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Dad, 52, killed by coronavirus after child infected amid school outbreak

Boris Johnson’s claim – contrary to scientific studies – that children rarely pass on the virus exposed in the worst possible way

A 52-year-old father in Blackburn has been killed by the coronavirus after his child was told to isolate at home after a school outbreak and developed the infection. The family does not wish to be identified.

The man had underlying health conditions, exposing the huge risk to vulnerable family members of children forced back to school by the Tories in the midst of an exponential ‘second wave’ of the pandemic.

Boris Johnson has again claimed this week that children are most unlikely to pass on the virus even if they become infected. His claim flies in the face of extensive scientific studies that show not only that children carry the same viral load as adults, but also how quickly it can spread from them, both to other pupils and to their families.

Johnson has been abetted in his deadly nonsense by Labour leader Keir Starmer, who sided with Johnson on his decision to ban facemasks in school classrooms, agreed with him that ‘school is safe‘ and has backed the Tory PM in his ‘new restrictions’ sham this week that closes pubs an hour earlier but left schools and workplaces unchanged.

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  1. Underlying health conditions? Does that mean it can never be Covid 19 that kills people as it will always be attributable to something else?

  2. OK liz3321 but it appears to be as meaningful & as accurate as defining a genre of music as ‘Rock’. It could mean or describe anything or nothing or is there an implicit sub text message that they were going to die anyway? Journalistic short-hand for anything.or nothing or just who cares?

    1. No it doesn’t mean he was going to die anyway. A lot of people are on steroids for a variety of conditions.Fg of an auto-immune disease lik rheumatoid arthritis, as a mother of teenagers I know is. They might well be young and not at risk of dying until a normal age of death without having caught Covid-19

  3. Keir Starmer “expect(ed) the children back to school. He is in part to blame as he did not oppose this, but encouraged it.

  4. What’s extremely worrying is the comments “Well they were getting on a bit” or they have an existing illness.Don’t use the more vulnerable members of the public to excuse mistakes made by this genocidal government.Oldies matter in the Lords and the parliament despite being leeches on society.We the elderly and the vunerable are entitled to say our lives matter as well as the titled,the monarchy and the parliamentarians who have had a free ride on all of us for far too long.and now wish to expose us to a horrible and lonely death.My brothers did not even get the “Last Rights” because they were not important enough or just excess baggage stuck in a old folks home.Now I know many of you are atheist and good 👍 luck to you,but for a Catholic its a terrifying prospect to be denied the sacrament.This bloody government and their little helpers deserve the same deaths my family experienced and at the very least a trip to the international courts.God forgive them because I never will .And lest we forget the claimants on so called social security who have been murdered and ridiculed by this abomination of a government.

  5. Can anyone remember how kids with vulnerable family members were treated before Covid19, did they attend school, did they carry nasty germs home and infect their loved ones
    How on earth did we cope

    1. Doug stop your denial drivel. As usual you try and explain away and use twisted denier logic that Covid kills but whatabout…. Kids spread it and can die themselves, they bring it home and it kills. How did we use to cope in Spanish flu? Oh yeah we know THEY DIED!!!!

      You have no purpose but just come in day in day out to talk lies and denies the truth. Almost like your a paid shill. If you don’t believe it there are plenty of cleaner jobs in red wards and you can save them on PPE, as you don’t believe.

      1. In relation to the Spanish Flu epidemic to which you refer Disabledgrandad, it began in 1919, and killed more people than the combined total of casualties from all countries during the First World War. Covid 19 has the potential to do the same. People who deny this or try to brush it off are a danger to the rest of us.

      2. Unfortunately Killer Snowflakes
        The tide has turned, the voices of reason are breaking through
        Professor Carl Heneghan
        More folk dying from Lockdown and Destruction of Economy
        Shame on you

      3. Reply to Doug
        I wish it wasn’t so but unfortunately you are wrong Doug. If you act as if everything is Ok and as if there is not the potential for hundreds of thousands of deaths in the UK you are a danger to yourself and others.

  6. UK coronavirus cases soar by 6,178 in third highest daily increase ever

    Six months to the day since lockdown began in the UK, there have now been 409,729 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the UK as of today.

    Officials are grappling with how to handle a second wave of cases after months of lower infections and deaths over the summer.

    There have been a further 37 deaths in the UK from Covid-19 in the past 24 hours – the exact same number as was reported yesterday – bringing the official death toll across all settings to 41,862.

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