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Video: after weeks of insisting masks aren’t needed in schools, Starmer and co copy Tory u-turn

For God’s sake, lead

For weeks now, Keir Starmer’s tactic of agreeing with the Tories wherever possible has led to Labour insisting that masks are not necessary in schools – in spite of the objections of unions seeking the safety of their members and the children they teach and in spite of the recommendations of the World Health Organisation.

And now that the Tories have humiliatingly u-turned and said that masks are necessary, Starmer’s Shadow Health Secretary Kate Green has u-turned too:

Twitter user Nathaniel McBride summed up perfectly:

Lives are at stake on these decisions. For God’s sake, lead.

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  1. What is going on in the LP is by turns wicked, thoughtless, corrupt, farcical, and plain embarrassing.

    1. Just watch. Never interrupt your enemy while he’s making a mistake. Hubris will be his/their downfall!

  2. There are over 9,000,000 pupils in England and Wales and a total fatalities rate from Covid 19 of 15.

    It puts a new perspective on the old Churchillian saying of “ Never was so much owed by so many to so few”.

    Although in this case it’s not to defend against tyranny but to reinforce the hyperbole, hysteria and fear!!!!

    1. And if 9,000,000 pass covid to 4 people per pupil…………………………………………………………are you in favour of herd immunity?

      1. ” And if…” What the whole notion of the ” pandemic ” is based on ” If”
        If the fatalities rate reaches 3.4% well over 500,000 people will die.

        Didn’t happen did it.

        Neither in the UK nor in Sweden or any other country with no lockdown.

        How that small connective ” if ” can be used and manipulated to whip up fear, hysteria and jettison any semblance of critical thinking!!

      2. So a brand new virus arrives and the scientists test everything they can as fast as they can and it looks really dangerous – so they say “Hey, we should be careful, this could be really bad.”

        And along comes Shopkeeper Bubba who sees all those 0’s in his books, screams, hunts down and copies every off-truth “there is no virus” website he can find and pastes it anywhere that’ll let him – in this case The Skwawkbox.
        Just so he can sell more fags to schoolchildren.

      1. Schools have been running classes for children of key workers and they have been running certain year groups in Infant, junior and senior schools.

    2. Oh so it’s OK for them kids to have died was it? Idiots like you rave on waaa low numbers and so flipping what?

      These are kids lives that should not die not have life threatening lung conditions because they caught covid! We now know they can catch this virus again and again so how many times do people have to play russian roulette?

      Until a few more die, but idiots like you will go waaaa well it’s only x number of deaths…

      Tell you what why don’t you demonstrate how little chance of death playing russian roulette with your kids life!

      Oh. I forgot wingnuts like you won’t have kids that’s why you don’t care because your just bitter and twisted by conspiracy theories and other BS fantasies of big pharma or whatever!

      I really don’t care but stop with your it’s only a few have to die BS, if precautions are taken yes including lockdowns and wearing masks and washing your hands. No one has to die but that messes up your narrative doesn’t it? Well until them evil drug companies come up with a vaccine let me guess that prepares us for the alien invasion…

      1. Yes, another heady mixture of myth, fiction, hyperbole, a smattering of truth and emotion straight out of the training manual of the Daily Flail .

  3. Did anyone expect anything else from the privately educated grammar school boy from Reigate Surrey…..Does a dog 🐕 bark,or is a Rat vermin or a cuddly hamster.?

  4. Interesting, though totally predictable, how those perennial attackers of the Left, but supposedy ‘centre Left’ publications , like The Guardian and New Stateman and Independent, are currently spinning Starmer and co’s utterly grovelling supine performance in the face of daily evidence of Tory incompetence and corruption.

    We are told by these cynical , pseudo ‘Left of centre’ organs of misinformation that this is Starmer ‘prioritising projecting competence over values’ (ie, ‘competence’ means mimicking the Tories at ever turn so the Daily Mail etc can’t find any issue to criticise Starmer and his cronies) , and Starmer ‘not going on about ‘values’, means not spelling out Starmer and co’s complete rejection of every Leftish policy agreed by Conference since 2015, and their complete reversion to the pre Corbyn Tory-lite neoliberal, pro privatising Blairite policies that destroyed Labour completely in Scotland and lost us 5 million Labour voters and most of our Labour membership during the Blair/Brown/Miliband era ! Neoliberal policies that have also utterly destroyed the old social democratic parties across Europe too.

    I was also amused by a spinning line in The Guardian recently that spun away Starmer and co’s utter craven cowardice and trailing of every Tory policy, by claiming Starmer was merely ‘playing the long game ‘ ! What this actually means is Labour mirroring pretty much every Tory policy, until they hope the Tories simply collapse electorally because of their incompetence and corruption – with Labour then getting elected by default , as the safe alternative Tory Party, no doubt by then backed even by sections of the Tory press, as Blair was by the Murdoch press empire – after persuading Murdoch that NewLabour was even more ‘pro business’ than the by then mired in corruption John Major-led Tory Party. Unfortunately for Starmer and co , such an outcome in todays politics is very unlikely for Labour though, as the restored Blairite Labour Party will never now win back Scotland with its Tory-lite politics, or our old Labour Heartlands. So the Labour Right’s pathetic ‘strategy for power’ is actually built on sand. Which will give cold comfort to the Left, when Labour loses the 2024 General Election yet again, and the NHS will be even nearer complete privatisation. Time to give Labour up as a potential viable vehicle for Left advance , and try to build a socialist Party away from the untransformable Labour swamp.

    1. God, as if mirroring Johnson and co will get anyone withing a million miles of ‘projecting confidence’

  5. stammer’s labour party is the michael ball of politics. Never had an idea (song) of his own, copies and murders everyone else’s stuff and jumps on every bandwagon going without any awareness it makes them look like absolute ponces.

    1. More Jedward than Michael Ball. Or maybe Beavis & Butthead.
      I’d forgotten Jedward’s name so googled “stupid weird-haired male blond British celebs” – nothing but blonde American actresses and celebs.
      Google wasn’t this stupid in the noughties – or maybe it’s taking its orders from Trunt now to punish us Brits for not eating his chlorinated chicken head.

  6. Brain bot schools have been open for key workers children
    Not crammed with 30 plus to a class

    1. Bellend, You haven’t worked in schools have you. Some classes have far less than 30 pupils depending on the subject, year group and school. And by the way key workers children will be working in groups at school.

  7. Ps question for the tory union parties

  8. David Mc Niven. 28.08. 2020. “ brand new virus comes along..” Yes, predicted to have catastrophic consequences for the population of the U.K. and indeed the world. Didn’t happen did it. More people in the world died in road accidents than from the “ pandemic” and in schools the pupils have more chance of being hit by a bus than dying from the “ pandemic”. Alas poor old Mc Bullshit can’t argue with facts so smearing and fact free posts are his only options.

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