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Breaking: Starmer sacks chief of staff as panic takes hold in LOTO

Labour First-backed McSweeney loses chief’s role despite spin

Keir Starmer has removed right-winger Morgan McSweeney – previously of Labour Together and Liz Kendall’s disastrous 2015 leadership campaign – as his chief of staff, as panic sets in about next week’s likely defeat in the Batley and Spen by-election and Starmer’s record-breakingly bad leadership.

In what appears to be an attempt to save face, Starmer’s office is insisting that McSweeney remains his ‘number one adviser’ – but McSweeney has been moved into an ‘election strategy’ role, a laughable admission that Starmer is clinging to the illusion that the disasters in Hartlepool, national local elections, a worst-ever by-election result for the party in Chesham and Amersham this week and polling that isn’t even bothering to circle the plug-hole before diving in.

Starmer has already seen his private healthcare lobbyist ‘comms director’ (can you say ‘BLM is a moment’?) out of the door – and scandalously replaced him with a former party staffer who features in the leaked Labour report welcoming a secret plot to divert party election funds into the ‘Ergon House’ pot for protecting right-wing MPs.

Former Corbyn speechwriter Alex Nunns commented:

Hopefully, the collapse will soon be over, with the ‘coup de grace’ set to be applied soon after the expected implosion in Batley and Spen.

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  1. I’ll only rest when he’s kicked out of the party, along with his creepy mate Petie Mandleson. There’s something funny going on when someone goes from first elected as an MP to leader of the party in five years. Petie and Keithy are part of an international elite whose aim is world government, global neoliberalism and having to earn the right to vote. The fact he got where he is so quickly suggests his backers will do everything they can to keep him in position.

      1. However, if this turns out to be correct he’s lost control already: Senior Labour source responds to changes in LOTO from @Keir_Starmer

        “This is a takeover by Labour First. Starmer’s operation is being taken off him – he’ll be a puppet the Labour right use to now clear the decks”.

  2. Stammers choices of staffers is worse than tess may’s choice of judges to lead inquiries.

    He really is THAT clueless.

  3. It is gratifying to see that creature of the Trilateral Commission’s, Starmer’s , team implode so easily as thoseso-predictable electoral disasters mount up. It’s true the move against Starmer may well be after the gerrymandered annual Conference – with its likely rule changes to entrench again the ‘gate-keeper’ role of the Right wing majority PLP. But even prior to a rule change, with a possible Leadership challenge, it is pure Left fantasy that there is a single Left PLP MP capable of being Leader of such a massively Right Wing majority PLP . The totally dominant PLP Right and their MSM allies would destroy the Leader’s reputation,(and if needs be, the Party) , again, before submitting to another Leftie. Last time , the best the PLP ‘Left ‘ could put up was the gormless Long Bailey FFS ! And the ‘Grassroot’ Left groups led by that manipulative disaster, Jon Lansman, supported that devious liar and turncoat, Angela Raynor, as Deputy !!!

    No, the likelihood is that Starmer will fall, probably quite soon (assuming Batley-Spen is lost) – but be replaced by someone even more to the Right, even more to the taste of that puppetmaster of the entire anti Corbyn campaign, Peter Mandleson , and Blair of course. Someone like Yvette Cooper (probably NOT the extraordinarily stupid, Nandy, or the equally stupid, but unlimitedly over-ambitious, Raynor !) Because the LabourRight are locked in a permanent ideological 1990’s political time-loop – and they seriously believe in the 2020’s masses of voters are keen to try out all that 1990’s Blairite neoliberal privatising ‘third way, hokum yet again. So a change of Leader will not slow Labour’s disastrous ‘PASOK-style’, collapse into electoral oblivion for even a day .

    It’s all over for Labour comrades – it is a dead Parrot of a Party – any signs of apparent life are just the last gassy burps of a decomposing zombie Party corpse . Forget wasting anymore time trying to reanimate that corpse. Time to create a new radical Left Party. If only old Lefties like Jeremy, with a lot of remaining credibility, had any bottle at all to front up such a new initiative. But they won’t – trapped forever in their safe impotent PLP Leftie comfort zone. .

    1. Labour is dead. There is no chance of a crack at the leadership, and even if there was…not one of them is any use. They’ll either buckle or capitulate.

    2. From a purely organisational perspective, it seems incredible that a few weeks before a by-election that could break you, you decide to have a staff clear out. It’s like sacking your lawyer half way through a trial.

      1. Actually, much of what he (it has to be a he) is true, but it is the added flavour of his previous outpourings here that make it unpalatable.

      2. So you have no actual fact-based answer to the points I make , crazed covid denier, Doug . As usual.

      3. So you actually have to grudgingly agree with my analysis of the futility of looking for a new Left PLP leader amongst the craven rabble of the Socialist Campaign Group, John Thatcher ? But being yourself a well known serial poster of utter nonsense and drivel you just feel bad about agreeing with something rational ? I get it , booby. But you are obviously making some progress intellectually. I recommend you read more widely and you’ll make even more progress.

  4. Seems Bercow has joined the Labour party…

    Whilst I’d be inclined to agree with his description of his old party, I see him more as a FibDem. Speaks volumes that he has chosen Labour, stating only Labour can defeat the Tories.

    So, who’s next?

    In other news, there is a tiny piece in the Independent from Mandy. He’s talking shite as usual.

    Does Centrist Dad still believe it’s all to play for?

    1. Bercow is no left winger but he said in the Jewish Chronicle (of all places), 9 September 2019, that

      “I’ve never detected so much as a whiff of antisemitism [from Corbyn].”

      “but I myself have never experienced antisemitism from a member of the Labour party.”

      1. It’s a shame Bercow wouldn’t (I presume) be able to run for Labour leader. I’d vote for him, given the alternatives and he’s got more integrity than the shite that will end up on the ballot paper put together!

  5. Does Centrist Dad still believe it’s all to play for?

    Guess we’ll have to wait n see. Been fairly quiet of late ain’t he? His briefings must be very enduring these days…

      1. Aye. Waiting until he thinks it’s blown over and ‘safe’ to come back with some irrelevant change of subject.

    1. Centrist Dad may have booked into rehab….hes feels the whole worlds against him and has applied for leave due to severe meltdown at HQ..He might need to avoid the demon drink for a while and avoid the cheaper brands of cane and coke whilst sunning themselves in the Caribbean bolt hole.?

  6. Surely there will be dozens of reporters outside Starmer’s house in the morning shouting “Labour’s in meltdown” won’t there?

  7. You forget the Tory party imploded two years ago, the corpse was animated by the brexit party in what some described as a sheep shagging extravaganza

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