More leadership lies about Corbyn as renewed smears continue. Here’s what he really said about crime

Labour’s latest smear that Corbyn cared more about criminals than victims is a blatant untruth easily exposed – yet ‘mainstream’ hacks have again parroted it without scrutiny

Justice inverted: the Labour right’s smear campaign continues

The renewed smear campaign by Labour’s right-wing regime against the party’s former leader has continued, with a claim that under Jeremy Corbyn Labour ‘cared more about criminals’ than about victims.

Leaving aside the obvious, that rehabilitating criminals makes us all safer, the claims are an outright falsehood. Labour’s 2019 manifesto was clear on the need for a strong justice system, promising to:

• end short prison sentences
• recruit and fund 5,000 more prison officers
• recruit and fund 10,000 more police officers
• recruit and fund 1,000 more border guards

Keir Starmer is desperate to pitch himself as not Jeremy Corbyn – as if that wasn’t all too lamentably obvious – and appeal to Tories. But to do so he and his allies are pushing outright fiction and rewriting history, ironically while claiming to be about integrity.

And of course, so-called ‘mainstream’ media hacks are eagerly parroting this garbage without the least scrutiny. It is the work of minutes to see what Labour’s last manifesto said on the topic of justice – but it seems that’s too much work for the supposedly professional journalists who have amplified Labour’s latest smear like every other one before it.

The UK is currently a one-party state with a choice of rosette colours and a corrupt media propping it up. And Starmer and his allies don’t have the simple nous to know that actually standing for something is popular and that the millions of people who don’t vote – and certainly now won’t vote Labour – would be far easier to win over than peeling Tory die-hards away from their addiction to monsters in government.

In such a setting, for the current Labour regime to say anything about justice is a joke, let alone to simply make things up and claim to offer integrity.

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  1. Meanwhile SIR Keith Starmer remains comparatively silent re BLATANT BANDITRY from his chums whom both he, Mandelson, Campbell, Coyle, Hodge, Berger, Ummuna, Sadiq Khan, LORD Adonis, LORD Blumkett, Smeethe, Ellman, Soubrey, Swinson, Straw, KinnockS, BBC, most on Talkradio & LBC ENDORSED, supported with 24/7 coverage OPENLY saying they preferred the Tories and Johnson. I heard them Weapons of Mass Destruction Blair, Campbell & Mandelson make it plain REPEATEDLY. They could not STAND the idea of a TRUE Labour Government or a government for the many.

    VICTORY at the High Court!!!
    The GOOD LAW Project has defeated Matt Hancock in the High Court re: in my words CHUMOCRACY Hancock & Harding et al.

    Lord Justice Singh and Mr Justice Swift ruled; Hancock breached the duty while appointing BARRONESS Harding as interim executive chair of the National Institute for Health Protection (NIHP) in August 2020 and Mr Coupe as director of testing for NHS Test and Trace (NHSTT) in September 2020.

    SteveH in particular, should remember my highlighting the open banditry & chumocracy RE: Covid-19. The Establishment used it as a cash cow… another opportunity to plunder… Rob the public. It was and remains BASIC & PLAIN.

    SERCO – Soames’ brother. RANDOX – Owen Patterson. DELOITTE – more bANKERS… and re this High Court ruling – BARONESS Dido Harding, wife of another Tory MP.

    KEITH Starmer … oh SIR, he’s proud of that for services rendered at the CPS, but tries to hide HIS responsibility for its many and GROSS failings eg ALLOWING JIMMY SAVILLE to escape prosecution.

    From the get go, rampant chumocracy was OBVIOUS. Sir KEITH STARMER asked ZERO sustained questions about the dodgy contracts. WHY❓❓❓

    SteveH responded to my highlighting of SERCO, Deloitte, RANDOX, Dido Harding BARRONESS and his Sir Keith’s suspicious near total silence to date re open dogginess, troughing, grubbiness, banditry of £BILLIONS‼️‼️‼️

    But I believe in celebrating successes!!! So CONGRATULATIONS to The Good Law Project and thanks for taking action on our behalf. Action, action. ACTION.
    WELL DONE ❕❕❕

    1. ps and Coyle who was at every opportunity, which he often made at least three or more times DAILY, OPENLY sabotaging a possibility of a TRUE Labour government.

