Exclusive: Labour right ‘to use big-gun peer’ to tell Starmer to go after Batley/Spen loss

Labour right ready to swing axe if or when Starmer loses Yorkshire by-election after disasters in Hartlepool and Chesham. Will a left challenger step up?

The Labour right has lined up a prominent peer to tell Keir Starmer to quit if, as they and many others expect, Labour loses Batley and Spen in the impending by-election.

The catastrophic loss of Hartlepool and last night’s worst-ever Labour by-election result in Chesham and Amersham have pushed the right to the brink and the right-wing PLP can easily muster the 40 nominations needed to force a contest if Starmer ignores the order.

The contest may represent a last chance for the left to mount a bid to rescue the party from the disaster that it has become under the right. Many expected the right to wait until after September’s conference to wield the knife, as the right is planning to force through a reversion to old rules for leadership contests that would give a couple of hundred reactionary MPs as much voting power as the entire membership.

However, the situation has become so dire that the right is lining up the move early, on the assumption that enough left-wing members have quit in outrage at the right’s war on free speech and party democracy and out of the right’s desire to try to reboot their failed image by welcoming a new leader in Brighton in September.

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  1. No, a lefty will not take the reins. They won’t even get a look in.

    After all the effort the right has put into shredding both Corbyn and like minded members, there is no way they will repeat their last nightmare.

    Reading the comments on politics live @the gruniad, denial is not just a river. They are full of speculation that it was tactical voting that caused this.

    Also, LibDems are screeching that they are back. Bless their cotton’s. Do they still use a people carrier for parliamentary meets? Or can they move up to a bedsit to squeeze the extra in?

    Roll on the 1st!

    P.S. Better start exercising those excuses Centrist Dad. After all, it’s all to play for, isn’t it…

    1. SIR Rodney Keith Starmer – Definitive Plank Parasitic entryist.
      Over ELEVEN THOUSAND votes under Jeremy in Chesham and Amersham not far from Johnson’s own constituency. BUT under the lamentable Sir Keith – 622 votes.

      Six Hundred and twenty-two votes for Sir Keith Starmer’s choice.

      Hartlepool held by Jeremy despite everything. Lost under Sir Rodney Keith Starmer with EVERYTHING in his favour … except himself.

      The WORST result in Labour History 622 votes against the WORST Tory regime and the unimaginably most irresponsible Prime Minister Johnson in my adult lifetime.
      Anyone can see it if they wanted to. Sir Starmer’s cabal is determined to purge the meaning of Labour from the label. For those who refuse to see Sir Rodney Starmer’s vivid true colour.

      1. p.s. and even before the recent analysis i posted re Labour led by Jeremy despite everything

  2. If Labour can’t beat Bojo the clown with his appalling track record and revolting public performances and the Lib Dems can!!! What hope is there? Maybe the Labour activists aren’t even talking the same language as our prospective voters. There need to be a root and branch analysis of what these voters are looking for not just a sycophantic focus group. Or may be Labour’s future is just with junior civil servants and retired college lecturers. Let’s just subsidise organic chutney and real ale and the votes will roll in.

    1. My niece lives in Slough and for some unfathomable reason has faith in the current leadership to the extent that she volunteered to campaign in Amersham. She only lasted one day saying it was soul destroying as nobody was going to vote Labour. What she also said was the distaste for Johnson and his gangs behaviour was quite apparent with people mentioning dodgy contracts,the lies but also the slide into nationalism. Whilst obviously I don’t know how prevalent this attitude is it contrasts with the sound bites,admittedly on MSM, that we got from Hartlepool which seemed to be ex Labour voters saying what a good bloke Johnson is.

      1. It’s all falling apart Jim. Much of the urban south is socially liberal and they’re sick of the Tories but Labour are currently further to the right than the LibDems. In the North the media only interviews social conservatives so you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re all like that, which they aren’t. I think the split is more urban Vs rural and Tories and Labour are chasing the votes of both groups.

  3. ‘Big gun peer’ ???

    Hmmm…🤔 mandelslime? kincock? adonis? Fatty Falconer? prescott? mann? woodcock? (Stop laughing)

    Big fucking water pistols, more like. stammer won’t go…yet. Parasites stubbornly cling all for all their worth.

  4. Let’s assume for the sake of argument the possibility that enough nominatons could be got together from the various categories/colleges to get a PLP ‘Leftwinger’ on the contest ballot for Leader again . Let’s be honest , who on earth has the bottle, politics, stamina to have any chance of winning – and if somehow winning despite a cascade of MSM vitriol, , yet again , as new Left Leader, standing up to constant 24/7 smears and attacks by the massively majority PLP Right and ‘centre’ ? Nobody I have seen of the craven Socialist Campaign Group. The Corbyn Leadership Wave experience of 2015 to 2019, should have demonstrated clearly that the corrupt, cronyist, PLP Right AND ‘centre’ will simply not tolerate any type of genuine socialist as Leader of ‘their’ Party.

    The chance of a future Labour government is now nil, either under some variety of neo Blairite – or a Left Leader – given the solid wall of sabotage and dirty tricks the Labour Right and MSM would again drench that Left leader in from day one – hence destroying a Left led Labour Party’s electability with voters , AGAIN, – no matter how good the Manifesto was.

    It’s actually all over for Labour folks – its ‘PASOK Moment’ has come – its into the dustbin of history with it. And the real issue is what comes next . A new radical insurgent Left Party without the treacherous, corrupt, Right – or the emergence of a new mass populist radical Far Right Party to fill the political space.

