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Jewish Chronicle pays damages and apologises in open court to Wadsworth for smears

Rag admits claims were ‘entirely untrue’ and pays compensation as well as Wadsworth’s legal costs

Big winner: Marc Wadsworth

Black left campaigner, journalist, broadcaster, author and lecturer, Marc Wadsworth, has won his libel claim against the publisher of The Jewish Chronicle.

Wadsworth, who founded the Black-led Anti-Racist Alliance in 1991, Europe’s largest movement of its kind, and is the editor of citizen journalism website,, brought his complaint in relation to an article published in the 12 March 2021 edition of The Jewish Chronicle, a version of which was also published on the newspaper’s website from 15 March 2021.

According to Wadsworth, this is the fifteenth time in five years that the paper has had to retract or correct misinformation about him.

The article, whose print edition included a prominent photograph of Mr Wadsworth taken in 2016, falsely alleged that he was involved with a group of Labour members, including individuals said to have been suspended or expelled from the party, in an initiative to track down Jewish Labour activists at their private addresses in order to ‘take care of’ them – that is, to intimidate, threaten or harass them into silence. It was alleged that Mr Wadsworth had spoken at a launch event for the group.

In fact, and as the Jewish Chronicle has now fully acknowledged, the allegations were entirely untrue. Mr Wadsworth had never been involved in or supported the appalling activities alleged by the article. Nor had he been a member of or involved with the group to which the article referred, or attended its launch event.

In a ‘Statement in Open Court’, read out today in the High Court before Mrs Justice Collins Rice, Jewish Chronicle Media Limited acknowledged through its solicitor that its allegations about Mr Wadsworth were entirely false, and apologised for them.

The Statement also recorded that an apology to Mr Wadsworth had already been published both in the print edition of The Jewish Chronicle and on is website, and that the publisher had agreed to pay him substantial compensation for libel, in addition to his legal costs.

Wadsworth said:

I was deeply distressed that The Jewish Chronicle did not check its facts or contact me before its article was written. Instead, it chose to publish serious and unfounded allegations, linking me with potential criminality, which go to the heart of my reputation as a journalist and long-standing campaigner against racism.

I am pleased that the publisher has now apologised for these libels and agreed to set the record straight, and in turn that I am now able to draw a line under this matter.

He was represented in his action by Carter-Ruck.

This episode is just the latest in a long line of flagrant libels by the Jewish Chronicle, which has had to make similar payments and apologies to Liverpool Pensioner Audrey White for a ‘litany of lies’ against her in no fewer than four separate articles, to Labour member Nada al-Sanjari and to a Palestinian aid charity. The paper was also slammed by IPSO – a rare event for the press-run ‘regulator’ – for its shoddy conduct toward Ms White and its failure to cooperate with IPSO’s investigation into her complaints.

In spite of these appalling journalistic standards, the right-wing rag has seemed to enjoy a hotline to the Labour right, putting out news of suspensions that only Labour could have leaked, before even the victim knew about it.

Labour’s war on members continues. Despite a financial crisis driven by plummeting membership that it is blaming for its plan to make ninety staff redundant, Labour is recruiting 30-50 ‘investigators’ on a temporary contract to pursue members and this week it proscribed four activist groups, expelling around a thousand further members.

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  1. Marc Wadsworth, i could not be happier!!! What super brilliant news at the end of a puzzling day!!!

  2. Truth will out. But that paper has form and is a repeat offender, with an endless supply of hushmoney. Paper has been so many slaps on wrist, that now might be the time to sanction it heavily as they do not seem willing to change their ways.

    1. Taking action like Marc is effective rather than waiting for others to sanction etc. Others would prattle on “keep heads down” or he would be attacked even though he had already been attacked and continued being attacked. Where was the solidarity from him? We need more Marc Wordsworth and NONE of those who continually whine but offer no solutions. Nice words and whining achieves nothing. They never have. They never will. Marc sued despite the tiresome doom-mongers. He was attacked; expelled got NO PRACTICAL SUPPORT not even a phone call from “friends” of FOUR DECADES… not four weeks.

      He took action. Marc won!!!

