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Excl: ‘disgusted’ Labour councillors, members write to Starmer to demand apology for ‘Scum’ article

And turn up in person to see if we believe you, says letter – and promise never to engage with ‘this rag’ again

Labour members and the entire ‘Labour group’ of councillors in West Lancashire have written to Keir Starmer to demand a public apology for his ‘disgusting’ decision to write a column in the S*n last weekend – and for the ‘absolute contempt’ he has shown toward the people of the region and in particular the victims, survivors and families of the ninety-seven victims unlawfully killed in the Hillsborough disaster.

The letter, signed by the executive of the local Labour party and by all the council’s Labour councillors, warns Starmer that his betrayal of his 2020 leadership campaign promise not to engage with the Murdoch rag has created a severe ‘trust issue’.

And they demand that he turn up in person to deliver his ‘instant and public apology’ at the iconic St George’s Hall in Liverpool, so they can decide whether to believe him:

The letter also shoots down any excuse that Starmer might not have understood the disgust his actions would cause in the area.

The letter is ‘cc’d’ to Starmer’s sidekick David Evans, as well as to the area’s Labour MP and both the metro and city mayors of Liverpool. City mayor Joanne Anderson and metro mayor Steve Rotheram have both been criticised for a less than full-throated condemnation of Starmer’s behaviour, while Cooper’s Twitter feed makes no mention of it at all.

Labour group leader Ian Moran said:

This is the first time I’ve ever publicly criticised Keir Starmer or any leader of my party, but this is an awful error of judgment and it’s hard to see what he thinks he’s gaining by it. The S*n has an awful record and not just against the people of this area, but Hillsborough is a matter very close to our hearts and there’s no justifying what he’s done. He needs to have a close look at his advisers who’ve presumably told him it was a good idea to turn one of Labour’s biggest strongholds against him.

Labour MP Ian Byrne has already publicly said that he considers Starmer unfit for any leadership role in the labour movement, let alone as leader of the Labour party.


  1. These councillors will now be purged, you wait and see. They should, along with Labour MPs in Liverpool, should have instantly resigned and become Independents as sitting councillors and MPs.

    1. I don’t agree Grey Swans. Why should people who hold true Labour values resign. Starmer is the cuckoo in the nest and he is the one who should go.

      1. Isn’t it AMAZING the amount of times the first poster in a thread just happens to be someone who is criticising people for what they’ve done, or what they haven’t done, or SHOULD have done! And they’re off the mark so quickly….. in THIS case in the space of FOUR minutes – ie about the amount of time you would need to read the article and compose and type out a comment and post it IF you saw the notification of the new article IMMEDIATELY the moment it arrived in your mail box!

        I mean it’s happened literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times!!

      2. Criticising people/politicians on the left, that is. Obviously I wasn’t referring to Starmer and the Blairites.

    2. Labour group leader Ian Moran, “it’s hard to see what he thinks he’s gaining by it”

      I’m afraid it’s not hard at all. He is appealing to the knuckle draggers who read the Sun. The type of people who respond to right wing rhetoric without being bothered or concerned enough to scrutinise with any degree of curiosity what’s being put before them. As long as he ticks the correct boxes in their narrow minds, he will get their votes. Blair did exactly the same. This is what happens when you have a large proportion of politically illiterate electorate.

  2. An apology implies remorse- he is judged by his actions- he has none bar is own selfish interests and the minority hegemony of the Labour party.

  3. What did he say in the article? It’s already clear he’s not going to win the next election so his only hope is that the Tories lose it very badly and he goes into coalition with the LibDems. Personally, I don’t see that happening either. He is either following a strategy to win the election after next or he’s trying to destroy the party. I only hope that MPs self preservation kicks in and they dump him quick.

    1. “Win the election after next….”

      Spot on lundiel- exactly what the Labour Right did to the party in the ‘eighties with Michael Foot, and the “longest suicide note in history”.

      Thing was, it took until 1997 until the weary British public gave-up on the Tories and let the shameful successor to John Smith have a go at the wheel.

      Nothing they do is new. They’ve been around the block more times than some of us have had hot dinners, and even when their startegy and tactics are poor, the billionaires’ MSM covers their malice and their incompetence.

      Class enemies.

      1. I often think about left-wing lions from the past. And now this. It is deeply saddening.

      2. Weariness, that’s a bullseye. It does happen. It can’t be ignored and the right have certainly included it into their armoury.

