Video: Jewish former ANC MP blows apart excuse for Corbyn’s suspension and accuses opponents of ‘abusing notion of antisemitism’ to attack him

Andrew Feinstein: I have lectured in Auschwitz and lost 39 members of my family there and I have seen nothing to suggest Jeremy Corbyn is remotely antisemitic – and the EHRC says Corbyn was perfectly entitled to say what he said

Andrew Feinstein, the Jewish former African National Congress MP and anti-apartheid activist, has spoken to Channel 4 News about the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn and the EHRC report – and blew apart both Keir Starmer’s excuse for suspending Corbyn and the accusations of antisemitism that the ‘mainstream’ media have regurgitated today:

Feinstein, who has lectured at Auschwitz on genocide and lost 39 members of his family there, was emphatic:

Asked whether he feared he would be suspended himself for his comments supporting Corbyn, Feinstein was defiant:

Frankly John, if the Labour Party were to suspend me and claim that I in any way contribute towards antisemitism, I would simply remind them I was the first MP in S Africa to introduce a motion on the Holocaust in the history of the S African Parliament. I have lectured at Auschwitz on genocide prevention, where my mother lost 39 members of her family.

If the Labour Party would like to suspend me for supporting Jeremy Corbyn in this particular instance, I would be very happy to defend myself and my commitment to fighting antisemitism and all racism

Asked whether he feared the party might split, Feinstein responded that he fears Keir Starmer is promoting division after claiming to have been elected to bring unity – and that Starmer is:

ignoring a significant segment of Jewish Labour Party members who are very supportive of Jeremy Corbyn.

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  1. A Keir started Labour and a Sir Keir in the hold of trilateral billionaires and elected as the Unity candidate is causing its end.

    1. Hundreds of distinguished Jews have put their names to powerful letters supporting Jeremy. One was even published in the Guardian of all places. Please, can anyone share here any acknowledgement of this by Jeremy anywhere? Thanks

      1. Yet AGAIN, signpost – who would have the readership of skwawkbox believe that he is a Jeremy Corbyn supporter – comes up with something to trash Jeremy with.

        So WHAT was the point you were trying to make signpost? Would you have readers of skwawkbox believe that Jeremy wasn’t grateful to them for doing so?

        You really ARE a little piece of fascist shit!

  2. Quite ! Fight! Sign the petition (‘Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn’) which was sent to me by my best friend, a life-long but now ex-Labour member, who lost many family members in the death camps. Starmer is an abomination.

      1. Had the MSM allowed informed,articulate and sensitive Jewish opinion to be heard or read throughout the period of Corbyn,s leadership then the hysterical highly politicised criticism would have been seen in a wider context, one that had little to do with antisemitism, but a great deal to do with.a left wing political agenda and a much needed focus on an ethical foreign and domestic policy.This at variance with the Establishment and of course our trans Atlantic overseer.

      2. Signed. Four times. 🙂 That’s despite desperately wanting Jeremy to leave and build a new party for proper socialists – but if he wants to stick with the shadow of what used to be Labour, signing a petition is the least I can do – for what it’s worth.
        I’d rather we all starve the interlopers of membership and funding and send the war criminal to The Hague – I believe there’s honour in that.
        I certainly don’t feel the same nostalgia for the name ‘Labour’ that I’m sure we all share for its lost principles.

    1. Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to relive it.

    2. noelstevenson12
      I think petitions to reinstate Corbyn are a mistake. I think Starmer has overstepped here. I think British allies of the Israeli state will be uncomfortable with Corbyn’s suspension.
      Jeremy Corbyn, once he has appraised the last 24 hours will be OK with the situation.. He is now seen as a martyr. As an outsider he is no longer constrained by Party leadership (which he was never comfortable with). He can, hopefully, if he finds a bit of backbone, get back to the core issue, the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.

      1. Good points. But the push back itself is all important with an over-stepping of this nature. Starmer has to be strongly challenged on this, which if it was even partially successful would leave him more exposed and would be a setback. I doubt if JC will be happy for it not to be strongly challenged. It’s a matter of natural justice. Leaving JC completely unfettered will be a consolation prize when he isn’t reinstated (as I’m sure he won’t be). It’s all about bruising Starmer and using this to expose and challenge him.

  3. There are many pro-Corbyn Jewish Labour Party members who were prepared to support him and fight the Zionist smears but he failed to enlist their help.

