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Video: UK new coronavirus cases reach 3rd-highest of entire pandemic

Tories’ measures clearly inadequate – and leading medic says effective test-and-trace is missing key to defeating virus

The number of new confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK in the last 24 hours was 6,178 – the third-highest since the pandemic hit this country – and an increase of over 20% in a single day, as the exponential growth of the second wave continues:

Today’s figure has not been exceeded since 1 May – and underlines the utter inadequacy of Boris Johnson’s fiddling with pub closing times as a measure to reverse the growth while leaving open the main drivers of the surge: schools, workplaces and indoor hospitality.

And the dire shambles of the UK’s privatised, largely Serco-run test-and-trace system is also at the centre of the catastrophe, according to leading medic and honorary BMA vice-president Dr Kailash Chand. Dr Chand told RT that a properly functioning, locally-coordinated system is essential for any successful fight against the virus, but that the ‘fiasco’ of the current UK system is not fit for purpose and the Tories are pouring billions down the drain of private profits:

Johnson’s constant pantomime in place of real action simply will not do – nor will Labour’s tame willingness to simply endorse everything Johnson does instead of shouting from the rooftops to make the public aware of his failure and of what really needs to be done.

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  1. The WHO guidance is 5% of tests being positive is the cut off point, below which we are in control of the virus
    Guess what

  2. If we’re really serious about protecting the people and the economy in the next serious outbreak, mandate one month survival packs for all residents.
    Then immediate quarantine can commence immediately and ongoing arrangements be made just in case a month isn’t enough.
    We already knew a novel CV was inevitable, just not when it would occur, and the government got complacent.
    Next time we can do it better but we need to be prepared.

  3. So the Tories’ little helper still hasn’t sorted out truth from knicker-wetting innumerate fiction?

    No wonder ‘the Left’ (not actually ‘Left’ at all) in its alliance with Starmer and the Tories has reduced itself to a hollow and incompetent laughing stock as it kow-tows to fascism.

    The real left-wing ancestors are ashamed.

  4. There’s something else that needs adding to the messaging, there is NO herd immunity for all, millions of people will not know their immune system is compromised in some way, those that just get colds more often in normal times it isn’t a big deal, they’ll be ill with the flu but get over it, this virus will get them again they could infect other people and in more and more cases it affects people far more than the first time, so they’ll be missing from work for 6 months plus and be putting a strain on the NHS.
    I’m hanging on still for the NEC elections, if those don’t go the way I hope then I can’t stay a Labour member, the Leader of the party is ignoring the experts advice and backing the clown putting peoples lives at risk, I almost feel like I’m aiding and abetting in the deaths of more people
    I’m rambling my apologies just so angry

    1. Not to defend David Rockefeller’s appointee as Labour Party Leader (endorsed by the Billionaires Press), but it’s just as well that the infection-to-fatality rate is only 0.02% (1000 people infected results in 2 of them dying of it).

      Nevertheless, Sir Keir is a bad leader. He will destroy Labour and collapse the membership.

      How long do we have to stay members to vote in the NEC election?

  5. Earlier today the site’s resident Blairite suggested that membership had grown since Corbyn had resigned. I suspect that this might be the case and that Starmer’s victory is explicable only in terms of large numbers of members who will never attend meetings unless told to do so by their patrons in local government, the Unions or wherever in order to vote down socialist candidates or resolutions. My guess is that they will have been enrolled en masse and their membership fees paid for them. This is the way electoral machines operate, until, as in Scotland, they collapse under the sheer weight of corruption.
    Regarding Covid there is an excellent article at the FAIR website:

    1. Bevin, link doesn’t work – Google recognises the wording but still the article is 404.

    2. If you go to the FAIR website and look under Issues/Topics, then select Coronavirus, this article isn’t there. Looks like this “excellent” article has been pulled. What a shame. I wonder why?

  6. Boris is achieving right wing Herd Immunity with its “necessary casualties of the weak” mass murder by the state

    1. Doesn’t apparently matter what the company might be guilty of as long as it’s in ‘the club’.

  7. Terry Alderman, tempting as it may be to compare the UK to Sweden, but in my view it is the wrong choice of country for this.
    My country of birth would be more appropriate as to demographics etc. But the potential answer as to why some other countries have shown to have better outcomes, might also be found in their approach to management of pandemic.

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