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Starmer’s NeoLabour accepting conference sponsorship from massive property developers

Starmer’s pleading for support from wealth continues

Cap in hand to wealth: Keir Starmer

It’s been well reported that Keir Starmer has been chasing wealthy donors after his lurch to the right and cowardly purge of the left – especially the Jewish left – took the party to the verge of bankruptcy.

And it seems that includes accepting sponsorship from some of the UK’s biggest corporations.

Invitations have gone out to delegates attending Labour’s annual conference in Brighton later this month for their ‘regional receptions’ – and the London event at least is sponsored by the foreign-owned Canary Wharf Group, the huge property company, part of a corporation holding around $88 billion in property, including around 8 million feet of hugely expensive offices in London:

The other main owner of Canary Wharf is Qatar Investment authority, the Qatari state’s investment vehicle. Qatar imported around US$783M last year, and increase of 360% since 2016.

Where Labour under Jeremy Corbyn posed a threat to the interests of enormous corporations and the hugely wealthy for the sake of the many, Keir Starmer has abandoned the entire platform on which he campaigned for the leadership in order to thoroughly align the husk of the party with the few.

If you are a delegate and have received your regional reception invitation, send it to

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  1. SIR starmer by name. SIR starmer by TORY nature.
    YESTERDAY SIR shouted YOU ARE “NOT the party of LOW TAXES”🚾‼️🚾‼️🚾‼️

    Yet MORE evidence of MANDELSON & Blair’s tool SIR Keith starmer🔩💰🔩💰🔩 💰


    1. The loss of 14% of the membership during 2018/19 and the resultant loss of revenue did lead to a spending deficit but following a review this is now being addressed.
      The Labour Party is a long way from being bankrupt.

      1. Yet eighty members of staff take voluntary redundancy and GMB state four days ago that although compulsory redundancies off the table at present the party “must get a handle on its financial state”. Perhaps saying “a long way from being bankrupt “ is a little overstated.

      2. Jim – ….. and maybe it isn’t. Have you worked out the cost of employing 80 staff?

      3. You don’t need creative accounting and a review.You need a bloody magician and a magic wand to find out wheres the missing millions….or the SFO.The shredder will be the only object doing overtime at Fawlty towers hq since private eye are taking a the missing millions mystery?..Bankruptcy or bust..?

      4. SteveH is a creepy gaslighter and propagandist who chooses his questions with an care When he is disproved or out debated he slinks away. He enjoys inflicting emotional abuse, don’t give him the enjoyment.

      5. Jim basically the rumour amongst staff is the ships sinking and the staff are getting what they can.But I think you have heard the same roumer I have and probably from same source.And theres me sitting in a jungle and even I have heard the news,but stevie Caribbean bolt hole fanatic left out of the loop?….maybe h is time is nigh and he will be “let go” again.

      6. Steve H Hall.. The loss of 14percent of the membership?…I am afraid that its not only the knights creative accounting it must be endemic inside fawlty towers hq?More like in old money a quarter of the membership and thats just from last year.Ps stevie boy 👦 hq still leaks like a sieve its almost like the old days with Tom Watson(lurkio)into everything and especially the main “Server” bank….Ah a little bit of nostalgia. !

      7. Joe, he saw the 14% figure and clung to it like a dying man. All it meant was people like me left the party over the people’s vote. So it was a Petie Mandleson inspired plot to ruin the party and Corbyn was forced to accept it by the members.
        SteveH is being his usual sly self in trying to attribute damage done by centrists like him to Corbyn. Since Starmer took over many more than 14% have left and been kicked out.

      8. lundiel – So what you are saying is that you as a ‘proud socialist’ chose to desert Corbyn because unlike the vast majority of Labour members you supported a RW Tory Brexit policy.
        The membership stats are from official Labour party figures that were published in July 2019 plus it is worth noting that most of the high profile exclusions took place during Corbyn’s tenure.

      9. Tut tut stevieh. Masses of members departed once they realised that Sir Keir was little more than a yes-man for trilateral billionaires and racists like super-likudnic Sir Trevor China.

      10. qwertboi – Do you have any credible evidence to support your assertions.

      11. The party’s poor financial state is a result of drastic membership decline and the settling of antisemitism cases. With perhaps only a couple of years until the next general election, Labour is being reduced to a husk. This can’t be allowed to carry on.

    2. 4 more clarity: SIR keith starmer’s shout at Johnson yesterday was a foghorn to BLUE tories most BASE base. SIR is trying as always to let the super wealthy know, they can continue plundering & scrounging with HMRC sweetheart deals eg Amazon BILLIONS in plundering yet a pittance in “tax” which is largely National Insurance.

