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‘PLP’ – Labour MPs’ grouping – chair’s CLP defies free-speech ban to vote support for Corbyn

Leyton and Wanstead members defy latest Labour tactic to prevent expressions of support for Corbyn

PLP chair John Cryer

Labour members in Leyton and Wanstead have voted overwhelmingly for an expression of support for former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – and against Keir Starmer’s breach of rules and practice in withdrawing the whip from Corbyn after a right-dominated panel of NEC members followed legal advice to lift his suspension, as well as his choice to provide the Tories with a ‘get out of jail card’ by distracting from the impact of Tory decisions and policies on the UK’s most vulnerable people.

The motion – which was debated and passed in spite of the latest tactic by the party’s hierarchy of declaring it racist to do so – reads:

This CLP expresses its solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy is a lifelong campaigner against racism and antisemitism. We welcome the decision of the national Executive Committee to reinstate him as a member of the Labour Party on 17 November. Given this, we note with concern the Leader of the Labour Party’s decision not to restore the Labour Party whip to Jeremy Corbyn – apparently in breach both of Labour Party rules and PLP Standing Orders.

We call on Keir Starmer, therefore, to immediately restore the whip to Jeremy Corbyn.We believe that unity, not division, is important for the Party to make progress and effectively challenge racism, fascism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, misogyny, sexism, and LGBT+ harassment in whatever form this may take – as well as being able to tackle issues such as child poverty, the housing crisis and the government’s handling of the Covid pandemic.

Only one delegate voted against, with two abstentions.

The constituency is represented in Parliament by John Cryer, the chair of the parliamentary Labour party – elected to his position by the right-wing majority among Labour MPs, many of whom have been active in the media and on social media supporting the actions against Corbyn in spite of their support for the EHRC’s recent report – which forbids political interference in disciplinary outcomes.

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  1. It is concerning that anyone who has attained one of the highest positions in the state legal system, albeit now retired from that position, appears to believe that rules, regulations and laws are for the little people.

    1. Yes but it is understandable when you think of the miscarriages of justice and the failures to prosecute certain offenders which have occurred over the years.

    1. Ian Crawford, good question, I don’t know for sure but I will venture that the only ones perhaps would have been the members of the Socialist Campaign Group. 28 of them signed a letter opposing the withdrawal of the whip from Corbyn and asking for the reinstatement of the Labour Whip.
      However, I don’t recall hearing from any member of the PLP robustly opposing this level of censorship imposed on the membership.
      It would be good if they did, it is starting to feel as if for the entire PLP ordinary members are expendable, pawns in a game. The members of the SCG tell us not to leave, because they expect us to back them up, but solidarity is a two ways street.

  2. Never really looked at Cryer before.He could easily be a stand in for one of them old war films for a waffen SS officer….Chilling them evil eyes,is he a friend of Isreal member?ITs my Jewish wife who pointed out the chilling aspect of this PLP Comander.

  3. Whoopie another letter for the dam shredder and nothing will happen. Let me give you a clue you send a open letter this clp will all shred our cards on the date if JC is not reinstated and this nonsense stops.

    Otherwise we will all quit in protest and then get more people to agree to do the same that is playing by their rules. Being all nicy nicy playing by the rules with Starmer and this New Labour 2.0 cult will achieve NOTHING..

    I also sick and tired of all these BS calls for unity from so called socialists that want to be one family. Yes where the membership is ignored and has no power because it’s how they like it just like the good old days. Sorry how the f’ing hell can you call for unity while under constant attack by the Starmer clones? Stop being fool and calling for unity because if you are your shore as hell not a socialist if your calling for unity while being attacked endlessly.

    Until the left learns that this has gone to far it will never return, no matter how much we organise, fight and call for understanding and change the cancer is to deep! We now have a zombie party with a Labour name tag now explain how that will ever now change?

    We need a true socialist labour party for the workers of the country and the people not the dam managers like this new Labour 2.0 club is…

  4. John son of solid Bennite MP Bob Cryer. It’s time we stopped nominating sons or daughters in the expectation that they would be true to the legacy of their parent. They rarely are.

    1. I agree entirely with Hilary Benn being another grim example of someone with little to offer but the family name which they then drag through the mud.

      1. Smartboy,but somthing was slightly off about his mother anne cryer Labour MP….its becoming a hereditary dynasty the PLP

  5. I wonder whether Labour still collects direct debit subs from members it has suspended?

    (I’m afraid after some offensive replies in the past I don’t read them any more.)

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