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Labour has lost 200,000 members and £8 million in dues

NEC member’s admission confirms what left always knew: mass exodus followed start of Keir Starmer’s tenure as leader

Labour’s membership has tumbled by around 200,000 during Keir Starmer’s short regime as Labour leader, according to an admission by a longtime member of Labour’s NEC.

Labour now claims it is has no reliable data on its current membership because of the scandal of the ‘ransomware’ data hack of the company to which Starmer’s sidekick David Evans had subcontracted the party’s membership system – but Ann Black says that the figure is ‘around 400,000’ – at least 190,000 down from its peak under Jeremy Corbyn of 590,000.

Skwawkbox exclusively published analysis last month suggesting a membership fall of exactly the same figure. This equates to a loss of membership dues of around £8 million per year. Labour, financially healthy under Corbyn, has been on the edge of bankruptcy for much of Starmer’s tenure, with needless legal payouts and the loss of donations from several unions adding to its woes as members abandoned the party in disgust at the shredding of his leadership campaign promises and the right’s war on left members and party democracy.

Labour lost control of its member system after it outsourced its data management to an outside company that was subsequently hacked, exposing the sensitive data of hundreds of thousands of current members to criminals – and of ex-members that Labour should not have been holding under GDPR and had claimed to have isolated from the normal membership records. The breach was so serious that the party brought in the National Crime Agency, but Labour has still not informed victims exactly what was stolen.

The party could face huge fines of up to £17.5 million for the breach, which it is unable to afford – exposing the leadership and Labour’s elected National Executive members to risk of liability, but it had still not informed NEC members of the company’s identity either, months after the incident.

Despite this, Labour is now running yet another relaunch campaign claiming voters can trust the party to show ‘accountability’, ‘openness’ and ‘honesty’.

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  1. So in mid-term the membership figures are in according to this report actually about 30k down on where they were under Corbyn in Nov19 when the membership was 430.359.

    1. apologies for the careless editing
      So in mid-term the membership figures according to this report are actually about 30k down on where they were under Corbyn in Nov19 when the membership was 430.359.

      1. Wirral – What’s your problem, are my figures inaccurate?

      2. What’s your problem, are my figures inaccurate?

        That you had to ask the question shows just how detached from reality you are, Mr. Keefs’ more popular than Corbyn and the figures prove it

      3. Toffee – Although I am certain as anyone can be that the figures I have given, regarding membership members, are accurate I am open to anyone providing credible evidence to the contrary. Do you have anything credible to offer or are you just mouthing off for the sake of it?

    2. Net loss 30k AND COUNTING.

      But he’s more popular than Jeremy….


      Gonna give this one a miss now, soft ollies?

      1. Toffee – Have you looked at how many members deserted the party over a similar period prior to the 19GE.

      2. Did you ever notice who MORE THAN DOUBLED the membership I’m the first friggin place?

        If I start off at a casino with 201k and when I walk away there’s 500k it doesn’t matter if I at one point had 10,000,000.

        I’ve still more than doubled the original amount.

        And smarmer hasn’t even as much as broke even, nevermind GAINED a member.

        Stupid boy.

      3. Toffee ….and how many of the remaining membership still support Jeremy Corbyn?

      4. Toffee. The Labour Party lost over £13m in membership donations in 2019-2020. That’s in addition to the membership subs it’s lost. Keith Has Killed Labour. There’s no coming back from the gutter for Labour.

      5. baz2001 – You should check the membership figures and see when the bulk of the exodus took place
        The actual number of fully paid up members who were entitled to vote in internal elections
        July 2017 – 538,606
        November 2017 – 525,779
        June 2018 – 506,320
        November 2019 – 430,359
        (please note that these figures exclude any members who were in arrears)

      6. Never fear @baz2001.

        I’m sure wee stevie will mortgage his little caribbean pomme de terre to help keef keef afloat, being the uber-member that he is…

      7. The question is how many support smarmer?

        He’s the leader, not Corbyn – And the numbers are still dwindling, and whether you like it or not – it’s a fact.

        Not to mention the coffers that have already vanished.

        Blaming Corbyn for that is like saying it’s savile’s fault you’re an oddball

      8. Toffee – I’m simply pointing out that most of the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ have left the party and the few remaining simply don’t have the numbers to have much influence within the party. You can bleat from beyond the next field all you like but it won’t make any difference. Why you are still obsessing about the Labour Party when you left it over two decades ago and have done SFA to contribute to the party since, even in the Corbyn years. You’re a joke.

      9. Bellend, when are you gonna face facts?

        201k when Corbyn became leader.

        430k+ when he left.

        Small wonder the numbers have gone down from a peak of 525k since smarmer sabotaged labour’s prospects when he shithoused his 2nd ref undemocratically (As you were constantly warned it’d be reflected in the 2019 GE, but you knew better)

        And since nobody knows a single policy, and keefs’ never bothered to oppose the rags, it’s no surprise to see those numbers have fallen further, and will continue on that downward spiral.

        And it’s no surprise you’re as popular as syphilis while you keep banging the same drum because you’re a complete gobshite with nothing to offer. Just like your idol.

    3. I think the bigger point is how many JOINED under Corbyn vs Starmer (or any other labour leader). And a 30k loss is substantial, so assuming your figures are correct, and adding every measure we can find, Starmer is a massive failure. And everyone I ask agrees, including those who once either voted for him or wanted him to replace Corbyn.

      1. M – and yet the polls are consistently telling a different story.

  2. How apt that outsourcing, the scourge of New Labour now bites New New Labour in the backside!
    We all remember Andy Burnham blest that he had not privatised part of the NHS, just simply outsourced some functions.
    Well, if giving membership functions to a private company has created a potential bankrupting situation, due to possible shortcomings with the process, then the irony will be visible from space! Why do we not regard such breathtaking incompetence as surprising? The answer is experience!