      1. ‘He took action’. So did OTHER people PRIOR to Marc, but THAT didn’t stop the JC propagandists from further character assassination jobs on other people, did it.

        So who were the ‘hostile presenters’ (to Jeremy) who you claimed were surprised that Jeremy hadn’t taken legal action against any of the people that called him an anti-semite? You never DID tell me, although you said that you would. Mind you, it didn’t make sense to me that you didn’t just tell me THEN. Were you lying through your teeth again?

      2. Allan Howard – My mouse hovered over your account avatar and it revealed that you are posting using the account of someone registered as ‘malcolm colemann’.
        Which one are you?

        I may be mistaken (maybe others can remember) but I seem to remember that in the past you have been critical of others for ‘hiding’ behind user names.

    2. Is THAT really the best you can come up with so to try and discredit me?! As you WELL know – given that you monitor the site all day long every single day and read every single post – timfrom brought it up on one occasion so as to try and discredit me – and I explained to him that it was a joke name that a former girlfriend used to call me.

      As for being critical of others for ‘hiding’ behind user-names, YES, you ARE mistaken, and YOU know it. What *I* have said of course is that I have no doubt what-so-ever that the paid shills who post on this site have one or more secondary ‘personas’,

      So the guy who stalks me all the time just happened to hover his mouse over my account avatar for the first time! Yeah, sure you did Steve!!

      1. Allan – Thanks for the explanation. If I had noticed before then I would have said something before.
        I don’t need to discredit you, you do that yourself every day

  3. Some v good news. However, expulsions content apace. Do we have figures for numbers of expulsion, members leaving and new members.

    1. alexanderscottish, i’ve never focused on those numbers. large numbers are useless if they include large numbers of adults who say the most ridiculous stuff that we should not listen to other informative media. I could not believe the seriousness with which such immature silo nonsense was pursued. no wonder presenting and defending our views are so poor. We had over half a million chanting oh jeremy corbyn! the largest party in europe. how r we doing now. crowds r nice; but they r betrayed without SUSTAINED courage like Marc. They r betrayed when they were called “f****** amateurs” when they acted with obvious sense to neuter Tom Watson. The whole country was betrayed by even attempting to offer the said Watson a peerage. To date Watson has not said a good word on the radio about Jeremy or the “Left”.

      We need mote Marcs. We need what Dawn Butler had today, though i’m ver disappointed with her in other things. Getting tired now so can’t remember if she caved in to the BOD, but to day she was full gold star with bells and whistles on.

      That delivery is a definitive example of what has impact. What’s missing as with Jeremy is “FOLLOW THROUGH”. Brilliant then, poof vanish. What exactly r they doing? i expect back to bunkers. Were i Dawn i would have been on every single radio program recommended b4, but ONLY those. A presenter with opposing views is not a problem, but not those who don’t give people a chance to speak eg the appalling one trick pony Whale, devious Ferrara, brow beating O’Brian, and Narwaz. The only decent presenters are Mike Graham Iain Dale, and Denise Hedley, Eamon Holmes was good too and of course George Galloway and Ken Livingstone were excellent, I doubt i missed an episode of Ken or George even when abroad!
      Which reminds me, wonder what the bunker bottom feeders think of Ken being on LBC for years at one time with David Mellor if i remember correctly. Or George who was on Talksport b4 he transferred to Talkradio. “The Mother of All Talk Shows” was a must listen… except for determined bunker bottom feeders who i suspect gobble up BBC TV politics and learn nothing.

      1. People have an absolute right to distrust the disciples Of the self. The growth of egos can be seen bulging out òf any radio. I don’t listen to any MSM and we definitely don’t listen to anything from the bubble. You are all welcome to bask in the glow from Covent Garden, and Shaftsbury avenue. We are coming down from Yorkshire to save you. But bear, this in mind we have black puddings and we will be swinging with attitude. How is the world’s top clubbers new toy doing?

      2. singpost, I can confirm that Dawn Butler didn’t cave on the BoD demands. She and Richard Burgon were the only ones standing firm when all the rest of the candidates standing for Leader and Deputy Leader including Long-Bailey cave in.

