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Exclusive: new EHRC breach as Labour leaks suspension of Tottenham chair to Jewish Chronicle – and before chair himself knew

Gross breach by party of EHRC requirements for confidentiality and fairness – while demanding suspended members keep silent

The Labour party has again breached the Equality and Human Rights report, this time by leaking the suspension of an elected Labour officer to the hostile media – and it did so before the constituency party (CLP) chair himself knew of the party’s action.

Tottenham chair Nick Rogers was suspended by the party today after Tottenham members defied a ban on free speech to vote no confidence in Keir Starmer and acting general secretary David Evans – and solidarity with former party leader Jeremy Corbyn over his treatment by the leadership.

But while Rogers did not know about his suspension until after 6.30pm this evening, the news was leaked to the right-wing Jewish Chronicle’s Lee Harpin, who tweeted it at 6.20pm:

Harpin, whose ‘litany of lies’ resulted in an apology and compensation to Labour member Audrey White and others without even an attempt to defend its case in court, is frequently the ‘go-to’ of right-wing Labour staff and MPs eager to stoke accusations against the party or target left-wing members, claimed that the ‘chair’s conduct’ had resulted in Jewish members leaving ‘in disgust’.

However, he failed to mention that only two or three Jewish members left – and more Jewish members stayed (including secular and Orthodox Jews and those on the right of the party). He also omitted that Rogers had received messages from members thanking him for the careful and balanced way in which he chaired the meeting – which included making extremely clear at the beginning of the meeting that it was to be conducted civilly and without rancour.

No Jewish members raised any issue during the meeting with the way it was conducted and the debates were held in a friendly and civil manner. The motion to consider the no-confidence motion to be considered passed by 45 votes to 12, with 14 abstentions. The no-confidence motion itself passed by 49-4, with only 5 abstentions. An anti-Islamophobia motion passed by 64-0 and a motion of solidarity with Corbyn by 61-0 – the Chronicle’s article did not even get basic numbers correct.

When Rogers did eventually receive notification from the party of his suspension, he was warned that he must keep silent on the proceedings – but an agent of the Labour party had already breached all confidentiality by leaking it to Harpin.

The recent EHRC report criticises the treatment of members accused or suspended and states that the Labour party has a responsibility to ensure that processes are fair to those accused as much as to accusers – and specifically referred to media pressures as a contributing factor to unfairness in the treatment of members, whom it noted would suffer adverse consequences of suspension:

…those responding to complaints were often treated unfairly.

Administrative suspension can have a significant impact on members. If the GLU applies suspension, the member cannot stand as a candidate in any election or represent the Party in any position…


A complaint was made about a member in May 2016. The member’s suspension happened around four months later, following a press briefing by the Leader of the Opposition’s Office to the media that an administrative suspension was likely.


Two members were administratively suspended many months after the Labour Party received the complaints about them, one in March 2018 and the other in February 2019. This was in apparent response to social media / media interest, without any new evidence becoming available.

The report mentions the need for fairness no fewer than thirty times – a principle clearly breached by leaking information to the media while requiring those suspended to keep everything confidential.

The EHRC report also makes clear that suspended members must be clearly informed as to the reasons for their suspension, yet Rogers has received no detail at all about the reasons for the party’s action against him – but Chronicle hack Harpin received specific quotes from the meeting relating to allegations against the CLP chair.

In spite of the party’s attempt to gag him while leaking information to the hostile press, Nick Rogers has bravely decided to speak out. He told the SKWAWKBOX:

The Jewish Chronicle has completely misrepresented the meeting. It describes ‘ranting’ but there was none, the whole meeting passed in a calm and respectful way, with each contributor putting forward measured and carefully-considered views, including many who don’t often speak at meetings.

There was no ranting or arguing against the EHRC, despite what the paper has claimed. In fact, the only mention of the EHRC in the whole meeting was in the motion of solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn, which referred to it positively, saying it explicitly upheld his right under human rights laws to say what he did about the scale of antisemitism in the Labour party. Everyone was extremely careful about what points they made and how they made them, No one at the meeting, or afterwards, has complained about it at all.

