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Exclusive: Starmer sent secret letter promising Johnson support for school return 5 weeks before sacking Long-Bailey from Education brief

SKWAWKBOX revealed exclusively at the time that real reason was furious row over schools return. Now Starmer’s admission of ‘private and in confidence’ promise of support looks glaring

In June, when Keir Starmer sacked then-Shadow Education Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey, the official pretext for her removal was her sharing of an article by actress Maxine Peake. Evidence subsequently suggested that Peake’s article had been accurate, but Starmer is not on record apologising to either woman.

But the SKWAWKBOX revealed that the real reason for the sacking was Long-Bailey’s refusal to accede to Starmer’s demand for a hasty return to school for millions of children who were at home because of the rampant coronavirus. Long-Bailey’s clear position had been to support unions in their calls.

Today, Starmer admitted during PMQs that he had sent Boris Johnson a letter – “in confidence and in private confidence” on 18 May promising Johnson his support to get children back into the classroom quickly:

Long-Bailey’s opposition to Starmer’s insistence on sending children and teachers back into the classroom unions was removed just over five weeks after his letter to Johnson.

Imagine if Jeremy Corbyn had sacked Nia Griffith after promising a political opponent support to sack Nia Griffith over NATO or Trident and the mayhem that would have ensued.

Keir Starmer’s office has been contacted for comment.

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  1. “Madrid president says most returning schoolchildren likely to contract Covid-19”

    I am sure that schools CAN be reasonably safe, with lots of caveats, but neither Starmer, Johnson, nor their Education secretaries appear to have considered what in practice those caveats must be.

    All seem incapable of grasping the important detail.

  2. ‘Trident is neither a deterrent nor independent’
    Michael Portillo
    Tory Defence Secretary

  3. Letter of support clandestinely written to de piffle ONE WHOLE WEEK after refusing to give a direct ‘yes’ to this question…

    Today, he openly brags about writing that letter in support of johnson reopening schools. What an absolute shitehawk with a spine of custard.

    And that goes for steve h as well; who, despite the evidence in that link will refuse to admit that once again, we predicted stammer’s real motives at the time as well as once again showed steven h up for the morally defunct coward he is.

    Burn in hell, you pair of scabby rodents.

  4. Starmer is a liar, a prig, and a hypocrite, he should apologise to Long-Bailey for suggesting she is an anti-Semite. The left of the so called Labour party should leave, they won’t but they should

  5. Given that Labour’s rightists now control access to the number of members who’ve left and are leaving we probably won’t know for sure how many of us there are for a long time.
    Unless Jeremy jumps and forms a new party – then we’ll know.
    Personally I don’t see that he has anything to lose by leaving Labour – and a lot to gain.

    1. Magnolia SteveH
      03/09/2020 at 12:16 am

      Yes, that would be The New Labour TORY PARTY, the Neoconservative “Centrist” Party that infested the UK Labour Party, since Blair was Planted in ’83 and that OCCUPIED 80/85% of the HOST PARTY, UK Labour when Jeremy was the Leader!
      ANYONE CAN BE MEMBER OF ANYTHING THEY CHOOSE, by name and by nature are 2 separate things just as Democratic Socialism and Neoconservatism are POLAR OPPOSITES!
      We know…..well NOTHING of Starmer’s Policies! We know more about Kim Jong Un’s underwear preferences!
      You want ANYONE to believe that Keith ‘LOOPHOLES, Trilateral Commission’ Starmer, and Rachel ‘tougher than Tories on benefits’ will Adopt the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST POLICIES of the UK Labour Party!?
      GEEZIS CHRIST! You’re off your head!

    2. David – “we probably won’t know for sure how many of us there are for a long time.”

      I guess that depends on your subjective definition of what constitutes a long time. We’ll know how many members there are when the results of the upcoming NEC elections are announced.

      1. Is ‘turnout’ always 100% then, or are you assuming Starmer’s team will count all non-voting members as having voted for their favoured candidates?
        Given that the only ideas the right EVER have are on how to cheat the system more effectively?
        Or is there an independently supervised member count at the time of NEC elections?
        Some other kind of guarantee of a fair count and fair disclosure?

      2. David – You are either being supercilious or you are woefully uninformed about how Labour and many other organisations publish their election results. If you follow the link you will see that Labour publishes the number of eligible voters (a snapshot of the number of members at the cut off date and time). I believe this is quite a common practice across a whole range of organisations, not least because without this information it would be impossible to calculate turnouts.

