Video: Starmer sneers at city of Coventry and at workers striking to protect their jobs and pay

No wonder Westminster elite despised by working class

Keir Starmer has come under fire from unions and working-class people today after sneering at the idea that ‘an industrial dispute in Coventry‘ should have any relevance for or impact on relations between the Labour party and unions.

Bin workers in Coventry, like those in Birmingham before them, are fighting an attack on their jobs, pay and conditions by a ‘Labour’-run council – and Coventry council has gone as far as hiring scab contractors to replace the bin workers in an attempt to break the strike.

Starmer was talking to a TV interviewer and clearly falling over himself in an attempt to avoid saying anything that suggests he might put the interests of working people ahead of the elites when he expressed scorn and disbelief (at the 25-second mark) at the idea that a working-class fight in a West Midlands city was important enough to affect how the high and mighty conduct themselves:

Coventry residents and people all over the country with the interests of ordinary people at heart were disgusted. One resident of the city said,

Wow, he’s just laughed right in the face of workers and the people of Coventry.

Another said:

Sneering at Coventry I see… @Keir_Starmer – are the people beneath you?

And another:

The utter contempt of when he sniggers about Coventry as if it’s too insignificant for him to care about, ‘not in London, don’t care!’ Think Labour might do worse under Starmer than Corbyn in 2019, he’s actually a trainwreck.

Social media has teemed with disgust and condemnation, encapsulated by a tweet from the left-wing @ToryFibs Twitter account:

Starmer has form for showing contempt for the values and priorities of people in working-class cities. Last year, he not only wrote for the hated Murdoch S*n, to the horror and outrage of the people of Liverpool and elsewhere after that rag’s decades-long smears against Hillsborough victims, but then reacted to their anger by saying he’d do it again and suspending or expelling those who protested.

And only two weeks ago the blancmange knight of the realm caused equal affront to the families of victims of the Bloody Sunday massacre when he claimed the state killings of unarmed protesters ‘unfolded’, as if it were some kind of unavoidable natural disaster rather than intentional murder.

But this is not a London issue, it’s a class issue. Starmer is part of the Establishment and the Establishment is at war with the millions in this country not born with a silver spoon in their mouth or part of the corporate network that exploits ordinary people everywhere. Working-class people in London are despised just as much as their brothers and sisters in the regions and nations.

With Starmer running Labour, this country is cursed two Tory parties divided only by the colour of their rosette – and in many ways, the current incumbents wearing red are to the right of those wearing blue, even though the blues are the most corrupt and totalitarian Tory government in modern history.

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  1. Sir Keith HIJACKED Conference, blindsided + undermined Jeremy, then as soon as their “STOP CORBYN” Remain plot worked, Keith & co PROMPTLY … prompt = in the very early hours of election morning, infested the airwaves saying “The Brexit argument is SETTLED”. WMD Blair said it, ditto Blunket, Starmer, Streeting, SH’s “Mandy” … they ALL new it would undermine a TRUE Labour victory. THAT was their plan. It worked better than even they expected.

    Interestingly while trying to find links for the little SH despite them having TONS of staff & endless funds, i came across a quote of a very loud FEMI … the browbeating zealous Remainer saying Starmer DROPPED them the overturn Ref lot.

    Starmer is a calculating snake. Mr Remain 🚾🚾🚾as Dianne Abbott dubbed him used that PRIMARILY to lead Jeremy to sacrifice our victory.

    1. Remember: SIR Keith Rodney Starmer told the pub landlord who correctly said “GET OUT OF MY PUB‼️‼️‼️

      Keith Rodney told him “I don’t have to listen to THE LIKES OF YOU‼️‼️‼️”

      That’s a SIR Keith Rodney Starmer Establishment Nasty Tool for you.

      1. Jeremy Corbyn and his acolytes losing the trust of the voters and a monumentally crap election campaign is why Labour lost in 2019

      2. Corbyn Corbyn Corbyn….

        Bears NO relevance WHATSOEVER to this article.

        For fucks sake, change the record and face facts; your man’s a greasy fucking snob.

