After sneering at Coventry, Starmer you can’t overstate how little pride Burnley people have

He’s done it again. He’s a barrister, he must know what words mean

Keir Starmer just can’t help insulting working-class towns and cities. After sneering on TV at the idea that Coventry might be relevant, he’s now said that the amount of pride the people have in their town ‘cannot be underestimated’.

He will, of course – if challenged, which the centrist media rarely do – claim that he meant the opposite, but ‘cannot be underestimated’ literally means ‘however low you guess it might be, you’re never going to be too low’:

He’s a barrister. He’s supposedly ‘forensic’. He must know what words mean.

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  1. Of course “they KNOW” full well “what they do”. Of the parasites like Starmer & Lammy in particular have been REPEATEDLY during the last 7 weeks and increasingly over the last two, making it clear how much they respect Truss and their other BLUE Tory chums.

    Politicians usually TEST contemplations / plans / policies, by putting them out and waiting for public disapproval or otherwise. That is what’s going on, methinks.

    I hear that LOTS of back room meetings / deals r being done in “Westminster hotels”. I expect also in Private Member Clubs of the 1%, which is where Truss conducts her “Fizz with Liz” manoeuvres č drinks.

    ANYWAY, though winning the next General Election is NOT their first priority; fully parasitising the Labour label is. Securing control at every level by every means IS their No1 aim. However they would always welcome a GE win.

    It is well known, Sir Keith Rodney Starmer is regarded as a dud, who openly looks down on “The Many” … “the LIKES of YOU” me and any of “The Many”.

    SteveH, davidH SH’s “MANDY” know that despite everything, Johnson controls the show. People don’t grow to like Sir Rodney, they only get more disappointed in Johnson.

    “Temporary Embarrassment”, as Doug aptly dubs the dud Sir Starmer, his ONLY hope is a coalition with his BLUE Tories AND YELLOW Tories.

    That i believe is why the parasites have gone in overdrive re how much they are happy to work with Johnson’s Truss on action against foreign countries and other things, but NOT č “Corbyn & Socialism despite how much some get angry with me saying it, because the people rejected that” – approx words of Lammy last night‼️‼️‼️

    P.s. only heard of the “Westminster hotel meetings” today. More proof that the political clique is as detached from the needs of “The Many”. They all hope to end up with $millions like the WMD Blair creature with properties everywhere and clients of every bloodthirsty despot.

    One of their EFFECTIVE tools is the TRIBAL human instinct / reflex.

    Call warmongers and any corrupt fraudulent self worshiping dross like Lammy & Starmer “Labour” and the most decent people swallow.

    1. May this Burnley boy say that all of NATO agrees that our pride in our town is imminent. It’s just around the corner. We thank Keith for his encouragement. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😱🥶🤮👿😱🥶🤮👿🙃😏🤨

    2. Off script. Anyone notice how coquetish Nandy looks in that thumbnail. What is it withered RW Labour chestfeeders. They all think that they are Lana Turner, even the Children’s Champion and hysterically hued? Could it be all of that Peruvian marching powder? Or good old LSD? Showing me age again.

  2. Is there no beginning to Temporary Embarrassment’s talent to alienate the electorate

    1. No Doug. No beginning and no end to Sir Keith Starmer’s 🦠🪱🦠🪱🦠🪱talent to alienate “The Many”.

      1. Can those with knowledge of party rules give their view of the following.

        GROSSLY irregular goings on in Bermondsey & Old Southwark last night. An MP, despite Whip suspended and SUSPENDED from the party, had HIS statement minimising SERIOUS accusations of RACISM & ABUSE read out at their Constituency meeting last night. The MP crassly claimed he has Chinese friends and listed groups of foreign supporters … hmmm

        One of the suspended MP’s gang read the suspended MP’s statement. The Chair, another of their gang then repeated that others in the meeting would be BANNED discussing the statement or any issue concerning the MP, claiming that was the instruction from “Region” and “Region” gave permission for the Whip and PARTY SUSPENDED MP’s statement to be read.

