Trickett lobs (metaphorical) grenade into LOTO chaos as Starmer’s office collapses

Hits bullseye of Starmer’s constant blame-dodging over Labour’s abysmal standing and electoral performances

Leading Labour left-winger has lobbed a metaphorical hand-grenade into the utter chaos and collapse of Keir Starmer’s dying ‘leadership’ of the Labour party – targeting Starmer’s craven and Tory-like habit of letting underlings take the blame for his disasters.

Trickett pulled the pin and tweeted:

After ongoing disasters led to Labour’s worst ever by-election result this week, with just 662 Labour votes in Chesham and Amersham, equating to 1.6 – making the catastrophic loss of Hartlepool in last month’s by-election now look like a high point of Starmer’s tenure – Starmer has allowed yet more minions to take the fall, with both his private health lobbyist head of comms and his chief of staff now gone.

Trickett’s barb is so lethal because it is both accurate and utterly scornful of Starmer’s high-handed and remote style of what he passes off as leadership.

Expect a leadership challenge at any moment: the knives were already being sharpened for the impending disaster of Batley and Spen – but that now looks like too long a wait.

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  1. Looks like even dummkopf-schmitt can lead a political party longer than stammer.

    Imagine being worse at your job than he dummkopf?

    At least dummkopf had one thing (half**) right… Calliing stammer: ‘A second-rate lawyer. 🤭

    **Not even tenth rate.

    1. I wonder what happens when it becomes obvious to most people that there is panic in the streets of Westminster, the political establishment is imploding and there is no national leadership in England…

      1. hehe, well, a new covid variant will fly to their rescue, the fatal Epsilon Variant (also called the “bottom-of-the-barrel” variant),

        ….. and we’ll all dutifully go into a socially-distanced, masked lockdown as the powers that be use fear and anxiety to buy themselves a bit more time – and all for a disease that has never had an infection fatality rate higher than that of a bad seasonal ‘flu (about 0.048%) – except to the vulnerable with comorbidities and (therefore) acute vitamin d, magnesium and zinc deficiencies (and probably systemic candida albicans).

    1. Posted on the wrong thread here?
      This one’s about Jon Trickett’s tweet.

      1. Thanks for pointing that out. Do you agree with the article I linked to.

  2. Electoral Reform for party and parliamentary elections – “Difficult not to agree with” ?

    True steveh, very true: democracy and socialism are indivisible when an effective voting method is used, but in’t this thread about a posh boy (well… a very exclusive trilateral commission member) sacking his servants instead of tying to be a competent leader of Labour?

    1. qwertboi – It has obviously escaped your notice that goldbach had already drawn my attention to that a couple of days ago but thanks for being kind enough to highlight my comment further.

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