    The basis of all the attacks on Corbyn had zero to with antiSemitism, they were simply part of a plan to defend the racist state of Israel. Zionists did not want anyone, especially someone with the high profile of Corbyn, drawing attention to the murderous activities of the Israeli government and thereby put the continued colonisation of Palestine at risk, therefore in their eyes he had to go, by any means possible.

    Corbyn’s problem was he thought the Zionists would behave like decent people, he was wrong and unprepared for their ruthlessness.

    1. “Defend[ing] the racist state of Israel” was certainly Israel’s plan – the rest of our attackers were more interested in defending global neoliberalism and the privilege of the 1% against that nice, gentle man Corbyn.
      Israel’s current leadership is an enemy of radical socialism it’s true, but the US is our ultimate enemy.
      If the US is the Third Reich, Israel is Spain. You wouldn’t invade Germany through Spain, would you?
      Sorry for the whimsical analogy, I’m not fully awake yet.

      1. Morning David. ‘You wouldn’t invade Germany through Spain, would you?”

        No, not if one accepted your analogy.

        However, as Ariel Sharon said, Israel controls America and the evidence is there for all to see. We, with the USA, were proxies for Israel when we invaded Iraq illegally at the behest of Sharon.

    2. “There are many pro-Corbyn Jewish Labour Party members who were prepared to support him and fight” “smears but he failed to enlist their help.”✅✅✅

      “The basis of all the attacks on Corbyn had zero to with antiSemitism,”✅✅✅

      If the oil in countries around Palestine did not exist and there were no other valuable resources nor geo politically strategic benefits mainly location, the Palestinians would not be oppressed anymore than people elsewhere.

      NB Haiti, Cuba, the Chagos Islands, they all suffer because of strategic location. The Chagoshians were turfed out. Haitians have been suffering forever. Vietnam, Burma was invaded etc etc etc. Many people suffer ALL over the world. This very moment we are ALL using devices made with rare earths from the Congo… mined by children.

      The 1% care NOTHING about religion or other man made amplified differences. They use them EFFECTIVELY to divide and conquor perfectly inteligent people.

      Alas too often without reflection, we COLLABORATE in authoring our own misfortune. We refuse to change. Are outsmarted / stitched up again and again, refuse to change ANYTHING, get frustrated at the defeats, believe they are inevitable so we exist fixated on whatever captures our emotions for whatever reason. A limited circle does not help ie bunker mentality with perpetually charged emotions especially against those who bring a different view.

      All rational assessment goes out the window. Flight Fright kicks in. Feel threatened, invent the most bizarre lies like Allan Howard. Go mad. Note times people post etc. Learn nothing after being alive for 80 plus years.

    3. So could you elaborate as to just HOW Jeremy could have ‘enlisted’ their help Jack AND what they could have done to help him counter the A/S falsehoods.

      No, thought not!

      Jack has yet again come up with a disingenuous and spurious way to trash Jeremy.

  4. I believe that mike pompeo and the cia were part of the orchestrated attack against Jeremy Corbyn!

    There are always claims levelled against Russia interfering in the “democratic process” of other countries, but only one country that has interfered and caused regime change, ameriKKKa.

  5. BBC Newsnight in full cry in a rabid anti-Corbyn hunt , dragging out interviews with selected jews saying they feel unsafe here, and shamelessly conflating anti-zionism with anti-Semitism (I’m absolutely sure they really do know the difference). This is shameless. It’s disgusting.

    1. I didn’t watch ‘BBC Newsnight’, I watched ‘BBC Question Time’ Instead & ditto. Panel consists of Tory MP; Blairite MP; Chair Jewish Board of Governors; Bonnie Greer & Tony Scaramucci. No defence nor spokesperson available to represent Jeremy?
      BBC now losing all pretence at being independent or objective………& I thought JC was only crucified @ Easter.

      1. & I thought JC was only crucified @ Easter.

        Yesterday, JC’s attempted crucifixion was BY Easter (island-head)

      2. It’s really pathetic Steve . . . worse than that, disgusting as I said. Jon Snow had also joined in the general tally ho on Ch4News. He wheeled out Berger but then was put firmly (and gloriously) in hi s place by Feinstein. Posted about Snow’s fall from grace:

        (I know what you’re going to say, he never was a ‘hero,’ but he used to be decent enough.)

      3. Steve Richards your tense is INTENSELY wrong re: ” BBC now losing all pretence at being independent or objective”

        The BBC or PPC = Poisonous Propaganda Corporation has LONG lost ALL pretence…

        The BBC was NEVER independent nor objective. It was a successfully propagated myth. Genius really. Sandwich pure piss puss propaganda between EXCELLENT content. Then listeners are hypnotised. The swing of the watch. Predictable. Prompts able minds to believe that the “current affairs” propaganda packages are as credible as what sandwiches them.

