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Twitter restores Canary editor’s account after ‘mistaken’ suspension following vexatious complaints

Kerry-Anne Mendoza, left, with her wife and Canary Chief Operating Officer Nancy Mendoza

Twitter’s suspension of Canary editor Kerry-Anne Mendoza has been overturned, with the social media giant saying that her two accounts had been suspended ‘mistakenly’. The suspension of Mendoza’s main account had followed a series of coordinated and vexatious complaints, with Twitter pointing to a tweet in which she had queried the morality of someone bearing a swastika tattoo and wearing a Remembrance poppy.

Mendoza had appealed the suspension, initially without success, but it was eventually lifted:

However, the account was subsequently suspended again, with a handful of anti-Labour ‘usual suspects’ and their hangers-on congratulating themselves on Twitter for their ‘success’ in targeting her. Mendoza set up a second account on Sunday, but this was also almost immediately suspended, in spite of almost no traffic.

Former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein summed up the anger following the initial suspension:

In response to an enquiry from the SKWAWKBOX as to the reason for the suspension of the two accounts, a Twitter spokesperson responded:

The accounts referenced were mistakenly suspended, and have now been reinstated.

Ms Mendoza, whose wife Nancy is Jewish, told the SKWAWKBOX:

I’d like to thank everyone who protested loudly enough for us to be noticed.

I don’t expect these people to stop. They want to bully and intimidate people to stop us communicating a simple moral truth: Israel is an apartheid state. The Palestinians deserve our solidarity. They’re the ones facing occupation and brutalisation every day. We can’t be silent about that.

Sunday was the UN’s International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. Jeremy Corbyn was attacked for tweeting solidarity, while Keir Starmer and his deputy Angela Rayner spent the day at an event jointly organised by a group that tweeted in 2018 blaming Palestinians for their massacre by Israeli forces, where they threatened the suspension of ‘thousands and thousands’ of Labour members.

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  1. It’s obvious that Twitter need much better educated staff and algorithms. This situation would never have arisen, in the first place, if they had both.

    Welcome back @TheMendozaWoman. Let’s hope you won’t have to endure this again.

    1. I get your point George Peel, but I don’t think the technology is even close to operating in a way we’d all hope and at the same time deal with the vast millions of posts every day – if it’s even possible that it ever will.
      Too many competing interests to satisfy everyone and no way for Twitter or Facebook etc to employ enough human moderation.
      I don’t know but I imagine keywords or third party complaints might trigger auto-intervention. I assume any human checks must last only seconds just to keep up with the volume and the tendency would be to try to keep powerful interests satisfied rather than you, me or Joe Bloggs.
      With zero intervention or censoring of anything remotely controversial being the extremes, how would I choose a happy medium to keep the most people content, and do it at a thousand miles a minute?
      I’ve no idea.

      1. I remember sigint would hone in on trigger word, nationalism, Ireland, demo etc. Marked down for further interest. That was in the early 80’s. Now we have the vast gchq, integrity initiative and the warriors of 77 brigade to contend with as well as Google etc. The war on the people of UK is all enveloping and ultra intrusive. Each day brings us closer to the lip of a deep, dark hole. Oh yeah and we are essentially a one party state with God knows how many security organisations. Quicksilver messenger service stuff. Happy Days, for younger readers. Regards.

    2. I maybe wrong but it appears that Kerry’s account has just been suspended again as of the 1.12.20 .
      I’d say a well organised Zionist weapons grade attack on her and others free speech.
      It’s not Russia or China to be afraid of it’s Zionists

  2. We are being sorounded by the right wing destroyers in both the Conservative and unionist party and the knights tribute band.Coordinated and dangerous for the continuation of democracy.ITs no coincidence that the civil rights of the working-class are disappearing in the middle of a Pandemic,a right wing junta and a tribute act for the Tory party.Somtimes its easier and safer to be on the outside looking in..Times running out

    1. It’s a strange period to live in. You have libertarian elements of the Conservative party and their media supporters fighting against the Liberal, wrongly tagged ‘left’, who are trying to deplatform anyone who doesn’t conform to their twisted ideology. Politics has been turned inside out and Orwellian prophecy has come true.

    1. I shot 4×5 for years myself, but for landscape and technical work – for street photography 35mm or even medium format give more immediacy.
      Some of his shots not reproduced in the article do look staged, which is normal with large format because of the size of the equipment – it’s not unobtrusive or fast enough to move in unnoticed and leave fast like Cartier-Bresson with his Leica.
      Seriously to document 21st century poverty you’d need something like the US FSA project of the 1930s – nobody captured hard times like Dorothea Lange.
      In the UK Bill Brandt probably came closest while he was working for the Ministry of Information in WWII – Chris Killip would have been a fan.
      RiP Chris.
      Today’s Tories would prefer to remove all evidence of poverty from the official record if they could, rather than document it.
      “Poverty? What poverty?”

