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Twitter blocks anti-apartheid campaigner and former ANC MP – for tweeting his OWN email address – as campaign against pro-Corbyn activists continues

Andrew Feinstein appearing on Channel 4 News recently

The SKWAWKBOX has reported the suspension of access imposed by Twitter on prominent left-wing activists after a clearly coordinated campaign of complaints by right-wing trolls – and a lack of any due diligence by the social media platform.

Andrew Feinstein is a leading anti-apartheid activist and former African National Congress MP. Like the others hit by the campaign of vexatious complaints, he has been very visible in opposing Keir Starmer’s unlawful actions toward former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – and like them, Twitter has suspended him for a years-old tweet supposedly disclosing someone’s email address without permission.

His own email address:

Feinstein had tweeted his address in a response to the late Jewish, pro-Corbyn academic David Graeber. The former MP recently appeared on Channel 4 News and in a number of online events to oppose Labour’s suspension of Jeremy Corbyn and Starmer’s decision to breach the EHRC recommendations – which he had sworn to uphold – by interfering in the disciplinary process when Corbyn was reinstated after a right-dominated NEC panel was told by lawyers that there were no grounds for the suspension:

Canary editor Kerry-Anne Mendoza and left Labour activist ‘@rachael_swindon’ have also been hit by the campaign, with Mendoza likewise suspended for tweeting her own email address and Swindon for tweeting the email of a radio phone-in show.

Right-wingers are clearly scraping the bottom of the barrel in a desperate attempt to silence pro-Corbyn voices – but Twitter’s procedures are clearly unfit for purpose if it can so easily be gulled into acting on clearly vexatious complaints without even a semblance of checks or due process.

Twitter was contacted yesterday for comment but has not yet provided a statement. On Monday, Mendoza was reinstated after Twitter said it had suspended both her accounts ‘mistakenly‘; the latest dire conduct of right-wingers to silence free speech appears to be a direct response to the failure of its attempt to have her removed permanently.

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    1. Joe Robson I would love to help you find a human rights lawyer,but unless they are bent then the Brits like to bump them off..Sorry not many good ones left and theyre likely to be running out of journalists as well in NIreland now our lordships have given the nod.ITs basically all part of the establishment system.

      1. As warned, the 1% guardians march on. Sickening ➕➕➕ Apparently “high value passengers”… yes you read that right – “HIGH VALUE PASSENGERS” – will be exempt from quarantine, OR have a shorter quarantine.

        Most posters here, could never imagine ranking fellow humans in that way – High and Low value. Though we’ve been all abused by the supine signing of the IHRA “definition”. And, abused again by the perverse EHRC failing to investigate the long history of disgusting racism in the Tory Party. We would not dream of floating such a eugenicist policy.

        The supine signing of the IHRA’s depraved “definition” of anti-Semitism festers that. Moral rot. Like Apartheid, it pushes the evil that some humans have more rights than others. BE WARNED🚨🚨🚨

      2. My blood has run cold. Grant Shapps has just confirmed their extraordinarily Tory – one rule for some “elite” and “High Value Passengers”. My goodness. What next❓❓❓ Much worse🚨🚨🚨

      3. CORRECTION “… AN eugenicist idea …” Please excuse my many errors 🌹🌹🌹

    2. Michael Mansfield❓❓❓ I think EXTREMELY highly of him🌹🌹🌹

    3. The Good Law project perhaps may help , already doing excellent work holding this corrupt Govt to account and taking them to court which is mor ethan can be said for Sir Abstainalot and his toss pots on the front shadow bench

    4. Keir Starmer He was a member of Doughty Street Chambers from 1990 onwards, primarily working on human rights issues. Now that is true, but still funny.

  1. I don’t use twitter but I as I previously posted in relation to Kerry Ann Mendoza I think the only way to deal with Twitter banning socialists/ pro Palestinian activists is a boycott of twitter by all of us who oppose the suppression of free speech about the even worse suppression of human rights of non- Jews ( Christians and Muslims)in Palestine and Israel .
    We have so many groups and individuals capable of leading a twitter boycott. I would therefore appeal to them to consider this before any more decent people are unjustly banned.