    2. Lundiel, a lot of Labour MPs have reached the age of retirement or are over 60 years of age. They can afford to lose their seats, get the very generous pension, plus on year MP’s salary as redundancy. Hence, I don’t believe they are bother with keeping their seats,
      The main objective for the majority of the PLP is to stamp the left out of the Labour Party, rather than to win an election. In this respect Starmer is doing an excellent job.
      As to the youngest MPs? They will follow the example of Ruth Kelly or Tristan Hunt and find alternative lucrative jobs.
      I am afraid, that I don’t see the majority of the PLP with the necessary appetite to challenge Starmer for the leadership.
      Still the SCG should try to persuade enough MPs to back and alternative candidate to Starmer asap.

    3. Good post. Max could win for reasons I have mentioned elsewhere but he is facing attacks from the right. Tapeworms must gorge to live. Who have the mirandists got lined up?

  4. As expected – Not a peep from those you wouldn’t expect a peep from. 😒

    They’re not remotely arsed. Remember that next time they turn the taps on. And remember it when they don’t. Don’t forget it, and never let them forget it..

  5. These councillors should be resigning from the pretend “Labour” party, not wasting paper writing wordy letters to a Tory who has naturally linked himself to a sack of shit Tory rag. In fact, let’s turn the whole thing on its head and ask, why are they still linked to a sack of shit political party?

    It surely can’t be the meagre expenses and allowances that may amount to say, only £50,000 per annum? 🤔

    1. Yesterday, Steve Walker was castigating ‘officials’ for a derisory response to Starmer writing in the Sun (and some who didn’t respond at all), but didn’t name any names. But NOW, today we learn that ‘Labour members and the entire ‘Labour group’ of councillors in West Lancashire have written to Keir Starmer to demand a public apology for his ‘disgusting’ decision to write a column in the S*n last weekend – and for the ‘absolute contempt’ he has shown toward the people of the region and in particular the victims, survivors and families of the ninety-seven victims unlawfully killed in the Hillsborough disaster.’

      But for SOME people, whatEVER they do it’s not enough, and ‘they should be resigning from the Labour Party, and not wasting paper’ etc. No doubt if they DID all resign from the LP, that STILL wouldn’t be enough for the likes of wirral.

      Why don’t you try being positive for once in your life wirral!

      PS In the above article Steve Walker says: ‘…. both the metro and city mayors of Liverpool. City mayor Joanne Anderson and metro mayor Steve Rotheram have both been criticised for a less than full-throated condemnation of Starmer’s behaviour’, AND links to the article he posted yesterday….. in which *HE* criticised them!!, but omitted to mention their names! Yes, if only they’d threatened to have him run out of town should he ever visit Liverpool again, and told him that they wiped their arses with his article! Needless to say, some people don’t pull any punches, and other people are more diplomatic, BUT, that said, I think the vast majority of Liverpudlians would regard Joanne’s response as pretty ‘full-throated:

      In Liverpool we strive for social justice and equality. These values are the product of our experiences and are deeply in contrast to the right wing lies of the S*n. @UKLabour should never work with this paper.

      We are deeply offended. #DontBuyTheSun

      1. Okay, but I’m from Wirral, where “Labour” Council hypocrisy and corruption run very deep and hand in hand. Labour councillors have been known to call in the press for photo ops and double page spreads where they’re seen holding up banners screaming, “Don’t buy the Sun” and they’ve even given Freedom of the Borough to those who died at Hillsborough. Why? They’d tell you it’s because they hold the deepest interests of their constituents very close to their hearts. Whereas I tend to look beneath the veil, and once I’ve done that, may even beg to differ.

        When you analyse their behaviour in depth, as I’ve been doing for the last 10 years or more, you discover you’re dealing with practised hypocrites, abusers and liars. Here on Wirral, they’ve been caught protecting abusive senior officers who’ve spent years e.g. stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds from disabled council tenants’ bank accounts. When they were caught, it was externally investigated. But unlike a police investigation, the culprits were treated with kid gloves. Councillors met to ensure they faced no accountability, were gagged, were paid off six figures in public money and were then given a clean bill of health to take to their next employer.

        And all the while, these councillors are running scared, petrified of putting a foot out of place, losing office and losing the perks, public money payments and the influence associated with their elected roles.

        So they put a great deal of work in the burnishing of their own public image, by door knocking around the early months of the year in the lead up to MAY every four years. The worst ones are the ones who succeed at this game, manage to fob off the voters and hold their seats for decades.

