Labour struggle to find campaigners for Erdington by-election

Picture of ‘big turnout’ shows meagre turnout for candidate who likes NHS privatisation – and half of them are councillors and an MP

Labour’s political bankruptcy under Keir Starmer and his cronies continues to bite as the left, the usual engine room of the party’s campaigning on the ground, stays away.

The Erdington parliamentary by-election is a must-win for Starmer and a relatively tight one: the late Jack Dromey won the seat in 2019 by only three and a half thousand votes ahead of his Tory rival, but Labour has held the seat since the 1940s – yet the party could only muster a handful of people to get out and campaign, as an image tweeted by deputy Birmingham council leader Brigid Jones shows:

Only ten people – nine in the picture and (presumably) Jones taking it – and of those, at least half are right-wing Labour councillors and an MP who would have been expected to turn out if they want to keep their seats. Jones herself was referred by the regional Labour board to the party’s NEC in 2019 for her part in the treatment of Birmingham’s much-abused care and bin workers.

Of the rest, one runs a chat podcast titled ‘Not enough champagne’ and the others are not identified. Some may be Labour staff, as Labour has commonly sent regional staff out campaigning to try to create an illusion of grassroots support.

Jones claimed this was a ‘big turnout’, but there are few to no ordinary members on show – which is hardly surprising since much of the left has been driven out or left the party – and the candidate is in favour of the Tories’ assault on the NHS and was a fan of Tory MP Christian Wakeford before he swapped rosette colour for the Keir Starmer version:

Keir Starmer’s Labour is now the lifeless husk of what was until recently a great party – and the lack of enthusiasm for campaigning for those willing to represent him and the Establishment’s interests is entirely rational.

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  1. stick not a stamp! don’t even lift a phone!! don’t knock on a single door!!!

    and when u r phoned, texted or emailed to give your view, don’t answer yay or nay. deprive them of intelligence. let the edifice come crashing down on the parasites‼️‼️‼️

    1. ps Streeting said openly he is in favour of MORE privatisation in the NHS. Abusing the Labour name does not make these parasites any less wicked 1% servers than the BLUE parasites. In fact pests in their own nests r OBVIOUSLY less a problem as PESTS in your own house. BASIC LOGIC.

      We must not settle for crumbs!!!

      1. ps. last night Lammy was given a good & proper rollocking for his nasty wicked warmongering openly pushing for Johnson to take military action in Ukraine. A BRILLIANT ex serviceman in particular was TREMENDOUS+++ Pointing out Lammy’s deceits. He slapped away Lammy’s attempt to patronise him with his “thank yo for your service” hollow noise. The serviceman asked why don’t the MPs go fight???

        He pointed out Russia’s right to protect its security and NATO being disgustingly provocative.

        He was from Ireland. Another Irish man rightly asked Lammy about comparisons with the English intervening in Irish affairs. People like the several people with sound well reasoned ASSERTIVE demolition of the Lammy parasite, made me feel, all is not lost.
        Did not remember your names but THANKS & CONGRATULATIONS

      2. Signpost not winchimes Thanks for bringing to the attention of the posters the real worry about the Labour partys intervention in the partition of Ireland …and the collision course the knight and the Labour party are on.with the new Irish government after the next general election in Ireland
        18months possibly 2years when most pundits and polls expect a democratic socialist government of Sinn Fein to be elected.Funding is crucial to the number of seats being challenged and the moneys rolling in after the public have been sickened by the two parties of neo liberals and corruption.Sounds familiar doesn’t it…?shame theres no longer any real opposition on the scale that Ireland has in Sinn Fein.IT will come in the form of a working-class movement,hopfuly democratic socialist but just left wing will do in Britain.for the first living memory.

      3. Thanks Joseph💐💐💐 Alas multitasking & brain rushing across much stuff, meant i missed names of the two Irishmen in particular who had a SUPERB grasp of pertinent stuff re NATO’s nasty destabilisation in Eastern Europe and broken promises to Russia re the separated states WON’t be absorbed in the sinister NATO.

        I’m summarising but the first fellow was EXEMPLARY. Facts at his fingertips and FIRST HAND military experience. That made it difficult for Lammy who then resorted to his usual NOISY arrogance. Lammy is obviously inflated by his view of himself. But the fellow said he’s convinced now that he as a they young serviceman was USED by the dishonest politicians like Lammy who voted for Blair’s INVASION & BOMBING of Iraq.

        A lady was like me THRILLED with the first fellow’s batting Lammy away for six!!! She showered passionate praise on the way he presented sound views. I can get her name eventually, as she is VERY active and committed to the battle against the frauds like Keith Starmer SIR etc. She praised the first fellow as i do then CRUSHED Lammy easily.

        Lammy Starmer and all the parasites have NOTHING good to offer us or the world. NOTHING but more support for the status quo including bloodshed and greif. Hopefully enough of the electorate will see through them.

      4. Great feedback. Have you put this out on your twitter feed?

      5. U r most joyfully welcome AMINA MANGERA 4 your feedback too. No, i’ve never done twitter and almost never check unless there’s an alert re: some KEY info to spot & get rid of parasites abusing the Labour label.

        Amina, Streeting said he supports yet MORE privatisation in the NHS last week or week b4 on Talkradio during 16:04 – 16:55hrs. He was being interviewed by a fellow who i know had some dreadful episode on TV taking advantage of EXTREMELY vulnerable people. Name slips at mo, will post hopefully AH‼️‼️‼️ Kyle some body. An open Right Wing sort, very irritating ➕sounds untrustworthy … slippery … say repeatedly “trust me”v, “i’m being honest” , “genuinely” , “i really mean this” , “i like you” … etc approximately every 69 seconds.