        ODD no??? The MP has been suspended, therefore NOT a member of the party. How can a NON MEMBER have privileged access to have his views read out by bigwigs at a Constituency meeting, yet MEMBERS were BANNED from giving their views⁉️⁉️⁉️

        The SUSPENDED MP is of course NEIL COYLE and i’ve been made aware that the accusation of disgraceful behaviour and RACISM is FRONT PAGE NEWS on the local Southwark News paper. Someone held up the newspaper FULL PAGE with BOLD headlines + photo, to point out the absurdity of the BOS chair’s stifling of discussion.

        That’s the type of behaviour, and characters some STILL feel is made OK because they ABUSE the Labour label.

    1. From the report into the GLU and antisemitism:
      “On 17 September 2015, shortly after Labour members and supporters voted for Jeremy Corbyn to be leader of the Labour Party, Anna Wright and John Stolliday, who was then moving into a key role in GLU, discussed saying the word “cunt more in the last 48hrs than you have in your life up until that point”, and Wright noted “yesterday I called the Leader of the Labour Party a sexist cunt””
      Another slip of the tongue?

      1. goldbach – Which begs the question why on earth didn’t Jeremy get rid of McNicol and put his own team into Labour HQ as soon as he was elected leader.

      2. Could this be one of the reasons why?

        p15 “General Secretary Iain McNicol, repeatedly:
        ● Insisted that all complaints were dealt with promptly.
        ● Justified delays and claimed that outstanding issues would be dealt with soon.
        ● Provided timetables for the resolution of cases that were never met.
        ● Falsely claimed to have processed all antisemitism complaints.
        ● Falsely claimed that most antisemitism complaints the party received were not about Labour members.
        ● Provided highly inaccurate statistics of antisemitism complaints.”

      3. goldbach – So Jeremy was a bad judge of character then.

      4. No buffoon. He didn’t know about this until the report was written, by which time dear old Starmer was sinking the ship.
        If you want to try to use the report to rubbish Corbyn you need to read it first. It’s still available on the internet I am told.

      5. goldbach – The report has nothing to do with whether or not Jeremy was naive to leave McNicol in post as GenSec. Ask yourself whether you were taken in by McNicol.

      6. Did you alert the, then, leadership of the party to the fact that McNicol was working against the interests of the party? Did they ignore your sage advice? Who did you inform? This could be really useful in ascertaining where responsibility for these failures lay.

      7. Goldbach 3.29pm “Did you alert the, then, leadership of the party to the fact that McNicol was working against the interests of the party?”

        In 2016/17 I wrote to McNicol about the obvious factional warfare in the party, asking him to look into the various groups that were working to undermine the Labour party (I had no idea at that point it was a coordinated campaign). in fact Skwawks published two (I think) of my emails to McNicol and the replies. The upshot from McNicol was – nothing to see here, don’t bother responding again. I still have the emails somewhere, which could be published if they would make any difference now.

        This was in the early days of the Labour witch hunt, when we at ground zero had no idea of what was really happening.

    2. REPEATED, freudian slips of the tongue

      As Skwawky says, keef’s a barrister and ought to – at the very least – have the ability to choose his words carefully.

      He’s not even capable of that.

      1. Toffee – By all means keep clutching to those straws if it gives you some comfort.

      2. I think that it’s most likely that Starmer doesn’t do his own social media stuff but has some Labour Student clone doing it for him.
        Anyone with any sense would check the stuff before it went out though.
        So, it’s clear why it went out.

      3. SteveH
        Have you been taken in by the cunt Temporary Embarrassment

      4. Clutching at straws?

        Read that back to yourself, gobshite, and then read the rest of your replies to other people.


      5. Toffee – What I have noticed is the better Labour does in the polls the more desperately your bleats become.

      6. The better labour does in the polls?

        Like Hartlepool, Batley, chesham and N. Salop, plus a fair few coulcol seats up and down the country?


  3. I wonder if anybody else is struck by the similarities between current Labour rhetoric and direction of travel and the National Front in the early seventies?

      1. Toffee – It isn’t my fault that you can’t back up your inane bluster.

      2. Waaaagh! It’s not my fault….😪

        Same tired old shite. You’ve got nothing except a list of default answers that you’ve abused.