      3. I suggest that *IF* the left-leaning members’ NEC votes Fail to produce the result we expect, then we all leave the Party and proclaim our lack of faith in centrist third-way Labour. It’d be good if SCG members like Jeremy and Hussein also leave and form a new party, a socialist Labour Party, but not a show-stopper if they didn’t.

        It would be sad if they stay, for they would then become part of the problem and the new socialist Labour Party would be less likely to succeed electorally (the ONLY way that matters), but in either case, I’d be out and my integrity would be intact (ish).

      4. So, not counted by an independent outside body then. Right. I thought not.
        Lucky Labour has a staff that’s entirely above suspicion of the kind of devious and corrupt practices that might affect such a count in other political parties then, isn’t it?

      5. David – What would they gain from inflating the membership numbers, please don’t start indulging in silly conspiracy theories.

      6. Because success and faiure in politics behave as a positive feedback loop. Nowhere is it truer that success breeds success.
        Of course they gain from growing membership and vice versa.
        Same reason they big up their successes and play down their failures.
        Don’t be naïve.

      7. David – “Nowhere is it truer that success breeds success.”
        I agree.
        I recall that I also made this very clear at the time of the MEP Elections which Labour to their detriment decided to ignore.
        In the complete absence of any credible evidence to the contrary I also believe that there is absolutely no need to inflate the membership figures as all the current indications are that they are at a very healthy level in comparison to the level they had sunk to prior to the 2019 GE. I’m also struggling to see how taking the substantial risk of inflating the membership levels only to have a correspondingly low turnout for the NEC elections will be a positive that would justify the risk of being caught out. Labour is seeking to build trust not utterly destroy it.
        As I said above, please don’t deceive yourself into joining the conspiracy theorists. If you’re not careful you’ll find yourself joining ‘the dangerous’ (according to GMB’s Dr Hilary) Piers Corbyn and the other anti-vaxers at their next demo. 😀

      8. But there WAS a conspiracy.
        Your team cheated and lied and then went back and cheated some more – and you have the temerity to argue cheating on membership numbers would be beneath them?
        And by ‘them’ I suppose we now have to include you.

      9. David – I don’t think anyone is denying that there was a conspiracy but I still think it is nonsense to claim without a shred of evidence that there is a conspiracy afoot to inflate the membership numbers. Or are you just getting your excuses in early for when the membership numbers are revealed to be quite healthy. Denying reality won’t change it.

      1. helsbells2022 – Labour has had a good day, and here you are spreading misery.
        You just sound just like those recently exposed Labour staffers who did nothing but moan when Jeremy was successful. How are you any different?

      2. And you sound like a right wing shill,
        A boring one at that,

      3. helsbells2022 – Thanks for the feedback but I note you’ve also neatly avoided answering my question is there a reason why you feel unable to give an answer?

      4. Magnolia SteveH “Labour has had a good day, and here you are spreading misery.”
        Which “Labour” are you referring to The REAL UK Labour Party or the Parasite Infestation New Labour Party TORIES!?
        Sooner people REALISE that New Lab TORIES are an Anti-Socialist Neoconservative “Centrist” Party that infested the UK Labour Party a Democratic Socialist Party and then devoured all but the skin and the head of the Party, from wherein they squirm under a Socialist Exterior Disguise and Sabotage any chances of an Independent UK Labour Party, the sooner we will cut that Parasite out of THE PEOPLE’S PARTY!
        New Labour TORY Party=Thatcherite Neoconservative “Centrists” Party=THE ELITES!
        UK Labour Party=Democratic Socialist Party=THE PEOPLE!
        They are POLAR OPPOSITES, this is 2 Parties! 1 Host UK Labour Party and 1 PARASITE New Lab TORIES!
        About spreading misery, how can ANYTHING ANYONE SAY be more Miserable than the Misery of 2015 to 2020, the MISERY of this Parasite Party you so Protect, snatching the once in a lifetime opportunity of REAL LASTING CHANGE, with their SABOTAGE, CONNIVING, SMEARS and LIES, from the People who were most desperately in need of CHANGE!
        TO OFFER US WHAT!?
        Next GE Choice:

      5. HateHate – The same Labour party that I was a member of when Jeremy Corbyn was leader. There’s been a change of leadership but the policy platform remain more or less the same.