      1. In the mid-90s, when evening classes were still widely available and with no previous experience in it apart from being clumsy with a camera, I bought a cheap second-hand Praktica and took GCSE Photography Practical. Our tutor was a police photographer under whose guidance and encouragement I found I had an ‘eye’ for it.

        Mostly, I did a lot of abstract stuff, which he particularly liked and which gave me the pass for my practical assessment in the exam. Moreover, it brought to my attention the splendid works of people like Cartier-Bresson, Dorothea Lange, Robert Frank, Don McCullin, Robert Capa — people I’d never even heard of until then, not being the arty type (got chucked out of art at school).

        A whole new world was opened up to me in that year, although as the years have gone by I haven’t really had the time or inclination to pursue it much further and haven’t taken any pictures in the last ten years or so. But who knows, now I’m retired I have often thought about getting some new equipment if and when funds allow. I always found it very satisfying being out and about looking for an interesting subject to photograph, while it also helps you to see things that you wouldn’t otherwise take any notice of.

        The image that really struck me the most in the article was the skinhead, having been one myself in the late 60s. While it might have been posed, it still brought home to me the grinding poverty of the area — no nice smart clothes like the ones we could afford in our more affluent working class industrial towns down south.

  3. “Israel is an apartheid state. The Palestinians deserve our solidarity. They’re the ones facing occupation and brutalisation every day. We can’t be silent about that”.
    Well said. I would like to hear Jeremy Corbyn say these words.

    1. You what? He must’ve expressed those sentiments THOUSANDS of times! Why do you think he frightened the Establishment & the Labour right so much?

    2. Why – I take it you want him expelled? Pro Palestinian sentiments are deemed to be anti-Semitic in some quarters and it seems anyone who utters them is a Jew Hater – see Swawkbox’s post on Redbridge tweets.

      1. Smartboy30/11/2020 AT 2:21 PM
        As Ms Mendoza says,
        “Israel is an apartheid state. The Palestinians deserve our solidarity. They’re the ones facing occupation and brutalisation every day. We can’t be silent about that”.
        I agree with that statement. It should be repeated as a mantra every time an accusation of anti semirism is made.
        I will be the first to apologise if someone finds a clip or a piece of written word where Jeremy Corbyn speaks in similar terms. I have never heard him call it as it is; apartheid.
        Prove me wrong and if you cant, tell me why do you think Corbyn has chosen not to use the facts to counter the allegations of anti semitism.

  4. I don’t know, but I have never heard him speak in those terms. Please prove me wrong.

      1. Hi Timfrom – welcome back Haven’t seen a post from you in a while.
        Watch out for Richardmackinnon- he is not genuine.

    1. Don’t be ridiculous MacKinnon – fully half the attacks on Corbyn over the last 4 years were piggybacked on JC’s support for the Palestinian cause.
      You’re a disingenuous little shit and your demands for evidence of the obvious are transparently specious.
      You should fuck off to the Ma*l or the S*n – here you’re as welcome as a dead rat behind the skirting board.

  5. I have. Its not there. Plenty “anti semitism has no place in the Labour Party….” And plenty “we must stamp out racism in all its forms…” But not “Israel is an apartheid state”.
    Show me the link.

    1. Mckinnon unless you have lived under Apartheid and been a victim of such a cruel inhuman system then you wouldnt be so flippant in baiting people .The closest I ever saw to Apartheid would have been in N Ireland of the 1950s where Catholics were treated with contempt by the state.But despite the hatred of your lot(Orange)it was nothing as bad as seeing the blacks treated as animal’s by the boar and condoned by the Ned kirk(dutch reformed church)The similarities are there amongst your kinsmen in N Ireland and the attitude of ignorance is strikingly similar to yours and that includes your warped political mind.and the dogma of the Conservative and unionist party.

      1. I see the government have refused to open a public inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane by loyalist paramilitaries. Hardly a surprise. Wouldn’t want the truth coming out, now would they?

      2. Just disgust from reading the Statment from the finucane family and not unexpected considering the blood thats on the hands of successive British governments especially the Conservative Government in the murder of ordinary Catholics to appease the blood lust of depraved politicians.and deranged protestant militia groups…Thanks P W for that although its not a great bit of news to wake up to on a bright Tuesday morning.

    2. Fill your bootees.
      “If you go onto the Mount of Olives and look out across onto the Jericho valley, ten years ago you saw fields and the occasional forest and Bedouin living peaceably.

