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Exclusive: GMB ‘close to withdrawing Labour funding’

Union insiders say block on donations imposed in London could soon go nationwide

The giant GMB union, one of the largest Labour affiliates, could be about to withdraw its funding of the Labour party entirely, according to union insiders.

The GMB has already withdrawn funding from London Labour in response to the party’s abuse of its members – and general secretary Gary Smith last year announced a full ‘review’ of financial support for a party he feels is not giving ‘value’ in the interests of GMB members. Smith was further incensed by Starmer’s eagerness to write for the widely-despised S*n.

And now Skwawkbox understands that the nuclear option – a complete, nationwide end to the union’s Labour donations – is on the table at the top of GMB’s structures and democracy.

A number of unions have already withdrawn or reduced funding. The Bakers’ union has disaffiliated entirely and rail union ASLEF is putting disaffiliation to a vote in May; fellow giant Unite has reduced funding on a number of occasions and is now conducting a full review of its donations and the CWU has already reduced its funding to the bare minimum needed to maintain affiliation.

GMB sources say that no decision has yet been reached, but the union has already shown a willingness to act and the mere possibility will strike dread into the heart of Labour’s leadership when the party is already on the verge of bankruptcy and the super-rich donors Keir Starmer has been chasing have failed to be enthused despite his pale mockery of leadership and his willingness to support the interests of the Establishment.

The GMB press office did not respond to a request for comment.

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  1. This is very interesting, and might even have certain fascinating ramifications.
    The GMB nominated Lisa Nandy for leader in 2020. It has long been a major buttress of the right of the party. What effect will it have on them?
    Clearly, times are changing – as we have known well for some time – but not in the way some had hoped.

    1. Ludus during Blair’s government the GMB halved its contributions to the Labour Party. Hence, this isn’t new. the problem them as it is now is that very few candidates endorsed by the TU found themselves in safe Labour seats.
      Trade Unions very much like any donor, see funding as a way of influencing LP’s policy.
      What it is very clear is that under Blair the Trade Unions lost power within the Labour Party and the power that the TUs regained under Corbyn is quickly evaporating.
      The GMB like other Trade Unions will continue to finance individual Labour MPs providing that they undertake to safeguard the interest of the TUs.

    2. BFAWU, UNITE, ASLEF, now GMB. At this rate a vote of no confidence in Starmer et al at TUC General Council is not far-fetched…

    3. Ludus, perhaps the tops have used their immense brains and now understand that the Labour Party is an enemy of the unions and has been since “in place of strife”, and the General Strike? Further affiliation would be like paying the cops to hit you harder at demos.

  2. The GMB reps on Labour’s NEC have consistently voted for the Starmer-Evans leadership and its policies. A change here would have a dramatic impact.

    Perhaps Starmer would prefer all unions to disaffiliate and complete the New Labour project to create a Democratic Party?

    1. Yep! They want an exact duplicate of the far right American party called the Democratic party, so glad people are awake to this Scam.

    2. Paul Smith
      That’s what puzzles me. I thought and as you’ve proved GMB are strong supporters of Starmer/Evans. Perhaps their loyalty isn’t paying off, influence wise.

      I also believe the party wants rid of the unions, but they need to secure money from the wealthy before that happens.

  3. They need to urgently do it. URGENTLY‼️‼️‼️ Bring this pest infested party down. It’s the ONLY way to start afresh. We need a big clear out. We can then REBUILD.

    ps adopt Maria’s excellent idea. Use up their time on phone calls. Ask lots of questions but DONT give away your position. That is neither noble nor brave. That is just plain stupid!!! Akin to Moses mother shouting here he is!!! Here is my baby!!!

    That attitude is NOT how battles are won. THAT is the “political education” needed.

    Meanwhile SIR Starmer … Keith says Andrew Mountbatten’s TWELVE MILLION POUND payment is brings the matter to a close. Yessssss no surprises from Sir Keith.

    Interesting the burning issues Starmer is desperate to bring to a close and runaway?!?!?!

    Hands up all who like me have NEVER met Andrew S.C.G. Mountbatten fouling the magnificent city of York.

    If Andrew has never met you, he is handing out £12,000,000 of his mummy’s BILLIONS to people like us.

    NB 🪳Queen woman’s BILLIONS are ours. They are the loot stolen from us and our antecedents WORLD WIDE!!! Diamonds, the seabed… EVERYTHING !!! GILDED BANDITS all of them
    🪰❌🪳 ❌🪰❌ 🪳❌🪰
    hmmm …where’s that other cockroach gone ? ? ?