Rogers went on to describe the outrage of local members at the behaviour of the party – and his own outrage at the contempt the party has shown for him and for due process in his case:

Members have contacted me to say how absolutely essential it has been for them to discuss this issue. Most Tottenham members are outraged at the direction the party has taken, especially since Jeremy Corbyn was suspended. Since that suspension was lifted, the party has capitulated to pressure from right-wing MPs to withdraw and withhold the whip.

We have a lot of members saying they’re not sure it’s a party they can continue to support or fight for, even though I and other have been telling them that we have to stay and fight. Allowing them to debate these motions was the only way to hold members together – when we have a leadership behaving in such an irresponsible and draconian way, we have a responsibility to resist that. Constituencies need to stand up and make their voices count.

As for me, I’m going to take this head on and raise a stink about the leak of information about my case, as well as about the leadership using spurious grounds to try to prevent free speech. It’s not going to help me get un-suspended, but we have to make a stand.


Labour’s cherry-picking approach to the EHRC report bears little resemblance to Keir Starmer’s commitment to implement the whole thing. The party’s attack on free speech is a direct contravention of the report’s clear affirmation of the right to comment on the issues it raises – and now Labour staff are also pissing all over the report’s demand for fair and transparent treatment of everyone involved in complaints and suspensions, both complainants and ‘respondents’.

It seems that ‘in full’ means ‘all the parts we can use against the left while we ignore the bits that we don’t like or that might inconvenience us’.

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  1. I honestly think CLP meetings should be recorded now, this will then serve as proof if people like Harpin publish malicious falsehoods.

    1. This was, is and always will be the behaviour of those devoted guard dogs of the status quo that have no respect or value for anyone other than their 1% clique of “High Value Individuals” and “Elite”🚨🚨🚨

    2. There’s always covert recording…Admissible in court despite claims to the contrary.,which%20they%20are%20a%20part.

      How was the recording obtained?
      The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 regulates covert recordings made by public bodies such as
      the police and public authorities. However, there is no law which prohibits a member of the public from
      covertly recording a conversation or a meeting of which they are a part.

      As far as I understand it, had there been a covert recording taken in this instance, the party would NOT be able to use DPA and GDPR as a defence as they’d already ‘breached confidences’ by leaking the information to harpin and the fllthy rag known as the jewish chronicle. Nor could they object to reference(s) or identifiability to any other person(s) present at the meeting under DPA/GDPR.

      Breach of confidence

      To establish a breach of confidence, information must be:

      confidential in nature; imparted in circumstances where confidence would be expected; and
      disclosed in a way that is detrimental to the person imparting the information.

      Whether there has been a breach of confidence will depend on the facts of each case.
      Breach of the DPA and GDPR Under the DPA and GDPR, personal data includes “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person”. Depending on the nature of a covert recording, it may well fall under this definition.

      For individuals, there is an exemption under Article 2 of the GDPR which allows data to be used “in the course of a purely personal or household activity” (because the UK’s DPA works alongside the GDPR, this exemption also applies to the DPA). In such circumstances, where the use has no connection to a professional or commercial activity, the GDPR and DPA do not apply to the recording. However, if an individual discloses such a recording to a third party business, for example, the business itself cannot benefit from the exemption and it will have to comply with the requirements of the GDPR and DPA in relation to the recording.

      So, for example, a company director may record a meeting with a company representative if the director has a dispute with the company – this is because discussing his position as a director is, for him, a “personal activity”. However, the company representative cannot rely on the “personal activity” exemption if they record the meeting with the director on behalf of the company, as they will be acting in their professional capacity.

      Although a symathetic judge with a hankering for a promotion or a seat in the lords (Or a just friend of the greasy polygonal-headed one) might take a different view…

  2. Moshe over has been suspended after briefly being expelled in2017. I assume the JC knew that was imminent too. Machover has decided to ignore the confidentiality rules which are used to gag those accused and to put all information relevant to his suspension into the public domain.

    1. Carlene – Don’t forget that the current disciplinary procedures, that you so rightly castigate, were actually put in place by the previous GenSec.

      1. “Put in place by the previous GenSec” – in response to a mass fake antisemitism scam, the biggest con in recorded history, organised by…. your mates.
        There are a fuck of a lot more than six million victims of this atrocity – which amounted to the rescue of neoliberalism.
        Fuck off and die.

