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Video: Tories ramp up campaign to blame NHS for Johnson’s COVID disaster – and Tory MP deletes ‘like’ of tweet saying ‘NHS must go’

Former Tory MP Matthew Parris appears on Sky to exonerate catastrophic PM – while MP Lucy Allan quietly deletes ‘like’ of tweet calling for abolition of NHS

‘Operation Absolve Boris’ has begun. The Conservative party, which can never quite disguise its contempt for the Labour-founded NHS, has sloughed off even more of the facade to start its campaign to water the idea in the public consciousness that the blame for Boris Johnson’s appalling and frankly murderous handling of the pandemic crisis rests with the NHS, not the Bullingdon boy.

Former Tory MP Matthew Parris was on Sky News this morning (thanks, reader and Labour activist Val Colvin for the pointer) – and Parris not only suggested that the latest scandal of slow vaccine roll-out was the NHS’s fault, he ‘jumped the shark’ and suggested that he couldn’t think of anything that Johnson could have done differently to reduce the scale of the UK’s pandemic disaster, which has left this country with one of the world’s worst death rates and worst economic collapses:

Parris is not alone, with various Tory voices being given media time – or making comments on social media – to attack the NHS and shift the blame onto our underfunded and austerity-withered Health Service. Tory MP Lucy Allan ‘liked’ one such attack calling for the complete abolition of the NHS:

Allan deleted it after the public challenge and did not respond to a request for comment.

But Parris’s willingness to rewrite history stands out to claim. Blaming the NHS for the snail’s-pace roll-out of the vaccine is bad enough, but the idea is beyond bizarre that Johnson has done nothing untoward and the UK’s atrocious outcomes are just some mystifying phenomenon that nobody understands.

From the early days of the pandemic, the gaping flaws in Johnson’s response were unmissable – and widely criticised:

And as the crisis progressed, the bungling, arrogance and straightforward dishonesty continued to pile up:

And this is nowhere near an exhaustive list.

Watch the media with an eye open for subtle – and not so subtle – attacks on the NHS and the manoeuvres of ‘Operation Absolve Boris’ and you’ll soon see they’re as frequent and piled high as Johnson’s fatal mistakes and deliberately lethal policies.

Just don’t let it pass without comment and make sure your friends and family are alert to what the Establishment is doing. They’ll certainly never hear that warning from the so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

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  1. Matthew Parris and Mahyar Tousi fighting over who gets to be BloJob’s fairy godmother.
    Who didn’t see that coming…

      1. Pretentious little Tory twat – youtube vlogger who thinks his pantomime smirk on camera is as eloquent as a thousand words of reasoned argument.
        Which is lucky because he has none.

  2. Seeing the Truntbeciles mobbing the Capitol building has forced me to rethink my plan to surround Southside.
    That and the fact that none of you fuckers said “Yeah, let’s do it!”

    1. Suggestions in US to invoke 25th Amendment and declare Trunt unfit to serve due to being batshit whacked out nucking futs – if they do that though, it’d give him a defence against charges of instigating the invasion of the Capitol building and the death of the woman who was shot.
      Whether she was shot by rioters, police or secret service doesn’t affect Trunt’s responsibility in my opinion – her death is still on his head.

      1. Death toll now FOUR in Capitol building redneck attack – President of the Unites States’ Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts suspended.

        It’s the political satirists I feel sorry for – how can anyone hope to satirise the demented pantomime of a delusional “president” coming completely unzipped, frothing at the mouth and fomenting armed sedition in Washington?
        Alec Baldwin’s caricature is brilliant but I think Trunt’s outTrunted him this time.
        Not even the TruntBaby balloon comes close to the scale of insult he deserves. Not even if you smeared it in shit and shoved it through his letterbox.

      2. Driving muckspreaders set to SPRAY around his golf courses might come close – but you’d have to do it every week to make them unplayable and unsaleable.

      3. My understanding is that if 25th amendment were to be invoked then Pence assumes the role of President , and the he could potentially pardon Trump for all of his malicious,sedition and criminal acts.

  3. Bozo the dangerous clown admires Trump the other dangerous clown across the pond. They have both shown that they have zero respect for democracy and will do whatever they think they can get away with to hold on to power.

    We know that just like Trump, Bozo is a thug, a liar and a cheat yet millions were either that gullible or so bloody minded that we now have him leading our government and wreaking havoc through his incompetence. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Bozo has obnoxious Tories now willing to try and take the blame off him by attempting to shift the responsibility for his gross ineptitude on to the very people who with their skills and dedication have helped to mitigate his failures.

    Despite the last General Election being ‘democratic’ how many would now like the chance to get rid of this blustering cretin with a second vote?

    1. Jack..I agree about trump,but don’t kid yourself that this bunch of parasites coming in are any different.The fact is trump is a media creation like Corbyn..( Does not pass the test).Somthing is rotten and America is a frighteningly dangerous nation that I have spent some time there and even owned a house there.My grachildren and daughter are US citizens and fervent democrat supporters.The USA want our NHS because its a money making scheme second to none.The Torys will see the sale of the NHS as job done ✔.Labours transformation into the democratic party is a plus for the neo liberal alliance and the only loosers are the working class who will become permanently invisible unless they fight back…Trump the old fashioned Capatilist,greedy and cruel,but not half as dangerous than a Neo liberal alliance Dems and Republicans and Tory Labour 2 sides of the establishment system and its spreading across the western world.