      The shower of sh** is partly of their making.

      1. windchime – I don’t recall the conversation that you are referring to, do you have a link?

      2. will find. it’s one of the many at which u came to SIR Keith Starmer’s defence. Busy at mo.

      3. Ask one of your HUGE team to find links of several references i made to Sir Keith Starmer’s determined silence re Covid-19 banditry in particular č G4S, SERCO Nicholas Soames’ brother a director, Deloitte, BARONESS Dido Harding (husband Blue Tory MP) Test & Trace, RADNOX Owen Patterson as lobbyist… HUNDREDS of MILLIONS unscrutinised contracts… £37 BILLION budget rubbish unused still in storage PPE i think. £58 BILLION for lamentable Test & Trace.

        SEARCH since 12/05/2020

      4. windchime – Are we to take it that you couldn’t find a conversation that lived up to your prior billing.

      5. Ask one of your HUGE team to find links of several references i made to Sir Keith Starmer’s determined silence re Covid-19 banditry in particular č G4S, SERCO Nicholas Soames’ brother a director, Deloitte, BARONESS Dido Harding (husband Blue Tory MP) Test & Trace, RADNOX Owen Patterson as lobbyist… HUNDREDS of MILLIONS unscrutinised contracts… £37 BILLION budget rubbish unused still in storage PPE i think. £58 BILLION for lamentable Test & Trace.

        SEARCH since 12/05/2020

      6. SH u know full well that without staff as u have it takes time to do admin. MOREOVER as others have noted u persistently use distraction which can suck time. BUT i will post in due course. Started a scan earlier and was proud of how spot on my postings were as early as December 2020 re SERCO č Nicholas Soames’ brother as a director, G4S, Deloitte, RADNOX č Owen Patterson as lobbyist, BARONESS Dido Harding of the UTTER FAILURE of poor Test & Trace, and the RUBBISH PPE … and all the other BANDITRY and FRAUD and DECEIT and PARASITIC nature of Mandelson, Campbell, the War Criminal & PROVEN LIAR creature going by the name Anthony Blair and of course their tool your SIR Keith Starmer and their WELL PUBLICISED and OPEN “OPERATION STOP CORBYN”.

        I posted to about my distress re Jeremy not only enabling Keith with a Shadow cabinet post, but continuing the enablement after Keith launched the FIRST coup within TWELVE months of Jeremy’s tenure. Then ASTONISHINGLY after the 2nd coup. And to date, yet to state what Keith is. I heard him only approx two months ago describing Keith ( SIR ) as “Kier is a freind” “i worked with him etc”. This repeated failure is what allows younger people to assume that Starmer is not the bad Bad BAD news that he is.

        ANYWAY on another matter ish. ISH as both DAME & SIR Dick & Starmer respectively publicly REFUSED to investigate “PRINCE” Andrew; and REFUSED to condemn Andrew’s behaviour. Andrew’s behaviour included while then Mr Starmer was in charge of the CPS.

        BUT of course i am disappointed that Air-miles Andrew “HONOURABLE FREIND” of the cross continental child trafficker and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, will as yet escape giving account in court.

        However HUGE congratulations to a lady of the humble working class, doing her best against the super connected FEW… the corrupt and perverted ONE PERCENT

        It is not easy to do battle concerning personal trauma. A doctor can often not doctor oneself. The seamstress is often dressed in unglamorous clothing despite providing glorious works for others.

        SO Virginia Giuffre, i salute you for your inspiring efforts and battle for justice re abuse by Jeffrey Epstein’s freind of decades Andrew Mountbatten aka PRINCE Andrew.

        You Virginia Giuffre, are an amazing example to us all WORLDWIDE.
        I hope others could find the tremendous strength to pursue redress re personal trauma.