    1. It’s impossible under the present system of FPTP for a Left Party to gain influence, let alone win a majority. The corruption involving boundary changes and a political system sustained by bribery and policed by a rabid MSM makes progress impossible. I’ve no idea what that means for ordinary people except lower living standards and an enormous loss of liberty.

      1. How many times will people unthinkingly wheel out this .” no Left Party outside Labour can ever succeed electorally because of FPTP” line – as if it is a truism , correct for all time ! It WAS indeed true for generations , with Labour in captive possession of huge swathes of multi generational automatic working class Labour voters . But this is NOW, Paul ! Where is that automatic Labour voting amongst working class people in Scotland now ? Entirely GONE, Paul, destroyed by decades of corrupt right wing Labour policies and corrupt nepotism. Where is that once solid vote bank of traditional Labour voters in our old English Labour Heartlands , Paul ? Almost all gone – with great swathes of that traditional Labour voter bloc actually voting Tory in 2019 – mainly over Labour’s betrayal over BREXIT !

        We are in uniquely febrile political times, as is the case across Europe – in which old political voting patterns are shattered , as endless austerity, deindustrialisation, neoliberalism generally, and despair, has led working class voters to vote in large numbers even for the neo fascist Right – as ex generations-long Communist and socialist voters have done in France, and Germany. I would have thought , Paul, you would have noted the astonishing (if brief) electoral explosive success of the Brexit Party in the EU MEP elections – in which working class voters in English Leave supporting areas deserted their old Labour loyalties en masse to vote for the dubious opportunists of Farage’s Brexit Party.

        Just unthinkingly parroting that old slogan of ” no Left Party outside Labour could possibly succeed electorally because of FPTP”, simply isn’t automatically true any more – as Labour collapses in membership and electorally as each day goes by. It is equally true that , if a new , credible, Left Party isn’t formed, the Radical Far Right will scoop up those working class ex Labour voters in large numbers – as they have across Europe.

      2. I don’t think I did say no Left group “outside of Labour’ could succeed”. I include inside Labour as well as out. We all saw what happened in 2017. The malaise goes much deeper and would have to combat the relentless bribery and determined gerrymandering to get off the blocks – and then face the treacherous MSM.

      3. Errrmmm.. Paul ,you said : “It’s impossible under the present system of FPTP for a Left Party to gain influence, let alone win a majority. ” in your 1:32PM post ! Forgotten that already ? You did, correctly, include the other factors , of corruption, boundary changes (now actually much reduced in England – with seats taken OFF Scotland and Wales – and redistributed to England) , and the rabid MSM influence. But I’m afraid you demonstrably DID put FPTP up as your starting main barrier issue . I was merely pointing out that barrier is nowadays not as significant as it was – as Labour collapses.

  5. Starmer isn’t going to stand down. If anything to make more difficult for the SCG to file a candidate as we don’t have 20% of the PLP.The right can afford to file too with easy.The best the left can do in that scenario is add its support to a soft left candidate either Clive Lewis or Barry Gardiner.
    However, if we don’t even get the choice of a soft left candidate, I could consider voting for Starmer to accelerate the destruction of the right wingers within the PLP.

    1. Clive Lewis? Fuck. Right. Off.

      Gardiner? Great interviewee. Still not left enough.

  6. Jpeneey I hate to say it, but sadly most likely the second unless the Trade Union movement can stop the fascists in their tracks.
    This is why is so important to have a single left candidate standing for Unite GS’s position with Beckett by his side. I am the first to acknowledge that Beckett has a big role to play in the struggle against fascism and having him on board makes Unite better for it.

  7. Perhaps Jesse Phillips could provide the weapon she was planning to use of Jeremy Corby’s front, oh sorry Starmer needs a sword to fall on, if he’s an honourable person.

  8. I can’t see Starmer standing down.
    Well until D Miliband gets fed earning all that money and decides to return to the party as a candidate for a ‘safe Labour seat.’
    That’s if these seats still exist.
    That’s if the right are willing to carry on supporting a lame duck of a leader until they find a replacement.
    What we do know, or suspect is, it won’t be this side of Conference. After all it’s only 3 months away.

    1. I think you’ll find that we will be in Lockdown in September. Although, Covid19 currently has a survival rate of circa 99.78%, the Bottom-of-the-Barrel variant promises to be a real killer. Quick! Get your jab.

  9. Has anybody thought about civil rights.And with regard to right wing imposters here-I just ignore them and more significantly also ignore the respondents.Seems sensible to me at least

    1. 622 votes is the worst By-Election result EVER for Labour. FACT

  10. … won the largest vote share amongst those in work…. even before that, a few weeks after GE19 it was already clear that Labour led by Jeremy had the largest share of under 35 votes.

    How’s Sir “Forensic” Rodney … Sir “smart” Keith Starmer doing. With ALL powers in his favour – The Establishment judiciary police all the Tories Trilaterals Bilderburgers Illuminati Zionists Shiamists Masotists Evans its Mandelsonists Blair ists Epsteinists Merchant bankers serial wankers oligarchs … MSM BOD CAA… u name it, we are harangued about how EACH of the above are OMNIPOTENT. Nothing can be done unless they approve and support.

    Well Sir Rodney has not lacked their support COMBINED and by every measure Sir Keith Starmer has the worst poll rating of any Labour leader in history. Loses areas which were ALWAYS Labour.

    And now where Jeremy led Labour got 11,000 PLUS votes in the Toriest of Tory safe seats SIR STARMER’s choice gets 622 votes.
    Sir Starmer’s choice has LOST the party deposit!!!

    When will people learn that there is no need to appease evil. For that is what those who sabotaged and plotted TWO coups are – EVIL

  11. With all that has happened, and Batley & Spen to come plus the LA4J court action feeding into it all, it looks like the perfect storm.

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