        Further PPC R4 is the middle class go to at home and in the old days The World Service abroad was compulsory listening. Effective soft power. Again, like Voice of America, most of the content is superb. In fact domestic matters here and in the USA are covered with commendable balance ish and greater accuracy. WHY? Foreign consumption. Gives the impression that the media is free and unbiased in the UK & USA.

        Puts us in an extremely favourable light… especially in the minds of people who will send their children to be educated at, Charterhouse, Harrow, Winchester, Eaton… Sandhurst… brilliant ways to keep the world as it is. EFFECTIVE control post pram to grave.

        A few somehow break free from the expected trajectory and convictions… questioning things and all that… Why? Nature? Nurture? Not sure … especially when one considers all the forces and RELENTLESS dedicated strategic efforts of the 1% “stakeholders” … to use a word recently deployed in a most sinister way.

  6. Thankyou Andrew. I hope tomorrow will see others come forward to support JC and socialism. I hope Unite will indeed unite with a strong message and action

  7. The Labour party was taken over by the right using classic entryist model.

    A small group ‘The Murdoch Tendency’, led by Tony Blair with crucial backing of Murdoch, ceded the safest Labour seats to Thirdway* candidates supporting the US empire as Team B (Team A being the Tory Party).

    These Thirdway MPs were very often unpopular with their constituency Labour party because they were parachuted in without consultation and they proceeded to vote for austerity and unpopular wars which they promoted as ‘humanitarian intervention’ but was just illegal war sowing death and poverty across the world that inevitably caused a mass exodus of refugees – a gift to far Right wing Xenophobe strategy of splitting solidarity of the majority already suffering austerity backed by the same Thirdway MPs who could not win a confidence vote of members. This was true of Liverpool.

    Ed Miliband did 2 important things: 1) he stopped the planned invasion of Syria by not behaving as expected and playing his hand close to his chest, Labour did not back the war and the whole enterprise fell apart in the US. 2) Ed Miliband opened up the membership of the Labour party leading to hundreds of thousands of New (and rejoining) members. Suddenly the entryist ‘The Murdoch Tendency’ was under threat from the popular will.

    Corbyn was elected by the newly democratic Labour Party members because he was the only candidate that opposed austerity (and US wars).

    Bernie Sanders in the US was as rabidly opposed as Corbyn has been by the same dark forces and removed by DNC fixing of Primaries (exposed by wikileaks).

    We are the majority, we must not leave the party, we have had set backs but it is our strength that is the threat.
    We all know that the ‘The Murdoch Tendency’ (the Thirdway PLP) is fighting a rearguard action using whatever comes to hand like ‘abusing notion of antisemitism’.

    Stay and fight.


    1. But “fight” intelligently. NOT with long periods of “absence”, little sense of priorities and ZERO sense of sequence, nor effective strategy nor recognising the warmongers for what they are… they WON’T change.

      Yesterday Jeremy was STILL asking people to “calm down” and calling for “unity” etc instead of dismantling LOGICALLY the inconsistencies of his enemies and their perverse twisting of the report.

      Chackrarbarti should already be FULLY conversant with EVERY detail on this issue. She is a lawyer. This assault was expected. WHERE is she? Anyone heard her dismantling the lies? The very night after Arsetair Campbellend was expelled, she was on 5Live saying he could be welcomed back.

      Of course Allan Howard would excuse the silence. After all the AH would scream – IF SHE DID, THEY WOULD ATTACK JEREMY‼️ Yes Allan, u r right. And sooo smart. When you recover from the mother of all celebratory hangovers, do say hi. Do regale us with your Shill hunting triumphs and celebrated tome “HOW TO STOP ATTACKS”.

      There is STILL a very unenergised approach. Allies ABSENT all day yesterday… Why would they step forward? What support and gratitude will they get for sticking their necks out? FACT: The only people rescued by Jeremy were WMD Blair at the vote Salmond brought, Jeremy and all front bench absented themselves.

      FACT: Twatson rescued at conference. Arseworth after his, i believe deliberate, leaking of his insulting Jeremy with his Tory chum recording. Failure to expel Hodge for gross insubordination, Ummuna Starmer etc when they regularly brought the party into disrepute.

      Name even ONE member or ally Jeremy has stepped forward to defend in public.