      7. windchime – If you taught yourself how to write a search query then you’d already have found what you are looking for/ (if it exists).
        As for the stuff about Prince Andrew, you seem to have got your timelines mixed up.

      8. SH davidH SteveH as u well know, Andrew has been INTIMATE friends of cross continental child traffickers and insatiable addicts of child abuse Jeffrey Epstein and, Ghislane Maxwell… who interestingly had for some time referred to as Andrew Mountbatten’s “GIRLFRIEND”. Maxwell eventually became “THE Lady of the house”… of Epstein’s many houseS … incl on Epstein’s “Pedophile Island”.

        “PRINCE Andrew” should clarify; has he been on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” private jet to and fro his property, which local islanders called “Pedophile Island”❓ How many trips did he take to the island❓❓

        ANYWAY the very LONG and close “HONOURABLE friendship” … his words, was maintained before and THROUGHOUT the then Mr Starmer as head of the CPS. For his services he was made SIR Keith Starmer. Did Keith know of Andy’s close bond with Epstein & Maxwell, or does he pretend as per Jimmy Saville – nothing to do with me, not reviewing lawyer, though happy to boast about being made a SIR for being in charge of the CPS during ALL of the above and more❓❓❓

        Andrew’s activities also took place in London. He certainly gave PERSONAL tours around Buckingham Palace to pedophiles Epstein & Maxwell. BOTH pedophiles were even allowed to sit on the thrones in the throne room.

        I heard DAME Cressida Dick refuse to investigate Andrew. In the same way i heard she refused to investigate Alexander pustule of Piffle Johnson nonstop partying and booze ups at 10 Downing Street. DAME Dick even stunned a Right Wing presenter, and i heard it too and am embarrassed to say, was much stunned too, when she said:

        “I looked into it PERSONALLY, and found NO CASE to answer.” DAME Dick was then, 2020 or 21, referring to The Honourable MICHAEL GOVE MP & Cabinet Minister who had freshly ADMITTED REPEATED cocaine use at his dinner parties. If any of the non-Establishment “Many” had admitted repeated taking of Class A Drugs at THEIR dinner or other parties or ANYWHERE, they would be prosecuted.

        People do not usually party alone especially if at or after “dinner”. So others of Gove’s circle ARE INVOLVED.

        “One rule for THEM, another for the rest of us”. “THEM” including DAME Dick, LORD Mandelson (Mandy to u SH SteveH) Michael Gove, Andrew SCG Mountbatten, Ghislane Maxwell, Epstein who committed his activities in this country too. “THEM” like Gove, can admit being a cocaine user and have “NO CASE TO ANSWER” to a Metropolitan Police Commissioner DAME Cressida Dick, because she “looked into it PERSONALLY”.

        Meanwhile SIR Keith Starmer, another deceiver re broken pledges and more, turns a blind eye and remains SILENT… not a word… not a peep… not a whisper.

        That’s the story of SIR Keith

        in short⛔️⛔️⛔️

      9. windchime – Thanks for the rant. Do you actually know what the CPS do.

      10. SteveH SH davidH, YOU r NOT the centre of the universe ESPECIALLY on a big news day‼️‼️‼️ I’v found lots but u r just doing your distraction ploy. PLUS others may enjoy exploring archives to find creditable boldness in posts re KEY prediction eg “bad Bad BAD news Starmer”, “much worse to come” re Starmer etc etc etc and of course his comparatively TOTAL silence re the open fraud and BANDITRY of his BLUE Tory chums so as to fain the trust of his Establishment bosses. This VERY day he pledged his allegiance yet AGAIN to the Tories & Johnson. Lammy did so REPEATEDLY on the weekend. Lammy claimed repeatedly “that the voters rejected Socialism and Jeremy” even though he knows perfectly well like you, that our traditional Labour voters REJECTED his, & Keith Starmer’s OBVIOUS Remain plot. It worked BRILLIANTLY. In fact it’s one thing i got wrong. Up to the last minute, i thought Jeremy would outsmart then by suddenly PRESENTING with vibrant clarity his long held views as per his voting record.

