Branch chair Gulab Miah joins exodus from Labour in disgust at Starmer-Evans factional war

Newham CLP officers quitting Labour in protest at war on members and democracy

Last week Skwawkbox reported the resignation of both constituency Labour party (CLP) chairs in the London borough of Newham – both East and West Ham – and the departure of the Newham branch chair, from both their roles and their party membership in protest at the leadership’s naked factional war on party members and their democratic rights and the Islamophobia rampant among the Labour right.

East Ham chair Tahir Mirza warned that more local party officers and members would quickly be leaving the party in their own expression of disgust at the anti-left obsession and contempt for justice of the Labour right and its placeman at the head of Labour. And now, Boleyn ward chair Gulab Miah has also confirmed his resignation from the party after a year of him and his colleagues being hounded by the Starmer regime and its eggers-on over unsubstantiated complaints that the Met Police had already investigated and dismissed:

Miah points out that the beneficiaries of the suspension have been – surprise – right-wingers getting a walk-through in council selections, a situation that has betrayed Newham’s people.

Who will be the next to go as the actions of Starmer and his henchman expose the hollow shell that they have made of the Labour party?

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  1. Normaly members leaving the Labour party is not worth a comment because the majority have left the Labour party.Maybe an article on those who keep feeding the monster would be more newsworthy… “Two branch members awoke in the mtg and left,or the meeting was held in a pub as a stiff drink was needed to read a proclamation from above.Four branch members left the door open and more inebriated joined the “party” ….maybe a message from the chairman on how to remove a gag,or when in a hole stop digging and climb out.

  2. It is devastating for people like Gulab to be forced out of the party they have served and supported for years. He and others like him have provided the party with hundreds if not thousands of hours of unpaid work. They are the people who knock on doors at election time , who speak from the heart to the electorate and convince them to go out and put their X against Labour party candidates.
    The personal hurt and upset Keir Starmer has caused lifelong Labour members cannot be underestimated. Neither can the damage he has also done to the party. Without the support of Gulab and all the other activists Starmer has expelled, suspended or alienated Labour has no chance whatsoever of getting into government. Starmer knows this but then of course that is the object of the exercise – he has sold us out.

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