Canary editor Mendoza suspended (again) by @Twitter – for tweeting an email address at the request of the person who owns the address

Canary editor-at-large Kerry-Anne Mendoza

Canary editor Kerry-Anne Mendoza’s Twitter accounts were reinstated on Monday after Twitter said it had ‘mistakenly’ suspended her access after a coordinated campaign of vexatious complaints. Right-wingers were horrified that their attempts to gag her had failed.

But just two days later, Mendoza’s main account has been suspended again – with Twitter telling her this was for tweeting an email address without the ‘express authorization’ of the address’s owner:

But Mendoza did have ‘express authorization’ – more than that, she was tweeting it at the specific request of the email holder, to promote an event she was organising. Twitter did not contact Mendoza beforehand to ask whether she had permission to post the address, it simply assumed she had ‘violated our rules’ and locked her account.

The tweet was approximately two years old.

The SKWAWKBOX has again written to Twitter to point this out and ask why the social media giant has acted in this way with the editor of an IMPRESS-regulated publication.

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  1. Twitter ….Impress ??? Who the fuck are they ?? Don’t know but some Brit know nothing mickymouse thing ..
    can we suspend it ???

      1. .sprry Joe , my too subtle attempt at sarcastically impersonating the Twitter moderators failed! .
        Perhaps I should have put a sarcasm alert on it .. will try harder next time;-)

    1. Things will get worse. Eg signing the IHRA sinister definition which is NOT universally accepted as claimed. All these obvious ploys to abuse decent people and erode freedom of thought and speech🚨🚨🚨

      1. There are four posts in the following sequence, which should take you about seven or eight minutes to read, and if you’re not already convinced that Signpost is a paid black propagandist shill, then you SHOULD be by the time you’ve read them all and, as such, see for yourself how he distorts and fabricates so as to discredit and demonise someone – namely myself – by painting a totally false and contrived version of the episode in question, in the same way that the Establishment’s propaganda machine does all the time:

      2. I should have added in my response (to signpost’s smear) earlier today that the guy laying on the ground was probably in his late forties (and I was in my early twenties at the time), and he was NOT some seventy or eighty year old pensioner. And I should ALSO have pointed out that he WASN’T laying flat out on the floor, but washalf sat up leaning on one elbow. Yes,it’s not until someone tries to smear you that you realise that there are things you could have made clearer just in case someone DOES try to smear you!

        Funny, isn’t it, that signpost should wait six days before launching his attack on me! I wonder why! Oh, right, of course, so that he could work on his smear and make it as ‘damaging’ as he possibly could. Yes, THAT would explain the ‘delay’!!

      3. So I take it you didn’t care about JC being smeared? Or Chris Williamson, or Jackie Walker? Needless to say, little shithead shills like yourself don’t give a fuck about anyone, precisely because psychopaths are devoid of such feelings/emotions.

        Funny, isn’t it. how there’s ALWAYS one of the fascist shills on the overnight shift! Well they have to monitor the site 24/7 you see!

  2. This proves the urgency of learning from history and NEVER compromising ever again with the sinister Right Wing.

    We must never treat our need to have a transformed world as a longer game than it has already been or those after us will be TOTALLY controlled enslaved at the total mercy of the one percent. The long-game idea is an irresponsible cop out🚨🚨🚨

  3. Twitter is a law unto itself. Let wing / anti establishment feeds are all fair game, and Twitter is answerable to nobody. The so-called ‘Appeals process’ is an automated reply sham. I was permanently suspended for referring to Boris Johnson as ‘Boris (cunt) Johnson’ on the alleged grounds that this was liable to incite hate based on race, gender, religion etc etc etc. Total fucking crap. It was easy to appeal, of course, but they do not engage, just keep repeating: you broke the rules and your’e out. Twitter is full of pretty horrendous bigoted hateful comment which is untouched. They choose who they sanction carefully, and it is nothing to do with the alleged transgression.

    1. fb are similar, I am on my fifth suspension, this time for the crime of calling a Biden supporter a thick twat, though the damage was done by a Starmer supporter earlier who complained I was being rude and abusive. The fact that I was responding to his abuse was not considered relevant so that was 5 days suspension, though it the axe hadn’t fallen, but as soon as I described the Biden supporter as a thick twat, I got an immediate 30 day ban. My other bans have been for attacking Israel with the truth.

      1. You know all about it then John. I’d had two or three before too, but for relatively minor things. But I was identifiably and actively ‘left’, which was the only possible reason I could think of to have my account permanently suspended for something like this. They probably did me a favour however, as I spent far too much time there, though missed the camaraderie with some friends I used to talk to and was cut off at a stroke. But probably more writing getting done now than there would otherwise have been.

  4. I checked for job vacancies at Campaign Against Anti Semitism & some came up from several years ago. CEO £100K P.A. plus 4 full time posts scrolling through the internet (digital services blah-blah officers) looking for stuff to dredge up. Seems they don’t like Kerry Anne Mendoza either.
    Just sayin’ …

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