    1. It should say “bleat” not “blest”. That’s what happens when you outsource to a Spellchecker!

  3. Labour List has two posts from Sienna Miller detailing problems
    associated with
    (1) Loss of Data
    (2) Purge of the Left – leading to loss of members and possible

    There is also the NEC meeting to come which challenges
    suspension of whip from Jeremy Corbyn
    PLUS publication of Forde Report ***
    PLUS definition of “support” for
    proscribed organisations ..

    *** Yes and 🐷might fly

    1. Holby…..Third Party Company was Tangent, they were the people who ‘lost’ the membership data. Tangent is owned by Portland Asset Management. Tangent employed ex Labour and BICOM member Paul Simpson to look after the Membership Data. He lost it…..allegedly.

      1. @Baz2001

        Weren’t Portland involved in slandering Corbyn?

  4. There are still dues owed to labour.

    Fair dues.

    Labour will have so many they won’t know what to lash out against first.


    I see the mail is running Starmers maskless story as if they are the first.

    I know who was👏👏👏

  5. Wee fella will be orgasmic to learn that Gary Neville has joined the labour party…

    Wonder how long he’ll last?

  6. The Price of Starmer:

    200,000 members,

    £8 million in dues – AND

    May ’22 Elections and the on-going trust of the British working class.

    2022 includes elections for ALL councillors in 32 London Boroughs. Starmer doesn’t warrant much support from voters across the London Boroughs.

    1. Labour can’t run democratic elections.

      I’m hearing that the third party that was looking after data on behalf of Labour was subject to a ransomware attack and the third pary has refused to pay up. So they have permenenly corrupted Labour’s database. I’m so reassured that Labour and it’s parner’s think so highly of our sensitive data (which is given protected status under GDPR) that they can’t be bothered to look after and secure it from criminals.

      This is borne out by communications from the Labour party, where you get an email from one address, but you are directed to use another email address to reply. In fact, in one email I have seen they admit they cannot access their original data. I am told by those that understand IT and databses, that Labour has no reliable database to verify who is entitled to vote. Or how many members are in arrears,.

      The entire memebership could be Starmer and his dog and nobody would be able to verify this.

      1. Nemtona – Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that a copy of the member’s database was corrupted?

      2. The Membership Database Document Corrupters, Saboteurs, Conniving Low Life Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM, will hardly Corrupt, Sabotage, Connive, etc THEIR OWN NUMBERS NOW WOULD THEY!?

      3. nellyskelly – Is there someone out there who can decipher you comment and make it intelligible

      4. Steve H I have been instructed by my lawyers to not comment on social media regarding the on going court case against the Labour party.Now I wouldnt want to go off on a tangent and help to reduce our claims but I can only say that we are hoping to cover more than my Lawyers hefty fees and I personally know of many more claims going in amongst the hundreds of thousands of ex members that you denied on here had like me left the Labour party .And of course the are many other claims for damages by expelled members and existing which exceed my lawyers hefty fees.Bankruptcy of the Labour party is out of yours and members hands
        “Revenge is a dish best served cold” and its looking like the death of the Labour party is down to the bottom feeders lawyers who infest it.and not members like me who “ony wanted whats best fert lads” ..and lasses “

      5. Joseph – As long as they agree with you
        Your attempts to destroy the Labour party whilst you are safely insulated from any consequences come as no surprise. You’ve told us yourself that your political allegiances lie elsewhere.

        Please remember to come back and tell us all about it when you’ve got something to actually report. I’m surprised that none of these cases that you speak of appear to have been lodged with the High Court yet.

      6. Steve H “your political alliances lay elswhere” ..Thats the only acurrate statment youve made for a long time.I was driven out like hundreds of thousands more.
        I joined a democratic socialist party as the left wing mps remained in hibernation in the Labour party.
        I have always had a love for my country of origin although I am deeply attatched to England and the place I will always call home.
        You and your leader forced us out of a party I supported for many years and dont be too suprised at justifiable retribution.You attack my people in Ireland so dont be suprised when we fight back as weve done for over centuries of opposition to colonialism.and British imperialism represeted by the Crown.and now the Labour party.

  7. Yes and I would appeal to those 200,000 to join a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist party when it emerges.
    Some of us are working to try to get Left unions like Unite, the FBU & Bakers Union to get together with Breakthrough and Resist to try to set something up, it could work but perhaps only and better so with some union support.
    And with Starmer’s Labour now Neo-Liberal (why else would they outsource membership?) why should unions put all their eggs in one Neo-Liberal basket?
    As socialists with JC we had a great dream in 2017 and we nearly made it (but it was sabotaged by some Right Wing Labour staff and 100 Right Wing Careerist Labour MPs 2 coups – plus many of them were slagging off Jeremy in the media for years- aiding Labour’s opponents).
    But Corbyn’s 12.8m votes in 2017 smashed Blairite Browns petty 8.6m votes in 2010 and Centrists Miliband and Reeves abysmal 9.3m in 2015.
    And Corbyn still got way more (10.2m) in 2019 when Starmer et al sabotaged Corbyn’s Labour again with a 2nd PV when two thirds of Labour seats were in Leave areas thus caused electoral suicide resulting in millions suffering under the Tories!
    Of course the red line for the Lefties in Labour is if the Right get rid of the few genuine Left MPs by excluding them from shortlists but they may keep them, they are powerless and like Conference can be ignored but they offer a release valve and keep up the Labour Left Delusion (great comrades as they are).
    It’s time for Left Wing vision and courage, otherwise at the next general election it is:
    Which Neo-Liberal Capitalist colour wallpaper would you prefer?
    Blue, Pink, Yellow or Green?