        Alas my hope, logical UPFRONT approach was nit shared by the confrontation averse. It just occurred to ne this very second that of by some miracle a huge protest was announced re the OBVIOUS need to respect the CLEAR SINGLE ISSUE REFERENDUM, then … THEN our “leaders” would have been there. I’ve learnt. I was painfully wrong on that. Since u want links now, then read my PLEADING posts UP TO TGE WIRE in GE2019 polling day.

        I was BEGGING that the Labour Heartlands forgive the INSULT of ignoring their vote. Since you want links, use your staff and read. I do not hold it against the traditional Labour Voters. THEY WERE CORRECT to REJECT being taken for granted.

      11. In his 5.32pm post windchimes says the following:

        I posted to about my distress re Jeremy not only enabling Keith with a Shadow cabinet post, but continuing the enablement after Keith launched the FIRST coup within TWELVE months of Jeremy’s tenure. Then ASTONISHINGLY after the 2nd coup. And to date, yet to state what Keith is. I heard him only approx two months ago describing Keith ( SIR ) as “Kier is a freind” “i worked with him etc”.

        Big Lie No.1: Keir Starmer did NOT ‘launch’ the 2016 coup against Jeremy, AND, as Windchimes has done on numerous occasions, he is rewriting history, just like the Stasi Starmer fascists have been doing repeatedly during the past month or two.

        Big Lie No. 2: Does it seem REMOTELY likely that Jeremy would refer to the person that FIRST suspended him from the party – ie Keir Starmer – based on a falsehood that HE, Starmer, disseminated to the media just prior to then suspending Jeremy. AND, then three weeks later after the NEC reinstated Jeremy, removing the whip from him…. does it seem REMOTELY plausible that Jeremy would refer to that person as ‘a friend’?

        Oh, right, but ‘approx two months ago’ windchimes claims he heard Jeremy say such a thing! So can you tell us where it was exactly you heard Jeremy say this windchimes – where it was you heard Jeremy describe Keir Starmer as his ‘friend’.

      12. Despite hoping to refrain from replying to the weirdo lying White Flag Man Malcolm Coleman aka Allan Howard who so successfully hoodwinked Jeremy; for the benefit of others, not Spy Cop Malcolm Coleman, search for Jeremy’s HOUR LONG appearance on Iain Dale’s LBC 19:00-22:00hrs prog approx two months ago.

        Jeremy was on good form as he is infinitely capable. His answers to Dale & callers were solid. The voice was still far too swallowed / breathy / mumbling for my taste, but content was good. Jeremy sounded relaxed and happy … CONSIDERABLY at ease. One message Dale read out was “this is the best radio”. In that rare appearance Jeremy, in response to Dale, described SIR Starmer as “Kier”. He called the pledge breaker “a freind” with whom he worked on many things.

        This is not the first occasion that Jeremy FAILED to assist those who trust his words and actions. By contrast, i make it plain, Malcolm Coleman aka Allan Howard 🪱🪳🪰🪱🪳🪰🪱🪳🪰 is a nasty piece of work but EFFECTIVE on many. Coleman & Co successfully badgered Jeremy into saying and doing things in TOTAL contrast to what many believe he is. Result??? 1- SIR Keith is now doing as his allies made plain. 2- Johnson took the victory that was easily ours. 3- War criminal Weapons of Mass Destruction Blair, remains free to call for more wars and finish Jeremy off with Starmer. 4- Tom Watson, McNicoll, Hodge, Ashworth, and Coyle remain free to do much harm, Jeremy has had the Whip withdrawn (which i hear shocked him rigid) . He NEVER expected that.

