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Breaking: EIGHT MPs resign from front bench over Starmer’s failure to oppose legalising Establishment criminality

MPs show Starmer what it looks like to stand up for something

Mary Foy, one of eight MPs who resigned today

Another seven front bench Labour MPs have resigned their posts this afternoon over Keir Starmer’s instruction to abstain – yet again – in a Commons vote on a bill that will legalise criminal acts by ‘intelligence sources’.

Following Dan Carden’s resignation from the Shadow Treasury team this morning, Nav Mishra, Kim Hopkins, Margaret Greenwood, Rachel Hopkins, Sarah Owen, Mary Foy and Kim Johnson have all stepped down from the front bench in protest at Starmer’s determination not to oppose. His weak stance is the latest in a string of cooperations and abstentions enabling Boris Johnson’s excuse for government.

It’s been a bad day at the office for Starmer, who was also forced to u-turn on the appointment of a former Blair adviser – who had attacked Jeremy Corbyn, supported the rival ‘TIG/CUK’ party and blamed Palestinians for being massacred by Israeli snipers – to ‘sort out the culture’ of the party after outraged complaints from senior Labour figures.

Congratulations to the MPs who stood up to be counted against a despicable piece of legislation.

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  1. So proud of all of the Labour MPs that have resigned. For Starmer a civil rights barrister no to oppose this piece of legislation is a scandal.

    1. Maria, totally agree with you. He knows no shame. Plenty of support from somewhere the question is from where???

      1. Norma – All the polling indicates that Keir Starmer enjoys widespread support amongst the wider electorate (significantly more support than either his opponent or predecessor). The membership has also increased significantly by over a ¼ from the level it had dropped to prior to the 19GE.

    1. lundiel, ALL 600+ of them. But timidity and staying in the shadows when threatened is NEVER a wise option. ALWAYS better to publicise threats EVERYWHERE as often as possible… or you end up dead propped up against a tree in a familiar forest with labelled painkillers deployed as a prop. Or collapsed on a familiar hillside walking route.
      No sort of timidity or appeasement ever works if one wishes to keep life AND dignity / self-respect / integrity / reputation as a straight talker …

      1. See some straight talking here in the discussion with John Pilger and others about the callous, vindictive treatment of Julian Assange.

      2. Sir Keith Starmer approves. “Only following orders” Max Headroom may say eventually, but frankly expect the over gelled todger to be bad news EVEN without instruction from his masters and mistresses.

    2. Good question lundiel, more to the point what goods do they have on Sir Keir?

      1. Maria, goods on Sir Keith is useless. Keith Starmer was and is bad bad news without coercion. Always. Check his record. Always will be. Check his actions AND inactions this very day.

      2. lundiel, Sir Keith Starmer IS his own “heinous skeleton”. Heinous skeleton within a heinous skeleton within his own filth encrusted cupboard. He does evil as Iraq Blair does, because thats just how they are. Neither Sir Keith nor the Iraq W.M.D. Blair creature need enticement to evil. They are self enticing swirling plug holes of evil.

        Thus coercers focus on those who need some… “encouragement” … including every single MP past and present, every single member of the upper house… every single person in every single key position EVEN school heads, AND scientists etc … AND their relatives … ALL traceable relatives… ALL BBC employees etc etc etc

        The Koreas, Stans, China, Russia, USA etc are nothing compared to our great British establishment system.

  2. Just shows who’s who when only 8 have spewed it.

    I expect(ed) more…There’s still time, I guess.

  3. Only his masters’ and mistresses’ bell ends and fuming waste to Conor McGinn. You McGin are a disgrace to betray the great people of St Helens North.

    SUPER well done with bells and whistles on to Kim J, Nav, Sarah, Margaret, Mary, Rachel, Kim H, and Dan, 🎉🎉🎉 You give us hope. 🌹🌹🌹

    1. Signposts Conor McGinn is an idiot. During the coup he alleged someone on Jeremy’s staff had told him Jeremy was going to ring Conor’s dad, a Sinn Fein councillor, and complain about Conor’s (obnoxious) behaviour. He really believed such an allegation would do Jeremy damage . However all that happened was that it prompted hilarity on the internet with people asking if Conor’s daddy would stop his pocket money, would he be grounded etc. An absolute fool with no talent or flair earning a fortune allegedly representing the constituents of St Helens.