      2. David – Absolutely nothing to do with me. If you check my posts during Jeremy’s tenure you will find that I consistently spoke out against the plots against him.

      3. “Absolutely nothing to do with me” he squealed – but he’d already ‘forgiven’ them by the leadership election and is now 100% behind the traitors.

  3. We wanted the meetings in Wavertree recorded due to allegations. It didn’t happen of course as the new set of luvvies had no intention of being accountable. Then the Chronicle stuff, a disabled pensioner grilled by the Regional officials for a reason that they couldn’t provide.
    This, after the same pensioner had been bullied and abused by Councillors, then the new MP sticking the boot in then the expulsions and suspensions and now, the un-elected officers have closed down the clp. The un-elected Secretary said it was because they didn’t want us suspended, so he did it himself!! 🙂
    Just think Skwarky, if you’d exposed all this stuff here after being provided with all the details about Wavertree over the last few years, then others would have been forewarned. Not much left now to Skwark about now as they’re all just repeat stories.

  4. Looks like Tony told Keith “They’ve got nowhere else to go – rub it in their faces.”
    MAKE somewhere else to go, Jeremy.

    1. David, wh ooriginally came yup with the statement ‘They’ve got nowhere else to go’ ?When the SNP offered Scots somewhere else to go real change came to Scotland,I pity the poor sods who remain Labour and have to put up with this internal politicking BS which seems to be all the Labour right are good for

  5. I have just heard on Facebook from a member of Jewish Voice for Labour. that Moshe Machover born in Israel in 1936 one of the people who started the first socialist party there has been suspended by the Labour Party. Now they are throwing out a man who is 83, Jewish and Israeli born. An academic for goodness sake. No reason yet but I bet it’s ages old and crap.

    1. Yes Caroline, some detail on that link I provided above. He’s going publicwith it.

  6. The cruelty and machinations of the right wing is predictable and a indicator of the moral banckrupcy of a Labour party on the brink of collapse…How much longer do we wait for someone to announce we’ve opened the doors to the redundent CLP office and welcomed the homeless outside in the cold and wet weather….and provided free meals?Go on do something practical and help save lives and shame the hypocritical hierarchy of the Labour party.

    1. How dare you suggest thes things? Are you a bloogy socialist or an anti semite or something. Give us your pass, whoops, card. Tot siens.

  7. IS it any wonder that the Labour party are in a mess when Chinn the isreali fanatic can buy a Labour MP for a couple of thousand pounds.These right wing scum come cheap..,and its not just a few.Nandy 2000,Kinnock a bargain basement at 2000 pounds….they’re so at it and how can it be possible to take money from known scumbags like Chinn and remain in the Labour party.?

      1. Wobbly jack….. Young kinnock,but Iam sure Dad and mum will have had their noses in a fifty quid a go…!Cheap is cheap with these bottom feeders….totsiens. Ek Sal plan mak verstan menhier wobbly?

  8. This is the JC slapping out to the press that the jobs not over. Continue as before. A totally compliant party or destruction. Now, more than ever before, socialists need a nice new home. First they came for activists, then the members etc etc. Stay safe.

  9. I don’t know if anyone else has already posted about this, but here it is anyway:

    The Tories pushed on with its racist deportation flight to Jamaica even after successful legal challenges, reports Jamal Elaheebocus

    The Home Office’s deportation flight to Jamaica went ahead in the early hours of Wednesday morning but with only 13 of the 50 people due to be deported on the flight.

    Human rights lawyers and campaign groups brought several successful cases to the courts, proving that the Home Office’s plans to deport many of those due to be on the flight were illegal. Many of those due to be deported were set to be separated from their children and some were victims of modern slavery, meaning the Home Office was forced to grant them legal reprieve.

    1. ‘We Are The Terrorists’

      We are the terrorists. Saudi Arabia, the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, France and every other nation which has facilitated the horrific mass atrocity in Yemen–this tight globe-spanning power alliance is a terrorist organization the likes of which the world has never seen before. The unfathomably savage and bloodthirsty US empire designating the Houthis as a terrorist organization is the least funny joke that has ever been told.