      6. Toffee I will accept “I’m as useless as stammer” if you can show me the ONE PERFECT HUMAN!
        We are all just floating through a SHIT JOB doing best we can to entertain/amuse ourselves until we use up that final breath and join the stardust particles! For my own Perfectionism I have decided to make Perfectionism my personal enemy by deliberately making mistakes, LOTS OF THEM! 🙂 NOT USELESS! Interesting! BREAK THE NORM IT’S SO FUCKING DULL and LIFE SO FUCKING SHORT! x

      7. HateHate – I have decided to make Perfectionism my personal enemy by deliberately making mistakes,

        Something I can imagine you being exceptionally good at.

      8. Magnolia SteveH
        03/09/2020 at 12:03 am

        “Something I can imagine you being exceptionally good at.”
        ABSOLUTELY! I have no shame in that! I think I expressed that quite clearly and quite SIMPLY?
        ANYTHING to NOT be JUST ANOTHER Bland Magnolia SteveH!

      9. SteveH02/09/2020 AT 8:00 PM
        helsbells2022 – Thanks for the feedback but I note you’ve also neatly avoided answering my question is there a reason why you feel unable to give an answer?

        Far from being ‘unable to give an answer’ @helsbells2022 is infinitely more erudite and aware than you, and doubtless wise to the fact that you NEVER answer anyone else’s questions…So you know that (misplaced and very much mistaken, in your case) feeling of haughty disdain you have for @helsbells2022 right now?

        …Well that’s what a plethora of socialist people have for you. And your dear leader. And the rest of his grovelling, sycophantic, turd-polishing, carpetbagging flunkeys.

        Utterly unadulterated contempt.

      10. Toffee – “helsbells2022 is infinitely more erudite and aware than you”

        ….. and yet you believe that he needs you to respond on his behalf.

      11. Magnolia SteveH
        03/09/2020 at 10:40 am

        “Toffee – “helsbells2022 is infinitely more erudite and aware than you”

        ….. and yet you believe that he needs you to respond on his behalf.”

        It’s that little thing you Neoconservative “Centrist” TORIES have so much trouble to understand, SOLIDARITY!
        Nobody speaks for ANYONE ELSE! EVERYONE SPEAKS AS ONE!
        If helsbells2022 feels The Toffee spoke out of turn they would VOICE THAT! OR SIMPLY Make a Statement of their OWN with NO Scene, NO Hysteria, NO Mockery, NO NEED TO BE LIKE YOU OR YOUR KIND!

      12. HateHate – “Nobody speaks for ANYONE ELSE! EVERYONE SPEAKS AS ONE!”

        Left Unity being a exemplar of this practice?

      13. Not to reply for hells bells, toffee or hate hate, but re –
        “ You just sound just like those recently exposed Labour staffers who did nothing but moan when Jeremy was successful. How are you any different? “

        I hope we have the integrity to be EXACTLY the same: if I remain in the Starmer-lead shithole that pretends to be Labour I will take inspiration from the vile class enemy who said he wakes every morning determined to undermine and destroy Jeremy Corbyn, and commit every tenet of my existence to destroying the awful centrism that Starmer embodies and with which he wants to destroy 100+ years of parliamentary democratic socialism for the Many, not the Few.

      14. “Left Unity being an exemplar of this practice?”
        ABSOLUTELY and you just HATE SOLIDARITY that weird thing socialists do for each other EVEN if they are not particularly seeing eye to eye, and FOR FREE! FREE OF CHARGE! NO EXCHANGE OF MONEY!
        YOU can OCCUPY our Party, YOU can SABOTAGE, LIE, SMEAR, COUP, but at the end of the day we will face you in SOLIDARITY as ONE!

        “qwertboi – You have a weird perspective on life.”
        SAYS Magnolia SteveH!

      15. HateHate – On the contrary I am proud to stand in solidarity alongside the vast majority of Labour Party members.

      16. “Magnolia SteveH
        03/09/2020 at 1:02 pm

        HateHate – On the contrary I am proud to stand in solidarity alongside the vast majority of Labour Party members.”

        “Solidarity”-You would not know what that is if it shat on your head! Your Comments speak for themselves!

        “Labour Party Members”: NO Magnolia SteveH The Neoconservative New-Labour TORY Party are NOT UK Labour Party, that is an entirely OPPOSING Parasite Infestation Party with POLAR OPPOSITE Political Goals, you are one of THEM, certainly not in SOLIDARITY with them or you would not be here wasting our time!!

  6. And we’re meant to dance a merry fucking jig because de piffle’s his usual utterly shite self, or that stammer just about managed to match him for woefulness today?