      3. SteveH
        Temporary Embarrassment, who hates him most Leave or Remain voters

      4. Doug – That was the problem that Jeremy created for himself prior to the 19GE. After hiding behind ‘constructive ambiguity’ for month after bloody month neither side trusted Corbyn.

      5. Peter Oborne and David Hearst said it perfectly “The former Labour leader was the victim of a carefully planned and brutally executed political assassination” (credit Middle East Eye.)

      6. Yes qwertboi, I missed the name as was multitasking as ever, so apologies if i’m error. Approx 3 weeks ago, i heard Oborne or some other super well known journalist and thinker call Keith a LIAR. The interviewer asked why and the guest pointed to Sir Keith Rodney Starmer’s BLATANT deceitful REPEATED lies in his campaign to uphold Jeremy’s and OUR SOUND MANIFESTO policies.

        I hope to search if i made a note. But that well known guest surprised me with his DESPERATELY NEEDED STRAIGHTFORWARD HONESTY… not just because his view coincided with mine.

        Sir Keith Rodney Starmer is a calculating DISGUSTING deceitful LIAR. Johnson lies for kicks. Starmer SIR Keith lies with VICIOUSLY nasty calculation all to enrich those who already have INFINITELY more than enough so they divert themselves with unthinkable perverted entertainments only they could consider fun.
        p.s. All day i’ve been thinking, the world needs a TWELVE THOUSAND more of the admirable WORKING CLASS woman who remained UNDAUNTED by the super wealthy well connected entitled ONE PERCENT. She got an uplifting victory because she BELIEVED it was possible. We URGENTLY need more Virginia Roberts!!!
        Your name should be in lights EVERYWHERE !!!
        WELL DONE

    2. Starmer deliberately threw GE19, as Cornish Damo tweeted. It shouldn’t be long b4 a vote of no confidence in Starmer at TUC General Council.

      Starmer is the most devastatingly treacherous scum in Labour history.

      1. Agreed Brian Precious. Johnson sees no importance in anything. He values nothing but Starmer SIR Keith CRAVES approval of the Establishment. Alexander of Piffle Johnson could not give a gnat’s crochet of a p**s. Starmer is desperate to trough and be made Lord this or that. He is almost as despicable as the War Criminal creature and infinitely more disgusting in other ways. Best despise them both and damn them to the hottest most sulphuric part of Hell.

      2. windchime – ….and yet more of the working class vote chose to vote for Boris than chose to vote for Jeremy.

      3. and that is saying something after Gaitskell, Ramsay Mac, Jimmy Thomas, Kinnock, Blair and all.

  2. I was a senior union rep in Coventry at the time when the Welsh Windbag was kicking Nellist out. This will seriously go down like a lead balloon.

  3. Right Wing Neo-Liberal Lightweight Brown 2010 – a useless 8.6m votes!
    Lightweight Losers Miliband and Reeves 2015 – a petty 9.3m votes despite the Left not criticising Miliband in public for years & giving him a chance!
    Corbyn 2017 a huge 12.8m votes and many suggest we would have got over the line if not for some sabotage by Right Wing members of staff (Forde Report) and a significant number of Right wing Labour MPs slagging JC off in public for years thus aiding our political opponents?
    2019 Corbyn 10.2m votes despite as many suggest Right Wing Starmer et al’s Brexit sabotage which as many also suggest was the Right’s nuclear option, they would rather lose (and millions suffer) as long as they got ‘their’ careerist party (and top down power for themselves) back?
    The self-declared ‘Great men and women of history?’
    Without an original idea in their heads?

    1. Bazza – Right’s nuclear option, they would rather lose (and millions suffer)
      But isn’t this the same strategy that the self appointed guardians of the left are now advocating

      1. ‘Bazza – Right’s nuclear option, they would rather lose (and millions suffer)
        But isn’t this the same strategy that the self appointed guardians of the left are now advocating’

        Blaming the victims again stevieh? Labour will (probably) loose the next GE because Sir Sneer Rodney Starmer is waging war on Labour members and supporters, the people who win elections for the Labour party. There’s fewer of us every day.

        BTW “guardians of the left”, who’s that then?

      2. qwertboi BTW “[the self appointed] guardians of the left”, who’s that then?

        Look in the mirror.

      3. “guardians of the left”, who’s that then?

