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Apparently this video shows Corbyn ‘photobombing’ Rayner – with her unaware of his presence

Rayner’s excuse falls apart

When deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner faced criticism from the usual suspects this week for appearing with former party leader Jeremy Corbyn to promote Barry Gardiner’s bill against the vile ‘fire and rehire’ tactics used to drive down workers’ pay and conditions, a ‘source close’ to her told a news site that:

Corbyn photobombed her by sliding into the shot unnoticed.

This is Corbyn ‘sliding into the shot unnoticed’ – and Rayner’s ‘not noticing’:

The source also reportedly claimed that:

Angela did not talk to him.

Ms Rayner not talking to Corbyn during Barry Gardiner’s launch event

Rayner is now said to be trying to get support from Labour MPs for a leadership bid after yet another of Starmer’s ever more disastrous weeks and a result in Chesham and Amersham that is the party’s worst in its entire history.

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  1. Rayner is right out of the Tom Watson school of lies and double dealing. She’s a Zionist, what else can we expect from them?

    1. Is she a Zionist or does she just like holidays in the easteren Med? πŸ˜‰

  2. What’s so annoying is that Jeremy doesn’t appear to have learnt any lessons from the treacherous behaviour of Rayner and others.

  3. It was Barry Gardiner who photobombed Corby and Rayner. Plain as the nose of her face.


    1. Lundiel, you do know that ‘Labourheartlands’ is a blue Labour site, an oxymoron wrapping itself in the flag and singing God Save The Queen, which is why they supported Brexit, don’t you?

      1. You don’t want to face the fact you were totally conned, along with several million others to support the people’s vote which was never going to happen and was primarily a vehicle to get rid of Corbyn.
        Labour Heartlands isn’t a nationalist website, you’ve obviously never looked at it. It’s about class struggle. It’s unaffiliated, anti-neoliberal. The sites owner Paul Knaggs is probably a socially conservative left winger but he doesn’t write the majority of posts and this article is truthful and exposes the duplicity of Petie and Keithy.
        It’s time for you to man up, accept reality and move on.

      2. Lundiel, there is no way that a confirmatory vote was not democratic. It was a way of asking the voters to give their opinion on the ‘deal’.

        It’s a bit rich asking me to move on when it’s you and others on here who keep trying to justify Brexit when it’s obvious now that it was and is a disaster.

        I know more about Labourheartlands than you think.

      3. Would it have been a “disaster” had a socialist labour government negotiated brexit, jack?

        Quite possibly, if it’d been left to stammer, but because of your support for his shithousery we’ll never know, will we?

      4. I didn’t say it was “not democratic”, I said it could never happen and Petie knew that from the beginning. It would have polarised opinion so much that civil disobedience would have been widespread and could have morphed into open warfare.
        There is nothing obvious about Brexit yet, it’s much to early to say. However, what’s clear so far is the Tories are making some bad trade deals. Beyond that, the city is happy. All the talk about the city up and moving to Frankfurt etc was crazy fear mongering. The financial markets will do well whatever happens.

      5. PS. I don’t give a toss about Labour Heartlands, I’d have posted a link if we’re in the Daily Mail or the S*n.

      6. Toffee, a Socialist Labour government would have given the voters the final choice but because a small proportion of the left, including you, contributed to the undermining of Corbyn we will never know will we?

      7. Lundiel, it would be better if you stopped digging that hole, to say “It would have polarised opinion so much that civil disobedience would have been widespread and could have morphed into open warfare” is pathetic beyond words. To suggest, for the sake of expediency, giving in to the far right and a few on the left having a tantrum, who may or may not have acted in the way you said, is unbelievable.

      8. Oh for God’s sake, a final choice, if it were rejected would have started an insurrection. The only possible outcome was to honour the referendum result and plan to rejoin in 30 years if the EU still exists, which I’d be willing to bet it won’t in its current bloated form.

      9. Wrong again, dopey hole.

        17.4 MILLION voted to leave.

        A right wing clique that rigged delegations to conference voted to undermine Corbyn AND party oolicy…and THAT was undemocratic.

        Yet YOU had NO PROBLEM with it, did you?