      WHY? Partly because of the likes of Allan Howard who SHRIEKED appease Appease APPEASE or those attacking you … will attack you. Yes that works Allan.

      Realise that repetition of lies on the MSM get believed, yet disappear for weeks on end from the public arena. SILENCE for months. No sustained dynamic rebuttals. A peep and then VANISH up mount who knows what.

      BREXIT – Immediately after the result, Jeremy said ONCE to trigger Article 50 immediately. Then another vanishing trick. Silence. Never uttered again since that ONE occasion. From Jeremy’s history, we know that utterance reflected his belief. QUESTION – What can one do for any problems abroad if you hide at crucial moments at home… over and over and over and over ??? And DUMP what you, Tony Benn, Clement Atlee, George Galloway, believe to appease SIR Starmer & Co?

      Our “Left” problem is NOT that of just one individual. The team FAILED miserably. They either failed to address any of the above OR Jeremy rejected change.

      When some members of the public believe or repeat lies, it is not that they are all stupid or bad. Few people are either. Only 1% of people are bad. You cannot blame some of the public for repeating stuff, when a team with access to the MSM decide to absent themselves and, when they do, choose the BBC. Even BloJob & Cummings realise that they should blank the BBC R4 and TV.

      I heard George Galloway SEVERAL times lament Jeremy declining to appear on his Talkradio program. WHY?

      I’ve also, to my amazement heard presenters eg Iain Dale and James Whale say Jeremy used to be on all the time before he became leader, and during Blair’s Iraq murderous catastrophe. I have NO memory of ever hearing Jeremy on the radio nor any memory of his existence UNTIL he stood for the leadership. WHY? Especially when i remember Lindsay German, George Galloway, Sheri Blair’s sister, Robin Cook, etc doing same. How is that?

      Seamus Milne only since Starmer lied to seize the leadership, appears from time to time on Talkradio. I was surprised that every single appearance but one around 21st of this month, was assertive, clear and audible. Clearly competent communication and assertiveness was available to use and help Jeremy. WHY was it not?

      Chris Williamson, George, Ken all DILIGENTLY defended Jeremy REGULARLY on the MSM. What gratitude? Allan Howard said recently look what happened to Ken. I say DESPITE a full onslaught of lies from WMD Iraq Blair & the MSM, Ken stood as an independent and WON the mayoralty. George went into the American Senate to faced them down‼️ He too won as an independent. Yes all tenures come to an end, sometimes accelerated by a failure to reflect and broaden listening. But they endured the slings, are still intact and NO ONE CAN SAY THEY HID nor VANISHED.

      Every 5 months approx during Jeremy’s tenure, he would appear, give a barnstorming spirt reviving THRILLING turn available to the GENERAL public. I would feel Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Then astonishingly on the very same day, the same Jeremy would be interviewed barely audible, shallow breathing, no reiteration, heart-sinking dispiriting, uninterested and sometimes passive aggressive. That has endured throughout his tenure and since. WHY? Has no one attempted to help even with basic help? Or was the help rejected as if such do not matter? Well such things DO matter. Such things are VITAL. Basic and VITAL.

      Maybe basics are not recognized as such because of a bunker / silo / self righteous culture. Virtuous intentions galore. Sod being the one to implement them. So placate the Red Tories. Even though they say and demonstrate that they despise us and always have. Change Iraq Blair with love… as the monster cavorts with every despot with lots of money. Change Iraq Blair who was angry when Brown made some tiny move to curb PM or MPs excessive takings.

      The REFUSAL to deal with basics, use opportunities to LEARN, IMPROVE, CHANGE be EFFECTIVE are some traits which led to yesterday. It was absolutely predictable.

      The problem is wider. One only needs to read here. PERFECTLY inteligent and knowledgable posters. Almost unbearable frustration is clear. Totally understandable after repeated defeats from repeated identical errors. We are caught in a loop. It happens. Almost always, the first step out of a loop is the choice to step out, step back and ask – is there really nothing we can do differently? Really? Do we treat any other activities or pursuits like that?

      1. Re BBC State Media. Yes. Awful. Almost every evening Ch4News (a very tame establishment project now it must be said) announces that no ministers are available for comment. Whilst almost every morning Radio4 Today holds a propaganda slot where a Tory govt ministers answers easy questions and chat to their nice accommodating pals. Nuff said.