      3. Toffee – I can’t see the links that you have said are there so could you please explain what they are or were you just babbling anti Labour party nonsense as usual.

    1. Jim, i’m not familiar with National Front stuff but YES. These dog whistles from Sir Keith Starmer & Rayner & Lammy daying how much he and they can “work with Truss” and other Tories, r whistles for National Front types. You r spot on✅✅✅

      Just searched Southwark’s news site. EVERYONE can find what may have been their PAPER front page re Neil Coyle’s racists abuse of the fellow brought to our attention.

      Then, many immediately focused on Neil Coyle’s thuggish foulmouthed behaviour, because his reputation is well known. Word that his statement read at Bermondsey & Old Southwark’s constituency meeting last night, included HIS claim to having Chinese and supporters from other GROUPS of nationalities. Sounds from the same skip as – i’m not racist because i have a black freind … no??? That type of excuse is a symptom of DEEP set racism … a poverty of reflection / realisation … self-awareness.

      So perhaps this aspect of Coyle’s unsuitability for any public office, may have been kept a secret as few feel able to stand up to unsavoury characters, like Coyle or Tom Watson, Jimmy Saville, Epstein.

      The fellow racially abused by Coyle shows admirable courage to report the abuse PROMPTLY to Speaker Hoyle, AND to the Labour Whips. Belt & Braces✅✅✅

      Ditto the SPECTACULARLY awesome courage of the working class lady VIRGINIA ROBERTS who took on the so called PRINCE. A prince entangled with the richest most powerful one percent … “The Few” eg Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislane Maxwell, Charles Mountbatten and his mummy Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

      No surprise then that their tool SIR Keith Rodney Starmer spouted early this week – “The matter is now CLOSED” because Airmiles Andy’s mummy used twelve MILLION pounds to hide more revelations of Andrew’s “HONOURABLE FRIENDSHIP” as he described his long and close involvement with Jeffrey Epstein. That £12,000,000.00 is direct PUBLIC money and money from hundreds of years of international EXPLOITATION, theft, butchery, banditry and the enslavement of MILLIONS of people and more butchery, bloodshed and industrial theft which guarantees a security in life that of which “The Many” can only dream.

      QUESTION: Hands up anyone who would fly thousands of miles, STAY a week and be guest of honour, to “call off the friendship” with a freshly convicted child trafficker and pedophile ?

      QUESTION: Hands up anyone who agrees with SIR Keith Rodney Starmer that money can BUY inequality under the law and CLOSE matters ? ?

      QUESTION: What obscene excuse will Sir Keith Rodney Starmer use to wipe away Neil Coyle’s RACISM and disgraceful behaviour and say “the matter is closed”
      ❔ ⚠️⁉️❔ ⚠️⁉️❔ ⚠️⁉️

      1. According to a report “Hill was suspended from the Labour Party in September 2019 over allegations of sexual harassment, but reinstated in October 2019.”
        According to the procedures which should be applied by the LP it is the GLU (ratified by the NEC) which is responsible for suspension and reinstatement”. As was made clear in the EHRC report, it is not within the remit of the leader of the party to make such decisions.

      2. Whoops. Sorry for the error. Is it “it is the GLU … which is responsible for suspension and reinstatement” which I got wrong or is it “As was made clear in the EHRC report, it is not within the remit of the leader of the party to make such decisions.”?

  4. Sorry should have made it clear not in relation to immigration but to social issues,defence,policing and national identity . They also wanted to nationalise the banks,can’t see Starmer adopting that one unfortunately.

      1. Toffee – The pantomime season is over but thanks for all your hard work helping to prove my point.

    1. Reply to Jim
      You are absolutely right of course- it struck me at the time that Rayner made her Shoot em first remarks that she would be right at home in the National Front. Regarding immigration its true they haven’t adopted the National Front stance on that YET- they have simply alienated our BAME Muslim Arab Kashmiri Irish brothers and sisters- but give them time, a clamp down on Immigration is bound to feature very soon on Starmer’s agenda

  5. All meaningless drivel. Every party wants to create more jobs in (insert location name here)

    Just empty rhetoric.