      3. Maria, thanks 4 info💐✅ Initially i was extremely impressed on hearing Butler years ago. Can’t remember now what turned me off. Can’t stand the chummy giggling and chummy laughter. McDonnell, Gardner & Thornberry all do it. Cringe cringe cringe. That seeps of desperation to be “loved by them”. She was BRILLIANT yesterday. Everyone, except a one trick wannabe shock-jock whale.

        Glad Burgon did not cave in. I campaigned 4 him. Intensely disappointed by his silence & absence since then.

        Oddly Jeremy does not giggle and laugh at nothing.✅🌟, yet his visitation after SIX years was near extremely excellent on LBC! Dale said feedback was ALL glowing. BTW many of the presenters even the wannabe shock jock Whale, said Jeremy used to be always on and great. Maybe his “friends” discouraged his appearances. No memory of him until the leadership election! But his long overdue appearance on LBC, was tremendous! he enjoyed it! obvious and he said so. Clearly he is head and shoulders above ALL others in Parliament STILL re substance; by a LONG margin. And even in presentation, when with his adoring audience and with Dale.

        Why he succumbs to pathetically dreadful immature bunker advice of the blinkered ostrich victim brigade of inevitable doom is a tragedy. They obviously pressured him to stay away from the general public and be like a timorous victim. A tragedy. More tragic every day; EVEN by a few ADULTS on What type of adult, discourages others to block eyes and ears to all sources of info??? Exactly what cultist preach and domestic abusers. Also BOD and CAA do the very opposite. They monitor ALL media 24/7; ALL art exhibitions and events which they CLAIM are against them i.e. exposing Apartheid they support in Palestine. They record secretly, private meetings eg Chris Williamson. They also DELIBERATELY intimidate by shoving recorders and note books in faces. Nasty VILE unelected unrepresentative TOTALLY POLITICISED people. By no stretch of the imagination, do they represent even a small minority of Jewish people. Those who deplore their nastiness suffer wicked attacks. Many like Naomi turn up despite attacks. I tuned in to hear her rebut lies. She was rudely cut off by Vanessa Feltz on BBC LONDON. Naomi is still glorious, not whining and whimpering. We need more Naomis and Marcs.

        BUT the BOD and CAA have the sense to gather intelligence. Turn up and defend the indefensible. BASIC common-sense. What do we have? Despite Marc’s victory and a BOY ytdy winning £100,000.00 against Robinson / Lennon we have adults infecting readers that we must hide and stick our heads in a bunker… A D U L T S … with genuine zero idea that their words only encourages surrender and hopelessness.

        But ytdy Dawn Butler was the definition of laser like, concise, courageous speaking up. No bluster or fiery antics. That’s why her words had such impact
        I’m super glad that not everyone is clinging to the utter limpness of speaking only to those with whom we already agree; and the bizarre illogical obsession about being attacked by attackers always attacking.

    2. apologies alexanderscottish, was multitasking and v tired ytdy. EXPULSION numbers are EXTREMELY important. They r a barometer of injustice and corruption by Starmer and ALL his coup collaborators.

      I often mention two thousand suspended and expelled. Jack T and Chris Williamson may know up to date figures. McDonell, Thornberry, Gardner, Watson, Jeremy and others, have a DUTY to know.
      Lets see if they post on this excellent ALTERNATIVE i.e. “Left” source of information MADE FOR US, “Solidarity” for them🌹🌹🌹

      Re: New member figures; We knew what we had b4 Jeremy stepped down. Any new ones; how do we know their intention? Will they sit quietly until they succumb to the line of hopelessness, tow it feverishly and entangle many of us with them to drag down to the bottom of the whining victim bunker and if that is not enough, shove our heads in the silt of inevitable self propelled doom

  4. The power is in the membership and now they know it.They will risk bankruptcy rather than cooperate.They as seperate members of a ideological Opposition to the working-class movement and they will sacrifice anyone,including members ,employees,MPs the country.Everything has a price and nothing other than the mission has any value.Withdraw your subs is the least you can do to fight back against the establishment system.Walk away and deal with the cancer of the enemy of Socialism and the working-class movement.Times running out for our socialist mps ,not many months left now before a general election and Labour party oblivion.Sit and wait,preach to the converted but get off your backsides and organise for a new working-class Labour party and the membership will flock in as they did before under jeremy Corbyn.Show some guts and determination socialist mps and finish this Zombie Labour party for all of us socialists waiting ?