        No. Anyone who complained was a knuckle-dragging, xenophobic fascist according to you.

        Those same knuckle-dragging xenophobic. fascist suddenly became fanatical zionists once stammer shat your pathetic hopes out.

        You were warned, and when push came to shove you blamed everybody but yourself…and STILL do.

        You absolute weapons-grade thicko.

      10. And for someone what claims to have an understanding of labour heartlands… Well perhaps you’d like to remind us why they took their votes elsewhere in 2019?

        But you knew better didn’t you? All them knuckle-dragging xenophobic fascist zionists didn’t want to know about a people’s vote, did they?

        IIRC the only ‘centrist’ to want out of the EU was Mann…. And he’s a Zionist…but the others?

      11. Lundiel, ‘honour the referendum’ do you honestly realise what you’re saying? The Leavers told the voters we could leave, just like that, when anyone with an ounce of intelligence knew perfectly well that to leave without a deal of some type was impossible. Therefore the only democratic way to handle leaving was to give voters a choice on the final deal. However, hard line Leavers such as yourself threw their hands up in horror at the thought that voters might change their mind once they’d had time to reconsider and in the process you helped to undermine Jeremy Corbyn.

      12. And STILL you don’t get it do you?

        The public was well and truly pissed off with careerist politicians telling us what was best for us. People were pissed off on being told they had to vote again for something they already voted for.

        OHH GOD… NOT ANOTHER ONE!!!???

        …Reflected the consensus of the nation.

        What part of that concept – as simple as it is, even for you – has escaped you?

        Does it hurt when you have to think??

      13. @Jack T

        …there is no way that a confirmatory vote was not democratic…

        This is the definition of anti democratic! Your side lost. You cannot count those who couldn’t be fucked to vote…

        Sure the numbers were small, but that’s irrelevant. Britain going down the tubes? Newsflash! It’s been going down the toilet since the Suez. Food prices going up? Tell when they have gotten cheaper. Lost the opportunity to work abroad? Millions never had it to begin with, instead getting cheap imported competition instead.

        Maybe when remainiacs such of yourself finally stop bleating, maybe you could focus you frustrations on those who have pushed through the shittest of brexits?

        Have you tried the Guardian? You’d fit in well there, as they are all in denial there too

        Alan Milburn: 60 of the 65 social mobility coldspots voted to Leave in EU referendum. Just one third of the 65 hotspot areas did so.

        Is the reason behind your desire to remain due to you being in a hot spot, doing alright?

      14. NVLA are you saying that a vote on whether or not to accept the Brexit deal would not have been democratic?

      15. Yes I am saying it would be undemocratic.

        This isn’t some daft bet or dare where your mate says “You sure?”

        Just who goes into a ballot box and says immediately after voting “I want to have any another go!”?

        It’s a bit of a fascist perspective, definitely patronising. Reminds me of the fallout immediately after the referendum, where people like yourself started to express vile opinions such as education equals voting ability/rights and that anyone who didn’t think like them was stupid.

        Let’s look at what would happen if your desire became reality.

        1) Vote changes to remain. Best of three? Riots? Apathy?

        2) Vote again goes to Leave. You still wouldn’t accept it, would you…

        We had the referendum, and that’s the end of it.

        Maybe if people were not quite so self absorbed and only thinking of themselves, the vote would have panned out to your desires…

      16. NVLA. Then you haven’t a clue of the meaning of democracy. A confirmatory vote wouldn’t have come just after the referendum, it would have been more than three years later when the details of the deal were known. We’ve even had shorter intervals than that between General Elections. I guess if the likes of Johnson decides there’ll be no more elections because you’ve already had your say you’d go along with it!

        If your family agreed to buy a house or a car at some future date and when the time came the seller asked you if you wanted to change your mind, would they be undemocratic?

        It’s sad to see just how determined the fanatical left wing brexiters are to trash democracy to get their way. They even have some Remainers convinced to abandon democracy. No wonder the left is its own greatest enemy.

      17. Toffee, what a tosser you are, you haven’t even got the guts to admit you were wrong and cannot back up your claims.No amount of foul language and bravado can disguise your lies. Typical of loud mouths such as you.