    1. Bazza – But a very significant proportion of them (in reality <170K) left during Corbyn's tenure because the were unhappy with Corbyn's leadership. We had the high point in 2017 and from then on it was all downhill to the low point prior to the 19GE

      The actual number of fully paid up members who were entitled to vote in internal elections
      July 2017 – 538,606
      November 2017 – 525,779
      June 2018 – 506,320
      November 2019 – 430,359
      (please note that these figures exclude any members who are in arrears)

      1. “The entire membership could be Starmer and his dog and nobody would be able to verify this”

        Sadly, it will be all to obvious when Starmer costs Labour its excellent performance on London Borough Councils under the wonderful and much-missed Jeremy Bernard Corbyn.

        To quote the often-suspect wikipedia “The results saw the London Labour Party achieve their best result in over 45 years, winning 44% of the vote, 1,128 councillors and control of 21 councils. This represented the party’s second-best result in a London local election, only surpassed slightly by its 1971 total.”

      2. qwertboi – The figures that I have quoted above are verifiable, they are extracted from the voting returns for internal elections. Check them out for yourself if you don’t believe me.

      3. “hey are extracted from the voting returns for internal elections”

        Until or unless you can cite what percentage of members/supporters supposedly voted in each of the internal elections, I’d suggest the numbers mean nothing and verify less.

      4. qwertboi – You can suggest all you like, but it isn’t going to alter the facts.

      5. ………….. and how many angels can fit on the head of a pin?

      6. goldbach – I don’t know, you tell me, you’re the one living in La-La-Land

      7. Steve H…..They were never unhappy with a real socialists leader of the Labour party….just the fact that you misfits were not being dealt with and expelled for bringing the Labour party into disrepute.Socialists are not as ruthless as the fascists but some of us have always known how to deal with your lot and imposters unfortunately the members prefared a more unifying approach….and the rest is history or should I say bankruptcy.

      8. Joseph – I’m quaking in my boots. Why did you only last one term as a councillor? 🤔

      9. @SteveH14/01/2022 AT 8:05 PM,

        Rather strange that Keith’s Stenographer-in-Chief is unable to supply membership figures post November 2019, i.e., the LP released full figures for the 2020 Leadership Election that clearly state that as of 2 April 2020 the Party had a fully paid up membership of 552,835 this after Labour to Win, Labour First and Progress allegedly tried to flood the Party with more than 100K Centrists/Rightists to influence the vote – don’t think that worked out too well given Keith only garnered 275,780 votes out of an eligible voter-base of 784,151, meaning only one-in-three eligible voters cast a vote for Keith, many of whom have now either left in disgust or been ejected by the anti-democracy nutters running the show – please qualify for yourselves:

        Now, given this observer and many others have no reason to doubt at least 200K members have left the Party since April 2020, I think Black’s figure is incorrect and that the actual full membership stands well under 400K making a mockery of the stenographer’s figures.

        Allegedly the UK public is to trust Keith/Evans with the finances of the nation and protection of our data, despite effectively bankrupting the Party and losing data of anyone who interacted with the Party from July 2015 onwards, much of that it legally had no reason to hold.

      10. And when was the last time YOU held such influence wee tory?

      11. Steve H you know only too well that I left Reigate and banstead council after one term despite a historic win in my seat because I was not willing to contemplate a ongoing lib \lab pact
        .By leaving my seat I was acussed of loosing the position of a Lib mayor and letting in the Torys to control Reigate once again.Neither option of proping up a right wing council controlled by so called democratic socialists councillors or libs all playing the right wing game left the decision and the ball in my court. and I used it.
        I brought down the blairight council including the lib dems and am proud of it.and made the front page once again but for good socialist principles not comotose limp left who “Talk the Talk but dont walk the walk”.We are democratic socialist are we are on the road to nowhere.

      12. Joseph – So it was all about your own political dogma rather than representing your constituents interests.

      13. Steve H “representing my own political interests” yes to a point that my socialism was for ordinary people not the one percent or has Tony Blair said “The many not the few” …Shame he didn’t believe his own propaganda.Sorry Steve but I was determined to represent the ordinary people around Gatwick not the suited commuters into the City.and I took a seat Labour had never held and I wasnt having Lib dems or Blair diluting the socialists message.

      14. Joseph – “I was determined to represent the ordinary people “

        ….and you thought the best way to do that was to desert then,

      15. The actual number of fully paid up members who were entitled to vote in internal elections…”

        I think you’ll find the internal elections voting figures are made up of ‘members’ and ‘supporters’. The party conflates them (always has for as long as ‘supporters’ existed) – since they are not the same thing, you can’t really use them to calculate ‘membership’ just ‘membership and supporters numbers’.

        The Party obviously chooses when to disclose a snapshot number for a particular moment, but Starmer’s clique tend NEVER to disclose them, which causes me to infer that they are declining under the ‘new management’ which understandably prefers not to admit the fact.

      16. qwertboi – I think you will find that you are wrong.

        Total voters Total votes returned Total spoilt
        Members 552,835 401,564 (72.64%) 43
        Reg Supporters 13,626 13,006 (95.45%) 0
        Affiliated Supporters 217,690 76,161 (34.99%) 93
        Total 784,151 490,731 (62.58%) 136

        LONG-BAILEY 135,218 (27.6%)
        NANDY 79,597 (16.2%)
        STARMER 275,780 (56.2%) [ELECTED]

        I am a little surprised that you didn’t check your facts first.