        He will i expect be deselected. All fruits of being TOTALLY hoodwinked by the nasty piece of Spy Cops work MALCOLM COLEMAN aka Allan Howard who TO DATE does not have his work cut out. Like a walk in the park, their operation hoodwinks the oh so “better educated” than the general electorate, “better read” and soaked in out of touch polite WORTHLESS bunker reality & fresh air starved tosh.
        🪝❌🐝🪝❌🐝🪝❌ 🐝

  2. This gives me hope – it proves that those who made a concerted effort to destroy Jeremy – the PLP Southside the Establishment, the Tories and the Zionist lobby via the BBC and MSM- still fear him.
    They can see the disasters that their golden boys – Johnson and Starmer – have made of the jobs they handed them on a plate, they know the affection and esteem in which Jeremy is held by Socialists and they see that fair minded people are starting to wake up to the fact that they were “played” so this latest smear will probably be the first of many more to come.
    Jeremy won’t care about these smears , neither will we and the more they hound him the more people will see his detractors for the vicious self interested manipulators that they are.

    1. Come to think of it – at the same time as they sneered
      at Dianne Abbott for getting muddled about the extra funds for
      very many extra police officers – they are saying the Corbyn
      Opposition was not concerned about them!

      Consistency is not their strong point!

      1. Reply to Holby FabMw
        Neither the facts nor consistency matter to these people. They have lied about Jeremy Corbyn from day one and smeared and insulted those of us who support him.
        They said he was a, pacifist a terrorist supporter, a Marxist a Trotskyite . a communist, an antisemite ( even though he more than any other MP defended the rights of Jews in parliament) and a spy among other things.
        Those of us who support him have been called bullies, scum, dogs, entryists, vandals, thugs and antisemites.
        But as I said in an earlier post people are beginning to realise they were played and the more Jeremy is smeared the more obvious this will be to ordinary decent people that they were fooled by Right Wing, Establishment and Zionist propaganda put out every day by the BBC and MSM.
        Its actually getting tedious now listening to the tripe they churn out. Maybe that’s the answer Holby – those of us they can’t suspend or expel they hope to bore to death

    2. What a good idea, MFM :

      When they’re lying their little heads off, it’s always good to have copy handy, to expose their lies.

      Fully costed, GE19 Manifesto, which was so useful to Welsh Labour, in May, last year. They were so lucky they didn’t have to contend with the UK MSM, and the liars from Southbank Labour.

      The added benefit was having an Electorate who could, actually, read and understand a Manifesto.

      Wales, the only part of the UK where Labour is a viable party.

  3. SteveH
    Temporary Embarrassment appeals to Tory voters, how do you see that working out

    1. Doug – If Labour are to win a GE then they will obviously have to convert quite a few Tory voters. Fortunately those who voted Tory in the RedWall seats appear to have seen the error of their ways. According to the polls Labour is currently expected to win back 40 of the 43 RedWall constituencies that Corbyn lost..
      If the polls are anything to go by (they got the vote share almost spot-on for the 19GE) the electorate prefer the Labour Party of today to the one that was led by JC and his acolytes. Labour has been consistently in the lead in all the polls for over 2mths now.

      1. Steve H I don’t want to rain on your parade but I think it would be more accurate to say that if Starmer’s Labour is to win the next election it will have to regain the trust of all those it expelled or suspended along with those who are just plain disgusted by the antics of the leadership.
        I am referring Socialist AntiZionist, Irish ,Kashmiri, BAME Muslim members and supporters along with all those who believe in democracy and fear how Starmer would abuse it if he were ever to be elected to Downing St. Can’t see him winning these people over – not in a million years..

      2. Smartboy – Unfortunately for you and your comrades you are members of a small minority so what you choose to do will be of little consequence either way,

      3. SteveH
        New Labour lost 5 million votes and Scotland, Temporary Embarrassment lost the Red Wall and handed the worst Tory government since 1979 a landslide majority with his call for a 2nd Referendum
        The polls still show TE with a negative rating, once MSM and toilet papers start he is toast, he has no base, no manifesto and no chance
        How is he going to pay for a GE campaign, how many boots on the ground will he inspire
        Bent as a nine Bob note

      4. Reply to Steve H
        We’ll just have to wait and see eh Steve H?

  4. Despite my jaundiced view of the current LP “leadership”, I must admit that I had thought that Skwawkbox’s report must be a little hyperbolic. After seeing Steve Reed quoted as saying “Given the period that Labour’s gone through over the last 10 years, but particularly under the last leadership – the days when Labour cared more about the criminals than about their victims are well and truly over.”, I must apologise to Skwawkbox for that thought.
    What a loathsome, obnoxious collection of dross it is that has taken over the LP.

