Starmer personal ratings lower than Corbyn’s were at same point in leadership

Keir Starmer’s personal approval ratings are lower than Jeremy Corbyn’s were at the same time in his leadership, despite the vicious mass press assault Corbyn had to endure throughout – and despite the attempts of Starmer’s supporters to portray their man as somehow turning the party around (no matter how long his streak of appalling by-election and local election results continues).

Corbyn, of course, was subjected to an unprecedented stream of smears, bile and vitriol the whole time he was leader, while Starmer – despite (or rather because of) his determination not to actually oppose or stand for anything and his war on party members and democracy – has had the softest of kid glove treatments.

And Starmer is (in title at least) opposing the worst Tory leader in history, a man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of our people, combined with the worst economic performance in the pandemic of the developed world. A man beset by troubles and derision as his own habitual lies come out one by one to bite him in his saggy, privileged backside.

Yet Starmer is two points behind Corbyn’s rating, as the @leftiestats account has pointed out:

This latest reality-bomb explodes just as Labour’s mirage of higher Westminster voting intention than the Tories starts to evaporate in the heat of the public’s realisation that Starmer was unable to best the blond buffoon in PMQs last week despite having every tactical advantage – and of course Starmer’s continual failure to actually stand for anything or against anything the Tories are doing.

It appears that the public has a far more instinctive warmth toward actual integrity and vision, despite media lies and bias, than toward a pale imitation of the Tories that have blighted this country for more than a decade. Who’d ever have guessed?

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      1. I whould be more impressed by our favourite Starmer & Even’s sock puppet if he whould just brazen it out!

        Just like his masters they instead run away and the public can spot a cowardly liar too, hence the rating…

      2. Or amusing himself while watching young goats frolic…😙🎶

      3. Have you checked out the latest poll results in the Sunday’s Mirror

        “A poll for the Mirror found that 42% of people would back Labour’s Keir Starmer and Rachel Reeves on the economy over 36% who back Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak…
        …”Crucially, the findings by Deltapoll also show that Labour has a stronger reputation for economic competence than the Tories in seats which Mr Johnson gained at the last election.

        “The results also put Mr Starmer ahead of the Prime Minister on leadership, with the Labour leader getting a +4 approval rating compared with Mr Johnson’s -4.

        “It means that the Conservatives are substantially behind Labour on both leadership and the economy – with no party ever going on to win a general election from that position.

        “The poll gave Labour a 10-point lead over the Tories, one point up from the previous poll to 42%, suggesting the Opposition’s lead is holding for the time being.
        Promoted Stories

  1. Can you imagine how much stronger this net disapproval would be if the MSM did the job they’re supposed to.

    Ten Principles renaged on and no principled Opposition to the most extreme Government since Peterloo.

    Starmer’s flailing leadership is, well, failing. The British electorate don’t trust him.

  2. The MSM have started (again) to write about the
    fact that the Russians (ie Putin and his oligarch
    mates) are funding the Tories ..

    There is a stench of dirty money slurping through the
    London Money Markets – the ill-gotten gains of Putin
    and his thieving mates. Both Corbyn and McDonald
    wanted this tackled – in the first place by voting in the
    Magnitsky Act – as the USA had done and then by
    properly enacting it . .

    Further, the Russian opposition-in-exile recommended it
    since this punished the right people and Putin
    could not use it as propaganda. The Russian
    opposition claimed this was far more effective
    than military means. Putin and his mates are quite
    happy to create chaos while it does not hurt their

    The US have found that the links between the
    UK Establishment and Dirty Money are impeding
    their attempts to penalise Putin.

    So why has Starmer not made the most of this? Instead
    he goes on and on about piling more troops and tanks ..

    1. Don’t fall for the Magnitsky Act and anti Russian propaganda. The idea that the British and US ruling classes are supporters of democracy and opponents of corruption is laughable. the first Cold War was based on lies- and almost led to nuclear war. the second, which you are promoting here, is even more dangerous. Don’t fall for the lies.

      1. What lies? Putin does not even pretend to be socialist
        and has admitted that he has none off the principles supposedly
        held by the rulers of the Soviet Union.

        Corruption is endemic in Russia now – at least in the old days
        it only amounted to the odd dacha – but now it has meant
        millions robbed from the Russian public as the strongest fought
        each other over the spoils after the Soviet Union broke up.

        At least too in the old days – a vote would get rid of such as
        Putin – but now nothing can get rid.

