they try the much more serious issues to deal with than ‘Partygate’ then the response should be ‘yes let’s talk about the Tory Cost of Living Crisis’
    ‘Dirty Russian money sloshing through the Tory party’
    Begs the question whose side are you on in the Ukraine stand off
    The only argument in cabinet at the moment is ‘whose round is it’

      1. goldbach
        TORY cost of Living Crisis
        TORY Warmongering to save the Clowns shiny red nose
        TORY pandemic death toll

      2. goldbach
        Are you saying we need Russian/Chinese support to get rid of Red Tories
        Using the same military analogy, the support for JC and Socialism is overwhelming in the Labour party
        If we can just get our act together then the leverage is their to force them out
        The NATO/USA equivalent is the PLP and a handful of torags in the administration

      3. Goldbach.IF you look at it as a football game then Nato and allied forces could end up in a away thrashing 6….0 or so.?
        Russia has every right to defend its borders and its people across the border.who are under threat from the fascist regime that grabbed power in a CIA coup.Them same people are still around and Russia and Putin are nobodys fools….I do somtimes wonder if Nato are the fools and the British poodle to be used by a failing USA..Does the President of the USA even realise what day or month or year it is?maybe hes forgotten.

      4. No Doug. The Scott Ritter link was put there because you had mentioned Ukraine and I thought that you and others might like to read his ideas, if you/they hadn’t already seen them.
        Mind you, it might be worth parachuting the RW LP lot into Donbas and seeing how they get on. Better than parachuting them into safe seats here.

    1. goldbach
      Correct me if I’m wrong
      The vote was 90/30 75% majority
      If that’s the case then Catherine West should be put on notice by the members

      1. In the clip it says 2/3 majority to hear the presentation.
        30 or 40 people left the meeting. Over 90 remained.
        Looks like there were some who voted against who stayed in the meeting.

  22. How about we test the water
    JC resigns and calls a by-election, me and my dog and a lot of you get our arses down there to support him and we wipe the floor with Red Tories
    That starts the ball rolling for entire CLPS’s to follow suit, do it on a rolling basis until we bankrupt the Labour party, then we have a whip round to buy it back from the Receiver

    1. Problem: I think Corbyn will do no such thing – but
      hang on till the next GE.

      What will happen then is anyones guess – but I think
      he will not stand as an Independent – he is far too loyal
      and attached to the Labour Party.

    2. Doug, Nice idea. Or alternatively, we could all get down to Birmingham Erdington and support Dave Nellist. Nellist is standing as the TUSC candidate for the by election in Jack Dromey’s constituency.

      1. Nemtona
        Get all your ducks in a row first, JC is crucial to this strategy as I’m assuming the entire CLP will jump with him along with hundreds of members, Unions and Supporters
        Then it’s a domino effect as others see a clear path to rid the party of Red Tories

      2. It’s a numbers game, if you count those on the right they are tens of thousands
        The left are hundreds of thousands, with most unions and supporters but no way through the PLP and leadership
        How we break the stranglehold is the challenge

  23. I see that there is a problem with goods passing backwards
    and forwards over the Irish border.

    That was a brilliant idea want it? Move the border to the middle
    of the Irish Sea – so that Northern Ireland is in The Single Market
    and the rest of the UK not. The Unionists are furious and I don’t
    blame them ..Still that will teach them not to make deals with
    perfidious Albion – even with the gift of a Billion pounds ..

    “Beware of [Greeks] bearing gifts”

    with Greeks — > Albion

    Tell you what – surely what is good enough for Northern Ireland
    is good enough for the rest of the UK ?

    I think we should have what they have .. let’s ALL join the
    Single Market

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