    2. Toffee, you’ve got far too much time on your hands. Couldn’t you find something more productive to do other than endlessly trolling here, becoming a willing recruit for the devil’s job creation scheme?

      1. Yet another cryarsing snowflake.

        Pointing out your hypocritical idiocy is ‘trolling’ is it?

        Tell us oh great sage, how does a knuckle-dragging xenophobic fascist suddenly become a zionist?

        Answer: when the gobshite YOU supported shits on your pathetic ideas and sells you out, as you were told he would.

        You’ll blame stammer for EVERYTHING but NOT for the second referendum shithousery which is the reason Corbyn was ousted and labour nosedived in 2019.

        That’s everyone else’s fault and anyone what tells you that is a ‘troll.’

        What a subvirate you truly are.

      2. Toffee, all of your pathetic name calling doesn’t disguise the fact that logic and fact based discussion are strangers in your tiny filth ridden mind.

      3. Hahaha… Oh, ok then, Mister I know about labour heartlands more than you think

        And I thought the other oddball was seriously unglued.

      4. Toffee, put that tiny brain into gear before you attempt to quote someone. However, inadvertently you have demonstrated how you often mangle the facts.

        Lundiel, find someone better than Toffee to support, I think you could do better, he’s not right for you.

      5. Put MY brain into gear?

        Lad, you’re making yourself look even stupider… IF it were possible.

        It’s all stammers fault that Corbyns gone. ..until it’s pointed out YOU supported his shithousery… Then it’s the zionists’ fault… Until it’s pointed out that stammer’s a Zionist… Then it’s everyone’s fault who pointed those things out to you.

        Yes jackanory. That’s you in a nutshell.

      6. Maybe lundiel ought to support stammer, eh jack?

        Y’know? Like you used to? πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

      7. See what I mean Lundiel? Toffee making up stuff again in desperation, he’s a wrong un.

      8. Centrist Dad is the resident troll. There’s a couple of supporting acts here also.

        Toffee ain’t one of them.

      9. What have I made up , oddball?

        I’m not sure there’s anyone disagreed with, and warned of the consequences of your precious second ref that you didn’t label as ‘fascist’.

        Or are you now trying to claim you DIDN’T support stammer’s shithousery, as well as your laughable claim you know more about labour heartlands than we think?

        Which is it?

      10. Toffee regurgitating garbage as all trolls do. Is your stock in trade. Starmer is the last person I would support. Now go and play with your colouring in books.

      11. Starmer is the last person I would support.

        Of course he is… Now he’s shat on your second ref, voted for a toerag brexit and has declared his Zionist sympathies.

        We’ll take that as a denial you supported his second ref shithousery… Which makes you a liar as well as a hypocrite and snowflake.

        I have had more reasoned discussions with the weirdo cultist kopites about football than with you about politics.

      12. As for this ‘stock in trade’ lark, I don’t see anyone buying your bullshit, sunshine πŸ€”

      13. Ok Toffee, time to put your money where your dirty mouth is, copy one statement from me where I’ve supported Starmer.

      14. Let’s see you name someone you didn’t slur as fascist who warned you about stammers second ref shithousery.

        Sure, you went on about fatbergs antisemitism bollocks, but you went on the attack when it came to stammer even though we were proved right.

        And you only discovered that after he became leader…when he shat on your second ref, sold you out and declared his zionist sympathies.

      15. Money where your mouth is, jackass…

        When did you OPPOSE stammers second ref shithousery?

        When did you AGREE with those who warned you what he was about?

        Let’s hear it, ollies.

      16. Toffee, so where’s the confirmation of your accusations? You’re just like one of those football yobs who hurls obsenities from a safe distance at the ref but who wilts like coward when the focus falls upon them. You’re a phoney.

      17. What have you refused to answer the charges I put to yo, jackass?

        Is it because the truth hurts as much as your brain does when you have to think?

        Your overt support for stammer’s shithousery was confirmed by your constant slurs on people who didn’t want a second referendum.

        Why continue to obfuscate? You owe Easter Island head nothing after he shat on you – as you were told he would.

        Fact is, you weren’t ever interested who governed the UK, as long as it remained in the EU.

