If Jess Phillips wants to avoid Liz Kendall’s 4.5% fate, she needs to do better than boasting she’d terrify Johnson (video)

Jess Phillips after delivering her ‘terrified’ comment

In yesterday’s generally lacklustre hustings of Labour leadership candidates in Liverpool, one of the memorable moments was Jess Phillips’ response to a question to the candidates “Why are you the person to beat Boris?”

In answer, Ms Phillips disparaged ‘intellectual argument’ and then told the audience:

We have got to do something different and something bold – and Boris Johnson would be terrified to face me.

She did not elaborate on what ‘different and bold’ would involve. The comment did not seem to inspire confidence in Labour members:

In 2015, right-winger Liz Kendall received the votes of just 4.5% of Labour members, affiliates and supporters. If Jess Phillips wants to avoid her fate, she needs to do much more and better than this.

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  1. Given Jess Phillips is a Progress/Labour First protégé, I hope we can improve on Liz Kendall’s dire performance and ensure Phillips get’s 2% of the vote, or, if we are lucky, lower.

    To say her performance was lamentable is a gross under statement, she has zero gravitas and all the charm of being slapped in the face with a rotten fish – her treachery against Corbyn and the membership may have won her friends in the Media and Tory Party, but under close examination, it really is highly dubious how this woman ever got to be a member of Parliament, never mind voted onto the second stage of the Leadership process. I’ll give her 0 out of 11 in honour of Spinal Tap.

    1. Her performance was incoherent, ill-prepared and above all hopeless. On a more positive note, Dawn Butler’s performance was outstanding for deputy. I was going to vote for Rebecca Long-Bailey and Richard Burgon but if Dawn continues with her great performance in the hustings I might just vote for her instead of Richard.

    2. Why would Boris Johnson be terrified of Jess Philips?

      They agree on a lot of things.

      Back in 2016, Jeremy Corbyn voted to help bring the nuclear nightmare to an end whilst Phillips voted with Boris Johnson to continue it!

  2. Got to admit, I would be very reluctant to face her. Not because I’d be terrified of her but because, she annoys me with the rubbish she speaks, I loathe the woman.

  3. She’s also a tad silly to remind us how she stirredd up the antisemitism issue from a real problem into a hysterical witch hunt. That too might win her Tory voters, but it’s hard to see her winning many Labour voters when she boasts of her part in losing us the election.

  4. Jess was so terrified of the Labour membership that she invited the TV cameras and press media round to her house to see the extra security measures she had to put in place to safeguard herself and her family against the violent thugs like me support Jeremy Corbyn.
    She also was one of the Labour MPs who formed a bodyguard round Ruth Smeeth on her way to the Marc Wadswoth hearing. She was not there only to give moral support but to afford Ruth physical protection in the event of by an Corbyn supporting antisemite, ( we are all antisemitic apparently because we support Jeremy)

    Over 300,000 members supported Jeremy in 2016 and the vast majority still do. Why is Jess no longer afraid of us and why does she want to lead scum and dogs like us? We haven’t changed, we are still decent hardworking people who looked to Jeremy Corbyn to make this a better place for the vulnerable and needy. Jess was one of those who made it her business to prevent this happening. We will not reward for this dastardly behaviour.

    I saw the late Ulster Unionist Leader Rev Paisley MP address a crowd on TV once. I never admired him and don’t remember what he was shouting about but I’ll quote him anyway in response to Jess’s leadership bid

    1. Edit
      Jess formed a bodyguard round Ruth Smeeth to protect her “in the event of an attack by a Corbyn supporting antisemite”

    2. “We haven’t changed, we are still decent hardworking people who looked to Jeremy Corbyn to make this a better place for the vulnerable and needy.”

      Absolutely spot on, Smartboy. Perhaps, however, we should also remember that the actuality is that – even if somewhat deluded – the same applies to majority of ordinary members who vote otherwise. The pole-climbing scum generally are in the minority, despite their ever-presence in the media.