      1. is he like Alexander Johnson of Piffel with stage name “Boris”?
        Or r u making a clever connection with the other Pedophile Patel is yet to deport ROLFE HARRIS???

        Interestingly, within weeks of ROLFE HARRIS being released EARLY from his cushy prison, he was pictured prowling around outside a girls school and waving at them.

        No surprise Airmiles Andrew’s mummy who is using PUBLIC MILLIONS to pay twelve million to a woman her darling favourite son claims he never met, and could not have met as he was at a Woking or Wokingham PIZZA house TWENTY TWO minutes drive from Maxwell’s London mews house!!! With outriders at VAST public expense, he could have had pizzas in Woking and be on spot to abuse young people at Maxwell’s within 18 minutes.
        p.s. Sir Keith Starmer said this morning that the £12,000,000.00 payment draws the matter to a close. We should think of the victims he lectures, as if victims don’t need to SEE JUSTICE BEING DONE. They should be satisfied by DISGUSTING Establishment tools like him, telling them the matter is closed. Move along. Nothing to see. Boasting about his COS gong but taking ZERO responsibility for the other industrial scale pedophile JIMMY SAVILLE escaping justice.

        PLUSS we r led to believe that the CPS destroyed the papers re their Jimmy being allowed to escape justice. QUESTION – How then are several cases resurrected from thirty, forty, fifty years and longer ago⁉️

        They take us all for fools. But since he is so keen to think of “victims”, when did he last give a SUSTAINED thought and TALK about the victims in Palestine who suffer abuse daily for forty DECADES⁉️⁉️⁉️

        Come on SIR Keith Starmer, answer that . . .

      2. Signpost windchimes…..I am pleased that you are highlighting the importance of the ritual molesting by the Royals backed up by the knight
        .Its never stopped with rape and buggery but disappearance.of young kids
        .Kincora boys home in Belfast was used for “fresh meat” and many who were flown over in military planes \helicopters for the establishment Westminster paedophile ring were never seen again….The cover up is a scandal but the fact that the British people still trust this system of tyrants rape and pillage is even more appalling.

    1. You’re busy today buddy:)

      If there’s one thing that the Corbyn/Starmer episode has taught me, it’s that there will never be a people’s party. All options will be co-opted.

      As for Andrew…

      Did you expect anything else? At least that poor lady who sold the ski chalet to Andy has finally been paid (not that she was poor…) If dealing with the royals, make sure they do their bit before you do yours.

      All the Royals are sick, corrupted individuals. The evidence is out there. Take Diana’s letter where she prophesied her death in a car by her husband…

      She had to die because she was the Princess of Wales. Treason felony act. It’s why Camilla will be queen too.

    1. That piece was from 2021, things have moved on. Since then there have been three data breaches that have been referred to the ICO and other bodies. We are waiting on their outcome, but Asa Winstanley has had further information.

      Also, Unite have now made public their submission to the Forde Inquiry which raises questions that needs serious answers. Not least is the exposure of wrongdoing, abusive conduct and factionalism among paid staff, electoral sabotage, misappropriation of funds and possible non declaration of electoral spending. I can’t see Unite or any other body who paid over money in 2017/19 being happy with a whitewash report.

      If Forde has uncovered evidence of wrong doing, he is obliged because of his positon as a barister to report such finding to the police or appropiate body.

  4. Et tu, GMB?

    Wonder if the resident staunch smarmerite will be considering mortgaging his Caribbean bolt hole to keep keef ticking over? Might have to, if things continue the way they are. 🙂

  5. Surprised at the GMB because I can exclusively reveal after much painstaking research that I have discovered that Starmers dad was a toolmaker. That will probably come as a shock to most Skwawkbox readers because he never mentions it and it’s not in every media profile of him ever written.

    1. Yes apparently a toolmaker who OWNED THE FACTORY WHERE HE WORKED ACCORDING TO REPORTS! SO, not quite the working class bloke Keith ios so keen to tell us about.

      BTW- Excellent research – I hadn’t heard that his dad waas a toolmaker!

      1. EXACTLY JoeRobson✅✅✅
        Starmer is a fraud. A FRAUD BIG time. His lies PLEDGING to champion Jeremy’s policies, did not fool me. His PUBLIC record is more than enough proof, his mission is to DESTROY genuine Labour.

      2. Nothing wrong with worker’s owning their factories. Perhaps daddy was a follower of Sorel?

    1. Oborne is one of the best. He saw the writing on the wall with the media in this Country and left so he could carry on without bias. He has scruples.