      18. Toffee, I know it’s difficult for you but try not to be a cretin. Because I agree with Starmer over Brexit it doesn’t mean I am one of his supporters Any more than I could ever take a liking to you if we supported the same football team.

        But enough dodging from you Toffee you’ve had your chance to try and prove your lies and have failed spectacularly. Your squirming and wriggling doesn’t cut it, your table is full of dead cats, leave them alone.

      19. Yeah, if you like, you stammer-enabling gobshite.

        You’ve been owned again. You know you can’t deny the claims against you, do you try to project every one of your shortcomings on the person pointing them out to you.

        Wasn’t ME sold you out, soft shite. Quite the reverse. You sold socialism out for your precious eu knowing full well it meant stammer leading the party.

        And when HE sold YOU out, you cringily try to blame me for warning you. A spolit bastard of a toddler has more sense of perspective than a moron like you.

        Now fuck off, imbecile.

      20. Produce the proof Toffee and stop trying to get out of it.

    3. Thanks for posting Ludiel (Labour Heartlands article). Read everything.

  4. When Rayner was told she was having a photo with Jeremy Corbyn, she misheard, thinking they ment Jeremy Clarkson.

    1. rayner’s acted like some wife exposed as a cheat on jeremy kyle..

      I’d call her a Lady Macbeth type… But at least Mrs Macbeth had a touch of class about her.

  5. She should be called out for thinking it ok to snub corbyn at the behest of the lobby
    As well as her lies
    So f…ing annoying
    She and the rest of the c*ntrists in labour aren’t fit to lick his shoes

  6. Jack T20/06/2021 AT 1:24 PM
    Toffee, what a tosser you are, you haven’t even got the guts to admit you were wrong and cannot back up your claims.


    Says the cryarsing liar who attacked everyone that questioned stammer’s motives for the second ref that YOU supported, but are desperately and laughably trying to wriggle out of by distraction, with shit analogies and portraying your own shortcomings on the people who told you so.

    Tell you what? Let’s ask others you’ve called ‘fascist’ ,shall we? Let’s see you deny calling THEM ‘knuckedragging fascists’ or what have ya, when they warned you the same as I did.

    Now, stop gnawing at your furniture, be a man, and finally own up to being wrong, and wrong again, instead of your infantile denials and slurs.

    1. You appear to be having some sort of breakdown. Instead of throwing another tantrum Toffee, produce the evidence.

      1. Carry on little boy…

        That why you’re keeping it here on a old thread, instead of on the latest thread where I’ve made the same statements of fact about your stammer second ref shithousery?

        Don’t want as many people seeing you demand I prove it (I’ve done so) in case they pull you on it?

        Because there’s at least two people agree with me about your stammerite support. And they know i’m telling the truth and laugh at your embarrssing self-victimisation pleas that I’m supposedly ‘trolling ‘ you.


  7. Jack T20/06/2021 AT 1:50 PM
    Produce the proof Toffee and stop trying to get out of it.

    Been there – done that, jackass.

    Your failure to deny you supported stammer’s shithousery has well & truly grassed you up as well as your failure to deny you poured scorn on, and labelled other people who warned you of the consequences that we all have to suffer as a result.

    Unlucky, kid.

    Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got decent people to discuss with…So, off you pop πŸ–πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

      1. Says you – skulking on an old thread, hoping nobody will see what a cunt you’ve made of yerself….again.

        You’re in NO position to make demands, sunshine. Now, I’m off to make the dinner… Roast pork & stuffing, roasites, carrots, cauli & green beans.

        What are you having? Table leg? Not very tasty, but at least it’ll help keep your rodential teeth sharp, eh?

      2. Ah back again Toffee, bet you still can’t show the evidence.

      3. Yes I’m back again… Took you nearly two hours and all you could come up with was that.


        Still denying you supported stammers shithousery despite the warnings?

        Still denying you slurred people as fascist in your support of that same shithousery?

        Certainly looks like it, numbnuts.

  8. And still not brave enough to post in your defence on the latest thread, but rather hang about on an old one in the hope nobody sees what you’re like…

    What a whinging little shithouse victim you are.

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