America’s top infectious disease expert Fauci says deadly virus far more airborne than thought – yet Tories still ban masks in classrooms

America’s top immunologist and leading coronavirus task-force member now says particles and droplets can remain in the air much longer than originally believed – yet Johnson and co still ban masks in class

The United States’ leading infectious disease specialist, Dr Anthony Fauci – who has half a century on the National Institutes of Health and has chaired the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases for almost four decades, as well as playing a leading role on America’s coronavirus task-force – has issued a statement that scientists have drastically underestimated the role that airborne transmission has played in the spread of the virus.

Fauci said that there had been ‘real misunderstanding’ about the length of time that even larger aerosolised droplets and particles could remain in the air and able to infect:

Fauci made a point of the fact that sneezes and coughs are not the only significant source of airborne particles – just speaking and especially singing ‘spew out’ viable virus.

The Tory government, with the tragically unsurprising support of Labour’s centrist leadership, continues to ban the use of facemasks in classrooms, despite exponential growth in infections, hospitalisations and deaths, as well as the number of schools hit by outbreaks, the confirmation of serious illness and needless deaths resulting from them and the serious risk to children and young people.

Fauci also noted that the virus can be found in a variety of body fluids, including blood and semen, although its ability to infect via this route was unknown.

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  1. I wrote months ago about airborne transmission being obvious. The way it spread on that quarantined cruise ship was proof enough that the air conditioning system was moving it around the vessel.
    Not that I ever doubted that invisible particles containing virus can remain airborne – nobody who’s ever seen cellulose paint particles suspended in still air half an hour after finishing the spraying would doubt it.
    The scientists who did doubt it were basing their opinion on nothing more than uninformed guesswork.

  2. I’m just seeking clarification on the statement that “face masks are banned in schools”.
    My grandchildren ( 12 & 14 ) are allowed to wear face masks in school. The school stated when asked that

    “Teachers have been issued visors to use when they are within 2m of the pupils. Training has been ongoing to ensure the safety of pupils and staff. Face coverings are optional at the moment, however, many pupils and staff are choosing to wear face masks. “

  3. Skwawky,
    How long can you keep this up? There you are again, another article based on a complete falsehood (see Deane Banning comment 27/09/2020 at 7:31 am).
    Seriously, are you going to keep churning out this negative fake drivel for the next 4 years of your life? Is that the vision?
    What is the vision? Another Jeremy Corbyn in 2025?
    There is a theory in psychology, called “The 5 Stages of Grief”.
    Denial. The first stage in this theory, denial helps us minimize the overwhelming pain of loss. As we process the…
    Anger. It is common to experience anger after the loss of a loved one. We are trying to adjust to a new reality and we…
    Bargain. When coping with loss, it isn’t unusual to feel so desperate that you are willing to do almost anything to…
    Depression. During our experience of processing grief, there comes a time when our imaginations calm down and we slowly.
    Acceptance . When we come to a place of acceptance, it is not that we no longer feel the pain of loss.

    Skwawky, It sounds as if your still stuck at stage 1. As for the flock? some of them, The Toffee is a good example has moved to stage 2.
    I can help here. As I said, pack it in. Move your life on and jump to stage 5.
    I hope this is of use.

    1. If you don’t like what he posts just piss off,there are only the two usual suspects have any interest at all in your drivel

      1. No chance. I’m here to stay. Get use to it. xx

    2. I don’t know what it is about this Right wing troll that brings about more anger than the usual suspects,but maybe its just the smell of Orange with the Conservative and unionist party overtone.that also makes my nose sensitive.

      1. Joseph okeephe? is that how you spell your name?, I don’t think so.
        Believe me.
        I am Richard MacKinnon.
        Say my name.

      2. He wants us to call out his name “bag o’ shite, bag o’ shite, bag o’ shite, I hope he finds that satisfactory. I didn’t actually pick up on the Orange tinge, but now you mention it Joseph.

  4. I notice the loud Swawk is calling for institutionalized child abuse. Wow! How ‘left’! How ‘for the people’! But, of course fascists have often called themselves ‘socialists’.