        They also recognise in an instant a reliable story that will bring them votes. And showing the public that they DETEST the excrement smeared rag of a newspaper known as the S*n is a banker every single time. Watch those votes flow in next May if you’ve been very active against the Tory rag. Writing a big long letter and getting it publicised on Skwawkbox is an excellent move. People will remember you for that and before you know it, your tenure and all the trappings have been extended long into the future. Another four years? Job done.

        I’m a cynic. A practised and devoted one. Why? Because so, so many times I’ve had my very worst fears confirmed about the very people who appear to be sharing the same platform I’m perched on. Twats…!

      2. So what’s your answer? Because I see nothing in this wordy response using your own words.

        This is all these so called socialist do write and make a few noises and then SILENCE. Do they ever reso=ign ever demonstrate that they have had enought of membership daily being chucked out the x-leader removed from the party. The car crash and stupid games to keep EVANS I could go on and on but FFS what will it take for ACTION NOT USELESS WORDS!

        I am tired or seeing words, motions and every other mealy mouthed effort apart from the one that will actually do something walk you demand a chance if it doesn’t happen you leave publicly and followed by the next and so on this slow death of socialism with wimps and scared little people are NOT socialists just wearing the badge with none of the fire and conviction it deserves.

      3. Just came across the following – by chance – whilst doing a search:

        ‘Corbyn says he is ‘with’ Lab MP who says Starmer not fit to be leader over Sun article’

        And it mentions a few other people in the article who have criticised Starmer for writing in the Sun.

        PS Yes Wirral, and no doubt JC only said as much for cynical reasons and to further his own career etc, eh?!! I mean it’s ALL over the MSM! NOT!!!

        Yeah, DG, you never see any point in anyone saying anything! Oh, right, but yur obviously not familiar with the concept of speaking your mind and showing solidarity! Hows about you starting a world revolution instead of endlessly repeating your negative shite on skwawkbox over and over and over again! I don’t believe I’ve heard you say/post anything else! EVER!!!

  6. Writing for the Sun is bad enough but Starmer has behaved much worse than that. He assisted in the political destruction of Jeremy Corbyn on behalf of a foreign State. He was assisted in his wrecking operation by some who claim to be Socialists. In doing so they scuppered the best chance we have had for a long time of having a Socialist government.

    1. How so Jack? Could you remind me of the ‘wrecking operation’ you refer to. Cheers

  7. I wonder if Evans help us and the knight have thought about expelling the whole county of Lancashire or just restrict it to Scousers for being Scousers.This is heating up nicely and hopefully they will feel the fires of wrath spreading down to London.and will make the knight a laughing stock when he scurrys round the HOC hiding.I would like to see the rebellion spread and who would have thought that the scum comic would inflame enough for a rebellion against the dictator.from councillors and mps….I am sure that my relatives in Leyland,preston and speke and even Ireland will be relieved to see some movement forwards against this scum from Surrey ..Maybe he should suspend Rayner for attacking the scum….Standing in solidarity can unite the whole working-class movement against Starmer if we spread the message of resistance to all comrades under one banner Starmer out..!

    1. Lot’s of secret doors in the panelling of the mother of Parliament. They lead to dark soundproofed rooms. Starmer knows where to go if he feels besieged.

  8. Time for every Labour CLP to ask all its members to sign a similar letter. He has shown contempt for Labour values and hence for every member.

  9. Keir Starmer has also made it clear that he intends to do nothing to eliminate the threat posed to our survival by nuclear weapons.

    Please show your support for Britain joining the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons using the link below:

    Thank you.

  10. This Corrupt Blairite and Brownie has went ahead and wrote his piece for a Known to be Awful Paper who if there is no story against the subject there Hacks will make one up this excuse of a paper has no moral compass no integrity and no Class Like every MotherFuc*** who writes for them this includes the Disgraced Labour Leader and the Majority of the Front and Back Benches, the NEC, and Their Allies in the House of Lords, Starmer did what he did because He could the Left are Shitting their collective pants while hundreds of their Comrades are being Purged for no other reason than Supporting the Disadvantaged and the Labour LEFT like all Bullies Starmer and his Facist Right will run like fuck when the Left Finally Fight Back the Damage done to the Labour Party since the Best Leader we’ve had since Clem ably aided by a proper Keir a certain Mr Hardie, We the Labour Grassroots and The Left of the Party as a Unit cannot believe a Word this Corrupt Leader says, He was instrumental in the Judas like Betrayal of Jeremy along with Kinnock Watson Philips et al and cost us the PEOPLE of GB A Labour Government, so don’t ask for explanations of this Corrupt Paranoid Liar SACK HIM AND ALL ASSOCIATED WITH HIM.