    3. Paisley was shouting about equality for Catholics and his hatred of them.Its no more acepptable a quote from that evil man than Hitler for many people….although I aceppt your quoting him is no reflection on yourself. Butler for me and pleased to find someone to vote for.

      1. It may have taken him a long time but to give Paisley his due he did come round to the idea of a peace agreement eventually. He also worked constructively to make it a success.

    1. Steve H , “They breed like Rabbits and spread like vermin” The rev Ian paisley 1969after ethnic cleansing of Catholic familys in water st by burning down their houses.Later in life promted to leader of the queens privy council and the final gong the House of lords….and you think that praise is deserved?

      1. I’m not sure about ‘praise’, but I think that there’s real evidence that Paisley did indeed contribute significantly to getting the GFI in place. Spots do change, if tardily and slowly.

  5. What is genuinely shocking with Jess is how bad she is at politics, not an original thought, policy or strategy
    I honestly thought at one stage we were going to get a clear insight into what the parents at her kids school were saying about free broadband
    Still waiting FFS

  6. Oh dear how embarrassing. The more I hear and see Jess Phillip’s the more she makes me cringe. I feel as though shes trying to put on a performance which always sounds staged and inauthentic.

  7. I think that about the most damning indictment of Viner’s Guardian is that The Mouth is their favourite Labour columnist. It says it all about the paper’s descent into the sewer in its political reporting.

    1. On that subject of Viner’s pathetic level of honesty and judgment, have a look (and a scornful laugh) at this prolonged whine from Phillips that Viner evidently feels should grace The Groan’s pages :


      If the Jewish community were actually needing a stout defender at time of (real) attack, they’d be certainly backing a loser with this bundle of confused platitudinous ego whose main skills involve jumping on a bandwaggon and shouting loudly at passers-by.

  8. The smearers never stop do they! Any angle they can think of to regurgitate the anti-semitism falsehood:

    Labour plunged into fresh anti-semitism row over peerage for Karie Murphy

    The Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) said the leader’s decision to send Ms Murphy to the House of Lords was “deeply inappropriate and must be rescinded immediately” amid a probe into how the party handled complaints of anti-semitism against members.

    It was initially in the Times, and also covered by the Telegraph and the Guardian, and no doubt others.

    1. As I’ve said on a number of occasions, I am only aware of ONE person – ie one LP member – being found guilty of anti-semitism, and I’m pretty sure that the offence happened BEFORE Jeremy became leader (and it’s quite likely that the person concerned was a member of the right anyway). The point being of course that if the JLM and the CAA and LAA and the BoD and Margaret Hodge and Ruth Smeeth and John Mann (especially!) and Ian Austin et al REALLY believed that Ken and Jackie and Chris etc really WERE guilty of A/S, they would have reported them to the police. But they didn’t of course, and that tells you ALL you need to know about the likes of the JLM et al.

      Please, please take the time to email the EHRC and point this out to them AND ask them if they are aware of any LP member or politician being found guilty of A/S apart from the one person, and ask them why they think it is that none of the groups or Individuals (Labour MPs like Hodge and Mann) who have branded Ken and Jackie etc as anti-semites DIDN’T report them to the police given that they supposedly think and believe they are.

      1. Allan – I’m guessing you must have already emailed the EHRC, what sort of response did you get?

        I’m surprised you haven’t provided the EHRC’s email address.

      2. Yes, of course I have….. months and months ago. I mean I am hardly going to ask people to email the EHRC – as I initially did on here five or six months ago – if I haven’t done so myself am I. As for their response(s)….. in a word ‘evasive’.

        And I’m surprised you’re still posting away; well on second thoughts! What time did you start this morning? About 9.40 wasn’t it? Just another day at the office then, eh Steve!

      3. Allan – You are the f-wit monitoring everyone, you tell me.

        …. and the email address?

      4. Just as importantly, given all of our knife crime, was the “stab him in the front”, not reported as a hate crime? All the best.