      17. You’re right; I didn’t differentiate between ‘reg supporters’ and ‘afil supporters (I’d forgotten the distinction). And yes figures were given for each of the three sub-populations at the time of the election (12 AM, first day), but the point is, when it is not an election, we do not know how the numbers are collated, where they come from and whether they are collated in the same manner each time. As Nemtona said elsewhere ““The entire membership could be Starmer and his dog(s) and nobody would be able to verify this”.

        This isn’t an anti-Starmer point. It’s an observation about how untransparent the party is on membership.

      18. Steve H so the best way was to desert them “you have got to the nub of the problem with stay or fight.IT was clear to me many years ago that the Labour party were fully compromised with the right wing and its a case of aceppt or leave.I left but decided the tide had turned under the socialist revival.I was so very wrong so enjoy what we left you.for the short term you enjoy..RIP.

    2. SteveH
      14/01/2022 at 7:33 pm

      Nemtona – Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that a copy of the member’s database was corrupted?

      Well you tell me smart arse. Because it seems that every communication that eminates from the black hole for any

      1. Who pays you, or what is it that motivates you to nit pick and undermine the comments on here. Hate ?


      Hark the uber-member, simply pointing out the guardians of the left have left the party.

      …Due to the actions of the entryist middle-classes who think it fashionable to not vote for the full-fat version of toryism.

      Still saying my voice doesn’t matter, despite voices like mine mattering a fuckload more than his and his precious 70% (just WHERE did that one come from wee fella? Just confess it’s another of those figures you plucked from your arse, isn’t it?) at the last election.

      You’re the one being tore a new one as big as the grand canyon by everyone else, but that make ME the joke, apparently.

      Bore off, dozy hole

      1. Toffee – The 70% figure came from 2 separate long form interviews that Corbyn has given on camera since stepping down. Was Corbyn lying?

      2. I’ll tell you where your 70% came from.

        It came from a video of smarmer’s speech about your genial 2nd ref plot at conference, and you claimed that 70% of the crowd gave keef a standing ovation. (Except half of them were either still sat down or not clapping, or both)

        If I can be arsed on the morning I might bother to post a link to it.

      3. Toffee – You are more than welcome to do that and whilst you are at it why don’t you dig out the poll of Unite members that showed that 67% of Unite’s members supported a CV and staying in the EU.

      4. And just HOW LONG have UNITE members been delegated as LABOUR PARTY members, eligible to vote at conference?

        The short answer is NEVER, isn’t it, mister ‘One member, one vote’?


      5. Toffee – I’m struggling to see the point you are trying to make, do you actually have one?

        Unite is affiliated to the Labour Party, has a seat on the NEC and votes at conference.

    4. No can do Bazza as I have joined a democratic socialist party outside of the UK….and the other bit still ocuppied.But theres nothing to stop anyone from supporting a real democratic socialist movement.Shame it can’t be said for the Labour party and those still feeding the monster thats anti working-class and anti socialist….I admire your efforts and unlike our misguided Labour friends you are actually “doing somthing” and building a Opposition party.

      1. I’ve lost count, How many new lefty parties are there now?

      2. Steve H my lefty party have shown they are willing to sacrifice life and freedoms in being incarcerated.and shot down.For some its not a choice its survival of our grandchildren..!..
        A… member of the same party as me said “Revenge will be the laughter of our children” God bless all those who strive for “peace and justice” Your leader is a threat to the survival of my family in Ireland .and England.

      3. Joseph – Oh aren’t you the f’ing hero safely out of harms way 8,000 miles away. You’re a joke.

      4. Joseph – Oh aren’t you the f’ing hero safely out of harms way 8,000 miles away. You’re a joke

        Oh! Lest anyone forget you’re only 5000 or so miles away (allegedly)..


      5. Temper temper Steve H the language adds nothing to the argument and just shows your fear of true motivated socialists including me and my comrades…I am too old to be a fighter now but like you I am self sufficient and I will do what I can in funding the first democratic socialist government of a united Ireland.I will also donate to a democratic socialist party in England which is a absolute neccessity to stop the Labour party interfering in a united Republic of Ireland..Either way you and your leader are enemys of the people.I have been lucky in life and I owe it all to the workers in my company that allowed me a happy the tropics.

      6. Joseph – What’s your problem?
        It is the people of Ireland that will have the final say on reunification, peacefully at the ballot box.

      7. Steve H…. “Whats your problem” The problem for republicans like me is that your leader has committed the Labour party to campaign for the continuation of partition on the island of Ireland against a century of Labour tradition to be neutral on “Ireland” .He has plotted with the DUP to dump the international Good Friday agreement and actively oppose the concept of a united Ireland whatever the IRISH vote.Your leader will find along with Liz Truss that Ireland is a graveyard for politicians from Britain.

      8. Joseph – I have more confidence in the outcome being a vote for a unified Ireland than you do. Are you really that concerned that Starmer could swing the election.
        You make lots of silly claims but you can’t substantiate them.

      9. “I’ve lost count, How many new lefty parties are there now?”

        Too many. There should be ONE, a ‘people’s party’ aka “The independent (Peace and Justice) Labour party”.

  8. Whatever the membership figures are they are too high. Members simply have not woken up to what the Right has done and plans to do. Much of the blame for this confusion is down to McDonnell and Corbyn, momentum and other delusional voices in and outside the party.

  9. Labour List said today (14/01/22) “Labour informed members in November of a “cyber incident” on a third party handling data on behalf of the party.. LabourList has now learnt that the third party is digital agency Tangent.. the “cyber incident” was a ransomware attack.” @johnedwards33

  10. SteveH
    14/01/2022 at 7:33 pm

    “Nemtona – Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that a copy of the member’s database was corrupted”?