        (steveh) Look in the mirror.

        You’re very kind Stevieh, but like most scientific socialists, I can’t claim to be manstream left (just lefter than people like you feel comfortable with).

      4. qwertboi – Are you trying to impress us all with how clever you are again?

      5. SteveH, what is the point of voting Labour when Starmer has placed the LP on the right of the Tories?
        The actions of Starmer and Evans identify them as FASCISTS and I know what I am talking about. Show me a single Spaniard over 60 years of age a single Argentinian or Chilean of the same age that disagree that they both behavIng
        like fascist.
        Therefore, it is our duty to do our very best to defeat this fascist party parading as a social democratic party, even if to do defeat it we have to vote Tory. It is a moral imperative for some of us that have lived under fascism.
        Do you get it? You want to vote for fascism vote Labour it is really that simple.

    2. “sabotage by Right Wing members of staff (Forde Report) and a significant number of Right wing Labour MPs”. And this is to say nothing of the complete disaster in Scotland thanks to a poisonous combination of Blairite leadership of Scottish Labour and neo-liberal NATO loving Tartan Tories posing as radicals. That’s a loss of at least 30 seats.

      1. bevin – After years of disaster things are finally looking up in Scotland.
        Discussing his first year in the top job on Times Radio this morning, having been elected in February 2021, [Anas Sarwar] the Scottish Labour leader told listeners that he “always knew it was going to be a big task and a big challenge”…..
        ……… I hadn’t really realised how hollowed out we were.” Sarwar said Scottish Labour raised just £250 in the 12 months leading up to his leadership contest victory and described the party under his predecessor, Richard Leonard, as “not a professional, forward-looking organisation”.
        “In the last year, we’re almost at £1m. So I think we can demonstrate that we are in a different place and we are putting together a proper, functioning, professional organisation that seeks to not just be a name on a ballot paper but actually seeks to be a party that can govern a country,”

      2. SteveH “After years of disaster things are finally looking up in Scotland. Discussing his first year in the top job on Times Radio this morning, having been elected in February 2021, [Anas Sarwar]…”

        No Stevieh – Anywhere else, Anas Salwar would be a card-carrying member of the zeig-heil Moslem Brotherhood! NewLabour lets him off that particular indignity

        – but he knows that Klaus Schwab and the other fascio-capitalist monsters that are the parasites some call “the elite” like their free-market liberty to be underpinned by authoritatrian ‘centrist’ enablers (like newLabour and its 4,000 pieces of legislation which weakened the Many but facilitated the Few).

        Worse than Tories!!!

      3. Steve H Sarawar…..operates sweat shops for the family business which espouses everything about the unacceptable face of capitalism “This type of person is the type that exploit the working-class not to help them but plunder them…..Scottish Labour are but a sham movment that hopes to revive a dead party by appointing a carpetbagger .and its much the same in the parachute selection process.across England…maybe the hangers on could join Welsh Labour for a nostalgia trip.on what a democratic socialist party is.

  4. Dear Mr SteveH

    The so-called “Constructiive Ambiguity” was in fact the
    relatively simple Conference Decision to adopt
    a second referendum as the choice of last resort..
    I would also guess it was Starmer who decided to
    name it as “constructive ambiguity”.

    Tom Watson (?) phrased the choice of
    REF2 as a complicated algorithm/plan: “If there is an Election ..
    etc ..” which no-one could understand . REF2 then snook in
    to be the choice of first resort.. which Corbyn was reluctant
    to accept – rightly as it turned out. The Labour Party plus
    Corbyn were stoat danced by Watson and Starmer ..into
    accepting the REF2 strategy .. as a confused algorithm.

    To be fair the Election Result was probably (at least?) a result
    of more stoat dancing by Boris Johnson in turning himself
    into the “peoples champion” when Parliament became a
    shouting match.

    So lets put an end to “Corbyn was to blame for GE19 -”
    for as stated by Comrade Bazza – the Labour Party
    started going down the tube during Blairs leadership –
    with Corbyn getting more votes than either
    him – or Brown or Miliband.

    Yrs A Labour Supporter whom was never in favour of REf2.