      1. Thanks Smartboy. I seem to remember that bit of nastiness from McGinn. Calling him an “idiot” lets him off the hook. He is actually a disgraceful charlatan of an MP… like all the other careerist infesting our party.

    1. I believe it is a mistype, it must be referring to Rachel Hopkins MP. I don’t know of any Kim Hopkins.
      I believe a total of 34 Labour MPs rebelled.and voted against the bill, no all of them members of the Socialist Campaign Group. So more rebellion to be expected?

  4. Backbench Labour MPs were given a free vote. Here’s a list of all the 34 Labour MPs who voted against the bill.

    Diane Abbott, Tahir Ali, Paula Barker, Apsana Begum, Olivia Blake, Richard Burgon, Dawn Butler, Ian Byrne, Dan Carden, Jeremy Corbyn, Geraint Davies, Mary Kelly Foy, Barry Gardiner, Margaret Greenwood, Rachel Hopkins, Kim Johnson, Ian Lavery, Clive Lewis, Tony Lloyd, Rebecca Long-Bailey, John McDonnell, Navendu Mishra, Grahame Morris, Kate Osamor, Kate Osborne, Sarah Owen, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Zarah Sultana, Jon Trickett, Mick Whitley, Nadia Whittome & Beth Winter

    1. Laurels, plaudits blessings on all of them : Diane Abbott, Tahir Ali, Paula Barker, Apsana Begum, Olivia Blake, Richard Burgon, Dawn Butler, Ian Byrne, Dan Carden, Jeremy Corbyn, Geraint Davies, Mary Kelly Foy, Barry Gardiner, Margaret Greenwood, Rachel Hopkins, Kim Johnson, Ian Lavery, Clive Lewis, Tony Lloyd, Rebecca Long-Bailey, John McDonnell, Navendu Mishra, Grahame Morris, Kate Osamor, Kate Osborne, Sarah Owen, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Zarah Sultana, Jon Trickett, Mick Whitley, Nadia Whittome & Beth Winter

      Thank you SteveH for providing the names🌹🌹🌹

  5. Well Done to those Shadow Cabinet resigners – but I expect the entire MSM to now parrot some version of , ‘Sir Keir Starmer proves he is DEFINITELY Prime Ministerial material and a true patriot, and rids himself of the last Shadow Cabinet vestiges of Corbynism,’ or some such blather. The restored Blairite NuLabour organisation is no party for socialists now , and anyone believing that eventually , after yet another decade of endless grunt work by Lefties (mainly to help elect Right Wing careerist MPs and councillors), the party can once again be won to some new ‘Corbyn-type Left Surge’, is seriously failing to absorb and learn the sad lessons of Labour history and its pathetically useless Left, which has always accommodated to the Right’s sabotage and abuse. The last four years of the utterly failed ‘Corbynism’ project has surely proved this for all but the willfully blind.

    1. I notice that, as of 7.24pm today, there isn’t a dickie bird about this extra 7 resignations from any section of the MSM ! Enter ‘Labour Shadow cabinet resignations’ into Google however, and the HUGE reporting of every single resignation from Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet over his four years as Leader, and the contrast is stark. Sir Keir Starmer has nothing to fear from the MSM, or from the resignations of a few more Labour Campaign Group Lefties. It’s all just necessary ‘Cleaning of the stables’ stuff in readiness for the small membership, billionaire-funded, Tory-lite, NuLabour Party, Blair-style, is fully reborn in all its collaborationist pro NATO, pro US, pro privatisation, pro low taxing of the rich, pro globalised neoliberalism, horror. . Good luck tp any daft socialists who stay in that rancid shit pile of a party.