    1. Smartboy a very canny assessment on what many people dont realise that both Christian and Muslim are threatened by the State of Israel,and that a few of the Palestinians are Catholic or Orthodox church and ..protestant.The bell ringer at the Holy sepulchre church(a shrine to the birthplace of Christ)Opens and closes the church gates and rings the bells for the calling to mass.This position has historically been left to a Palestinian.for over a thousand years and the holy sites have been entrusted to the Palestinians being safe in their hands….having visited the Church many years ago I was not convinced that the young Jewish guide was being completely truthful in that as she insisted that the Palestinians were hostile to our church.and the government of Israel could be trusted to look after the Holy sepulchre church and other historic and religious sites.Going off what we see on the news everyday I am not sure I would trust them with my cat 🐱and most definitely not with the lives of both Moslem and Christian if they get in their way.

      1. Joseph, don’t forget the Christians who are Zionists. V popular with Israeli estate agents. Its good to look back on old posts and read the truth. I often do it and always get more than before. Thanks fwiw they’re bombing and assassinating again.

  2. After these malicious referrals, does any cretin still think the Right wants unity???

  3. This rubbish demonstrates how this cult of new Labour 2.0 can never be trusted reasoned with or destroyed it has infected Labour like a cancer and destroyed everything good within the once trusted Labour party. Never again until we have a wholly socialist Labour party will I vote, help support or give money to such a right wing vile entity.

    In my family we have been socalists since my great great grandfather the party has walked away from us and left us no one to vote for or trust. The left wing is so compliant and scared they go along with these vile games and stay for what? Oh stay and fight I am told for what? When 95% is right wing in the party machinery and the PLP that boat is NEVER going to change back don’t kid yourself!!

    The only way is a split and a true left wing organization be set up and enshrined as you start with this centerest BS you out on your backside. Double goes for the party machinery workers as you are monitored with any right wing sentiment means your instant dismissal as you have broken your contract. Draconian maybe but the only way to stop enteriest and there will be a legion that will desperately try and destroy anything socialist.

    They will try and enter and play the same games so vigilance and sticking to the rules with no exceptions especially from MP’s is the only way to build trust. The longer we stay and all this BS to happen in our name of the party that is meant to bring hope not hatred and vile morels, we are complicit with it…

    Not in my name anymore…

  4. It is beginning to become apparent that the Twitter Hierarchy have a definite Bias against Socialism,Therefore I suggest every Socialist who stands Shoulder to Shoulder with Jeremy Corbyn should Leave Twitter because the powers that be obviously think they can do what they like and we will just take it like tens of thousands of Muppets, Well I’m closing my account they’ve blocked my account on numerous occasions the reason I attack Starmer and his Facist Stormtroopers Labour Leader MY ARSE

  5. Here’s some good news from the Red Wall – Video

    Channel 4 News
    Labour is leading the polls in ‘Red Wall’ constituencies – reversing the position from last year’s election – according to exclusive polling for Channel 4 News.
    Many cited confusing messaging over Covid from the Tory government – and Dominic Cummings’s trip to Barnard Castle.
    0:00 / 1:52
    6:07 pm · 3 Dec 2020·Twitter Media Studio

    1. ie ZILCH to do with your deceitful disgusting moral degenerate racist condoner repellent red rosette abusing rat Starmer that infests the party and drags the label in the gutter⚠️ Only creatures of the integrity free desert like your Sir will be screeching and cackling with pleasure⚠️ Condoning racist is ok with you and your bucket of blight⚠️ Let’s see what the deceitful mound of mess, says about his Tory chum’s latest low – “High Value” and “Elite” Passengers won’t be subjected to quarantine. And racist bullying abuse condoned by him⚠️
      In a few months he has made the party a place where rule breakers are rewarded those with an Apartheid mentality can know he is one of theirs and have his full support and encouragement. Unacceptable, except to you SH / davidh / AH 🚨🚨🚨

      1. windchime – I think it is good news, don’t you.
        But hey! Thanks for throwing in the freebie incoherent rant.

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