  5. The dismissive, patronising tone when he uttered the word “Coventry” was so revealing.

    1. Goldbach, Keith can’t rustle up any members to go and canvass. They’ve all left.

  6. There he resides in their festering pea like brains… in and day out eating away at their lives. Oh Jeremy Corbyn….Oh Jeremy Corbyn….Oh Jeremy Corbyn…

      1. For Corbyn supposedly being yesterday’s man you seem to mention him in every other post you make, regardless of any relevancy to the topic.

      2. Toffee – Just because he is irrelevant to today and the future it doesn’t absolve him and his cohorts of any responsibility for the past.

      3. He’s irrelevant according to you.

        So shut the fuck up about him then. Idiot.

      4. Toffee – Why would I, or anyone else care what you think.

      5. SteveH “Just because he is irrelevant to today and the future it doesn’t absolve him and his cohorts of any responsibility for the past.”

        Or credit, stevieh. Or Credit.

      6. qwertboi – You’re right, perhaps you could remind us all of his lasting achievements.

  7. The Conservative and unionist party have always valued Labour providing they are servile and know their place.The Labour party wish to use and abuse Labour to grab power for themselves alone in a game of thrones.Whos the most corrupt of the two?and whos the idiots.? “the animal that feeds on its own offspring shall consume itself”

    1. Joseph – So what happened in 2019 when for the first time ever more of the working class (C2DE) voted for Johnson’s Conservative Party than voted for Corbyn’s Labour Party.

      1. Fuck off with your fucking star wars descriptions of working class.

        ’twas they told smarmerite abour & lib dims to shove your precious second referendum sideways.

        You were repeatedly told it would haemorrhage votes in leave voting marginals, especially in working class seats.

        Your genius idea was that a second ref would ‘prevent the libtards nicking labour votes.

        The yellow bastards were almost wiped out instead of nicking anyone’s votes.

        Smarmer infatuated gobshite.

      2. Toffee – Your ill-informed rants don’t change the facts or the opinions expressed by those ex-Labour voters at the time. Fortunately the polls are consistently indicating those those same voters are returning to Labour.

      3. Toffee – Please read my previous response at 2:39am. . There were more middle class (ABC!) voters who voted for Labour than there were working class (C2DE) who voted Labour.


        So what are you trying to tell us, moron? That keef should abandon and indeed insult the working class, and go after the middle class toerag vote?

        …That also told him to shove his second referendum?

        And don’t bother with your R2D2 bollocks about how many middle class voters voted remain… brexit is finished.

        Because keef voted FOR toerag brexit. Man of principle is keef.

      5. Ill informed? Me? Dear Christ.

        Don’t you second guess me, you fucking oaf. Was ME told YOU the result of the election right after you advocated keefs’ shithousery over the second referendum.

        And those voters AREN’T returning to labour as well you know.

        Did they return in Hartlepool? Batley? Chesham? N. Salop?

        Nope. Far from it, soft shite. So try again.

        Also, did the self-professed working class keef vote FOR toerag brexit?


        Please read my response

        I’ve read it and trashed it yet again but that is just further proof it’s always ‘me,me, me’ with you, isn’t it, you attention-seeking sadsack.

        You can’t even come up with something novel bit instead repeat your Goebbelistic bullshit in the hope it will wear people down.

        Well you can fuck right off. The working people of this country deserve better than anything you or the greasy snob could ever offer. You betrayed them and I for one would happily see you and he burn in the coldest part of hell for an eternity.

      6. The one reason why the ‘working class’, especially in more northern towns, voted BREXIT is because they were aware of the simple self evident truth that Thatcher; Blair & Starmer (among other elites), advocated membership of the EU because the whole economic globalised circus depends on ‘cheap labour’. They know that they are the downtrodden; the left-behind; the deplorables & the echoes of contempt are still being spouted by Starmer in the News today. Their standard of living remains static as all investment is directed towards the City of London. Manufacturing is in decline as service industries dominate the economy; we produced more during the 3 day week. Wages are collapsing in GB & USA as life expectancy declines for the first time in generations & social mobility just a dream of the Sixties. Why manufacture when you can out-source; why educate & train when you can cherry pick the developing world; Why vote Labour?.