        And you mentioned Chris Williamson. His crucifixion by the Labour Party to appease its detractors was the first very big indication that this party was rotten to the core, and a huge loss for Labour and us all. JC’s crucifixion following Long-Bailey’s clinical disposal and many months of Starmer’s RW magnolia nothingness (but cleverly managing to be ruthless and brutal at the same time) was probably more shocking than either, but probably shouldn’t have been.

        But if it doesn’t energise Labour MPs to act . . . well that won’t really be a surprise either. Will it?

      2. Signpost said ‘Yesterday Jeremy was STILL asking people to “calm down” and calling for “unity” etc ‘

        So where was he saying this signpost, and could you provide a link.

        Or are you just making stuff up again so that you can then criticise him for doing so, as you have on more than a few occasions!

      3. Allan “So where was he saying this signpost, and could you provide a link.”

        [Jeremy Corbyn] “I just say, hang on a minute, let’s all keep a bit calmer. Let’s think again about this whole issue. Our party comes together to fight racism and injustice, but we also come together to bring about economic justice for the people of this country.

        “That is what unites our movement and our party. And that is what I appeal to members to focus on. Don’t go away, don’t leave the party. Stay in the party and argue the case for economic and social justice in our party.”

      4. Well THAT makes a change! When someone is constantly inventing things, and does so for the purpose of castigating somebody – as signpost has – then obviously one can’t help but wonder if they’ve done it yet again.

        I’ve been looking through the comments on around half-a-dozen articles posted today and yesterday, and there are numerous negative and spurious comments by signpost and Co in relation to Jeremy. And ALL by posters who pretend they are supporters of Jeremy’s, and YOU of course are one of them!

        Still, I appreciate the additional material for my book!

      5. Allan – It is disappointing that you don’t have either the strength of character or the good grace to just admit you were wrong.

      6. White Flag Man, will I be in your book? If so, as you are a stickler for proof, name whoever you say is paying me to post here 🙂

  8. Why is everyone afraid of Jeremy Corbyn? The guy’s no longer the Labour leade,r and yet the Tories and Tory Boy Starmer, still want to wipe his very memory from the history books! Let’s hope it all backfires.

    1. Corbyn is feared precisely because he is an anti-racist. Zionists know that Zionism is racism therefore anyone, especially Jews who oppose Zionism, become their targets.

    2. thekeystonegirlblogs – because they take no prisoners. Jeremy is not a threat but they are taking no chances. Plus they are seizing an opportunity to send a message. They speak of unity etc but never meant a jot of it. OBVIOUS to some. We should NEVER have given an inch! Think of it. Even after Starmer walked out, he was invited back. NEEDS REPEATING or IT MOST CERTAINLY will HAPPEN AGAIN. We have choices. Difficult yes. Impossible to face down enemies like Ken and George? NO!!!

      Think of the Chris Williamson episode. He is recorded at a private meeting. When it is revealed what he said. He apologised and vanished. Why say something which you are not prepared to defend? He is suspended, unsuspended and promptly resuspended after the MSM response. Do you see what i mean by “Left” culture? A culture where decent inteligent people are prompt in piping up for every issue abroad never mind Palestine, Venezuela, Brazil… the latest is Kashmir, yet at home pathetic climb downs, fear and trembling, COMPLIANCE under MSM pressure. Endless “symbolic statements of support”. Ask the displaced Chagoshians how that helped them and when was the last time they heard ANY of their “campions” uttering even a word on their behalf on the MSM.

      WE need to change the protest culture and organise and prepare to regain control of our party. We had it and SQUANDERED it. We must win elections HERE to change anything here or abroad. Plain Common sense FACT. Not nice to hear but necessary. Or we will be forever hoping for crumbs.

  9. If wore a hat I’d take it off as a sign of respect for Channel 4 (ITN) News. I usually refuse to watch the ‘Woke News in Action’ on account of my blood pressure, but the broadcasting of the Andrew Feinstein interview was a breath of real fresh air amid the putrid stench of MSM reports, especially the BBC.

    1. Reply to myself & noelstephenson12,
      Most of Channel 4 Newscast Article was another assassination attempt on the reputation of Jeremy Corbyn. Most of the time slot was given to denigrating Jeremy, but ‘wait a minute’ the last word was Feinstein’s. I was shocked.
      Usually, for Channel 4 News read the Guardian; for Jon Snow read Owen Jones; for Matt Frei read Paul Mason & for Cathy Newman read Emily Maitliss or Laura Kuennsberg. Same words.same ideologies & belief systems; same social class, just different faces.

