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Tottenham Labour defies party suppression to vote overwhelmingly no confidence in Starmer and Evans – and unanimously for Corbyn

Labour delegates in Tottenham voted in favour of in a motion of no confidence in Labour leader Keir Starmer and acting general secretary David Evans on Wednesday night – and for Jeremy Corbyn’s immediate reinstatement to the Labour whip.

Delegates representing members of the ‘CLP’ voted by 49-4 for the no-confidence motion and 55-0 for the whip to be restored to Corbyn.

Regional officials attempted to rule out both motions, but the CLP chair put the matter to the meeting and members voted for the motions to be heard – triggering a walk-out by a dozen or so right-wingers, who evidently realised they did not have the numbers to defeat them.

The groundswell of outrage against Starmer and Evans continues to grow – as does the level of refusal to accept their attempts to ban free speech among Labour members, in spite of escalating threats and abuse and the party’s disregard for the EHRC report’s re-affirmation of their human right to express their views.

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  1. Is it time yet for a run-down of all the CLPs who’ve stuck two fingers up to Starmer & Evans so far? I think we’d all enjoy reading it again!

      1. Steve H “you have delusions of grandeur” Well whats you doing up judas H Maybe your conscious is keeping you up?,but people like you tend not to have one.I noticed you dont deny that you supply lists and names for the witchunt..Slither off into your hole judas H.

      1. It will be interesting to compare the percentages.

        No, it won’t.

        In a free and fair democratic process it might but not when CLPs have been prevented from expressing their legitimate concerns by regional/local officials, cowed into submission by diktats from above or fears of suspension, or any other tactic that prevents such motions being taken or even discussed.

  2. Not a word in the Guardian about these motions.
    Just imagine if they had been CLPs voting No Confidence in Corbyn and Formby !
    It would have been Stop the Presses time.

    1. I had three posts critical of Starmer wiped last evening in ten minutes. None abusive – just critical. Others DID post abusive stuff against various Tories, and had they posted abusive stuff about Corbyn, they’d all have stayed on. Starmer is the Guardian’s boy, and they’ll protect every hair on his head! Like Starmer, free speech only goes to those who agree with them.

      1. I noticed that one of your comments had been removed yesterday evening. There was a time when you could have a reasonable debate on CiF, not anymore. If it doesn’t fit their narrative then it disappears.

        I’ve just been reading the comments below a JVL piece (originally from Middle East Eye that I posted yesterday):

        One in particular from Kuhnberg, which was also deleted on CiF, brings it home in spades what’s going on these days at The Guardian and is worth reading, if you haven’t already.

  3. Occasionally I read comments here that when the left loses on some issue or other it’s because the right are smarter or more organised or more professional or more whatever.
    I think the truth is just that the right has the advantage of being on the side of entrenched power – old money with centuries of practice in exercising and holding on to power – and that it has no scruples and no single head that can be cut off – just the single-minded greed of individuals for their own personal share of that power, wealth and privilege.
    All we have is our numbers, solidarity, honesty and the knowledge that we’re on the right side of history. Meaning the left side, obviously.

  4. Brilliant recruiter for the left wing,but definitely not a leader in times of crisis.Jeremy Corbyn will be remembered for his dynamic recruitment and belief in Socialism being the answer to much of the worlds problems.We need firebrand leadership and a new socialist working class party.

  5. We might have found a firebrand leader in Andrew Scattergood a co chair of forward momentum and a dynamic leader who has revitalised the discredited momentum by Lansman who was forced to step down and give true professional activism a chance to lead and organise much like they did in the early years of momentum when I worked with them.The other co chair is a member of Labour international and a real socialist.Momentum in Andrew scattergood have a potential and a brand to replace the Labour party and with that for many of us there is light at the end of the tunnel.A unique name that stretches back to Yorkshire Scattergood and a unique opportunity for a new Socialist party.A firefighter leader in a job that requires common sense and at times bravery…could it happen..?

    1. Sadly, Joseph, Andrew Scattergood, Firefighter worker though he is, is just one member of the victorious ‘Forward Momentum’ crew that beat Lansman’s old cronies of the misnamed, ‘Momentum Renewal’ slate, to lead the now, very much reduced in membership (from its circa 40,000 peak), Labour-Party focused , Momentum organisation. And what sort of politics does this supposed bunch of ‘radical socialists’ have ? Answer, the very same Left Liberal politics that undermined Jeremy in 2019, and helped smash Labour in the 2019 Election.

      Unfortunately, in amongst the Leftie rhetoric about ‘supporting workers in struggle’ , and ‘introducing member democracy’ internally in Momentum, it is actually, in the main, really just another faction of the same bunch of middle class virtue-signalling, Leftie careerists , who all still love the entirely neoliberal EU, and hold up the nonsense of unlimited ‘Freedom of Movement ‘ as a shibbolith – despite the impact unlimited labour supply has on the wider, unskilled and semi-skilled working class. The Forward Momentum crew are also saturated with all those entirely middle class obsessions with gender politics, and of course the over-heated catastrophism of liberal environmentalism. Despite their rhetoric about ‘socialism’ and ‘worker’s struggles’, Momentum, under their new ‘leadership’ has already exhibited the same dodgy manipulations of Momentum’s minimalist representative processes to win their way as the old Lansmanites, and are NOT promoting clear , core, socialist policies – particularly state-led comprehensive economic planning and nationalisation – or mobilising seriously to take on the Starmer NuLabour Rule-ignoring authoritarianism.