      SIR is fog-horning: Johnson’s Tories r no longer “the party of low taxes” for the “filthy rich”, SIR starmer’s Tories with a Labour Label r your best chums

    3. SteveH is a creepy gaslighter and propagandist who chooses his questions with an care When he is disproved or out debated he slinks away. He enjoys inflicting emotional abuse, don’t give him the enjoyment.

      1. lundiel – …and yet here you are doing what you are falsely accusing me of doing.

      2. Lundiel,

        He’s Max Headroom’s Chief Turd Polisher….

        Won’t work, it’s an impossible task. Labour is a festering cesspit of corruption and racism. No amount of polish will change that.

    4. Under Sir Keir of the DPP and Billionaires, Labour is no longer a party of the Many.

      The Few sit at its Top Table.

    5. Or alternatively….”This is not the low tax party I voted for in 2019!”

      One anyone be surprised? Ditto for many in the PLP.

      Elated Jess Phillips was in a giddy state as Channel 4 news were about to interview her. The contrast between her laughter ordinary members’ misery was stark.

  2. Starmer’s Labour Party;sponsored by property developers & betting company. So Proud SteveH………..just a guess.

  3. Ahh,flat hat bib an brace overhauls…and cap in hand ” begging for money from his betters?..So this is the Labour party leader brought down to his knees accepting money from virtually anyone after his disastrous bank robbery blew back on him..Who but a crook would give him any money and whats he paying them back with?…Any news Stevie on the missing millions robbed from the membership?

  4. If you think about it the CanaryWharf office developers and owners pay millions in tax every year as do the people who work there. Such naked hostility to private business is unthinking and not all that logical. If we want better services and working conditions it’s important we have a broad and deep tax base.

    1. PC. Read Richard Murphy’s blogs or watch his videos on YouTube. The relationship between the city of London and tax havens is symbiotic and goes back to the slave trade. The damage done to world economies and our own by tax havens and the city is immeasurable. Each needs the other to work as the world’s money launderer with the power to ruin economies. Also, when they talk of ‘casino banking’ they aren’t joking. There is nothing wrong with the city per se. It’s the lack of regulation and politicians fear of changing that. When bankers threaten to move to Switzerland etc they never do because no other country would allow such lax regulation, the city is literally a law apart from the rest of the country. You may think a piece of hugely expensive realestate earns us money but the truth is The City of London extracts wealth from the rest of the UK’s regions.

      1. You could also read Treasure Islands by Nicholas Shaxson.

      2. Lundiel I hope you are not suggesting that our knight of the realm and his remaining supporters are connected in taking funding from companys imerssed in the Slave trade..And to think that a well known little helper is actually promoting a knight of the realm in taking blood money.I wonder if our knight of the realm as been involved with big city flyers of the blood diamond trade in Africa.Seems hypocritical to take up residence and I believe relatives in the Caribbean and mislead the good people of the Caribbean bolt hole into believing that hes a believer in fighting for racial equality and human rights.and at the same time promoting a racist leader of the Labour party.and his money grabbing blood money….Totally immoral and alarming.,but then Zionism is all of the above.

      3. It would be interesting if BLM campaigned against off shore tax havens & how much support & promotion they would then get?

  5. Plain citizen Its not difficult to see why the same sort of people even some relatives in this government attempted to starve a whole nation and transported many more to Australia.These little nuggets of wisdom from you. explains a lot on how a parasite survives on the host and eventually brings the body down.

    1. In addition to all the other things that cannot be forgiven, I can never forgive them for knocking down the wonderful Iron Bridge pub.

    2. charming64 – It is worth bearing in mind that more ABC1’s voted for Labour than C2DE’s voted for Labour in the 19GE. Labour would have been sunk without trace without their middle class voters.

      1. Corbyn’ Labour did indeed get a higher percentage of socio-economic groups A, B and C1’s votes than Labour had ever achieved previously- but I suspect that we’re back to blaire/Brown levels under the hapless and shameless Sir Keir of the billionaires.

      2. qwertboi – I’ve checked the voting patterns for the 2001 and 2005 GE and the middle class % vote is consistent with what was achieved in 2019. The really marked change is the dramatic drop of the Labour working class vote in the 19GE.

  6. They’ve already got a party to defend their interests and it’s in power, why do they need another?

    Especially one with terrible polling and an unpopular leader of 17 months (despite gentle press treatment). A party with no prospect of power as things stand. New Labour attracted such funding because it was actually in power.

  7. When’s he getting a column in a morning Murdoch?

    Oh that’s right… Keef’s job isn’t quite done yet, is it?

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