        Keir Starmer has promised to reverse what the Labour leader described as a “shocking decline” in the number of manufacturing jobs across the country over the past decade caused by “the government’s failure to back British business”.
        Ahead of a visit to Burnley on Tuesday, the party leader argued that “we must now make Brexit work”, saying that it is “not enough to just leave the EU and think the job is done”. He added: “That means backing the places that powered our country to get our economy motoring again.”…………
        ……“For too long, the decline of manufacturing has been treated as if it was inevitable and irreversible. I will never accept that. But these figures show how the government’s failure to back British business has led to a shocking decline in the number of jobs,” Starmer said.

    2. Steve H I don’t know who C2DE is I thought we were talking about the utter fraud the knight of the realm.You know full well Labour cannot win now and its Nellist if the former members of the Labour party can get the vote out with boots on the streets.Otherwise the Torys are in again and your lot carry on being the little helpers or the second rate tory tribute band.
      whichever way you play it.Suicide is a horrible way to go stevie boy 👦.

      1. Joseph – “I don’t know who C2DE is”
        Then you are dumber than I thought you were.

        With regards to your comments about Nellist, I’m not surprised that you felt the need to get your excuses in early when most are wondering whether Nellist will lose his deposit again.

      2. C2 D & E are vague descriptors used by failed Sociology students to pigeon hole ‘the lower economic’ classes by employment..

      3. Sneer all you like at Nellist, wee fella. He’ll be taking votes off your smarmerite candidate, as will the other candidates.

        What will you say if your candidate only scrapes through – or even loses the seat?

        Put it this way, they’re just as likely to lose the seat as they are to double the majority dromedary had last time out.

        And don’t forget, the godawful Galloway showed in Batley that even he’s an acceptable and credible alternative to smarmerism.

      1. SteveH – why did the traditional working class
        abandon the Labour Party – its what weve all
        been telling you – because they’ve been Left Out .

        They’ve been feeling like this for years – if you
        examine the vote for Labour over the last few
        Elections. The determination grew to a crescendo
        in 2019 when they felt their aspirations vis a vis
        Brexit had been ignored. Johnson deluded them
        into thinking he was on their side – which he certainly
        was not. There was a brief respite in 2017 coinciding
        with Corbyn-before-the-Establishment-got-their
        knives into him..

        And there’s the tale ..

  8. War Office: Please promote Brigade 77’s Lieutenant Steve H . He deserves it. Give him a bar to his Corbyn Star too. Or a DSO.

      1. The pair of you are obviously too dumb to appreciate how desperate your inane responses make you look.

      2. SteveH17/02/2022 AT 4:32 AM
        The pair of you are obviously too dumb to appreciate how desperate your inane responses make you look

        Says the gobshite that tries to convince anyone who’ll listen that keef is on the left, is far more popular than Corbyn, hasn’t spunked £13m+, hasn’t haemorrhaged members, isn’t losing union support and did extremely well in every by election since shithousing his way to the leadership having only gained your vote because he was best of a bad bunch

        But DO carry on making a complete gobshite of yourself why dontcha?

      3. Oh and keef has stick rigidly to every one of his ten pledges, and has opposed the government on every vote hasn’t he?

        Anyone who so much as questions these incontrovertible facts just makes themselves look stupid – don’t they wee fella?

        Jesus wept.

      4. Toffee – incontrovertible facts can you to provide some credible evidence to support your assertions?

  9. A medal? A promotion? Haha! They wouldn’t give the idiot the steam off their piss. I’ll bet there’s smarmerite spinners visit this site, read the wee fellas guff and contort themselves grotesquely like some circus act in abject horror and cringe at the certifiable shite what the divvy types.

      1. A whole lot less than you.

        I don’t go out me way to annoy people and I’ve never had me arse handed to me.

        You, on the other hand, suffer both with just about every post you make

      2. Oh and I’m so stupid that I have something different to answer with.

        Whereas you have a default answer list that the rest of us can play wee stevie bingo with.

        But you are, of course, entitled to your opinion.

      3. Toffee – but you’re the one who’s getting his knickers in a twist.

  10. I did initially think that it was due to keef being sent to Coventry (bad memories).

    But no. It’s clear that Kier is a wanker.