    2. Two things Holby:

      1 – Anti-Russian propaganda is rife atm. Looks like American neoliberal ‘deep state’ power base* stil has a use for its old “cold war” enemy. Ukraine, ‘dirty money’, hacking and security, there are many hooks that the PtB use to air their strategic (neocon) dirty washing. In the main, Russia stories are rarely what the MSM claim them to be and usually serve a propagandist objective.

      2 – Dirty Money is massive and cancerous to our fragile FPTP-costained democracy and – in general terms – on it I would only trust OpenDemocracy

      *The people who murdered JFK, gave us 9/11, Ebola/AIDS and few other virus stories, the war on terrorism and their covid nonsense.

  3. “But…But…But CORBYN WAS WORSE! AND KEIR “WROTE FOR A SOCIALIST MAGAZINE” seventy-three years ago!

  4. This needs weighting somewhat as the MSM was brutal to Corbyn and kind to Starmer, so I think that these ratings flatter Starmer too much.

  5. I hope that this is OK with Steve but this article is one all socialists need to understand. Behind the media in 2019 was the Establishment, including the government and the Security Services and behind them all was the USA Democrats as well as Trump’s Republicans. This is what “foreign interference” in elections really looks like

    “…The best defense… (is a good offense): the takedown of Corbyn
    For all the talk of foreign interference in domestic politics, Graphika has weaponized its reporting in attempts to change public discourse around the world. In 2019, the anti-imperialist, pacifistic, NATO-skeptical Jeremy Corbyn was on the verge of becoming prime minister of the United Kingdom. Corbyn – who wanted to ditch nuclear weapons, radically raise taxes on the wealthy, pursue a path of dialogue with other nations, and establish a system of 21st-century socialism at home – represented a mortal threat to establishment interests.

    “With the help of the Integrity Initiative, there was a coordinated government-intelligence-media effort to destroy Corbyn, with claims that he was a secret Russian spy. The Atlantic Council described him as “the Kremlin’s Trojan horse.” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed that the U.S. was trying its “level best” to prevent a Corbyn victory. Meanwhile, a British Army general warned that if Corbyn’s Labour Party won the election, the military would stage a coup.

    “But Corbyn’s team had an ace up their sleeve. Just days before the election, it released 451 pages of documents of negotiations between Conservative government members and American corporations, showing that the Tories were in negotiations to sell off Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) to foreign interests. The revelation threatened to sink Boris Johnson.

    “Thankfully for Johnson, Graphika sprang into action, with Nimmo immediately announcing that the documents “closely resemble…a known Russian operation.” Within days, Graphika produced a long report insinuating that Corbyn was – wittingly or not – part of a Kremlin campaign.

    “At no point did anyone challenge the veracity of Corbyn’s documents. Nimmo and Graphika’s words, however, allowed the media to spin the story against Corbyn, so the national narrative shifted from “Tories selling off our precious NHS” to “Corbyn working with Russians to push propaganda,” thereby helping to torpedo the latter’s October Surprise and ensure years more of Conservative rule. In the cold light of 2022, the Johnson administration is indeed carrying out its plan to privatize the country’s healthcare system….”

    1. “the media to spin the story against Corbyn, so the
      national narrative shifted from “Tories selling off our
      precious NHS” to “Corbyn working with Russians to
      push propaganda,”

      I don’t remembers this in particular – but it would hardly
      have held water – since as everyone – including Corbyn – knew
      the Russians contributed to the Tories. It was Corbyn who wanted
      the Oligarchs to be punished after the Salisbury poisonings.
      Instead – nothing was done of any significance except chucking
      a few diplomats out .. and they used it again against the leader
      of the Opposition.Corbyn also condemned human rights
      violations in Russia

      1. The Russian people or the government never paid money to the conservative and unionist party.Stop feeding the anti socialist propoganda although I know you are sincere and mean well Holby fmmw

    2. Special thanks for the link bevin. You are correct. The article resonates. ‘Know your enemy’ indeed.

  6. Bevan yes the rich and powerful often regurgitate tried and tested dark propaganda from the past but perhaps fine tune it for the modern era.
    And it could be argued this was the Zioviev letter mark 2, then the Panorama hatchet job (?) (exposed by the brilliant Jewish Dissident) mark 3.
    Best to try to anticipate and go on the political attack to expose the Right Wing undemocratic barbarians and their lies?
    And our counter narrative should crush theirs!
    Excellent points & solidarity!

  7. The most alarming figure here is the 31% “Don’t know/Neither”. 31% of people polled don’t even have an opinion about Starmer – is he perhaps the human equivalent of beige?

    1. “The most alarming figure here is the 31% “Don’t know/Neither”..”

      Do you think it might have something to do with the man’s lack of vision, commitment and integrity? Even with MSM obfuscation, the ‘man on the street’ seems to sense that Sir Keir Rodney is a slippery charachter.