      1. Did not see it of course, but i believe u and agree č your analysis here.

      2. Absolutely agree Steve. Feinstein was brilliant. CH4News has gone to the dogs. They’ve joined the BBC as tacit Tory supporters, constantly making ridiculously bigoted and provocative statements under the pathetic guise of ‘some might say . . .’ And nasty bigot Friedland is once more wallowing in his own ignorant bigoted bile today In tThe Guardian. Propagandists not journalists, anti-left to a man, with no interest whatsoever in facts, and plying a grossly distorted reality. It’s very sad.

  10. Why is everyone afraid of Jeremy Corbyn?

    Corbyn is feared because of who he represents. It is his supporters who are feared. It is the popular will that is feared. It is us that are feared.

    While most people are suffering a tiny tiny minority has the wealth of nations. They have employed massive efforts to split us apart, to balkanise us because otherwise we may see that the tiny tiny minority with the wealth of nations is the entire problem.

    Stay together, our differences are insignificant compared to those with the stratospheric wealth, we need to help that tiny tiny minority to slim because they have become dangerously obese and are sucking up the wealth of the planet, it is bad for them and bad for us.

    1. ktmrichard like a breath of fresh air, i rejoice at your saying better than my attempts.

  11. “Why is everyone afraid of Jeremy Corbyn?”
    Two reasons I believe – obviously there’s the fear socialism taking away their privileges.
    Their bitter hatred of Corbyn though is something apart from the fear – I think they resent and despise him so much because of his popularity.
    There’s no other politician anywhere whose praises have literally been sung by crowds of thousands – and completely spontaneously.
    That’s got to make opponents deeply resentful – some of them homicidally so I shouldn’t wonder.

  12. “It’s not for me to say what process should be followed, that’s for [my best mate] the General Secretary.”
    Let’s hope the dumb fuck comes to regret his knee-jerkery.

  13. Please do NOT sign the petition moe than once, unless you are one of Starmer’s secret police provocateurs. Even one double signature discredits the petition. If you have committed this error, please contact the petition organisers and explain.

  14. Mike Creighton, ex-Labour staffer (apparently) and Chief Wiggum tribute act, “Our job was to expel Trots from the Labour Party” was just on BBC News huffing and puffing about how everything was Corbyn’s fault.

    There must be a queue of these right wing gammons waiting their turn on the end of the phone to the BBC.

  15. One can see from events that Starmer was backed into a corner by his own statements that any attempts to either minimise or deny the anti-Semitism were unacceptable (whether this was corner of his choosing or not is inevitably up for debate particularly as Corbyn released his response only minutes before Starmer’s speech). Regardless I don’t think Starmer had any intention of suspending Corbyn when he started his press conference yesterday. He was visibly taken aback by the onslaught from the press challenging him to kick Corbyn out. Whether he made a political miscalculation or was just overtaken by events will no doubt be subjected to endless speculation.

    YouGov took a snap poll after Jeremy’s suspension which produced some surprising results, particularly from Labour voters. Follow the link, the results from Leave and Remain voters were also intriguing.
    Q – Do you think suspending Jeremy Corbyn was the right decision or the wrong decision.
    All Voters:
    Right – 58%, Wrong – 13%, Don’t Know – 29%,
    Labour Voters: Right – 41%, Wrong – 26%, Don’t Know – 33%.

    Also LabourList reported the following.
    “LabourList understands that Angela Rayner and her team were in touch with Corbyn and his team about his response to the EHRC statement before it was posted – and warned that it would be problematic.” and yet Jeremy went ahead regardless. I suspect there will be differing interpretations of this news.

    ….and in the meantime we are all forced to endure the what feels like a 24/7 onslaught of gloating and in some cases nauseating TV appearances from those who betrayed and deserted Labour members.
    Whilst we are all being instructed that we should welcome these individuals back into the Labour Party with open arms I and many other members that I know are struggling to find one good reason why we should.

    Meanwhile on polling taken before the release of the EHRC report Labour has a 5 point lead over the Tories, it will be interesting to see next weeks results.

    It is a confusing picture and how things will turn out is anybody’s guess.

      1. Joseph – Judas, who or what and how have I betrayed anyone or anything?

  16. So could you elaborate as to just HOW Jeremy could have ‘enlisted’ their help Jack.

    No, thought not!

    Jack has yet again come up with a disingenuous and spurious way to trash Jeremy.

    1. Allan – Thanks for the invite and thinking of me but on this occasion I’m going to decline. I’m not interested in joining you down your 🐇🕳.

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