      Sorry, but however individually working class and Left , Andrew Scattergood may be, he’s part of yet another largely Left Liberal, not socialist, bunch of Labour-fixated Left-careerists, whose politics has much more in common with the minority, middle class trendy, priorities of The Guardian, than with radical socialism. Momentum under Lansman was a total disaster of missed opportunity during the Corbyn Leadership years, and now it is still a posturing ‘ginger group’ trapped within a now zombie Party entirely recaptured by the neoliberal Right. There is NO CHANCE of the Left Liberal , identity-politics obsessed ‘New’ Momentum’ breaking out of the dead-end politics of the Labour Party – out to the millions of now lost working class Labour voters. It was the Forward Momentum crew, just as much as Lansman’s cronies – just as much as the Labour Right, who forced Jeremy to adopt the suicidal 2nd Referendum and Remain (and Freedom of Movement) policies that permanently fucked the Labour Party electorally.

      Any socialist who now, in the context of a now zombie party totally recaptured by neoliberal Blairism under the Trilateral Commissions creature, Starmer, helps to create the illusion that there is any point radical socialists staying inside to waste more of their time yet again ‘fighting for socialist policies’, when the totally failed four year ‘experiment’ of ‘Corbynism’ shows the ‘broad Church’ Labour Party (with its corrupt deeply dug-in Right Wing majority in the PLP and local councils) cannot be won to socialism – is part of the problem, NOT part of the solution. The solution is the creation , no matter how hard the task, of a new radical Left socialist Party OUTSIDE the Labour swamp.

  6. You can bet the dozen or so who walked out of the meeting went straight to their favourite hack in reporting on how uncomfortable they were made to feel. I can also imagine the reaction of local MP David Lammy.

    Anyhow, if in doubt on how to control your opponents the next step is to act like a tinpot dictator by punishing those opponents. Starmer, his supporters and MSM my interpret this as being a strong no nonsense leader in fact it’s just plain embarrassing for him.

    As pointed out by bevin can you imagine if this was Corbyn! Leading on from this yesterday Jonathan Cook wrote about an academic survey conducted in early 2019 on the twitter habits of BBCs journalists on who they followed on the platform.

    To cut a long story short, Corbyn, the LOTO was virtually bottom of the pile in their preferences. Even Watson and Umunna was favoured more. Proving what their agenda was, to find anything that attacked Corbyn no matter what. Virtually dispelling the mantra that the left are paranoid about the lack of impartiality in the broadcaster.

    Ironically this article was from the Guardian who along with the BBC has lost all credibility with the left.

    1. “Our findings on the Labour party factions confirm claims by Corbyn supporters that the former leader’s critics in the party were given inordinate attention by the BBC. This is underscored by the fact that Corbyn himself – who had by far the largest Twitter following of any MP – was followed by fewer BBC journalists than either his predecessor, Ed Miliband, then deputy leader Tom Watson, or Change UK’s leading light, Chuka Umunna.”

      Talk your way out of this, BBC wankers.

      1. I’ve just read a sad lazy piece on that in RT. It rightly claims you can’t judge political leanings of the BBC by who their presenters/journalists follow but then goes on to claim the BBC is left wing because of the furore about Land of Hope and Glory at the proms and that the BBC is some. They seem to have confused liberal luvvies with the left.

  7. Listening to BBC world alleged “NEWS” Jimmy lai Hong Kong democracy activist held by Police for alleged fraud?Well digging into our jimmys background and it appears that hes made huge sums of money from Sweat shops in Cambodia,laos and Bangladesh.Just the typical sort to be a activist?The sooner we get rid of this prominent establishment broadcaster the better.Meddling and fermenting insurrection is not part of job title for the BBC and is probably more in line with fox news than a government broadcaster.I might have strayed off message again,but this propoganda machine have brought down and dragged in the mud many prominent left wing figures including Corbyn and Williamson.

    1. Joseph – …. and your verdict on them locking up Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and Ivan Lam is?

      1. lundiel – So are you on China’s side in believing it is OK to lock them up?
        Don’t the people of HK have a right to self-determination?

      2. They are all criminals who would have been dealt with much harder had they organised similar riots in this country. The only thing that separates them from black block for instance, is that they hide under the banner of democracy. Wong is a dangerous American asset handled by Julie Eadeh, a subversion expert and protege of Marco Rubio.

      3. lundiel – Come back when you have something to say that doesn’t make me laugh.

      4. lundiel – I have absolutely no idea whether they are ‘CIA stooges’ and in reality neither do you. All I see is a group of young people who have always advocated for peaceful protests against their democracy and way of life being crushed by an autocratic Chinese State.

