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Exclusive: leaked report shows Labour paid general secretary Evans’s old company for it – still owned by Evans’s wife

Evans owned ‘75% or more’ of The Campaign Company. Now his wife does

A leaked report has revealed that the Labour Party has commissioned – and must have paid for – campaign advice from The Campaign Company. The report, ironically, warns Labour that it needs to win a bigger share of left-wing voters.

The Campaign Company belonged to the party’s acting general secretary David Evans – with ‘75% or more’ of its shares and voting rights – until he became acting general secretary last year. ‘75% or more’ of the shares and voting rights are now owned by Evans’s wife Aline:

The leaked report bears a ‘TCC’ logo, with the tagline ‘values first’:

The conclusions of the leaked report – which TCC is unlikely to have compiled free of charge

A visit to The Campaign Company’s website reveals the same logo and tagline, albeit in black and white:

Two weeks ago, Skwawkbox revealed that Labour had awarded a contract for the use of ‘Anonyvoter‘, a much-criticised online voting system, to a company owned by a Croydon councillor with links to Evans through Evans ally and former Croydon Council leader Tony Newman – without a competitive bidding process, according to the councillor who runs the firm.

Croydon Council also gave business to the company when David Evans ran it. Morgan McSweeney, Keir Starmer’s chief of staff, worked for the Campaign Company for some two years, according to Inside Croydon.

The Labour Party has been contacted for comment and to ask whether a competitive process was used in awarding the work to TCC. The Tories were recently found by a court to have acted unlawfully in relation to contracts awarded to their supporters and donors.

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  1. It comes as no surprise to find that New Labour mk2 are as seedy and corrupt as the proper Tory party.

  2. Does rather snooker any attempt to hold the Tories responsible for the Covid contracts scams.

    1. We are Cub Scouts compared to real cheap and nasty Tory party

  3. Bloody he’ll they are squating next door to the council offices.That was probably a strategic move to save writing cheques when cash is handy.Must have been like working next door to your own private bank.Do we know whether Evans or the leader have acess to members money 💰 in terms of authority.?….probably just blag it like all them south London bover boys.and thats basically how the Labour party runs nowadays..

  4. Entwined in this web of corrupt practice is another company with links to David Evans, The Campaign Company. Brick by Brick was given a contract to build housing for Croyden Council, but to date nothing has been built. The company was eventually taken over and run by Croyden Council. The connection with Evans to the now council owned Brick x Brick company, via his relationship with Alison Butler, the deputy leader of the council which has been awarding contracts to TCC –

    An investigation into the non performance of BxB was undertaken by, you guessed it – The Campaign Company,

    “In October 2014, an 18-month council consultation for something called the Fairness Commission was initially awarded by Croydon Council to Quadrant Consultants. Quadrant then subcontracted the £130,912 deal to The Campaign Company –

    Chaired by the Bishop of Croydon, the Fairness Commission duly delivered its report, though it was late and mostly never heard of again. TCC put together the lavish-looking report, which used lots of lovely colour pictures, but had little else by way of substance.

    “It had all the look of a soft contract handed to Evans in return for other ‘services rendered’,” a Katharine Street source suggests.

    “Butler never made any declaration in the councillors’ register of interests over TCC, even though Evans is the father of her daughter from a relationship in the 1990s.

    In one case, however, there is documented proof that Butler knew that council work was being placed with Evans’s company. The council report, from 2016, was “noted” by Butler in her role as cabinet member for homes, regeneration and planning”

    The full tangled web –

  5. There is just so much nepotism, malpractice and political corruption afoot in Starmer’s voided Labour Party, so much for the UK’s MSM! So, where are the journalists?

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