      1. So at 8.20pm this evening The Guardian updated its report on Carden’s resignation , and only acknowledges as significant, Margaret Greenwoods resignation. The other resigners are dismissed as essentially irrelevant ‘PPS shadow junior ministers’. Such is the news spin of The ghastly Guardian. The paper does have a solid point though about the other supposed , more senior, ‘Lefties’ in the Shadow Cabinet who DIDN’T resign – who pathetically claimed that they had been given assurances by Starmer that Labour would campaign on union issues – immediately denied by Starmer spokespersons ! As usual the pathetic supposed Leftie Shadow Cabinet non-resigners bleat that by staying in the Shadow Cabinet they can try to steer Labour policy to the Left. Good luck with that you boringly familiar Left faker careerists ! Better to secure your Labour slippery pole career advance than vote as a socialist should against pernicious Tory legislation that will cost lives in future !

        From the Guardian article:

        “………Margaret Greenwood, the shadow schools spokesperson, quit immediately after the early evening vote, joining shadow financial secretary to the Treasury Dan Carden, who had resigned earlier in the day. The two were among of a handful of leftwingers remaining on Keir Starmer’s front bench.

        “I cannot stand by and allow a bill to go through that will profoundly impact on our civil liberties and the environment in which individuals can get together to have their voices heard,” Greenwood wrote in her resignation letter.

        But the rebellion could have been larger had a second group of leftwing frontbenchers also decided to defy the whip. Instead, after intense lobbying from senior party figures such as deputy leader Angela Rayner, they made a “collective decision to stay on the front bench and use their roles to ensure the Left has a stronger voice in future party policy”, according to a source close the group.

        They included MPs Andy McDonald, Imran Hussain, Rachael Maskell, Cat Smith, Marsha de Cordova, Alex Sobel, Sam Tarry and Charlotte Nichols. They said they were given “clear assurances” by Starmer that the party would campaign on union issues. However, Labour insiders insisted that no specific concessions had been made.

        Other MPs who did quit were five PPSs – shadow junior ministers – including Navendu Misra and Kim Johnson, both of whom were aides to Rayner, and Rachel Hopkins, Sarah Owen and Mary Foy…….. “

      2. To Jenny.

        I have noticed that the Skwawkbox and the Mirror included the PPSs as “Frontbenchers.” The Guardian did not, thereby reducing the number of “Frontbenchers” to just two, as you note.

        So, I did a little research into whether the Guardian regarded PPSs who resigned from Corbyn’s team were “Frontbenchers” or not, and I bet you’ve got there before I show the evidence! And here it is:

        From that report …..


        Stephen Kinnock resigned as parliamentary private secretary to Angela Eagle.
        Karin Smyth resigned as parliamentary private secretary to Heidi Alexander.
        Ruth Smeeth resigned as parliamentary private secretary to the shadow Northern Ireland and Scotland teams.
        Jess Phillips has resigned as a parliamentary private secretary to the shadow education team.
        Chris Matheson has resigned as a parliamentary private secretary to the shadow justice team.
        Neil Coyle has resigned as parliamentary private secretary to the shadow leader of the house.
        Matthew Pennycook has resigned as a parliamentary private secretary to the shadow housing and planning team.
        Gerald Jones has resigned as a parliamentary private secretary to the shadow Welsh secretary.
        Colleen Fletcher has resigned parliamentary private secretary to the shadow secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs.”

        This is how news is spun ….

  6. The Guardian are removing comments about this wholesale. The latest story in their NEWSpaper was that Dan Carden had resigned (and that was long after Skwawkbox had carried the news). The news of the other seven is completely missing.

    It seems as though they have to try to protect THEIR boy.

    Bit difficult really, because he is whipping his party so that the bill will get through – a Bill that the Guardian opposes, and has given thousands of column inches to the state being on the wrong side of human rights for decades!

    I suppose when the going gets tough you discover on which side the media are on, and no more so than the paper “of the left.” [sic]

  7. It’s difficult to understand Starmer’s reasoning on this crass Bill, he is after all an alleged former Human Rights Barrister who’s history of working for the State makes him highly suspect. Indeed, let’s be blunt he’s an establishment Stooge.

    However, as no meaningful change can be made against any Tory Legislation when they have a 80 seat majority, one has to wonder what Starmer’s real game is here, apart from indicating to his real masters he’s a safe pair of hands to do their bidding.