  10. I think those its also shameful of the Torys to incite hatred against what they describe as “lefty lawyers” especially as they have form on dealing with human rights lawyer s especially in Ireland were killing lawyers and journalists is used as a warning.Fighting the deportation of innocent people is part of what used to be called democracy.Shame on them.

  11. Isn’t the Tottenham incident a clear GDPR breach? A complaint against Labour to Information Commissioner’s office is long overdue, surely. Several incidents now of leaking personal details to the Zionist rag.

  12. And so the mass of evidence piles up , as I said previously , its not Russia , China or even North Korea but the bloody Zionists you need to fear and sadly Labour is utterly rife with them to the point of it not being salvageable.
    It now needs the CLPs who have been suspended etc to unify and make the beginnings of an alternative party within the Zionist run Labour Party If memory servers correctly Starmer outright stated he was a Zionist . There is no point waiting for the chinless wonders of the Left Wing MPs , if they were going to do anything they would have by now .
    This change must come and is starting to come from the grass roots membership . I await the opportunity to join them having out forward a motion of no confidence to our CLP

  13. They are dividing us by attacking individual CLP’s. We need to somehow unite in solidarity nationally with a vote of no confidence and force an election. But don’t allow them to rig it.

  14. The only way I see ahead, is for activists to start a new Labour Party – say a Green-Labour Party, that looks to the future, and stands candidates against ALL Labour Party candidates. Stop the buggers getting their feet under the table once more. Go for the political jugular.

    A new party with proper constitution, power to the members, NO large private donors wishing to direct policy in their own favour, in short a party with scruples. I’d join immediately.

    1. I agree completely Joe and this is the time to do it, it could do a farage from the left (stand leftwing candidates in marginal seats Labour aims to win ) the labour ‘moderates’ are as much political opponents as the tories

      1. Diogenes – lf you are to stand any chance of success you should concentrate on replacing FPTP with PR first

    2. 2 reply in lieu of an edit function sorry Joe!

      As I see it along these lines

      Grassroots driven
      Funded by small donations a la Bernie Sanders
      built with 21st century politics in mind
      what momentum should have developed into

  15. @SteveH I agree upto a point there but in order to introduce PR you need to gain power first.The weakness of neoliberal democracy is that a genuine alternative to shit & shit-lite can really attract people and bring about real change e.g.Scotland

      1. SteveH04/12/2020 AT 12:36 PM

        You’re perpetually telling me (as a non member) that MY voice doesn’t count….But just whose voices counted at the election that followed?

        Where was YOUR vote for the 2nd referendum policy, Mr OMOV Undemocratic Referendum Result?

        And even now you’re clinging onto stammer’s hypocritical shithousery and whining once again, as though it’s the gospel; thinking we’ve forgotten what you’re about.

        You monumental arsewipe. Just fuckoff and take your imbecility with you. Treat people like they’re thick; expect reciprocation WITH INTEREST.


      2. Toffee – I treat people as I find them, and here you are again with yet another childish attack.
        As all you appear to be capable of offering is an endless stream of personal attacks and childish profanities it is difficult to find anything about you that is worthy of any respect. I’m sure that it impresses some but you just come across as a rather tiresome bullying f’wit to me. Given your behaviour it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that I treat you as a bit of a joke.

      3. You’re wrong SteveH. Toffee is a working class socialist from head to toe. In fact a rarity. It’s sniffy, supercilious neoliberalism that has destroyed a decent project. I understand the use of profanity when to all intense and purpose the working class were robbed and continue to be cheated from within. Quislings are an ugly species and when the tapeworms finished- no, they’re never satisfied- their shock troops move on to their next meal, the resulting destruction will be hard to believe. I and others fear the future, don’t you? Regards ☮️

      4. alexanderscottish – I’ll only worry if the likes of you or your mate Toffee ever get to be in charge of anything.

      5. You’re too late. I am in charge of something! Mwaw X

      6. alexanderscottish – In charge of what, your teddy bear?

      7. alexanderscottish – Oh a man of mystery, how intriguing. 🥱

      8. Don’t bother addressing the facts I stated or answering the questions raised, will ya?

        Oh, no. Youd much rather treat people like they’re as fucking dense as you, talk down to everyone, and then play the victim when they get irate enough to tell you what you are.