      1. Oh, I absolutely agree. No vision, no authority, no charisma. I was just being flippant, that 31% of people polled haven’t figured that out yet, even after 2 years of extreme beige.


    Portugal’s PM Costa stuns with majority win in snap election
    LISBON, Jan 30 (Reuters) – Defying all odds, Portugal’s centre-left Socialists won an outright parliamentary majority in Sunday’s snap general election, securing a strong new mandate for Prime Minister Antonio Costa, a champion of balanced public accounts.
    The result, boosted by a higher than expected turnout despite the coronavirus pandemic, comes as a surprise after the Socialists had lost most of their advantage in recent opinion polls, and means Portugal will have a stable government to oversee the application of EU pandemic recovery funds.

    The vote was called in November after Costa’s hard-left former Communist and Left Bloc allies joined the right in striking down his minority government’s budget.
    The two far left parties paid the price, losing more than a half of their seats, according to exit polls.

    1. …And here he is, posting another total irrelevance.

      FFS Skwawkbox, how long are we meant to put up with his irksome, repetitive shite?

      1. Toffee – In the context of the proposals on these pages to start a new ‘socialist party’ I would argue that the results I have linked to above are relevant.

        “Defying all odds, Portugal’s centre-left Socialists won an outright parliamentary majority in Sunday’s snap general election,Costa’s hard-left former Communist and Left Bloc allies joined the right in striking down his minority government’s budget.
        The two far left parties paid the price, losing more than a half of their seats, according to exit polls.”

    2. Seriously are you comparing the fascist Labour party with socialists elections?.You are a absolute brainwashed imbecile.Steve H Hall centrist Dad.

      1. Joseph – Well what else can we expect from Right Wing Labour member SH on this Left Wing website?

  9. Those of you who did not see yesterday’s Observer missed out on a real treat: 5 pages of Wes Streeting.
    And here’s an absolute gem concerning Tory defector MP Christian Wakeford:

    “I am not at all put out by the things he has said in the past.”

    He then slips into absolute fantasy:

    “We’re winning the argument.”

    And then he welcomed Labour’s big drop in membership that has seen it slide towards bankruptcy.

    1. You know how bad things are for Labour when Wesley is crowned the Golden Boy….

      As for the Observer/Guardian…..They seem to have disappeared so far up Starmer’s rear end they can see his teeth.

    2. Tony – In Labour internally read: “We’re trying to crush all socialist argument” (?)

  10. A Socialist party with JC, Unions, members and supporters could easily win 50 seats at first go and hold balance of power
    The next GE will be a free for all

  11. Joseph – I know that it wasn’t the Russian govt. who gave money
    to the UDA, UVF – it was right wingers such as the Apartheid
    regime in South Africa and others. I know too that in the case of
    the solicitor who was murdered (Finucane?) by the DUP paras –
    the UK Govt have been accused of complicity. Other cases too ..

    There was a BBC program – very interesting – all about Northern
    Ireland and the various militant groups. The Daily Mail had many
    column inches featuring early programs which focussed
    on the IRA and pictures of its leaders (allegedly) handling bombs
    – completely ignoring the later programs which concerned
    the other side. The programs also featured the complicity
    of the UK Govt in illegal activities and the aid of various armed
    paramilitary factions in providing money and arms for UDA/UVF –
    all of which were ignored by the Daily Mail.

    1. Bombing the ‘Irish Beatles’ – who ordered their murder?
      A court has awarded £1.5 million in compensation to survivors of a terrorist attack in Northern Ireland that involved collusion between British soldiers and paramilitary forces. But those responsible for controlling the ‘Miami Showband’ killers have still not been held accountable.
      ANNE CADWALLADER – 12 January 2022

      1. Unpleasant, but irrelevant. Corbyn never supported the IRA or defended its tactics, and neither does anyone on this board.

      2. kenburch – Thanks for your input. nut I didn’t even mention Corbyn. The relevance is that I was responding to HFM’s post above.

  12. tbh I think you could spin those numbers either way and , though for different reasons, I think neither man is a leader.

  13. kenburch – I don’t follow your reasoning. SteveH was referring to
    collusion between British Forces aka the British Govt and
    UVF paramilitaries where there is now an admission of guilt.

    The article mentioned another case – currently unsolved where
    collusion is also involved. It was particularly ghastly – even in
    the context of Terrorist killings

    SteveH was referring back to my own post about terrorist groups
    and in particular the accusation of collusion between – effectively –
    the British Govt and UVF. He never mentioned the IRA or Corbyn!

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