      “Then you saw construction sites, then you saw camps, then you saw roads, then you saw occupation, then you saw apartheid being introduced all over the West Bank of Palestine.”
      Jeremy Corbyn 2012 (when free speech was allowed and we weren’t cowed by the world’s only apartheid state and the second largest exporter of terrorism).

      1. lundiel30/11/2020 AT 3:48 PM
        Thank you. I want to read that speech. Where can I find it?

      2. Richard Mackinnon:

        The following is a passage from a Huffpost article in October 2014 with the headline:

        ‘Alan Duncan Slams Israel’s West Bank ‘Apartheid’ In Fierce Attack’

        Touching on the “amazing city” of Hebron, in the West Bank, where Palestinians have been forced out of the city centre, he said: “One should not use the word apartheid lightly, but as a description of Hebron it is both accurate and undeniable. In South Africa it meant pass cards, no free movement, forbidden areas, and first and second-class citizens. So it is in Hebron.

        And it was widely reported by the MSM

        And then – in 2017, as I’m sure you know – there was the following, which was also widely reported by the MSM:

        UK parliamentary committee to investigate Israeli lobby scandal
        A former Tory minister also attacked Israeli PM Netanyahu over his country’s threat to ‘take down’ UK deputy foreign minister Alan Duncun

        A UK parliamentary committee will investigate a scandal involving a plan by an Israeli diplomat and British parliamentary aide to “take down” the UK’s deputy foreign minister, British media reported on Sunday.

        The disclosure of the secret investigation carried out by the Qatar-based al-Jazeera TV station, involving Israeli diplomat Shai Masot, who has close links to Israeli intelligence, and Maria Strizzolo, an aide to the pro-Israeli Tory MP Robert Halfon, made headlines last week.

        The scandal is to be investigated by the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, chaired by Tory MP Crispin Blunt, who was also targeted by Masot and Strizzolo.


        But the idea that the ‘Israel Lobby’ could have targeted Jeremy Corbyn during the past five years is not only ridiculous, but antisemetic as well of course!

        See link to Alan Duncan article below

      1. George Peel30/11/2020 AT 5:16 PM,
        I agree with everything he says. I know Jeremy Corbyn does too. My question was, why did Corbyn not call out Israel as an apartheid state. Now I have an answer courtesy of PW. Corbyn did in 2012.
        Pay attention.

    3. Tricky dickie , why do you want this information , for what purpose , what are you trying to achieve , a level of understanding or as usual another attack on Corbyn … perchance I suspect the latter

  6. PW30/11/2020 AT 4:49 PM,
    That is a powerful piece of oratory. It does not sound like the same person. What happened to him?

    1. He was neutered by the lobby and the British establishment who tricked him, and all who voted for him into the belief that social democracy was still on the table.

  7. Allan Howard30/11/2020 AT 5:30 PM
    I never new any of that.
    From the article15 January 2017: ‘In an statement in 2014 he (Alan Duncan ) said: “Settlement endorsement should be put on a par with racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-Semitism. Indeed, just as we quite rightly judge someone unfit for public office if they refuse to recognise Israel, so we should shun anyone who refuses to recognise that settlements are illegal.”
    That is revealing. I read or saw a TV documentary around the same time about Israeli influence on UK university campus but I never new that Tory ministers (2017) were openly critical and vocal regarding the west bank settlements. Nor that Israeli diplomats had been recorded speaking of ‘taking down’ UK cabinet ministers.
    But that unfortunately makes my point, there you have it, Alan Duncan, a Tory cabinet minister in 2017 called out ‘west bank settlements’ for what it is ‘illegal’.
    British democracy has been badly damaged by Israeli interference during Corbyn’s leadership. I still believe Jeremy Corbyn did not do enough to defend himself and his Party.

  8. Didn’t do enough to defend ‘himself and his Party’ you say. So perhaps you could remind me what happened when Jeremy and ‘his Party’ defended the themselves and condemned the Panorama hatchet job….. as if you didn’t know! Or what happened recently when he defended the party under his leadership in response to the so-called EHRC report and, as such, satd that the problem of anti-semitism in the party (under his leadership) had been massively overstated by political opponents and the MSM? Oh, right, he got slayed by the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the groups and individuals who weigh in with their smears and falsehoods and faux outrage every single time.

    But perhaps you could elaborate as to just how JC could have got an unbiased and undistorted platform in the very same media that has been totally hostile to him for the past five years and conspired in the unprecedented smear campaign against him?