    (Must practice saying vote for labour in the Keir style)

  11. Just watched the dreadful clip again. Masochism?
    His first phrase is “In relation to the strike it’s obviously industrial action,”
    Hadn’t realised that he was so perceptive.

    1. Goldbach, I think talking shite is a prerequisite for the Labour Party these days. The Chief Turd Polisher on these pages is a prime example.

      I don’t think I’ve ever known a politician say so little, with so many meaningless words as Starmer does. Nobody believes a word he says, and looking at the polls it’s clear voters would prefer voting for a fat overweight Tory Bath Toy than a lying Labour Savile Saver.

      1. bazz2001 – The polls are consistently indicating otherwise

  12. On weightier matter – hearing rumours that the Ukraine military have broken the cease fire with a brief shelling of a location in Donbas. Last throw of the dice? If the reports are correct, I can’t see any way that Russia would fall for it.

      1. goldbach – Do you mean the 92yr old who retired in 1991 which was quite a while before Putin came to power.
        Matlock was appointed ambassador to the Soviet Union in 1987 and saw the last years of the Soviet Union before he retired from the Foreign Service in 1991.

    1. @goldbach

      I doubt the Russians will respond. Too easy. Besides, friendly green men will appear in Donbas if retaliation is required.

      Russian fighters buzzed NATO spy planes yesterday over the med, apparently passing within 5ft!

      The Russians will continue to sit their (as is their right) and let the west hang themselves. My money is Syria being the tinder box. So many people being hurt by (in no particular order) USA, Turkey and Israel amongst others.

      Did you read about Bidens mum hating the English because of the potato famine? Wonder how aware she is that her son is leading the charge to steal and destroy Syrian crops? (They are also stealing the oil, but that’s par for the course when you want GOD (gold, oil and drugs)).

      1. Interesting stuff in Syria recently. Russia has defensive missile systems there now and is able to stop US and Israeli planes from attacking much of Syria. They also have managed to use electronic systems to stop Israel flying planes out of one of its’ military airfields. Add to that the mutual support with China and we could be back in the realms of a balance of power instead of the US hegemony that we’ve had for 20+ years.

  13. This video reinforces my belief that left and right are simply intended division. If you didn’t know it was Keir speaking or what his role is, what party would you place him in?

    Are you a wage earner (slave)? Yes or no?
    Are you in debt? Yes or no?

    We have much in common, except with those at the top, who require us to be poor in order for them to become richer.

    Does Keef make more sense when viewed as top down?

  14. Coventry is only 20 miles from Erdington where Starmer expects to win a by-election March 3rd. Another act of self-destruction?

  15. Bin emptiers have an extremely crap job. I did it as a temp once for a couple of weeks (extra cash).

    Their treatment is terrible. As we know, new builds appear all the time. These are just dumped onto existing crews. They often have to work extra hours to finish the days job. Whilst their attitude can seem poor (won’t touch bins unless they are presented correctly etc) it’s because they have to otherwise they’d never finish.

    If you don’t tip them at Xmas, maybe this year you should? Cash, beer etc. I’m sure they’ll be very grateful, and for once, feel acknowledged too.

    P.S. Bin operatives are more important than doctors.

    1. I’d love to tip our binmen, unfortunately like many others I’m feeling the pinch (beginning to at any rate), and I’m afraid prospects aren’t looking much brighter. I still give them a nod or thumbs up when they’ve been though.

      As a former postman, I found that it was the less affluent areas of Wallasey were the more generous at Christmas time in terms of how many gave tips and in some instances how much the respective walks got. The people were generally more amiable from those areas too.

      But that was a different time; these days they’re messing about with the delivery process(es) that much that we (residents on our round) don’t seem to get the same postman for more than a few weeks at a time, so it wouldn’t be exactly fair to tip them – even if I could.

  16. No one should ever believe that Starm-Trooper is a friend to workers in struggle against their employers.
    He is a friend and ally of the Rich and Powerful and of the Apartheid State of Israel.
    Always with the oppressor …… Never with the oppressed !
    Simples !

  17. Coventry is only 20 miles from Erdington where Starmer expects to win a by-election March 3rd. Another act of self-destruction?

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