  5. Centrist Dad Steve H Hall claiming that the missing millions were under Corbyn.This lie being pushed through by the right wing will become fact very soon if it isnt repudiated very quickly by the left.Remember how the lie of finincial incompetence and squandering of taxpayers money was pinned on a Labour government and It stuck and became truth.Behind the scenes not enough is being done to find out more about the missing millions and were the loot went?The right wing know and they are carefully placing the ball in Corbyns and the lefts court.We are now entering the quite season for news and its a perfect time for perpetuating a lie to nail the left.

    1. Joseph, It would be good if Unite for example as the largest contributor of funds to the Labour Party reports this matter to the pertinent official body to be investigated as a possible fraud.
      You appear to know your way around finance, is what I am proposing a possible course of action in the UK?

      1. Maria Vazquez….I am not particularly well educated,but was brought up in Business family tradition…Sort of irish nose for good investment outside of the establishment City system.I think your suggestion is excellent and possible after the election.IT will give Beckett somthing to get his teeth into because he owes the knight for his suspension and more.I have chased crooks in Business all my life and crooks in local government and have good knowledge of how the city works.This millions lost cannot be allowed even without a fightback.They are so full of themselves at HQ that they have become increasingly arrogant and slapdash.They might just have made a serious mistake….we shall see and I am sure that Steve walker might at somtime bring it up with Beckett.I am sure that we can all contact unite regarding the disappearance of members money over a matter of urgency.Unions have a duty as a caretaker of members funds and so must look at the mess that the Labour party are in.No bailing out and verification of all answers from these people who have siphoned or squandered a massive pot in a matter of months not years ago.

    2. Joseph – [SteveH] claiming that the missing millions were under Corbyn.
      If you are referring to me then you are telling lies again.

  6. What I find particularly galling is the amount of times Stephen Pollard appears on the BBC not just to give his opinion on news stories but frequently on moral issues.

  7. Gosh! An allegation failing the evidence test. Again.

    Not before smearing those falsely accused, which was the whole point of such cynical behaviours.

    One wonders how many thousands of similar baseless allegations are about to go out via correspondence based on guesswork and malign spiteful political sectarianism.

    Allegations which arbitrarily remove rights of others, whether it’s Party membership, someone’s job, deplatforming or straightforward libel because others won’t kow tow to a subjective reality defying narrative imposed by management clones who think and delude themselves it’s “progressive.”

    1. I worry it’s too late trying to engage with the Public about anything other than the Latest iPhone/Galaxy S, The Latest Amazon Must Have Crap, £1000.00s Birthday Presents/Christmases, So Called Celebrity TV, the Soaps or Anything Written, Aired, Viewed on the MSM and MSSM!
      The Public are Zombified MSM Sheeple. The Public are Ill-Informed, Slaves to Things, Uneducated in Truth and Fact, Uninterested in Change! They only wake up to the world around them when their Fluff Bubbles of relative comfort are popped and they land with a thud next to the rest of us already Down, Out and Wide Awake!
      The frightening thing is that we have been doing this same thing since written records began, we have not learnt or moved one step closer to throwing off the Shackles of The Few! We just keep getting up in misery, commuting in misery, clocking in in misery, get treated like shit in misery, clock out in misery, commute in misery, family time in misery, go to bed in misery, Repeat for 40 to 80 years!

  8. Wadsworth and his lawyer accepted the allegations against the Labour in Exile Network as true. His defence was, not me guv, I wasn’t there.

    1. Good point. The whole thing has an air of the ridiculous about it. The only group mad enough to engage in “taking care” of their political opponents is Sussex friends of Israel. It all sounds like a silly schoolboy fantasy.

      1. Wadsworth’s case depended on the JC allegations against LIEM being accepted as true, that it was a libel to suggest that he had been associated with a group involved in such things.