    Well, smartarse, you tell me and all the people who are monitoring and working on this, some with far better minds than yours, exactly what the position is. Do you know if Labour kept a copy of the database? Please enlighen us all. If they did, why are they not using it? It’s either Labour have a database they could use but choose not to, or they are utterly incompetant, have not backed up their data and have right royaly fooked this one up. You can choose but either way it’s a pretty crap situation for a party offering themselves up as a potential government.

    It seems emails eminating from the Labour party now have a seperate reply address, one I have seen even admitting that Labour cannot access the original data. Labourlist and Ann Black (NEC rep reporting in November) admit their database cannot be accessed, leading to “difficulties” in knowling how to run elections. A situation Ann Black has asked for clarification and advice from Labour in how to run elections. If as you in your ignorance suggest, Labour have a backed up database, why are they keeping it from the Nec and more worrying from the CLPs who have to run trigger ballots and councillor elections? That doesn’t sound at all undemocratic or dodgy.

    But that isn’t the point, is it? That’s an internal cock up for the Labour party to deal with. The wider point is, Labour have broken GDPR by not informing us that they intended to transfer our data to a third party. GDPR is the law, not something you opt into like the Tories do. Nor will they explain why they are keeping data or the purpose for which it is intended – also breaching GDPR. Having transferred selected members data, (in itself suspect, why only selected member, ex members and/or even the general puclic) they cannot even be bothered to ensure the data is secured and the third party thinks it so trivial they won’t pay up to right their negligence. Initial research with companies house, suggest this third party has has outstanding charges against it. More research is being done,.

    Meantime, putting pressure on Tangent may in turn lead to them putting pressure on Labour. Both sides lawyers are apparently, arguing which of their clients is culpable and that’s why there is a lack of info to those affected. Neither Tangent or Labour want to take responsibility. That sounds like more expensive solicitors for the members to foot for Starmers and Evans incompetence.

    So Mr know it all gaslighter, if you do not have any data or facts to add to this, go and boil your ignorant, ill informed head.

    1. Nemtona – Like you I don’t know the answer to many of your questions, it may be that they no longer have confidence in using the front end that this third party were supplying (but this is just speculation on my part).
      If you look into GDPR and how it applies to political parties I think you will find that Labour hasn’t broken the law. There is provision within the regulations for using third parties to process data and for managing that relationship and each parties responsibilities. (when was the last time your utility company wrote to you to tell you they were using a different third party mailing company).
      I have no difficulty in logging into the members area of and just after it happened my daughter had no difficulty in registering a members login on the same site.

      1. SteveH
        14/01/2022 at 8:55 pm

        “Nemtona – Like you I don’t know the answer to many of your questions”,

        That being the case, why do you continue to gaslight?

        By your own admission you know nothing, have nothing to contribute, you just exist to gaslight, disrupt and are a symptom of all that’s wrong with your soon to be defunct party. Labour do have obligations under GDPR, they are not exempt, hence Starmer and Evans continued hiding behind a ficticious ICO investigation as the reason not to publsh the Forde report. The ICO are investigating data breaches (and they are not the only official body to be involved in this investigation). Research is also being undertaken by legal and IT experts, you know, unlike yourself, the ones who know what they are talking about.. So I’ll take my information from those sources, thank you very much, not an ill informed party hack.

        Don’t bother replyng, you’ve had all the troll food you’ll get, Gaslight somewhere else.

      2. Nemtona – ” Labour do have obligations under GDPR, they are not exempt,”

        Where did I say they didn’t. Of course they’re not exempt, I specifically referred to their responsibilities in my comment. I have simply suggested you checkout what the actual regulations are before making claims that you can’t substantiate. All the info you need is on the ICO’s website. Have fun there’s a lot of it.

  11. STeveH – its not just the membership dues they have lost.-
    its the extra donations from people like myself – a tenner here,
    twenty when I’m feeling a bite flush plus items at Labour
    Party dinners to “raffle”. The Labour Party is a bit like the
    Catholic Churches of my youth – with raffles and bingo to
    help with upkeep. School PTAs are similar – bakes for sale
    .. items for raffle etc. A bit here
    and there from people like myself soon mounts up.

    I can remember GE 2019 December 12th with members running
    here there and everywhere .. getting the vote out and those with a
    bigger houses keeping pans of hot food on the go – all day which
    was freezing .. Throughout the campaign I again bought snacks
    for those doing the knocking at doors as well as knocking at doors
    myself until it got too cold.

    I wouldn’t dream now of giving anything extra to Labour –
    instead I contribute to Crowd funding of those persecuted by
    Starmer and his fellow plotter Evans.

    The only way Ive relented is in helping our local MP and Councillors
    who are a grand lot – as our Branch and Constituency members.In
    other words Ive put leaflets through letterboxes. Im sure there are
    many many Labourv Party members like me.

    Ive watched “Socialist Telly” with interviews with Diana Neslen
    and another persecuted member. I wont put a link here but
    its easy to find! I shall send a link to a few MPs Ive got in mind ..
    with a few comments of my own. I don’t know how anyone can
    fail to be moved by Dianas testimony! I wont bother with Starmer
    – a waste of time as I think he is incapable of thinking outside his
    own narrow point of view.

    1. Indeed HFM. I hear that they are sending out raffle tickets for suckers to buy. Clearly learnt their lesson because the prizes are cash rather than a telephone call from Starmer. It must cost quite a bit to send all this stuff out. If there are 400K+ members at around £1 a time given postage, printing and prizes. That’ll do wonders for the balance sheet.