    Call me sceptical, but I small a rat, a very big rat, for it would seem Starmer’s intent is to smoke out any of his MPs who have any socialist sympathies, which he’s successfully achieved today – he can now safely surround himself with True Believers, that is Blairite scum, for as with Thatcher, he only wants ‘One of Us’ in his Shadow Cabinet and actually within the PLP itself.

    The only good news is the fact that we now have a minimum of PLP members who can oppose Starmer by launching a Leadership bid against him before its tolo late for the Party, the membership and the country.

    it remains to be seen if these honourable PLP members have the balls to rid our Party of this despicable man and the other Cabalists who destroyed Corbyn.

    1. Shows Starmer to be totally at one with the establishment. We could have got concessions or won, not by appeasement but by voting against the bill and working with likeminded people such as Amnesty, the trade union movement and all those who’ve suffered from injustice. You make not only political opposition but also legal opposition to the bill. Starmer doesn’t want to support us, he wants to sell us down the river as he represents the 1% not the 99%. The sooner he challenged the better. That’s why you should stay in the party and fight!

    2. The corollary also applies; that those who obeyed the Starmer edict are the ones who have marked theselves out as a danger to having a Socialist Labour Party.

      1. I agree Jack T, unless, of course they are reserving themselves to resign at a later point, time will tell us
        If the elections next year don’t go well, I am not going to be surprised if some right winger challenges him for the leadership. Yvette Cooper of Hillary Benn come to mind.
        Then we can have a repetition of 2015, we have a few good MPs to chose from, Clive Lewis, Barry Gardiner and possibly Dawn Butler could stand for the leadership too.
        No Labour MP apart from the 34 that rebelled today deserve to be leader of the LP. I believe Claudia Webbe MP voted against too but isn’t counted since she is suspended.

      2. Agreed Maria, who the heck can we trust in today’s Labour Party? John McDonnell has been one of my greatest disappointments after sniping at Corbyn over antiSemitism.

      3. Reply to Maria Vazquez
        If Hilary Benn a two faced smiling assassin ever became leader I’d leave the party in an instant. I don’t like Yvette either but Benn who disgraces the memory of his father and who probably caused him to turn in his grave is in my estimation the lowest of the low. Tony Benn was Jeremy’s mentor and Hilary knew Jeremy all his life. At the first opportunity Jeremy gave Hilary a senior shadow cabinet position – Shadow Foreign Sec- and at the first opportunity Hilary stabbed Jeremy in the back. If I live to be 100 I will never forgive Hilary Benn for leading a coup against his own party leader ( elected by a landslide only 9 months earlier) when the Tories were leaderless and up against the ropes- he gave them the time they needed to regroup and get organised while we were plunged into a summer of chaos. .

      4. I agree Smartboy, their aren’t words to describe the treachery of Hillary Been.
        I agree with Jack T that John McDonnell has proven to be a disappointment too: supporting Liam Byrne, inviting Alistair Campbell back to the LP, protecting Margaret Hodge, refusing to support Chris Williamson.

    3. Mmmm,yes,your suggested motivation for the “Great Leader’s” actions makes sense, Though I also think it reflects his “values” as a member of the establishment. It also reflects the lunatic pursuit of Conservative voters that seems to be the main strategy of him and his team of third rate office seekers. This means that they are still taking natural Labour voters for granted and assuming they have nowhere else to go, in spite of the copious evidence to show how wrong that strategy is.

  8. Be nice if they could get together with the few socialists that are left in Labour and start a real socialist party.

    1. Sadly, that would be doomed to failure as long as Labour is hogging the second party slot in a two party system. Labour needs to crash and burn before any new alternative party can emerge.

    2. boromoor – while I understand your view and to a great extent sympathise with it, trying to start a new party is not the answer – it would be doomed to failure in the same way that the Tinge party was. People in most cases vote for the party not individual and in Labour constituencies they are going to vote Labour, likewise with the Tories so any new party has little or no chance of getting any MPs elected never mind being able to form a government.

      1. Smartboy, the obvious implication is that you believe the left has more chance of taking Labour back than of electoral success with a new party.
        This despite the fact that, even with the mass appeal of Corbyn and the mass membership he brought, the left was unable to wrest Labour away from the parasites.
        Now they’re even more deeply buried in Labour’s flesh than while Jeremy was leader I don’t understand on what you base your opinion.