      2. Doug, keep it simple.
        deceitfully named chronicle of hate and lies; hate and lied as they always lie and hate. They hate Marc Wadsworth and attacked him as the attack all decent people.

        Marc ignored the don’t do, can’t do, keep heads down brigade fertilising victimhood round the clock. Marc ignored frauds and sincerely timid alike. He spoke up, stood up, was attacked, defended himself against ALL the odds and won. A teenager similarly lied against by Ashley Lennon aka Tommy Robinson; also like Marc, did not run away
        whimpering. He too sued and ALSO won damages plus costs of at least one hundred thousand pounds. (£100,000.00). A teenager WITHOUT office.

        Learn from Marc, that teenager, Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka, Raheem Sterling, Jadon Sancho, Andy Murray, ALL the Olympic competitors, of Lewis Hamilton, and Gareth Southgate to name a few of many who ignore defeatist bunkered doom-mongers who claim or lie that nothing can be done.

        Also ALL who start their contributions with “i’m not educated but…”, “or i’m only a … but”. Without fail every single person i’ve heard open like that, have been sound in logic, bursting with evidence, persuasive and not once claimed to be “smart”.

    2. Arwyn, I am not sure that repeating the allegations in Court is the same as accepting the allegations against Labour in Exile network are true.
      Since Marc Wadsworth isn’t a member of Labour in Exile, his legal team did the right thing by stating that Marc has never been a member of the group. Wadsworth’s legal team cannot possibly know as to whatever the allegations against the other left group are true or no.
      They needed to repeat the allegations in order to gain compensation for Wadsworth, they needed to inform the Court of the serious nature of the allegations that involved their client in criminal activity.
      It is up to members of Labour in Exile Network to take the Jewish Chronicle to court if what the Jewish Chronicle was publishing against Labour in Exile Network is vile defamation.
      I am not a member of Labour in Exile Network but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that as a group they aren’t involved or promoting this sort of action. Hence, most likely another smear against decent people from the Jewish Chronicle.

  9. The whole thing is utterly ridiculous. If anyone were approached by a person/group with the intent to “take care” of political opponents, I for one would be screaming undercover police. That grown men were arguing about this nonsense in court beggars belief.

    1. Skwawky is not the only one who has posted the JC allegations against LIEN without as much as mentioning that they totally refute these. As part of the Marc Wadsworth victory story it has gone right across the left social media.

      1. Arwyn, if Labour in Exile Network’s memberes start a crownfunding to take the Jewish Chronicle to Court for defamation, I will happily contribute.
        I cannot speak for other readers, but nothing in this article lead me to believe that the Skwawkbox believes the allegations against Labour in Exile Network are accurate.
        However, I agree with you that the Skwawkbox should ensure that it is crystal clear that the Jewish Chronicle appears to be defaming not only Marc Wadsworth but Labour in Exile Network members.

  10. BRAVO! MARC!
    Let this be a lesson to all of us! If you were accused by ANY of the Zionist Scumbags of Manufactured Antisemitism, you stand a good chance of winning your case! Many people lost Business, Employment, Friends and Comrades, because of those clowns, if you Can, DO IT!
    The One Thing that really really grated on me the worst of Jeremy’s faults was that he took Council on all things Antisemitism from the Rich Kid “Leftist Zionists” The Jewdas, Momentum, LabourLeft, etc, etc, etc, when he had Perfect Good Jewish Comrades/Friends eager to help with all matters Zionist and Fake Antisemitism! However The So Called “Leftist Zionists” had him under their spell, somehow, and the did not slam the bastard manufacturers and nasty abusers of Antisemitism, right down to ground level from the First moment! He appeased them and in appeasing them he appeased their Masters The Zionist Federation and Once Good Friends and Comrades became Comrades only or worse!
    May The PEOPLE NEVER be fooled by FAKE Antisemitism AGAIN! Not only should they face charges of Libel, but the Court of Law should automatically charge them with Antisemitism! There really can not be any Antisemitism more despicable than abusing our War Dead, for the Zionists’ Political gains and games!