    2. Holby, they have lost £13 million in one year of members donations. That total is now down to £800,000 end of 2020. Labour is bankrupt, and we’ll see exactly how much when the new set of accounts comes out.

      1. bazz2001 – Please remember to come back and tell us all about it when the accounts are published.

      2. baz2001
        Management Accounts should be presented to every NEC meeting, you cannot bankrupt an organisation in secret, unless you are totally corrupt

      1. And you’re influencing who, exactly?

        Carry on, div. It’s open season on you today, just like it was yesterday, and will be tomorrow.; and each & every time you post your inane, smarmer-worshipping shabbite.

      2. Oh. Ok then.

        That’s why you have so many ‘likes’ on your posts, is it? 🤫

      3. Toffee – Oh dear, how sad is that? I hadn’t appreciated that you were chasing likes to boost your ego.

      4. Oh nevermind, soft lad. It’s not just me who’s getting the likes for showing you up for the monumental gobshite you perpetually prove yourself to be.

        So, who are you influencing, again? 🤔

      5. Toffee – I have no idea, but I’ve got you worried enough for you to trail along behind me.

      6. I’m worried enough to follow you around??

        Christ! But you’re so far up yerself.

        Worried? Lad I piss all over you and your crap on a multiple times daily basis, and won’t refrain from doing so while you continue.

        For someone who confesses they find deliberately going out of their way to get a rise out of people entertaining, you sure don’t half do a lot of cryarsing when your shite’s hurled right back at you.

  12. If they say 200k you can bet that it’s a lot more. I am still getting emails from them with a note saying they are sorry if I have left and dont want to hear fom them but they have lost their database. Now there’s a surprise.
    I estimate that Labour is down to around 100k fully paid up members tops.

    1. I’ve been told by somebody in HQ that over 300k have left. We shall see exactly how much when the accounts come out. All the temporary members who joined to vote for Starmer should have dropped out of the equation by then.

      1. bazz2001 – We’ll be able to see what the actual membership numbers are at the next all members ballot for an internal election

      2. Issued or returned? The former could be manipulated. You may get lots of people taking to Twitter saying they were sent a ballot despite leaving.

        Everything about Labour’s right is sleazy, underhand and secretive. Their commitment to democracy and democratic debate is threadbare when they think they can’t win fairly. They have to operate that way because they know their role is essentially that of spoilers, spanners n the works. How on earth can they be trusted?

      3. Andy – You’re being silly, I thought you had more sense than to make ridiculous claims that you can’t substantiate.

  13. moses bliar will lead starmer across the red sea and to power by turning the next election aka a revision and promise a new negotiation for a european partnership, because we’re special. irresistible grab for votes across the spectrum.

    1. Except keef will end up voting against it. 😏

      Never forget that keef gave the rags their 80 seat majority because he was shit scared of being found out the abject fraud he is, had he been sent to negotiate the terms.

      Hence him, fatberg, thornberry et al, bulldozing through the second referendum shithousery that not only shat on democracy but also went against the (then current) party policy.

      And once he’d done so and got what he wanted, he voted in favour of the Tory brexit he said he was never gonna allow to happen.

      And a certain someone still extols him and blames Corbyn for it.

    2. charming64, as a EU citizen that didn’t like that idea of Brexit, right now after the behaviour displayed by both Conservative and Labour Party, I will most likely vote against the UK joining the EU unless the UK become:
      1- part of the Schengen Area
      2-gives up the £ and accepts the € as its currency
      3- seeks no exception to the application of EU’s legislation.
      The UK never implemented the Social Chapter in full for example, it has never been a good partner never mind who was in government whatever anything good came by the EU the party in government took credit for example: holiday pay, increased maternity leave provision, minimum wage.
      Plus UK’s governments always blamed the EU for their shortcomings regarding the UK’s immigration system that had nothing whatsoever to do with the EU.
      Hence, the UK rejoining the EU? Somehow I don’t think so. Did I appreciate the vociferous Labour members demanding a People’s Vote? No I didn’t and I don’t. Thanks to them we have a hard Brexit, have they allow Corbyn to lead, yes the UK will have leave the EU but remain in the Custom Union and would have remained very much aligned to the EU. Since, the UK has a hard Brexit and implementing with gusto policies that are abhorrent to most EU citizens, somehow I don’t think the rest of us want you back and it only takes one member state to vote against the UK joining the EU for the UK to fail in its pretension to join.
      I can see France, Spain, Portugal and Italy voting against it. The Germans and the Eastern block will vote in favour but to not avail.

      1. I would expect the electorates response to a second ‘deal’ to be as well understood as the first one – however, the media will drop the fun farage idiocy and get in line.

  14. You’ve used THAT argument before as nauseam and had it shredded.

    Try coming up with something else. Something where you’ll have me bang to rights; just like everyone else on here has you bang to rights.

    Until then, shut your cave, bore.

    1. ” attempting to rewrite history”

      History happens BEFORE it is written stevieh. And fyi, written history tends to have an agenda, usually whatever the ruling class wish it to be (and we all know the RC is terrified of the danger that Jeremy Corbyn presents to them).

      Yesterday I read an article in the Morning Star pointing out the reasons NOT to form a new party, today the opposite.

      EXCITING Times – and Starmer is nowhere to be seen (self-isolating with Klaus Schwab?). He is the debris that history arranges itself to clean.

      1. Now Johnson is isolating because somebody in his family has Covid……Maybe a distant cousin that he’s not seen for ten years. What with Starmer running scared and getting Covid for the umpteenth time we’ve got the PM playing possum because his lying methods have been found out.

