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Breaking: Labour concedes defeat in Hartlepool by-election

Labour front-bencher says it’s obvious Labour hasn’t ‘got over the line’

The Labour party has just publicly conceded defeat in the Hartlepool by-election – and the result appears not even to be close.

Labour front-bencher Jim McMahon told Sky News that it was clear that Labour had not ‘got over the line’ – and this was with hours to go before the count is completed, so Starmer and his dire imposed candidate appear to have lost by a distance to a party that has driven the needless deaths of 150,000 people and counting.

The admission comes as a disastrous night unfolds for Starmer’s appalling tenure – ‘the bland leading the bland’, as one wag put it – and as locals say that Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham, who unlike Starmer has stood up to the Tories, is set for a ‘landslide’ in his re-election bid.

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  1. Well folks, having stayed up all night I’m delighted Keith Stalin has lost Hartlepool big time to Bojo, a seat Labour won with a majority of the vote in 2017, and snuck in last 2019 due to the Brexit Party taking votes from Labour and the Tories. And, Corbyn was leader. Today, with grown up politics in evidence, very forensic at that, the seat has gone Tory – fuck all to do with Keith though, nothing to do with Keith’s half arsed Brexit policy dumped on the Party, and bugger all to do with the Rightist scum who worked day in, day out to destroy Labour and the Labour brand under Corbyn. No, its all Corbyn’s fault, such is the mountain Keith must climb. I must lament the fact Keith ain’t no Edmond Hillary though!

    On a serious issue, its evidence, if evidence were required, that the UK electorate has no stomach for Centrism, despite all the crap we’ll hear from the usual suspects these coming seven days.

    1. Brexit aside, I can’t help but wonder if Johnson’s popularity is as a consequence of his remarks over the years about letterboxes and watermelon smiles and bumboys etc – ie they think and believe he is one of them:

      I just don’t know, but there has to be something to explain how a serial lier etc can still be so popular:

      Then again, on the other hand, Starmer has got absolutely zero charisma…..

      1. Allan – I think it probably has more to do with Hartlepool being absolutely desperate for investment and jobs.
        The regional Mayor is Tory, the surrounding constituencies are Tory and Boris is promising investment.
        Why would bite the hand that is promising to feed you.

      2. I was speaking generally, NOT about Hartlepool per se.

      3. steveh “I think it probably has more to do with Hartlepool being absolutely desperate for investment and jobs…”

        Or that c.70% of Hartlepool voters supported brexit and saw Labour’s imposition of a staunch remainer, Paul Williams, as an assualt on their democratic choice.

        Funilly enough, in his short political caeer, Dr Paul Williams has gifted two proud Labour seats to the oven-ready brexit Conservative party now (Stockton South and Hartlepool).

  2. I voted for Corbyn for real change from Thatcherism. He was undermined for five years by the self-styled “moderates” and “progressives”, including Keir Starmer, who years after the referendum has STILL not got the Leave message. I was therefore looking forward to the Hartlepool result last night and am absolutely delighted this morning that New Labour has got an almighty kicking. (Shame I don’t live in Hartlepool, because there were a few people there like David Evans and Iain McNichol I would love to have punched.)

    Instead of learning, they seem determined to double down so I expect they will lose the next general election but will have no excuses for not owning that one. If the Labour brand is badly tarnished that is because dozens of Labour MPs were on TV day in, day out, slagging it off with the gleeful cooperation of the right wing media.

    I will do my bit to make that defeat happen by campaigning for the Breakthrough Party in Canterbury to get rid of Corbyn saboteur Rossie Duffield. I used to live there and know parts of it like the back of my hand.

    You pissed on my dreams: now suck it up. Vengence will be sweet.

  3. (Shame I don’t live in Hartlepool, because there were a few people there like David Evans and Iain McNichol I would love to have punched.)

    The real shame is that nobody there did.

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