        BUT i say as i find … STRAIGHTFORWARD !!! He interviewed EXCELLENTLY that horrible Hesseltine arrogant crank. Full praise for him on that. He surpassed EVERY and ANY interviewer u will ever hear on ANY of BBC’s NEWS progs.

        BBC NEWS interviews r nothing but propaganda for the gullible 6 or 7% of the electorate who maintain the status quo which sustain the ever plundering 1%. BBC hypnotic trick is to sandwich their propaganda with the finest output. That then seduces the listener into believing their state propaganda is to be trusted. It works. That’s why the one percent get away with crimes like Queen woman’s son Airmiles Andrew and Jimmy Saville escaped justice. Saville was always cosseted by the Establishment of which the BBC is PIVOTAL.

        Anyway Amina, search Talkradio 16:04 – 18:25 during the last two weeks… not this one. U cam post to twitter as Talkradio r always going on about their diverse social media links. I stick to listening.

    2. signpost, a better strategy is to lift the phone and engage in lengthy conversation by asking a lot of questions/clarifications because the longer that Labour canvass stay on the phone with someone like you or I, the less time they have to phone others.
      After a lengthy conversation, people could tell them they would only vote Labour, but depending on the weather they maybe decide to stay home.
      In this way they keep them tie up and on the 3rd March Labour will knock on the doors and people could keep them talking some more only to go out and vote for Dave Nellist.
      This type of approach will certainly deprive Labour of intelligence. They could be lured into believing that Labour is winning, thus it would not seek extra resources and on the day help to get David Nellist vote out, instead of getting the Labour vote.

      1. BRILLIANT MARIA!!! Thanks. Did not think of that. But it takes great resolve and prep of questions and TOTAL avoidance of giving them intelligence info.

        I promptly cut one off just yesterday. But yours is a better strategy as long as we can AVOID answering there questions while keeping them on the line.

        I think the call to me ytdy was to beg me to canvass or to find out if i will support our sitting parasite! We get LOTS of those here. They do work hard. Following your excellent suggestion Maria, i will make them work harder+++

    3. Oh no Signpost, sorry mate. There’s no way that I’m not going to tell them some home truths. Like get Israel to vote Labour, failing that, you’re the party of business so get them to vote for you too!

      They need to hear how frustrated people are. Also, these hard working folks need somewhere to pee etc, so I always offer them use of my facilities.

      1. They don’t care “how frustrated people are”. That’s their strength. Decent people really believe the parasites share their aims and if only they knew etc.
        That’s why u read and hear people saying: they are stupid, incompetent, making mistakes etc. WRONG!!! The parasites are doing EXACTLY as i heard them say OPENLY & REPEATEDLY. They count on the many settling for crumbs BLINDED by very red rosette.

        But battles r won on many fronts except exposing your positions to enemies. Confusing getting off your chest to them is some satisfaction. Yes it is satisfying but does not win battles. Our present state is proof of that.

      2. @Signpost

        It doesn’t matter that they do not care. They must hear.

        As for your post about the man as a younger soldier feeling used…

        The Nayirah hoax. They filled us with strange pills and covered everything in depleted uranium.

        I’ll never forget that shit, Albright saying that the death of 500000 Iraqi children was worth it.


  2. Thanks Squawkbox for giving Dave Nellest a real socialists man of the people Love the caption of the De….activists and it doesn’t need a Einstein to see ”
    Who ate all the pies “seriously theres some serious fat cats amongst that shower of Labour loosers.Dave Nellist can produce a shock in this political climate providing he gets the door knockers and leaflets out.

  3. On the positive side it really doesn’t matter if Labour can’t afford to have enough election leaflets printed – they’ve got no bugger to deliver them anyway

    1. Correct Albert swift the lack of boots on the ground is quickly picked up by the public and hopfuly the press may just leak that the Labour party are a shambles…and the party are near bankrupt….Posh doesn’t sell in Birmingham or anywhere North of Watford and theres a massive hole to be exploited if Dave Nellist doesn’t get the Treatment Corbyn got
      .Luckily dave has good comrades behind him to stop any backstabbing from the Labour party….its all there to win.

    2. Apparently Wonderwoman Ms Jess Phillips can deliver forty five thousand and sitxy seventy million leaflets in one day. So she’s been tasked with the job….

    1. Thanks for that Tony. So there are 30 members of NATO and 40 partner member countries so that’s 70 out of 187 countries in the world.
      Perhaps NATO should be scrapped and the 187 join a World Peace Alliance and we abolish enemies?

  4. “It’s really important for us to be united right across Europe on the issue of Russian aggression” Lammy and Starmer call Russian actions within their own borders acts of aggression in relation to Ukraine. These are lies, it is NATO who are the aggressors they want to incorporate Ukraine into NATO even after promising not to move one inch east after the unification of Germany an act by the way which the statesman George Keenan said “would be ‘most fateful error of American policy in the entire post-cold-war era”, The Russians do not want NATO on their borders with missiles 5 minutes flying time from Moscow. Just as the US would not allow Soviet missiles in Cuba in the sixties.

    1. “Had Western forces taken a confident approach, NATO would have dispatched a division to support Ukraine and averted disaster”

      Conservative MP Tobias Ellwod says we should have invaded the Ukraine ourselves!

      1. @Tony.

        Keep an eye on Syria. There has already been massive changes there and the Russians are now sending kinzhal missiles there.

        Recent events include Iranian planes in Syrian airspace, joint air partols (Russia and Syria) I’ve Golan heights and best of all, electronic countermeasures that have stopped an Israeli airport working. Israelis complained, Russian reply was “Too bad”

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