      1. Always had a soft spot for Sabbeth. It’s the rest of the brood that turns my stomach.

    2. ‘Goldbach.

      ‘Some spied with their little eyes.
      The thrust of what Mr Forde originally said.
      Then those with eidetic memories declared:
      “Now the truth is dead.” (?)

  6. I hope this is all part of a coordinated attack on Temporary Embarrassment and Red Tories

    1. Will say it till the cows come home, what JC proved is the people of this country are screaming out for clear Red water, not least the next generation
      JC can act as a lightening rod once again
      Hopefully the Unions have accepted Temporary Embarrassment and Red Tories are an insult to the party and democracy

    1. Everybody has a breaking point Wirral. I reckon that’s rapidly approaching.

  7. Recent post on people shifting to the far right either as a right of passage or the malign influence of MSM and toilet papers
    So what on earth is happening with COVID19 Trudeau has officially disappeared up his own arse

  8. Now, this is an interesting move by the GMB Union. Is this a political move, or is the Union, genuinely, short of money, and this is, simply a drastic money-saving move?

    This was posted on Facebook, eleven days ago :

    “Paul Maloney :
    5 February @ 11:129 :

    The GMB Union response to sharply declining membership and excessive spending on Legal, Barristers, QC’s and Inquiries is to shut 2 Regions, Birmingham and Yorkshire. These 2 Regions grew membership over the last year whereas London Region and North West & Irish Region paying membership has declined by over 30k respectively over the past 5 years, that totals over 60k membership loss but they are given the green light to carry on as normal. To the contrary NW&I Region will be given 19k members in the new structure as a reward for decline.

    GMB leadership cites that by closing 2 Regions creates a saving of £22 million over 10 years. Does that mean that if the other 7 Regions were to close there would be a saving of £99 million? Surely this is simply managing decline, there must be a plan to develop not to decline.

    The 25% reduction in GMB Branch Funding is a direct assault on local democracy and activity.

    I have written to the GMB National President to air my concerns for the direction of our great union.”

  9. Cutting funding would be good. It would, at least, be highly appropriate.

    Disaffiliating from Labour would be GREAT. £2million aloneper year would be saved in fees alone to Labour.

    Total disaffiliation this year could facilitate a new party and movement. Democratic socialist DNA would ensure the new party’s distinctive characteristics and qualities necessary for it to become the natural ‘party of labour’.

    It would quickly become the petri dish of hope, justice and progress and become the Enabler of Peace and Justice.

    Go for it GMB. Help your Union make the right decision Gary Smith.

  10. The news in the link (and thanks for that!) on the Forde report
    is very confusing .. for a different*** article in ME related
    how the Forde Enquiry had resulted in a huge response from
    those who reported their unfair treatment by the Labour Party.
    This did not surprise those of us who have attended online
    meetings listening to the stories of these people – all of which
    were reported to Forde.
    *** Possibly the other article is later or maybe my memory
    is faulty ?

    The additional evidence resulted in the lengthy amount of time
    for analysis of evidence and preparation of the report – which
    will be even more damning ..

    AS for the “TOR” being respected – contrary to the original
    article which stated that they were being watered down – a
    correction was made at the end. This was that the report
    was being re-written so that there was no duplication. The
    question still remains – duplication of what?

    I live in hopes – that something with teeth in it will be produced-
    and Forde will act with integrity and resolution .

    1. The source material has the explosive stuff not the internal report, that was cherry picked and used to frame certain individuals
      Who has secured the source material is what will influence the Forde report, its called moral hazard, all they are doing is buying TE time at great expense to the party

  11. Starmer has got it wrong (so what is new?) Prince Andrew’s
    story is not over and he can not return to public life.

    The public and newspapers have made their
    decision – that he is finished as public personalty
    so far as they are concerned.

  12. Jimmy Savile is dead, and all the incriminating paperwork has been destroyed, now can we please move on, nothing to see here. Starmer

    1. Yes Harry Law……Cyril Smith is dead, and all the incriminating paperwork has been destroyed. please move on, nothing to see here.

      See how they work it ? It’s what the Establishment does, it’s what Starmer does. He protects the Establishment from us, the British Public.

  13. The GMB loves the things that threaten our very survival:

    Nuclear weapons and fracking.

    1. yes, but it’s nothing more than YET another contradiction of capitalism. GMB members’ “love” their jobs exactly the same way that scared people wear cloth masks to protect’ them from a virus that has never had lower than a 98.6 fatality rate. See how these things work? How you’re only useful to them if you’re buying their “narrative”?

  14. Skwawkbox should run a sweep, the first major union to break all ties with New New Labour.

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