    1. Allan Howard30/11/2020 AT 6:55 PM,

      The unbiased platform Corbyn should have used was Youtube. Farage has said Brexit would not have happened without Youtube. Farage is proud of that and Im not promoting Farage here, I mention it to make the point. Youtube is a powerful tool that cannot be distorted by others.
      Corbyn on the other hand, I’ve never seen a positive Corbyn post on Youtube. Its all negative. Posted by others to mock him. He should have had his own Youtube site like George Galloway’s MOATS.
      But this is now pointless. We are not ever going to agree. You think he did no wrong. I think he was useless..

    2. If Jeremy had used youtube to refute claims of ‘widespread’ OR ‘endemic anti-semitism’ in the LP (under his leadership), he would have been hammered just the same by the MSM and the Jewish newspapers et al. I mean twitter and FB are ‘unbiased’ platforms as such, where you can post content (generally speaking), but THAT didn’t prevent Jeremy’s enemies from trawling through literally hundreds of thousands of comments posted on them, did it, and ‘digging’ up stuff from years before!

      And if, for example, Jeremy had posted his (initial) response to the publication of the EHRC report on youtube, do you seriously imagine for one billisecond that there wouldn’t have been PRECISELY the same ‘reaction’ by the Establishment’s propaganda machine et al! Of COURSE there would have been!

      1. Pa-trolling again I see. I assume they’ve put you on the over-night shift today, yep?!

      2. In case anyone didn’t notice, SteveH posted his ‘response’ to my comment within TWO minutes! And if you’re not aware of the fact, he has literally done so on scores of occasions during the course of the past year or more – ie posted a ‘dismissive’ response to me within a matter of a few minutes. Oh, right, but he’s not a paid shill monitoring the site fifteen/sixteen hours a day at a time practically every single day. Noo, Noo, Noo, perish the thought!

        PS The fact that he does so is itself ‘evidence’ that his paymasters don’t want readers to take on board whatever it is you’re saying!

      3. Allan – I’m trying to get it down to the same minute in the hope that you 🤯

    3. Is RM one of your secondary ‘personas’ Steve!

      And talking of shills, whatever happened to RH?! Job done, I suppose, so slowly ‘withdraw’ from posting on here, hmm. Withdrawing SUDDENLY would have been far too obvious!

      1. Oops wrong place. Best have it in sequence!

        So is it one of your tertiary personas?

        NB Just setting my stopwatch. Right….. GO!

  9. Thus Tricky Dickie I was right then , … just another attack on Corbyn ,, God you are soooo bloody boringly transparent it’s mind numbing … now do us all a favour and piss off back under your rock

    1. I agree Rob and from here on in I am not going to respond to any of his posts I appeal to others to do likewise. It is better to leave one post unanswered than to give him the opportunity to repeat his opinions/his employers opinions over and over again – and he’s not the only one though it seems SteveH is on leave today.

  10. The next major opportunity Labour will get is tomorrow’s vote in parliament. I don’t get the feeling Starmer has the slightest appetite for bringing down the Govt by voting against the pub-killing Covid tier bullshit.

      1. timfrom – …..and so is everybody else apart from the Tories There will be no hiding place, their internal divisions will be on display for all to see.

      2. I’m not sure if that’ll be much comfort to all the pub landlords currently having nervous breakdowns!

      3. timfrom – It will save a lot of grieving over dead loved ones.

      4. timfrom – Pubs are just businesses and can be resurrected, I’ve yet to see any credible evidence that anyone’s managed to come back from the dead yet.

    1. Starmer & co will abstain. Whip is to abstain. Abstaining is NOT leadership. It is chicanery. That is the saboteur’s nature🔴

  11. Call that opposition? Starmer you and your despicable lot are repellant sabotaging frauds‼️‼️‼️ Disgusting deceitful destroyers of the Labour party🔴

    1. I find it hard to imagine how I’d justify abstaining on anything – if I have no opinion on something requiring a parliamentary vote then I’m either stupid or ill-informed – either is unacceptable in an MP and my arse needs kicking down the road.
      If I’m ill-informed I need to inform myself – and if the government is refusing me the information I need then I loudly lobby for that information and vote against them if it’s not forthcoming – because the fuckers are hiding something.

      1. I think it’s called having NO principles and I agree David with your assessment

  12. Regarding the abstaining decision, if in reality yur on the same page, BUT, pretending to the electorate that yur the official opposition, then you can’t of course vote WITH your blue buddies, so therefore you whip to abstain.

    1. Yes Allan, even the Tories can have the occasional good idea, in which case opposing or abstaining for the sake of appearances is ridiculous and leads idiots into holding contradictory positions.
      Got to watch out for bad policy piggybacked on popular legislation though – Tories love to lay elephant traps to make Labour appear to “lack common sense.”
      Always best to vote with conscience and well-reasoned argument.

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