        You’re an easily stumped shithouse of the lowest order. Vermin.

      9. Toffee- I naturally presumed that given their context as part of your little tantrum that your questions were rhetorical.

      10. Take your natural presumptions and ram them as far as they’ll go, and don’t try to palm us if with your ‘rhetorical’ bollocks.

        You have sold this country down the river to the toerags you claim to be opposed to, yet you staunchly support some twat who has not once voted against them since you shoehorned him in to lead your rotten and corrupt to the core party.

        And still you post on here like your shit don’t drink; with an air of indifference, totally aloof towards the suffering of the poor…Instead you’re perpetually whingeing about the justified criticisms and outright visceral hatred of your darling shithouse who has openly bragged about his support of toerag policy as if it was something to beat his chest about…

        You have fucked the working class over, and you expect we treat you and that (wannabe nobility) ponce with respect and reverence?

        Get. Fucking. Bent. Gobshite.

        May you and your lot burn in hell.

        Fuck you and fuck your cryarsing about my vernacular. Die screaming.

      11. Toffee – You mistake me for someone who cares what a saddo troll like yourself thinks.

      12. HehHehHeh … “saddo?” Toffee’ll be smarting from that one.
        You should give out ointment with barbs like that.

      13. Who told him to think that? Pass the salt cellar.

  16. Having read Moshe’s papers, it is clearly a serious matter that the disciplinary process if the Labour Party is nothing but a joke.
    It is offensive beyond measure, and demonstrates that much done in the supposed name of the party and it’s membership is nothing short of a national political scandal.
    The only reasonable solution is complete democratisation at every level and procedure.
    The bit about GPs and the Samaritans us a total, callous, disgrace.
    Typically rightist.

  17. and of course, they don’t adhere to the rule book, which makes the idea of reclaiming the LP ridiculous. We saw it coming many moons ago. It doesn’t stop socialists campaigning though. Just bypass the LP.
    As for a new Party, then we’re all ears. It could potentially have an immediate mass membership and whose campaigns against poverty could light up the electorate with policies that offer an alternative to never-ending austerity and authoritarianism.

  18. If the Jewish Lobby was not powerful, the Labour Party would not feel the need to repeatedly leak updates on its hardline position.

    Party HQ are not making the slightest pretense of following either the Rules or the law: the left are powerless and struggling to even stay in the party or keep their Twitter accounts open, the situation is that bad.

    Meanwhile the MSM have maintained the same silence as they did over the leaked report.

  19. stevedavidh04/12/2020 AT 11:00 AM
    David – Absolutely nothing to do with me. If you check my posts during Jeremy’s tenure you will find that I consistently spoke out against the plots against him.

    Oh, really? We remember you kept rather quiet about the second referendum shithousery.

    In fact, we remember you were the one shouting loudest about how it was the election winner for labour under Corbyn.

    Being the gobshite you are, you’ll no doubt deny it, as per.

    1. Toffee – Why would I deny it. Jeremy himself has admitted that 70%+ of the party’s membership wanted a second referendum. The electorate losing trust in Corbyn was the real problem, Month after bloody month of Constructive Ambiguity (who dreamt that little Blairite gem up) is what killed JC’s USP. By the time he came off the fence neither side believed him.

      I see that the Red Wall are suffering from buyers remorse.

      1. Where was YOUR vote on the 2nd ref? Went ahead without your go ahead but you stayed quiet about that despite being told if the inevitable and now realised consequences.

        So don’t be pleading innocence or you supported Corbyn and spoke out about the attacks on him because when push came to shove YOU sold the fucking lot of us down the river to shoehorn your useless impotent fuckwitted gobshite into (allegedly) leading the party.

        You’re a piss poor excuse for a LIAR and a worse excuse for a coward.

      2. Toffee – The issues that you’re wrestling with won’t be resolved by projecting your own shortcomings onto others.

      3. Says the runt that persistentlyrefuses to answer any questions or address facts that that he knows will place him in an awkward position …like his ardent – bordering on psychotic – fanatical support of a plastic tory that openly brags about his support for tory policies and who sacks his own MPs if they care oppose tory policies…

        Or the difference between stammerism and toeragism ..