    1. Something has vaguely surfaced in my memory.
      Wasn’t Steve Reed on of the people who were complained about by the BoD for having made antisemitic statements?
      What happened to that?

      1. Goldbach
        Well like many on the right/centrist of the party he apologised and all was forgiven.
        Reed mentions the remarks he made in the interview with the Mirrors Dan Bloom and how mortified he still is.

  5. Dave Nellist is back on the campaign trail as a Socialist candidate in Erdington.

      1. Whoops – Peace/conflict.
        Keep hitting the wrong keys nowadays. Eyesight test needed I reckon.

      2. Mind you, it’s not a desperate long way to Barnard Castle.

  6. Peter Oborne always tries to get to the truth ..
    – the article in ME is typical ..

    Its amazing how Tories hoodwink people ..
    .. like the monetary problems of the 1970s were Labours fault
    when it was the Tories who were in govt for the first half ..

    1. Agreed but Peter Oborne, like Peter Hitchens, writes for the Daily Mail; why are there no other journalists worth a balloon?

  7. ‘Oh please can someone put a stop in that US Joe Biden’s gob?
    As they frighten people to score their political points.
    A mediocrity like Truss out of depth in that job?
    When Gorbachev ended German partition.
    The US said “Not an inch to the East more!”
    Working people of no country are our enemies.
    Need imaginative Leaders for a World Peace Alliance, to stop all war.’
    Don’t care if people say I’m a dreamer, as Terry Eagleton said: “Those with imagination are often attacked by those with none!”

    1. Keep listening to Biden. His latest stuff gives a clue as to what’s happening. He has stopped saying that “an invasion is imminent” and is now saying that “it could still happen”. He’s backing off somewhat. There’s fair chance, now, that Russian troop numbers will slowly reduce, allowing Biden to claim a great triumph; whilst, at the same time, US offensive nuclear weaponry deployed in Poland and Romania will also, very quietly, be reduced and eventually go down to zero. That threat is what is clearly driving Russian strategy.
      As for Truss, you overestimate her qualities when you describe them as mediocrity.

  8. Whooosh….Max Headroom is losing polling points. Sweaty palms time.

    Westminster voting intention:

    LAB: 38% (-4)
    CON: 33% (+1)
    LDEM: 11% (+2)
    GRN: 6% (-)
    REFUK: 5% (+1)

    via @RedfieldWilton, 14 Feb

    1. He’ll lose more … or rather Johnson will what he lost. The electorate have sussed out Sir Keith Starmer. He takes them for fools but they can see he will be worse than Johnson. Starmer is as bloodthirsty as war criminal Blair creature but not as rich by many millions. Starmer’s VERY desperate to get his snout in the trough.

      We still have a problem though as the battle is now left to fewer members. Even Piddock gave away her NEC position & vote. Sadly so many think Mandelson & Starmer weeps as their mission is made easier than they expected. They expected to work hard to cement their parasitising of Labour. Doubt they expected it to be made so easy by their victims.

      1. … Johnson will REGAIN what he lost. i.e. Johnson is the dynamic in the polls, NOT Keith.🏵🌀💡🏵🌀💡🏵🌀💡

      2. windchime – Have you looked at Johnson’s personal approval ratings they’re as bad as Corbyn’s were before the 19GE.

  9. And another…..Neck and neck…..Will the benighted Savile Saver pip Blaggard Boris to the post?

    Westminster voting intention:

    LAB: 37% (-4)
    CON: 34% (+2)
    LDEM: 10% (-)
    GRN: 8% (+2)
    REFUK: 4% (-)

    via @YouGov, 10 – 11 Feb

    1. baz2001 – “benighted Savile Saver” “Blaggard Boris”

      So good, worth repeating at least thrice !*!*!*

      ESPECIALLY “benighted Savile Saver”. Thanks. May i borrow it???

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