    1. Could you elaborate peej as to how Starmer and Co could be sacked? Cheers

      And WHO exactly is asking him for explanations? Did you not read the article OR the headline to the article? They are demanding that he apologise to the people of Liverpool for the Sun article.

      PS Have you ever posted a comment on this site in which you AREN’T discrediting the left one way or the other peej, cos if you HAVE, I must have missed it!

    2. Peej, you are free to write what you want. I ask of you and everyone two favours as a black man. Firstly, please look up the history of the MF word and secondly please desist from using it. Regards.

  11. i’m so impressed by ‘call me tony’ as he has taken the role of martyr in shielding the enemies of the party from accusations that he has been so tastelessly associated with. struggling to give the poor and needy the best legal advice and support reveals his selfless commitment to truth, selflessness and socialist values. stepping inside to appoint his apprentice poster boy and flak bearer in the struggle is an example of his selflessness. Justice and Freedom arbeit macht Reich.

  12. I cannot envisage Starmer ever issuing a public apology at St George Hall.
    Starmer and Evans are thinking that these principled Labour Cllrs will carry on standing under the Labour banner and people will carry on voting Labour, regardless. Who else are they going to vote?
    Perhaps it is time to turn the tables on Starmer and these and other socialist Cllrs, if not suspended from the Labour Party first ( a real possibility) should wait just a couple of days before purdah sets in and stand as Independent Labour Cllrs and let Starmer’s Labour Party in tatters unable to file official Labour candidates.
    If suspended well before they are due to be re-elected to resign from the Party and declare themselves as Independent Labour candidates and stand against Official Labour candidates and retain their seats.

    1. Left wing MPS are unlikely to create a *Real Labour” Party but, just as Independent Councillors magically became UKIP overnight, left wing councillors could become “Real Labour” overnight. By setting up such a Party they would have a great advantage – the large number of Labour members who left after Corbyn. A new Party could make membership fee distribution fairer with a larger share going to “Real Labour” CLPs. Labour CLPs must be extremely short of members to support candidates in local elections.

    2. Sir Keir has shown that he is a a man without integrity & would do or say anything to gain power & you would believe the sincerity of any apology? He is a man without principles & can no longer remain leader of the Labour Party.

  13. CLPs up and down the country will be submitting motions condemning this and the damage it has done to Labour
    Be interesting to see if Evan declares that it is “not competent business for CLPs to discuss” along with threats of suspension.

    1. Iamcrafwford, the best way to predict future behaviour is past behaviour. Hence, more than likely these motions would be considered not competent business too.

  14. Don’t understand why CLPs aren’t demanding open selection in response to Starmer’s conference electoral college moves, and his raising of the MP trigger ballot threshold without consultation?

    Starmer promised to “democratise candidate selection” in the 2020 leadership hustings, in response to RLB’s backing for open selection. By not holding him to it, CLPs are giving every impression of enjoying being crapped on by Starmer and Evans. It’s an absurd situation too, many of the current PLP MPs were parachuted in Blairites, who had no connection to the areas they represent, and CLPs were coerced back then into adopting them, local objections ignored.

    1. Andy CLP’s are demanding Open Selections. The problem is that the Starmer’s Labour follows the rules when it is convenient to them and ignore and rewrite the rules when inconvenient.
      A motion in favour of Open Selections was defeated at Labour Conference 2018. Hence, CLPs cannot submit motions in favour of Open Selection again until three more Conferences have passed.
      CLP’s could submit motion backing Open Selection next year. However, we know that this year most Trade Unions voted in favour of moving the need for a trigger ballot for a third of a CLP’s branch, to the old 50% of a CLP’s branch.
      Hence, not a chance of Labour Conference next year backing Open Selections.
      Corbyn lost the bottle in 20018 when Unite was willing to back Open Selections by backtracking and offering a compromise to move from 50% to a third of branches.
      Corbyn should have been by far less coy and go ahead and support the demands of CLP’s rather than trying to appease a PLP that in large numbers were plotting against him.

  15. Though to him they are mere backward cranks
    the socialist folk of West Lancs
    have told dullard Starmer
    that would-be world charmer
    to put people before merchant banks

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