    Desist from blowing stammer’s trumpet, wipe your chin with your pom-poms and realise you’re making yourself look every bit the obsessed weirdo you are.

    Oh, and as for you callimg ME ‘tory’….look at what stammer did…what have you to say about you supporting a tory who openly brags about supporting a tory?

    Let’s hear it, gobshite.

    1. And once again, little steven scarpers when fronted with the reality of the situation.

      Small wonder he’s nigh-on universally viewed as a shill for starmer…he’s got as much backbone as his beloved.

  7. SteveH’s “How are you any different?” is a blatantly specious argument.
    As specious as “Two people in Belmarsh: One Julian Assange, the other Hashem Abedi. How are they any different?”

  8. Exactly
    I’m different from those staffers steveh because I’m a socialist who is DISGUSTED by the knight who is sending confidential letters of support to this atrocious and dangerous PM, not a vicious racist rightwinger deliberately sabotaging the country’s chance of a govt that would fight for the many, and taking their salary from the very party they were destroying

  9. JC won all of these encounters, they are meaninglessness when the PLP are queuing up to stab you in the back

  10. Let’s face up to the facts, the dreadful Tory-lite , Trilateral Commission’s man, Starmer, is likely still to be the woeful Tory arse-licking leader up until the no doubt disastrous for Labour , 2024 General Election. By that time Starmer and his completely neo Blairite Shadow Cabinet, and his new uber-Blairite General Secretary – (who thinks Labour is just a ‘brand’ not a political movement for pro working class change), will have stripped away much of the Party’s current limited internal democracy – to block any future ‘Corbyn Surge’ type Left shift forever. Any socialist remaining in this Party – now well on the way to being a simulcrum of the US Democratic Party, in the meantime will be putting in wasted hours campaigning for what, in the main, are opportunist, corrupt, chancers masquerading in Labour colours , at both local council and Westminster levels. And in Scotland the utterly discredited Murphyite/Blairite Labour Right may well have succeeded in replacing the current Leftish Leader with one of their own politically bankrupt Blair clones.

    No matter how incredibly hard it will be to build a mass radical Left Party outside of the Labour swamp, only a new radical Left Party can have any chance of providing a platform and vehicle for mass resistance to the looming super-Austerity and privatisation wave to come – under what is essentially a solid Tory majority government with a craven , utterly compliant, Right wing Labour Party partner in crime, providing no effective opposition at all. And it will be bloody hard, given the crap politics of most of the overwhelmingly middle class ‘Corbynistas’, and the current, equally middle class, identity politics obsessed, ‘Far Left’ – whose inward-looking obscurantist priorities and politics and open contempt for the working class actively prevents them escaping their London-centric bubble to engage with the wider working class – without whom no Left Party can ever succeed.

  11. CV-triggered ‘rationalisations’ may possibly hit the middle class even harder than the working class, and AI job losses certainly will eventually.
    Half of a couple of generations of the educated middle classes feeling cheated out of their ‘birthright’ could have dire consequences for the Tories.
    I’d suggest that in attempting to centralise all power in the Prime Minister’s office now, their primary desire is absolute control of the police and military – the guns – to do that they first need to suppress the power of the judiciary.
    When they use some random street shooting to arm all the police and outlaw all sporting weapons, like Blair outlawed hand guns, we’ll know the end of democracy is close and it can only end one of two ways.

    1. Great post HH

      FYI, the Order of St Michael, the Brish Honour that we developed to reward Imperialist pirates shows a white imperialist St Michael, putting his foot on the neck of a brown-skinned devil. The Israeli instructors of the American police forces merely lifted a technique from the British ruling class imperialists

      George Monbiot has a wonderful video on DDN, watch it:

      Everything you know about the British empire is a lie.

      1. THE ELITES are nothing other than the Pirates, Plunderers, Murders, Thieves, etc of old, what concerns me most about that is that these are the authors of our History as taught to children, entirely candid and full of fluff!
        ALL of History needs to be “FORENSICALLY” dissected rewritten, all those Murderers and Robbers we see on plinths, if they did a good thing and “need” to stand on a plinth, I’d Prefer Public Art myself, there also needs to be a TRUTH Plaque! Saying that he killed 17 Million People by Gassing them! That she was a Hitler/Nazi Admirer who hated Jews, Catholics and Homosexuals!
        Thanks for DDN GM I’ll check it out in a bit! x

  12. Somewhat off topic but Julian Assange is mentioned briefly above. I have just read a post on the Jonathon Cook blog regarding his treatment over the last 10 years and his likely fate when he is extradited to the US from Bellmarsh Prison where he is currently incarcerated.. An absolutely chilling read which should make Keir Starmer and all the journalists of the MSM utterly ashamed.