  6. Meanwhile the old delapadated mill town of Burnley struggling from being abandoned by the Westminstercentric Labour party many years ago like most of the towns across Lancashire and the NWest that relied on the cotton industry and became just political footballs
    .Burnley sufferrd from some of the worst race riots ever seen in Britain and I was there to see at least one night of organised rioting from my brothers house overlooking the council estate at the back of coal clough lane from his bedroom window.The police were terrified and just stood there whilst houses,shops and cars were burnt with the direction of the National front,combat 18 and various other Nazi sympathisers.Two factions white working-class and Asian working-class set at each others throats because they had no future and no real representation.and blamed each other..whilst the Asian taxi drivers saw their taxis burnt and the no go areas attacked by the white working-class egged on by Nazis and fascists from the surrounding mill towns.Now the last thing Burnley needs is a visit from the nit from Surrey taking the piss out of the great unwashed.The last time I saw that sort of riots were in the bogside and new lodge areas of Ulster..Luckily that sort of tensions between two frightened communitys was brought down by the intervention of specialist negotiators from the local community.The miners club helped and even the Catholic club across from the miners helped out along with the Asian taxi association to recognise that the real enemy was poverty and unemployment.So mr steve H your leader a known fascist dictator will never be welcomed in Burnley or the rest of Lancashire were the Labour party are not considered to have the interest of the ordinary working-class people of Burnley whatever their colour or ethnic origin……

    1. And we as Socialists would have tried to unite the diverse working class and explain simply how capitalism and its supporters try to set us against each other as they legally steal the surplus from our sweat!
      Meanwhile Labour just put out non-political leaflets saying Vote Labour.
      Someone once said: “Fascism is the emergency committee of capitalism.”

  7. I hear that the Yorkshire region of the LP is mentioning a “potential by-election in Wakefield”.
    Does anyone know what that is all about?

  8. Whooosh….Labour losing vote share again.

    Oundle (North Northamptonshire) council by-election result:

    LDEM: 47.2% (+22.6)
    CON: 39.9% (-3.5)
    LAB: 9.4% (-4.9)
    GRN: 3.5% (-9.8)

    Votes cast: 3,567

    Liberal Democrat GAIN from Conservative.

    1. SteveH19/02/2022 AT 12:35 PM
      Toffee – What I have noticed is the better Labour does in the polls the more desperately your bleats become

      You reckon? 😏

      1. Toffee – Yes, you and Joseph are prime examples of this behaviour.

  9. And again…..

    Thurston (Mid Suffolk) council by-election result:

    GRN: 64.4% (+25.2)
    CON: 30.4% (-3.5)
    LDEM: 2.8% (-8.2)
    LAB: 2.4% (-4.8)

    Votes cast: 1,313

    Green HOLD.

    1. baz2001, BIG thank u 4 posting these results which underline – the good + perceptive electorate distrust Sir Keith Rodney Starmer’s Mandelson & WMD Blair advised lot even MORE than Alexander of Piffel Johnson and Tories.

      These FACTS in my opinion are PRIORITY of “POLITICAL EDUCATION”. We the “Left” need these BASIC facts repeated DAILY. FACTS demolish the status quo lies peddled by Keith’s lot.
      Keep crushing myths.

      1. 9.4% & 2.4% according to the RESULTS baz2001 posted.

        …And keef’s doing well in the opinion polls.

        But, supposedly like my opinion, RESULTS don’t count for anything.

        What a right fuckwit you really are.

    2. SteveH19/02/2022 AT 12:35 PM
      Toffee – What I have noticed is the better Labour does in the polls the more desperately your bleats become

      You STILL reckon? 😏😏

      Carry on making a complete arse of yourself why dontcha? 😏😏😏

      1. Toffee – Yes I still reckon that’s the case, please feel free to carry on confirm what I’ve said..

      2. Can you confirm that Hartlepool had NEVER been Tory until smarmer came along?

        And that he only just won in batley?

        And lost his deposit in chesham?

        And came third when previously a clear second in N.Salop ?