        What times are these when ALL the leaders of the main political parties are lying racist scumbags, and the only decent human leader we’ve seen in recent years was destroyed for being, well a decent human being.

        So to all those arse wipes that voted for Johnson and did their bit to stop Corbyn, this is on you. Own it.

        And to the Chief Turd Polisher on here…..Please ignore me, because I sure as hell will ignore you.

      2. KISS
        The Peace and Justice project has Wolfie Smith written all over it
        The Socialist Party reduces the argument down to its constituent parts, those who believe in progressive and inclusive politics and the Tories
        If your not a Socialist then you are voting for Foodbanks, Starving Children and the destruction of the NHS
        Then and this is the biggest challenge, you accept JC as the spiritual leader but elect the next generation to do the dirty work and lead the party into the future

      3. Doug – I have my doubts that people will fall for the old ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ trick.

      4. qwertboi – So you’re a quack philosopher now as well as a quack scientist.

      5. nellyskelly – If that was the case then how stupid are you for responding.

      6. Awww, this from The SB Serial Stalker! No reason to be here just to Stalk people and call them Petty Childish Names!
        Has Mother had Tea yet NormanSteveH!? You know she will only shout if you’re late!

      7. stevieh – “So you’re a quack philosopher now as well as a quack scientist.”

        What’s a quack philosopher, stevieh.? (I always distrust charlatans who (mis-)use words like that for the dismissive reasons you seem to). FWIW practical inteligence IS a simple ability to meaningfully apply a thought-process ‘the scientific method’) – and – of course – at the heart of it is discovering or “knowing” what I/you/whomsover do(es) not know . Since you seem incapable of admitting what you do not know (but are absolutely certain of the conclusions you seek to prove), I suspect the “scientific method’ is maybe beyond your abilities SteveH

      8. SteveH
        You havn’t met the Iron Fist yet, point is the velvet glove works, The Socialist Party could hit the ground running
        More money and members than New New Labour

      9. “Who are you trying to impress, yourself?”

        No point. I already know most of my strengths and weaknesses 😄

    1. No surprise that load of bollocks is in the murdoch times, and hidden behind a paywall.

      Meanwhile, shai masot walks around as free as a bird – when he should be doing bird…

    2. @baz2001

      Whilst the fear of hot war is real (will we nuclear weapons used again in anger?), no one seems to be thinking of the possibility of economic war.

      What happens if the Russians decide to turn if the energy supplies to Europe? China will take all they have. Why put up with western grief?

      After events this week have ended in failure, it is a foregone conclusion that there will be events to come. The Russians have neither confirmed or denied that they may use Cuba and or Venezuela. This has already provoked a fiesty reaction from Washington (not so funny now it’s on your own door step too, is it?)

      Maybe Russia will gift weaponry to Iran and or China?

      Maybe we’ll see yet another war in the soil if Europe?

      We’re certainly living in interesting times…

      Stay safe all

      1. Everyone could be in danger if things escalate, all the way to nuclear war. And these ‘chicken hawk’ New Labour clowns are busily beating their war drums.

        It’s all a game to Labour’s right-wing. Their bring it on’ bellicosity reminds me what I so detested about New Labour.

      2. NVLA…..Economic war is already being waged by the US and UK against Russia, China, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Syria, Iran, Yemen and now Chile.

        In the form of sanctions mostly, but quite often in the theft of currency that is being held in US and UK banks on behalf of these other Countries. The UK alone has confiscated over £1.8bn of Venezuelan gold, because they do not approve of the democratically elected Venezuelan Govt.

        Yeah, and don’t forget it was the Bank of England who initially funded the Nazi Party by handing over Czechoslovakian gold before the start of WW2, and US banks bankrolled Hitler for quite a while too.

        Mind you if they play hard ball too much with China all China has to do is dump all their US dollars and the US would be destroyed. The War is already on.

    3. I see from Jeremy’s contribution to this afternoon’s debate that he was true to form.

  15. The Nightmare of a Luntzspeak Troll is a Luntzspeak Troll!

    Q: So SteveH Tell us some winning qualities of This Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM.
    A: “under Corbyn in Nov19 when the membership was 430.359.”
    Q: SteveH Do you think that Blue Keef and his Starmerstuppen could take The Neo-Labour Party TORIES to victory?
    A: “I have no idea, but I’ve got you worried enough for you to trail along behind me.”
    Q: What have The Neo-Labour Party TORIES DONE not PROMISED TO DO for The PEOPLE?
    A: “how many of the remaining membership still support Jeremy Corbyn?”
    Q: SteveH you seem to answer a lot of Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM questions by Talking about Jeremy Corbyn, do you mean to say you have nothing in two years that can stand up to the greatness of Jeremy Corbyn that you literally have to belittle a Politician long moved on with his life to make The Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM almost as good as the dust on his shoes?
    A: “You’re being silly, I thought you had more sense than to make ridiculous claims that you can’t substantiate.”
    Q: You seem to mention Jeremy Corbyn as the main cause of UK Labour Party Not winning the GE2019, You never mention The 24/7 Sabotage, Smearing, Undermining, Conniving, Lying, etc by The Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM, MSM, MSSM, International Governments, is there any reason for that?
    A: Oh dear, how sad is that? I hadn’t appreciated that you were chasing likes to boost your ego.
    Q: Okay? So so you keep talking about Jeremy Corbyn, would it not be a better strategy to start talking about the People Leading the Neo-Labour Party TORY SCUM and telling people what GOOD the DO and SAY, DO!
    A: I’m simply pointing out that most of the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ have left the party and the few remaining simply don’t have the numbers to have much influence within the party. You can bleat from beyond the next field all you like but it won’t make any difference. Why you are still obsessing about the Labour Party when you left it over two decades ago and have done SFA to contribute to the party since, even in the Corbyn years. You’re a joke.