      5. I was just about to close this tab and happened to notice that SteveH saw my comment AND typed out his post/’reply’ and posted it SIX minutes after I posted mine. As I keep saying, the shills are constantly monitoring the site 24/7!

        Do you get an alert Steve every time someone posts a comment (which would normally be between 100 and 200 comments a day)?

        I assume if one ticks the ‘Notify me of new comments….’ box, that you receive notification of any further comments posted on that particular thread, so presumably SteveH just ticks that box for every single article that skwawkbox posts!

        Mass surveillance!!

        PS Be interesting to see if he responds to THIS post!!

      6. Oh, I see that SteveH ‘replied’ to my 12.12am post (just FOUR minutes after I posted it!).

        No, Steve, I don’t have to monitor ANYONE, as the fact that you and the other im-posters are posting all day long every day is there staring me in the face each and every time I click on a notification from skwawkbox and read the article and then the comments (as thousands of people do).

      7. Allan – “No, Steve, I don’t have to monitor ANYONE, “

        That’s not what you’ve said in the past, in fact you’ve even threatened people that you’ll be keeping an eye on them.

    2. “The smearers never stop do they! ”

      You are absolutely right, Alan. And that is why it was/is so necessary to put up a strong refutation. As we can see in this post-election flurry, they have actually been emboldened to keep pushing since no-one is calling them out. This right wing nexus is a danger to the country – as the right always has been, despite the police focus on ‘left wing’ ‘terrorism’.

      Note that the two instances of real terrorist activity at successive Labour Party conferences (over ‘The Witch Hunt’ and the book launch of the take-down of the ‘antisemitic’ myths) involve the right/zionist lobby.

      … and went totally unreported.

      1. (Just for the record) Put up a strong refutation WHERE?!

        Yes, I’m sure the very media – the WHOLE of the MSM that is – who have conspired in the smear campaign would be more than happy to publicise any such refutations.

        As if!! Be real…. oh, I was forgetting, you have an agenda so you can’t of course be real and acknowledge that MSM are not going to give space to any such refutations.

  9. These mythical GE winning centrists
    ‘Is there no beginning to their talents’
    Which proves the point that my dog would have won against

    1. The tapers only wanted to hold their seats, they never wanted to win GE. It was a tough time on the doors esp when confronting real Labour who were in despair. The worms knew exactly what they were doing. What on earth are we supposed to do now? My granny is staying in her urn till it’s over.

  10. She needs to move on from the belief that a woman would automatically better than Kier Starmer simply because he is a man and that should he be elected n preference to one of the women it would
    indicate prejudice. There are many competent forceful women , some of who would terrify tougher men than BoJo but none of the political parties seem to be able to attract and recruit them. We need research to indicate why .Margaret Thatcher and Theesa May have shown that women PMs do not always work in the interest of fellow women.

    1. Agree
      Jess Phillips isn’t rubbish because she is a women
      She is rubbish because she is completely untrustworthy

      1. If you think about it, the identification of a fraud is their reversion to special identity pleading as soon as something doesn’t go their way. It’s a way of ducking their indictment as ‘useless at the job’ instead of proving otherwise – actually a confirmation of uselessness.

        Thus ‘It’s because I’m a woman’ or ‘It’s because I’m a Jew’ short-cuts the need for basic competence.

        I well remember a process of appointing a head-teacher where one candidate, when I rang to give feedback, immediately claimed that his non-appointment was a result of his being a Moslem. It wasn’t – he simply wasn’t as good as the person appointed.

        It seems that this sort of diversionary nonsense is now commonplace in political circles – thus the self-serving whine of people like Luciana Berger or Louise Elman : it saves having to prove your competence and respond to the normal call of accountability if you’re shit at your job (and let’s face it, constituency parties aren’t hard to please).

        In summary : the ‘antisemitism’ scam or ‘feminist’ special identity plea is seen as a lifebelt by useless Labour MPs.

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