      1. Joseph, I hold no illusions about the USA, I too have a son who lives there with his American wife. Biden may be marginally better than Trump but he like all Americans, was taught since he could walk, to admire the military and guns and will use violence as a god given right to subdue opposition home and abroad when driven by religious or political nutcases.

        America has a veneer of civilisation but any country which uses judicial murder against its citizens or anyone else, is a long way from being civilised.

    2. A 2nd Vote? What a novel idea? Who would have thought of that……Sir Keir Starmer perhaps? Scuppered JC.

      1. I knew you’d like it Steve, it’s by no means an assault on democracy to have second thoughts is it 🙂

    3. Those that voted for the Conservative & Fascist Party don’t even know that ‘their’ politicians don’t give a thought for them and the rest of Britain’s past, current andfuture predicaments. The CFP are only in it for themselves and their friends.

  4. The only true thing that we know outside of the establishment media in the USA is that they hated trump from day one like the MSM here with Corbyn.The other truth is that some of the Americans will respond by violence against a percieved threat to the Republic true or false.Would we rise against a percieved threat to the people here in the UK?..I very much doubt it ,and that is why Britain will always be the safe option for capital,and Banking conglomerates..Should we look at what goes down in the US through the media and look through a different lens when veiwing the media and establishment here?..And are our politicians any different…Cowards that hide and seek to control the narrative and the people via the establishment system and media..ITs such a mess to see a country in such circumstances and do any of us really know what is happening and whats just propoganda.?Ask julian Assange and wonder why?

  5. Aye, I’d already deleted Mahyar Tousi, from my timeline. We don’t need any more conspiracy theorists or far-right strategists.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Breitbart, QAnon, Fox News et al., after ‘yesterday, in America’.

    1. Assange whilst behind bars is in a precarious position after the kangaroo court and the dodgy judge..AT least he will be safer than in the US from having a “accident” and he now has breathing space,but again the defence won the argument but lost the “Chosen” judge.Standing up to the US is somthing the establishment system doesnt long term they will break him in the end unless somone can wave a wand and get him out of Bellmarsh prison. The legal profession and system always lives up to my expectations.?

    2. About the one good deed he could be remembered for now is pardoning Assange and he still has 2 weeks to do it.

      But will he…?

  6. And I don’t see anyone in this country storming parliament or the palace. …..There are many more horrors for ordinary people that go unreported and ignored,it takes a Assange case to illuminate just how dangerous it is to go against the establishment….but just for once it has been uplifting to see the US politicians terrified for their actions and their gluttony..but it was the protesters that paid in blood and the cowards like trump and all the rest of the scum dems and Republicans that have been taught a lesson that you cheat and lie and feather your nest but the american people tamed a wild country with the gun and sometimes the people bite back.with force.I hope mr Macron gets the messsage,but our lot never will.

    1. Joseph, if I understand you correctly you think the retard prepper gun nuts who invaded Congress are heroic defenders of “ordinary people.”

      The Second Amendment they base their nutjobbery on was premised on the need, in the absence of a national army at the time, for a WELL-REGULATED militia.
      Those psychopaths don’t fit the description and the second amendment doesn’t fit a modern democracy.
      You only have to look at them ffs.

      1. David ..I I know from experience and living in Texas hill country nr Austin \san Antonio that American culture is proud of the ability to see off percieved tyrants and the situation in the US is just as depressing as the UK.I would always support direct action against a tyrant,and I am not a pacifist or a turn the cheek person.Do I support shaking up the establishment either in the US or Britain…damm right I do!…I have never been involved in any movement Pretoria or Derry were reasoned argument with the tyrant ever worked out without force being applied in conjunction with political agreement….Hard luck David if you find a dose of reality hurts!

      2. Joseph – who’s threatening them – Martians?
        The only possible strikes on US soil are by terrorists or missiles.
        Terrorists won’t attack preppers in their bunkers in the woods and nor will missiles – if they want to fight like they say they do, they should move from Hicksville to the cities.
        “Defending democracy” is bollocks as they proved this week – it’s all just an excuse to buy more & bigger guns to shoot uppity N’s with.
        The real reason for all those guns is they’re shit-scared of being outnumbered and outvoted by black people.
        They’re just racist twat retard rednecks.

  7. On a lighter note
    When do we expect Trumpton to go the same way as Harvey Weinstein

    1. I always hoped one of his security detail would accidentally shoot him in the head a couple of times.

  8. I doubt it Doug,because even Trump has learned some hard lessons along with the congress and the Senate…That you can only push so far in the US and treating people with contempt can somtimes backfire.Would that we could treat our parliament with the same .medicine.And as far as Weinstein goes its the old Joe that should be worried in the child molester world.I hope that on state visits that the embassys keep the kids and young people locked away from his depraved habits..

  9. So the Tory scum is again trying desperately to rewrite history. So according to them they didn’t run down the national stockpile of PPE and slow to order more?

    They didn’t make endless bad calls on how to stop the pandemic including letting anyone enter the UK with no checks?

    Now we have this BS of the latest scandal of slow vaccine roll-out was the NHS’s fault. So it’s not their minister in charge of delivers then?

    Oh and let’s talk about no track and trace their so-called world-beating joke and what has it cost 21 BILLION?

    If anyone can ignore all of that and blame anyone apart of the Tory scum for how badly these incompetent and arrogant the TORIES have handled the pandemic then there is no hope for common sense from them…

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