        Now then…What was it you were saying about ‘shortcomings’???


      4. Toffee – I really don’t care about your obsessions, they are your hangups not mine. Some of us are wise enough to know when it is time to stop living in the past and look to the future,

      5. A lot of us have had any hope of a ‘future’ ragged from under our feet by the abject shithousery of you personally, and the rest of the centrist bollockites in YOUR party.

        And YOU complain when I take that personally?! That’s before you try to lord it over me and others with your holier than thou attitude…

        Well rather than tug my forelock in your presence, Id rather set a pack of half starved scabby hounds on you while picking my nose in complete indifference to your agonised screams as you got rendered limb from limb.

        And I don’t give a rat’s ass about what you think of that.


      6. Toffee – It is very sad to see that your post reveals so much more about you than it does about anyone else

      7. Whatever my posts say about me, they at least demonstrate I have honesty and integrity. As I’m not a hypocrite I don’t dear questions. People can rest assured they’ll get a straight answer to a straight question out of me; whereas you refuse to answer anything because you’re terrified of having your hypocrisy exposed for all to see.

        Your posts tell everyone what narcissistic, inconsiderate, cowardly and morally devoid, rat bastards you and your fellow centrist types are.

        I know which category just about everyone I know, and most on here, would prefer to belong to…and it ain’t yours.

        Oh, and I’m not the one having my arse handed to me on just every topic I post on by almost every regular – and most of the irregular – posters on here.


      8. Toffee – ,,,and yet you are the one desperately trying to silence me. What are you afraid of?

    2. Toffee, SteveH has in his capacity of leader, declared us as mates. Comrades surely. See you at Derby next year. I will be the brown, sorry black, bespectacled bloke in a blue wheelchair and heavy walking stick. Tally ho, yoiks and all that.

  20. Checkout this report about our young keir Starmer by Heavey .com. Rachel Labone May the 9th 2020,This is a report my editor friend in Texas sent me and like me is puzzled,he didn’t know of any East Surrey socialist movement and he was the cheif political reporter for the Surrey mirror.He also has not been aware of Sir knight and his family’s private life….what do you think of our leaders mystery conversion to religious belief?

    1. Ps my initial reaction was that it was probably along the same lines as Tony Blair and his mystery conversion to the Catholic faith(basically using them to promote a agenda)I asked Tony Blair at a Meeting for Sussex business at Gatwick airport and he virtually ran away after I asked him wouldnt the ban on Catholics being PM be difficult for him if he did convert . He said and I Ouote “you better ask Cherie about that,she knows more about that”Never got to the bottom of that reply but noticed he started attending mass at Brompton Orratory in Kensington,and his son was quickly enrolled into the Oratory school,but despite being the POSH boys school technically a state school..Funny old game life innit?

      1. Steve H H an extract from the flattering article in anD quote “challenging pre conceptions about anti semitism in Labour ranks Starmer is a convert to Judaism and hes keeping the faith in the family.While starker wasn’t born into the the jewish family,his wifes father is jewish with relatives living in Israel,and they are raising their son and daughter to be observant Jews including regular Shabbat dinner attendance.The times of isreal reports that starmer is a supportor of Zionism” in the sense that he believes in the state of Israel and attends many masorti judaism events.Steve h it goes on to flatter our knight even more but that was in relation to a film comparing him to the character Darcy.!Its late for me stevey boy and I am off to bed otherwise I might end up waving the white flag….merry Christmas to you!and all on here

      2. generally a catholic would appreciate the opportunity to confess sins… in TB’s case however not having a soul wouldn’t be beneficial. Invest in asbestos.

    2. Joseph – The article doesn’t appear to exist, can you post a link please.

      1. Just read the article again 5fast facts you need to know by Rachel Labone may the 19th 310am this is a article that published in New York and hes checked it out and the report is genuine,but shows ignorance of the jewish faith in assuming that the jewish faith is passed down by the father not the mother……r.Everything else seems okay but the young socialist in East Surrey we never came across,I think it must have been a one man band outfit.Sorry about the links,but I don’t know how,its an age thing and failing health,but I am still capable of reading and posting.I also wary of discussion on links?