        So the next time you try to fucking gaslight people of far superior intelligence that o blest when the opinion polls show keef slightly ahead of THE most corrupt bunch of cunts on history – remember those results prove you’re talking your usual shite.

        Now fuck off and die.

      3. Toffee – “Can you confirm that Hartlepool had NEVER been Tory until smarmer came along?
        Why would I deny it, but it is undeniable that since their Blairite high point that Hartlepool was fast becoming a lost cause for Labour and this was long before Keir was elected leader and Labour promoting a sex pest as their MP would have had a far greater impact on the vote.
        1992 Peter Mandelson 17% majority
        1997 Peter Mandelson 39.4% majority
        2001 Peter Mandelson 38.2% majority
        2004 Iain Wright 6.5% majority (by election)
        2005 Iain Wright 21.1% majority
        2010 Iain Wright 14.4% majority
        2015 Iain Wright 7.7% majority
        2017 Mike Hill 18.3% majority
        2019 Mike Hill 8.8% majority
        The fact that Labour had reinstated Mike Hill and promoted a sex pest for them to elect in 2019 can’t have gone down well. It is worth noting that the left’s candidate only managed to attract a miserable 250 votes in the 2021 by election.

        “And that he only just won in batley?”
        Why would I deny it, it is a matter of public record. But the point is that we did win Batley & Spen (a marginal seat) in spite of the best efforts of the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’.

        And lost his deposit in chesham?
        Labour supporters voted tactically to oust the Tories, it obviously worked.

        And came third when previously a clear second in N.Salop ?
        Tory voters suddenly voting Labour in a solid Tory seat to express their disgust was a step too far but they could stomach voting LibDem and the Labour vote cast their votes tactically to ensure that the Tories were ousted.

        If only we were all as clever as you think you are.

      4. Why would I deny it?

        Because you can’t, soft shite. However, who’s the one doing the bleating and laying the blame everywhere else other than at keefs’ feet, hmm?

        Cos it isn’t me…

        Keefs’ doing THAT well that you have to make all sorts of excuses for him and even shoehorn in more blame for Corbyn.

        What a repulsive piece of shit you are.

      5. Toffee – How much more contempt can one show for Labour supporters than to re-instate a candidate who is under investigation for serious sexual misconduct. Is anyone surprised that when Labour’s Mike Hill was found guilty by the employment tribunal that the Hartlepool voters rejected the party that cared so little for them.

  10. Was Temporary Embarrassment responsible for prosecuting the Postmasters wrongly accused of theft
    A blind man with a shitty stick could see it was dodgy

    1. Doug – These were private prosecutions brought by the Post Office, nothing to do with the CPS.

      1. Oh, were they?

        Like the private prosecution of Babar Ahmed that keef wouldn’t allow**, but instead had him shipped off to the states to have him ‘prosecuted’ there? 🤔

        **No, I won’t provide a link, google’s your friend (but nobody else is)

      2. Toffee – You are more than welcome to elaborate on your assertions if you want to prove your point.

    2. Doug, Post Office oddly has its own Powers of Prosecution.
      Perverse ⚠️➕⚠️➕⚠️➕

      1. So has the RSPCA. You’d be amazed how many organisations do.

  11. p.s. prosecution AND judge jury & conviction like the RSPCA!!!
    perverse, Perverse, PERVERSE !!!

    All sympathy and courage and success to the Post Masters.

  12. So to round off the night and my morning start it looks like the Labour leader as once again made a ass of himself talking down to the good people of Lancashire who were abandoned by the Westminster system some fifty years ago after the cotton industry collapsed in the N.west.
    Investment in the skilled people would have been the obvious choice but neither the Labour government or the many conservative goverments took any action other than warm words….Starmer came to tap into the voting resources and showed to everyone that the working-class people of Lancashire are a alian race to him very similiar to the woman that gordan brown who described on meeting another Lancashire lass “who asked a question,” that bigoted women “and insulted her because of the chronic unemployment around Lancashire that the right wing Labour new nothing about.and cared for even less
    .We have another Labour leader treading the same path with even more contempt for the unwashed masses of abandoned working-class.and a establishment title for all to see…..good morning comrades…!

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