    PS. The Misery of being a Luntzspeak Troll, Sometime SteveH fills me with Gratitude!

    1. nellyskelly -What was the point of that nonsense, am I supposed to be impressed by your cut and paste skills.
      I’m quite happy to stand by all of my comments in the context that they were made.

      1. OH! BOY! *Hand gesture and Aeroplane Sound going over head*

        PS. I doubt very much anyone here does anything to impress you, Neo-Labour TORY SCUM!

      2. nellyskelly – ‘*Hand gesture and Aeroplane Sound going over head”

        That sums you up

      3. My gods and fairies is there anything from popular culture that you do understand?
        I’ve got it! You were a PE TA under a Rock in the Middle of The Football Field! Yes, must be it in fact I am sure you were born there also, probably still live there!

    1. Good Grief! Thank you for the link Elaine Jacobs. I’m devastated by it.

      Leo Cassarani at Swiss Cottage and Phil Maxwell at a Liverppool CLP are being disgarded in exactly the same manner by the sociopathic wing currently running the party. The ‘new management’ is showing itself as inadequate for Labour in three important ways:

      i) ‘my way or no way’ (as old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra used to sing), and
      ii) closing down the inevitable ‘variety of free-opinions’ that a dynamic, respectful democracy will naturally engender, and
      iii) heavy-handed top-down authoriarianism.

      I genuinely believe that whereas in 2018 Labour got more than 42% of all votes acrosa the London Boroughs, in 2022 it will do well to get 22%. Starmer’s blue labourism is actively distrusted by most left liberals and all democratic socialists.

      I hope a ‘new party’ is not even attempted until London shows Starmer how much it despises his WEF-endorsed ‘patriotic’ politics.

      1. oooops, I’m mixing up me sinatra songbook “My Way” and “All or Nothing At All”, don’t think there is a song called “my way or no way” – although it coulda/shoulda beeen written for neoliberal politicians like Osborne, Starmer, Cameron and Blair.

      2. quertboi……I prefer the “road to hell” reminds me of being stuck on the Queen Elizabeth bridge M25from sat afternoon till late evening just to make a living going in circles on the M25….much like Starmers Labour part except they are going bankrupt..See Rayner knows were her loyaltys lie bemoaning the Queen having to mourn whilst the Torys party in drowning street.What about the hundreds of thousands of elderly that were left outside the care homes in the pouring rain and not allowed to hold the hand of a dying loved one.The Catholic priest that demanded to give the last rites to my brother and was locked out…What about that deputy dawg raynure…what about the working-class you are supposed to represent not the family of molesters and perverts…Her Royal bloody Highness…..vomit the cap in hand hypocrisy of the Labour party.

      3. I hope some of the deselected cllrs will stand as independents. I’ve instructed my Camden proxy to vote ONLY for left-wingers, of whatever stripe or none. Failing that, she may spoil my vote with a message yet to be decided!

    2. So sad Elaine, I left 10 seconds after the Neo-Liberal Lump of Wood was elected Leader, I think I knew what was coming.
      And Labour members’ say is being gradually eroded, choice denied by excluding Left Wing councillors, ignoring resolutions, ignoring Conference, the only Left Wing Red Line left is if they omit Left Wing MPs from the next GE Parliamentary shortlists?
      The Right Wing Labour Lightweights (without an original idea in their heads?) seem to think they are the political adults and Labour members are the political children, to be seen (leafleting and canvassing) but definitely not heard!
      I predict they will be excluded then there may be a rush of Left MPs to become the nucleus of a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party, but could be bad news guys you may have to accept the average workers wage of £39k?

  16. Oh Dear, working class Gary Neville just said Labour should not be for it’s Left but the centre.
    The Right in Labour are poorly read, frightened of being radical and paternalistically, top down, take the power for themselves – the great little and big men and women of history (?) keeping the working class in their place, managing capitalism for the rich and powerful and giving nothing but crumbs when Gary working people create the wealth and make societies work and we want the fecking table!
    So as things stand in Trilateral Commission member Starmer’s Right Wing Labour he could go far?
    But at the moment sadly he ain’t no Red Devil?
    Guess his best hope is to read a few Left Wing books?
    Need a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party to crush Lightweight Right Wing Labour mediocrity!
    And some of us are on the case.

  17. My CLP has lost 1/3 of its members which doesn’t include those in areas

    1. I believe that my former CLP lost at least 20% of its members. I believe the current CLP Secretary is the only person that has the hard data to quantify this tho’ and the party admin monitors them very closely..

      I wish there was a wikileaks-type resource being maintained nationally so that conscientous CLP Secs/ membership officials could collate local number changes and feed them into a whistleblower site which gave us an accurate(ish) big picture of the Starmer-shrinkage that we all know is hap[pening.

      1. The new accounts will let the cat out of the bag, if they ever get to be made public.

  18. In my union branch about half the Labour Party members have left and apart from a couple of Right Wingers most of the remaining Labour members (Lefties) say “They are just about clinging on by their fingertips!”
    Oh re the BBC and Tory freeze of the TV License (Tory rank and file think it’s anti-Tory) so to try to save Boris they are giving them some meat!
    Whilst I agree with John Pilger that they are perhaps the most subtle Establishment propagandists, perhaps Left Wing Democratic Socialists would:
    Scrap the TV Licence.
    Govt pay them £3.7b or so annually but quid pro quo:
    Turn the BBC into a Cooperative, one household, one vote and we elect regional and National boards plus the DG and CEO.
    BBC,Tory Party – Power & Democracy to Citizens!

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