      2. Joseph –
        “So a few of us with Keir in the forefront, established an Labour Party Young Socialist [LPYS] group.
        The LPYS nationally at that time (1981-3) was run by the Militant, and the first major political introduction we had was to keep our branch independent from them and that was fairly straightforward because Keir was in the non-Militant group from the off.”

        I did find the article but as it seemed to bear so little relationship to the young Keir and the date was different from the one you originally quoted I dismissed it as the wrong one.
        I’ve posted the link below.

      3. PW – Thanks for your kind advise, please read my post at 5:01pm.

      4. Okay steve H two man band,but we never came across the knight and the other guy whilst canvassing in oxted caterham or Reigate and we never saw any w them at mtgs and events in either town or village..Some sort of undercover socialism I suppose and its catching on.

      5. Joseph – It was news to me as well, you prompted me to look it up. I suppose it was an early indication of his get stuck in attitude. Look where he is now.

    3. I believe some 70 CLPs have now passed motions of support with Jeremy Corbyn, as well as many no confidence motions in Keir Starmer and David Evans.

      At least 26 of these CLPs nominated Starmer for the party leadership

      1. This is a reply to SteveHs’ getting stuck in post. The only things getting stuck in are brown envelopes. Its not the Kinnock 2grander either. He is a 60+ grandee.

  21. Yes Steve H it was all much more than weve been told about the knight,but it was aimed at the very large Jewish community in New York and the US.Maybe it was prepping for the launch of the knight on the international stage.Maybe we should be more tolerant of Sir keir being a “convert” ,unfortunately I have as a practising Catholic found converts to be a little “Over the top” and maybe it explains a lot about our knight.Judging from your comments in the past especially about religion steve h I would have believed you would be worried regarding a Zealot being in charge of the Labour party especially if that person has family settled in Israel.So its very unlikely that Starmer the Zealot will be visiting family at Christmas . Ps I have lost track of the pass laws in the UK and also the day now being Saturday morning and the sun 🌞 will be rising soon.ex comrade Steve H

  22. …and, off topic, the leader of Lpool City Council has been arrested, along with a few others. We tried to ask questions about procurement procedures and dodgy deals around 18 mths ago in Wavertree. Curiously they didn’t accuse us of being anti-Semitic on that occasion.
    The clrs didn’t want it discussed ( I can’t think why) so the chair dutifully obliged. ‘Liverpool, Capital of Corruption’. A number of Senior Officers also in the frame I believe,.
    If we make an effort, then the many more shady characters in the LP can be exposed. If you can’t expose corruption from within the LP, you can do it from the outside. Watch this space.

  23. how many Jewish labour members have been suspended from labour since starrmer and evens took over would that alone be classed as A/S to target Jewish members and suspend them because they dont agree with what they are doing because they want to speak out for what they believe in are they going to put the star of david on their clothing

  24. Not before time, potatoclock.

    Been on the cards for a while, that. Peter Kilfoyle (something he can be credited for) has been going on about it for years. Roger Philips and his phone-in is no more, but I wonder how the echo will spin it in potato-head’s favour?

    I’ve never taken to anderson. Another phoney, in my book.

  25. Incidentally, a cursory peek at kilfoyles blog shows no update on today’s events, as yet.

    Mildly surprising, although I guess he has to word his blog more carefully, police investigation in full swing and all..

    Former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has declared that he would be willing to be a witness at a party disciplinary hearing for a ‘Jewish Voice for Labour’ member who was suspended by Labour this week.
    Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, vice-chair of Chingford and Woodford Green Constituency Labour Party (CLP), was suspended alongside chair Gary Lafley after her local party considered a motion ruled “out of order” by the party.

    1. Disgraceful. Naomi has been brilliant and put up with tremendous pressure to speak the truth🌹🌹🌹

  27. “…an early indication of his get stuck in attitude. Look where he is now” said the sycophant, loins moist with adoration and arousal.

      1. You apparently believe you’re debating people who might yet be persuaded.
        You’re dilutional (sic).

      2. David – If you choose to exist in an hermetically sealed bubble that’s your loss not mine. Is it any wonder that you are always looking back to what could have been.

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