    And if you haven’t caught up with Fauci’s record, reputation and financial relationship with Big Pharma – you’re at Guardian-level in terms of selective journalism.

    1. Fauci has no interests in big Pharma, his 50 years of service has been to public health. Now if your just parroting right wing spurious sites, I understand your delusion.

  5. … and I haven’t noticed any mention of the Big Pharma interests of Vallance, Whitty, Van Tam etc.that has been exposed. Such hawk-eyed journalism!

    Christ! Even the Daily Bile got its teeth into that one whilst you pleasured Johnson!

    1. Vallance has connections with big Pharma, Whitty on the other hand just headed a vaccination programme paid for by the Gates foundation. As both of these (mostly Vallance) have been criticised by top immunologists I don’t really get your point. After all they have been criticised for following flawed political dogma. ( mostly Vallance, Whitty seems to have grown a pair of balls)

    2. Pharma funds research out of self-interest, granted – but research relies on private funding in this neoliberal age when ‘light touch’ governments have willingly surrendered the reins and cut back on public funding.
      If you claim something illegitimate – such as bribery or corruption to influence personal share holdings – is happening in individual cases, being specific would be the non-cowardly approach.

  6. Let’s see if there is any consensus
    What does the new normal look like, for me, same as the old normal
    Once I know the risks involved then I will adapt my behaviour and be considerate to others
    Its my choice to go to the races, match, pub or invite my little grand petri dish to come and stay for the weekend

    Its my dads choice on his death bed who visits him
    He caught Covid19 in hospital , did we give it to him, his family, possibly
    Its academic now
    If he passes in the next 21 days, I’m going to ask the powers that be NOT to put him down as a Covid19 death,
    He will pass with much more serious conditions, which he has fought off for a lot longer, he deserves that at least, a scrapper to the end, finished off by a low blow

    ‘A man’s a man for all that and all that’
    That was his choice

    1. I wonder how many sons and daughters are deliberately infecting Mum, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa so they don’t have to wait another ten years to inherit the house…

  7. And on a happier and forward thinking note Comrade Sir knight suggests “Let students at university go home for Xmass” ..Well I knew something was wrong with all our worrying and sleepless nights over children and the vunerable.Well the knights again forensics offensive against the government has pinpointed the real worrys of most of the working class population “Let the Students home for Xmass” Where would the Labour party be without him,? and his misfits?..

  8. I don’t know the details of Tory instruction or advice to schools on students wearing face masks and distancing and I really can’t be arsed researching it – but their advice was as cretinous as most of the replies here.
    The obvious course, once the decision (however ill-advised) to reopen schools had been taken, was to use it as an opportunity to add to the body of knowledge on the effectiveness of masks in chilldren.
    Whole schools as cohorts would be simpler and results would be quick. Free choice within schools for children/parents might mean the results taking months longer to interpret.
    Both choices would require mass observation techniques – knowledge of lapses in mask compliance would be needed for results to be worthwhile.
    If the importance of the experiments – and assurances that no punishments beyond admonishment would follow any lapses – had been made known to the children, useful information could have been gathered.
    As things stand science has learned nothing new from schools reopening.

  9. john thatcher
    28/09/2020 at 4:10 am
    Let me help you with the ‘orange tinge’. Its a sectarian slur. Joseph is I am afraid to inform you a bigot.

    1. All religion is bigotry. All believers are taught from infancy that theirs is the one true faith and all the others are the work of the devil whose adherents are going to hell.
      If religious instruction were denied until age 12 religions would disappear, to the benefit of all.
      No more lives wasted on the prehistoric campfire theories of primitive intellects based on pure conjecture – conjecture that resulted in ancestor worship, Sun worship and various versions of animism until some bright spark imagined an all-powerful invisible deity that couldn’t be challenged by experience.
      The concept of a deity is so utterly ridiculous to modern minds I was able to make Sunday school teachers doubt their dogma when I was in short trousers.

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