      5. lundiel – So are you advocating that we dump democracy and emulate the autocratic dictatorship that is the Chinese State. Perhaps we could have a Chairman (for life) Corbyn.
        You’re an f’ing joke.

      6. Steve H my verdict would be not guilty for China,I would suggest you look at the spending of billions on the war machine that the USA spend on so called defence,and China spending less than ten percent of the US spending gives you a clue on whos financing the so called democracy movement in China/Hong Kong.The Yanks also stirring the pot in the S.China sea,when even the name gives a clue on the Ownership,but it’s gun boat diplomacy from people like you isnt it ex comrade judas H.

      7. Joseph – I was never your comrade, I believe in democracy not an ‘Animal Farm Utopia’.

      8. lundiel – Unlike Xi Jinping our constitutional monarchy has little to no power and what little it does have it doesn’t have the balls to use. Not something you could ever accuse of Xi of.
        You can also speak out against the Queen and our politicians, try doing that in your beloved China.

    2. OMG you moron, the ‘firm’ are totally insulated, they wield soft power at will, safe from reprecussions of any kind. Your childish view of the world is embarrassing. Do some reading about class, and while you’re at it read Sheldon Wolin for a perspective on modern political reality. Then look for solutions. Until then keep your silly trap shut.

      1. Steve H SH..davidh never dissapoints in confirming just why this broad church could never work with two diametrically opposed politics.One that props up the establishment system and one of Socialists that believe in the people and the dignity of the working-class.

      2. Perhaps it is just as well that the pair of you have left the Labour Party if you don’t share our values.

      3. Sh whats this our values cack?Your values come in the form of a bunch of readys and a pat on the head from that plonker Rodders the knight from Surrey…!

      4. Clause IV. You mean “To secure for the workers by hand or by brain the full fruits of their industry and the most equitable distribution thereof that may be possible upon the basis of the common ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange, and the best obtainable system of popular administration and control of each industry or service.” I’m perfectly ok with that. It was drafted in an era when ‘politics’ didn’t just mean the economy.

      5. lundiel – No, I meant the Clause IV contained within Chapter 1 of the 2020 Labour Party Rule Book.

      6. lundiel – Please don’t misquote me. It doesn’t do much for your credibility when you have to resort to making stuff up.

      7. You told me you didn’t vote for Blair. I can’t be bothered to look for it but my memory is good. You are a pathetic troll who just keeps responding with question after question but never debates anything from a political standpoint because it would mean standing up for neoliberalism and Blairite policies. Something we all know you support but can’t quite admit.

      8. lundiel – I think you’ll find that what I said was that I didn’t vote Labour on 2 occasions 1 because I was abroad at the time and the other because of Iraq.

      9. lundiel – I believe in democracy and a well regulated mixed market economy. You don’t. There is nothing to debate.

      10. You are wrong. I believe in the same. However, as I keep telling you, we don’t live in a democracy, we have no real political input beyond that which corporate media decides we can indulge in. Everything is filtered and with constant bombardment of ‘news’, our limited time span means we never really examine what we are told…..plenty of party factions and squabbles keep us busy and elections where we choose personalities rather than alternatives without any consideration for the common good.
        This is what you have allied yourself to and it’s coming to the end of its lifetime.

      11. lundiel – In which case you should be fighting for a Labour government (regardless of who is leader) that supports PR. Your fight should be for PR not against Keir.
        Until we dump FPTP for PR then any dreams you have of a successful socialist party are nowt’ but a dream. If you keep Starmer out of No10 then it will delay the formation of your new socialist party by at least 5 years. Unless you can get a few MPs in parliament (maybe holding the balance of power) then you are never going to achieve bugger all, PR makes all that possible. You shouldn’t lose sight of your end goal.

      12. lundiel – On the contrary, I recognise and agree that it is all unfair but for now we have to work with what we have got. Without power we can’t change anything. Grumbling about it and playing into their narrative with silly factionalism isn’t going to change anything, Labour being in power will.
        Fight for something that will make a difference. I’m really disappointed that Corbyn failed to follow through on his pledges to democratise the party, that alone would have been a fine legacy for him to leave.

  8. Good for them and now tell me even if every CLP voted no confidence do you honestly believe these scum whould suddenly follow the rule book they ignore? Yup they whould not this stay and fight is ridiculous it’s 95% right wing party machinery and PLP that can’t all be voted out and changed and will take decades to even achieve it.

    All the time these vile games will continue so stay and fight for decades to maybe change this cult back to Labour. Or more honestly set up and left wing socialist organization start small hell it’s better to have only 10 good solid socialist MP’s that these so called socialists that don’t say bugger all and are so scared go along with this vile mindset.

    Until we say no more not in my name take our money, vote and passion for a better socialist way sorry the dream is dead Labour has died. My parents and grandparents must be turning in their graves at disgust at this BS in Labours name this is happening. I will never support this and never will again, never will I give money and especially my vote until I can vote socialist again!

  9. Actual result of the vote was:

    49 to 5 for the no confidence vote and 61 to 0 for reinstate Corbyn

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