  11. The Jewish Chronicle has announced suspensions from the Labour Party B4 the members knew about it. That should tell you all you need to know about who pulls the strings of the puppet meister. I recently asked my local MP why Jeremy Corbyn was still suspended from the Labour Party & I was told that Corbyn was a man of the past. New New Labour.

  12. Congrtulations to the continually maligned Marc Wadsworth. He deserves every penny. And bravo to the High Court, which will likely find when the time comes that PCR tests are fake. But just look at the death, destruction, misery caused and the lies spread globally in the meantime. Roll on…….

  13. I certainly wouldn’t have “drawn a line under this matter”. Why do people let them off the hook when they’ve won?

    1. So what would you have done NOW lundiel if you were Marc? So as to not let them ‘off the hook’?

      1. Release a statement drawing attention to the number of cases brought, the cost of doing so and the results, highlighting the waste of money and the complete lack of actual evidence or investigation in Chronicle hit pieces. I would then look for interview opportunities where I would counter the ‘safe space for Jews’ narrative with stories about what its like for victims of the Jewish Chronicle. I would use any money I received to take out hard-hitting adverts publicising the innocent victims.

      2. I have seen Marc’s interview with Press TV and he was quite emotional. It turns out the Chronicle named him in 50 articles in the last 5 years. I understand now that he’s gone through hell with these slurs and probably just wants his life back. Unfortunately, the Labour party have a large role to play in Marc’s horrible ordeal.

      3. lundiel
        Agree, when does the regulator get involved and wheres the sanctions
        My guess is like the Electoral Commission they have née teeth
        Skwawky should know as a fellow publisher

      4. Doug – “when does the regulator get involved and wheres the sanctions”.

        Until people accept that “regulators” etc r all APPOINTED by those in government, u r waiting in vain hoping 4 crumbs. I suspect no one has ever said that b4 in any “left” setting.

        The TRUE “left” MUST be in government WITHOUT parasites; to enact what WE want. WE should be doing our best to bring that about. FIRST step – Return ASAP in FULL strength the “loyalty” of the coup plotters. FULL STRENGTH. Give no support to any of them. Look at evidence in PLAIN sight. It’s the only way, DRIVE them out. They will lose. The public realise the trap we r all in. Tossed between Tory bastards A and Tory bastards B. That’s the powerful controlling method of the establishment tools. It only works because of desperation of the many combined with timidity of those they expected to lead with policies offered. There r a handful of excellent true “left” MPs. My GREAT worry is some will be sucked into the defeatist timorous whining bunkers which will make them as impotent as themselves.

        Next time your friends tell you what drinks they would like, or meat or vegan food; put all of that into a communal bowl and pound that together until u can’t tell what it is made of. Set it aside. Let it ferment.

        Beg bastards elsewhere to tell u what they want while bashing u in the face over and over. Add their filthy choices to the communal bowl of your friends. Mush everything together. Mix it all up; meat fish pigs trotters tripe chicken rat dog eggs kale yoghurt lentils beer wine guinness gin strawberries cabbage rhurbarb sprouts rice pudding liquid eggs, mash them into a disgusting confused mush then BEG the bastards to join you and serve with a flourish the illogical mess to “BRING EVERYONE TOGETHER”.

        For the sake of the many, WE must change

      5. White Flag Man. Use every victory against the Jewish Chron to highlight it is a lying untrustworthy rag which smears innocent people. They like dishing it out but they don’t like it up em.

      6. Oh, right. So where would he ‘release’ such a statement lundiel? On his twitter page? On his facebook page? I can’t find his facebook page (assuming he has one anyway), but his twitter page has just under 8,000 followers, who no doubt are mainly people on the left, and are aware that he won his case against the JC. And no doubt the vast majority of them are aware of the previous libel cases AND the JC hit pieces. So what would be the point in releasing such a statement when probably just about everyone who follows him is well aware of the Chronicles form, as no doubt just about everyone who follows skwawkbox is.

        And where exactly would he find these ‘interview opportunities’? It seems HIGHLY unlikely that any of the MSM would do so……. And needless to say – and for the obvious reasons – the MSM has completely blanked the case – ie the lies and falsehoods the JC dissembled about Marc, and the fact that he sued for libel and won. And no doubt if I did a search. I would find that they – the MSM – also completely blanked all the other cases.

