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@Twitter reconfirms Mendoza suspension – this time saying it’s for tweeting her OWN email address – AND suspends ‘Rachael_Swindon’ access

Clear signs of coordinated right-wing campaign to try to take out prominent left-wing accounts for political purposes

The SKWAWKBOX reported earlier this evening that the Twitter account of Canary editor Kerry-Anne Mendoza had again been suspended, only two days after Twitter reinstated her accounts and said their suspension had been a mistake.

Right-wing trolls were horrified at the failure of their attempt to take her offline.

But this evening, her main account was suspended again by Twitter – this time stating that it was because she had shared an email address without ‘authorization’. Mendoza had been asked to share the details by the email address’s owner to promote an event. The tweet was two years old.

Mendoza appealed the suspension of her access and in a bizarre response, Twitter confirmed the suspension – but quoted a completely different email address.

One owned by Kerry-Anne Mendoza herself:

This tweet was also years old, yet Twitter clearly did not carry out any checks to find out whether the editor of an IMPRESS-regulated publication had permission to share details.

But at the same time, another prominent left-wing Twitter account was also being suspended. ‘Rachael Swindon’ received a notification of a similar twelve-hour block – in her case for tweeting the publicly-available contact details of a radio phone-in show:

Her tweet was three months old and contained only the information posted by LBC for would-be callers.

It seems beyond reasonable doubt that there is a coordinated campaign to take left-wing Twitter accounts offline – presumably by right-wingers horrified when their attempts earlier this week failed – and that in this instance there has been a trawling of old tweets to find any containing email addresses.

Twitter has reacted to these without even the most basic checks. The social media giant does not seem to have an aversion to people posting their own email addresses, since many users – including ‘blue-tick’ accounts – put their email addresses in their profile. But one of the world’s biggest platforms surely has a duty to verify complaints before acting – and to act against those who make vexatious, bad-faith complaints for clearly political reasons.

Twitter has been contacted for comment and says it is looking into the issues.

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  1. Twitter suspended my account for supporting a jailed journalist…who was reporting on corruption. Facebook too are guilty of right wing bias. For this reason I will be using Parler Free Speech and Rumble for videos.

    1. One of the several ex Limp Dim PMs strolled through a revolving door to Facebook with privileged info, in return for £1 million approx poss more č benefits. Tells u all u need to know about so called Liberal Democrats.

      Neither liberal not democratic. Another of their parade of leaders said odd stuff about gay people or marriage or religion or some such “liberal” preoccupation. Yet at their 2019 conference they were still braying homophobic noises despite their own ex leader lord somebody, having used homophobic attacks to discredit another election candidate previously… turns out the Liberal D leader lord was gay too. How weird is that❓

      Then Josephine Swinesome pledged to cancel a democratic Brexit vote. Same type argue – Trump must concede. Titter apparently is censoring Trump. Tis a v funny world. As ever “who guards the guards”. Nightmare unfolds at increasing speed … or are sleepwalkers walking faster❓❓❓

      1. This is the mob who knew about uncle Cyril, better stop. Seems that there are two types of gays. Heard something similar before? Hint, it’s close to home. Cheerio.

    2. Very interesting barriereid , I have just taken this from their website ” Discuss and defend your values, passions, accomplishments and ideas in an environment that lets you be you, free of agenda-driven “shadow-banning.””

      Seems a reasonable place , I wonder who is actually behind this Nevada based Co but it does espouse some open and fair values , possible upcoming platform to compete with Twatter and Fascistbook .
      Will try it out

      1. At least on the surface. Until such times as they too begin to censor content they are going to be my contact with them outside world. It has become farcical with FB who allow Israeli IOF use unforgivable language and backing the assassination of children by shooting them in the head. Zuckerberg makes his money through the subjugation of Palestine. I for one refuse to assist him.

  2. Kerry Ann and Rachel need to complain to UKTwitter CEO, Dara Nasr, ( postal address :Twitter UK Ltd, 1st Floor, 20 Air Street, London, W1B 5AN. E mail address:
    that these allegations are a breach of Section 1 of the Protection from Harassment Act and that Twitters failure to deal with them as such and suspending Kerry and Racheals access to their accounts means that Twitter are complicit in the harrassment which is actionable in law. Time to fight back.

  3. Yet some still want to work with these people. The stupid Left is holding out the hand of friendship whilst the Right kicks them in the head.

  4. Does remind me of Labour right wingers trawling through social media posts in an effort to purge Corbyn supporters before leadership votes…

    About time some so-called journalist asked the leadership how they intend to bring about party unity but hell will freeze over sooner. Instead, they are more interested in the brother of a backbench MP being fined for breaking Covid rules. I’m sure they’ve never been this interested in the relatives of ex-PMs, let alone ex-opposition leaders, before…

  5. Twitter suspended me four days ago for retweeting a friend’s tweet. I haven’t yet worked out how to deal with it as it wants me to respond but when I do, they reject it.

  6. I’ve had my account limited for 3 days, until tomorrow, I think. For following people who followed me.

  7. If this nonsense continues all socialists should boycott twitter. An organised concerted boycott campaign is the only way to get long term positive results.

  8. No doubt dangerous times for Socialism and freedom of expression.But the worry now is “freedom of information” and how these type of news and views sites like the Swuawkbox and the Canary will survive the onslaught.The launching of a left , tv service last week was a step too far for the establishment Labour and and their cohorts in the the Tory party….Worrying times and time for a plan?

    1. I have consistently asked Left leaning Labour MP’s (email and snail mail) why 20% of them don’t instigate a leadership challenge OR leave Labour and with Mr Corbyn set up a socialist political party. What is truly needed in my estimation is the return of the common folk to The Commons and a ban on Sirs and millionaires.

      1. Why are they doing nothing you ask? Because there cowards or believe they can change things or it will be better later or I don’t know why. This fantasy of we can stay and fight and change the culture when 95% of the party machinery and PLP is right wing is beyond me. Sorry people Labour is dead the right wing cancer has destroyed everything good and nobel about the old lady. Until the socialists demand a party and MP’s that have fire in their bellies not craven cowards nothing will change. This lot never again will get my vote or support until I see it’s socialist and that will never happen again admit it and more on…

  9. The attempts to remove Kerry-Ann Mendoza from Twitter began shortly after she wrote a powerful piece in the Canary entitled “How to fight the witch hunt and win”, in which she was outspoken about the role of hasbara (Israeli disinformation). I do not think this is a coincidence.

  10. The suppression of left-of-centre views seems quite co-ordinated across these large social media platforms, in the UK and the US.

    A US organisation I’d followed during the recent election just emailed me to say:

    “Here’s the truth: Other98 is under constant assault from Facebook, even as they turbocharge the reach of right wing fake news pages. We can’t quit Facebook in protest and leave the largest and most influential media platform to right wing maniacs.

    Since mid-October, we’ve seen our page Reach cut in half by Facebook’s algorithm, and our page isn’t the only one.1

    Meanwhile, rightwing misinformation is allowed to spread unchecked, threatening local election officials, public health officials, and our democracy. This is an existential crisis for Other98.”

    They linked to a Buzzfeed article “Facebook Cut Traffic To Leading Liberal Pages Just Before The Election”

    Seems to me to be part of the suppression of democracy per se.

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