      2. The Social Democratic Party, Change UK/ the Independent Group, the Brexit Party, UKIP , the Respect party and the Socialist Party (formerly Militant) all crashed and burned so no reason to suspect another formed by the Left would fare any better. I truly wish that wasn’t the case but it is what past experience indicates.

      3. Smartboy, if Starmer wins an election where would that leave the left?
        I suspect with no more than Corbyn and a couple of others just for show.
        The 1% already ‘guide’ governments and AI will dramatically increase their dominance and reduce democracy’s influence.
        The legacy of coronavirus may well be that reduced economic activity drives the survivors to maintain profits by rapidly automating until there’s a new balance between production, employment and consumption.
        A new, giant underclass seems entirely possible, in which case there will be no democracy for them – they’ll be excluded as “non-productives.”
        How can coronavirus not bring political change of one kind or another?
        One might anticipate hard times increasing left wing sentiment but if so who can the voters choose now but the neo-Tory Starmer?
        Even if taking back Labour one tiny victory at a time over a decade or two were possible, I believe we’d have missed the boat.
        The electorate deserve to have the choice of a left wing party in 2024 even if they’re too stupid to vote for it.
        Can somebody please rephrase that last bit for the manifesto?

      4. Reply to David McNiven
        I don’t know that Starmer is capable of winning an election. By the time the next election comes we will be back to people saying “they are all the same” i.e. few if any real policy differences between the Tories and us. It also t has to be remembered that while we find him obnoxious many people actually like that jolly good fellow Boris Johnson. He seems to have more popular appeal than Starmer anyway. Perhaps the fiasco which will be the no deal Brexit (now almost) inevitable may change things but my guess is Johnson will blame it all on Covid 19 and people will be taken in by him just as they were at last year’s election.

      5. Thanks for this -I didn’t think Starmer was ahead in the polls

    1. I will argue that this piece of legislation will strengthen Sinn Fein’s hand..I don’t know the motivation of McGiinn, is he Starmer’s lackey betraying his republican roots?
      Or is McGinn secretly acting for the benefit of Irish Republicanism, by facilitating Sinn Feiinn task of persuading other political parties in Stormonts to seek a referendum to leave the UK and to join the Republic?
      We know that most likely Brexit is going to cause problems in Northern Ireland since it looks like its going to breach the Good Friday Agreement. Add this piece of legislation and a majority in Stormont could be persuade to vote in favour of a Referendum.
      Whatever the real motivation of McGinn, I will argue that he has done a favour to Sinn Feinn.
      The Tories don’t despite appearances, i don’t believe they give a hoot about Northern Ireland and could even be glad to see the back of the DUP..

  9. Starmer is a Blairite & has adopted the exact same political stance in occupying ‘centre ground’ aka bourgeois politics. Any form of Socialism is ‘extreme’ as the BBC; ITV & Channel 4 only provide a platform for Blairites to represent Labour.

    1. Yes Steve, that’s it in a nutshell.

      Our MSM is a disgrace and they have the cheek to complain about RT, Al Jazeera etc being financed and controlled by their governments. Our MSM, particularly the BBC, sees its job as keeping information AWAY from us!

      1. Comrade Jack,
        the primary function of commercial MSM is to attract advertisers to obtain revenue, which (by definition) means that ‘business’ determines content, but the function of PSB is to Inform; Educate & Entertain. OK, just kidding! Gov’t owns & controls not just the BBC, but also Channel 4. The piper calls the tune & the function of PSB is to manufacture consent for ‘preferred’ ideologies. Socialism will never be allowed a platform. MSM is still the most powerful teacher but with its emphasis on bread & circuses rather than information & education. A healthy democracy needs the 4th Estate to hold gov’t to account. Time to wake up Stephen.

      2. Used to watch just RT but now I just watch specific shows. They have become a bit too strange for my taste. I haven’t watched the others for years and I would never watch Jack the Hat. Strangely Fox has surprised me, rarely. I just hunt for the truth. Travel the world from my wheelchair. ☮️

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