        Towards the end of the wikipedia entry on the Jewish Chronicle there’s a section headed ‘Lawsuits and rulings relating to false and inaccurate reporting’ for anyone who’s not aware of the other cases, although I doubt there are many who follow skwawkbox who are not aware of them:

      7. Right, I can’t disagree with THAT Jack. So where have YOU been highlighting the cases – ie the lies and falsehoods regards the libel cases?

        The funny thing IS (not haha) that given the JC itself has to apologise and acknowledge to its readers that what they said was false and untrue, and that they were sued and, as such paid damages, and given that the MSM completely blanks these libel cases, and given that the only news outlets that do report on them are left-wing blogs such as SB and The Canary and Voxpolitical and JVL etc, then the only people who DO get to hear about the libels and the lies are the readers of the JC and readers of left-wing news websites, and the vast majority of the population is oblivious to the fact.

    2. lundiel, i read that line and my heart sank. it perpetuates the conceding attitude. he himself of course is understandably worn out by it. but he should have stuck to the positive encouraging bit of some justice fought for and won. All that drawing lines business is straight out of the confrontation averse bucket…
      “calm things down” even things that r already calm. this is a real rollercoaster. highs followed by instant lows THROUGHOUT the full tenure of Jeremy and to date.

      That’s attitude lundiel; neither intelligence nor knowledge; attitude… culture… baked in and policed by a handful of adults here but r throughout the “left”.

      you spotted it. many won’t. they will just see it as what people say. but language is powerful in the subtext. it reveals our deepest drivers. u can spot the keep head downers, calm downers, inveterate unifiers self deluded as to unify with pigs. totally illogical. not complicated to spot. they r all blind to results. Tories like widdecome michael howard starmer duncan smith etc will use the “draw a line under x or y” ONLY when it suit them. Same with the “BROAD CHURCH”. Despite seeing that over and over, our lot ALWAYS use it to the disadvantage of themselves and us.

  14. Ever since the theatrics at that 2016 event, Marc’s treatment at the hands of the press and LP has been appalling.

    Starmer is going around now claiming he wants to make Labour a ‘safe place’ for Jews again. The very notion there was a time(under Corbyn) where it wasn’t a safe place is offensive and should be completely rejected.

  15. Off topic (only a bit): has John Ware run out of time to sue Jeremy Corbyn?

  16. Good result and on top of the result on the far right lumpen political barbarian too!
    The problem is Labour has never tried to politicise the masses, it just says a little and aims to just about do enough to elect it’s local & national ‘Great Men and Women of History’ and thus (particularly for It’s Right Wing) takes the power for themselves.
    Of course if the masses were politicised they would soon realise they only needed genuine, altruistic, left wing democratic socialists who were there to transform societies WITH them.
    That is our task, there are possibly 500,000 left wing democratic socialist activists in the UK (mainly in Labour) but 100,000 of us have left and sadly they are coming for you in Labour now.
    Within a few years we could be a new political force. Solidarity!

  17. Labour hired a “social media listener”, Israeli spy Assaf Kaplan – he worked for the infamous 8200 cyber unit of the Israeli intelligence services.

    Unsurprisingly then, they now seem to be going big surveillance and OSINT (Open-source intelligence). Hiring people to use tools like twintproject/twint – An advanced Twitter scraping & OSINT tool(available free on GitHub) To dredge through members’ entire tweet histories(dating back years and years) to see if they fall foul of some rule and can thus be expelled. Who’d want to pay into a party and be a member of an organisation that treats you as ‘highly suspect’? The best advice : Get the hell out of this vile outfit.

      1. No and no.

        Don’t use twitter and not a LP member. The point is they are creating a vile accusatory environment.

        To Starmer and RW friends in the PLP the Corbyn left(incl. Marc W) are Labour’s untermensch – those unworthy of position and democratic input.

        Despite their hollow virtue signalling and pretentious finger wagging centring on bogus accusations of antisemitism. Accusations which made for useful attack tools against the left, they, Labour’s RW, are the real purveyors of hateful discrimination against ordinary folk like Marc et al.

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