    1. SHOULD MAKE EVERY SOCIALIST QUIT SAYING THAT JOHNSON IS THE MORE DANGEROUS OF THE TWO, FOR A START! And that is without ALL THE REST of his EVIL! What do people think will happen to Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen and ME Peace with Keith ‘LOOPHOLES’ Starmer as PM!? If we want a Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party for THE PEOPLE once again, we need to cut the Cancer out of the UK Labour Party, right now there is ONLY ONE possible way:
      Conservative TORY in every Neoconservative New-Labour TORY Party Seat!
      and VOTE
      UK Labour Party EVERYWHERE ELSE! Get to know your UK Labour Party Candidates, make people aware if they are Neocon New-Lab TORIES and actively canvas against them, as they did with Jeremy in the Heartlands, only we won’t get big payouts from the ELITES!

      GE17/19 when THE PEOPLE had a REAL, Once in a Lifetime Choice, it was blown up by the ELITE CONNECTED Neoconservative New Labour TORIES and we will NEVER for as long as That PARASITE Party, The New Labour TORIES Infest and Occupy The UK Labour Party get that chance of REAL LASTING CHOICE for THE PEOPLE again! People must remember Jeremy was a Fluke, a VERY HAPPY Fluke for us, but it wont happen again!
      If we don’t take this 5/10 year suffering NOW for our Children and THE PEOPLE of the future there will be a Parliament and a Choice of TORY ELITES vs TORY ELITES and never ending suffering, unless a revolution takes place,and who on earth wants that!!
      We need to leave a Legacy of THE PEOPLE vs TORY ELITES or we have failed miserably!

      “Most infamously, in 2013 the CPS pressured Swedish prosecutors into maintaining a fraudulent investigation into WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, as a pretext for securing his arbitrary detention in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Uncovered emails show Starmer’s department writing to their Swedish counterparts,

  13. Yet more Proof-Positive that Sir Keir Rodney Starmer is a VERY bad person to be Leader of Labour:

    He sacrifices the career of a capable, union-friendly socialist Shadow Education Minister to facilitate his loyalty to neoliberal third-way centralism, the atrocious Trilateral Commission, the ‘elite’s’ (read ‘PARASITES’) globalism and capitalism’s Lackey-in-Chief Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

    Starmer is bad for Labour, bad for the Many and bad for the country. I wish he were gone.

    1. I was under the impression that RLB got the sack when she engineered her own sacking by prevaricating when told to take down a post by her boss.

    2. It is EXACTLY a mirror reflection of the USA
      2 ELITE Owned, Controlled, Ordered, SELECTED MAIN Parties.
      HOWEVER, that is merely by WORD or by COLOUR for the MSM Hype and Sensationalism of ONE AND THE SAME PRODUCT!
      This is where Reagan,Thatcher and Blair’s Renewed Neoconservative MONSTER “Centrism” comes into play, we saw how Blair created a completely New Anti Socialist Party within The UK Labour Party, to attract the Right Wing/ We know that Blair gnawed his way into the UK Labour Party to Ground and Colonise the Already Present Parasite Party.
      They Rejected Socialism but never the Red Banner or The Name, THAT is the Disguise and where the New-Labour Party Squirm, laying await for their next victim! What is left over of the UK Labour Party is only the Skin and the Head as the other 80/90% is occupied by the Parasite Party New-Lab TORIES!
      This is great for them as they squirm inside of the UK Labour Party, with ~30 Socialists Dangling on the outside, like baubles for Bait, they have managed to drag many who were at one point Centre Voters so FAR RIGHT that they occupy the SAME SPOT as Thatcher, Blair, Cameron, May, Johnson, whilst the MSM makes them believe that “CENTRIST” is Centre of the Political Scale AND SO Jeremy et al turned from Centre Left to “FAR LEFT EXTREMISTS”, without moving!
      That is also why we could hardly identify with many “Labour” Voters “who voted Labour ALL THEIR Lives” 2015 to 2020, because they were and are of a Polar Opposite Political Ideology, a Separate Party it is IMPOSSIBLE to have two Polar Opposite Ideologies in one Party, that is NOT the Left and the Right of the same Party THAT IS 2 Parties! Neoconservatism vs Democratic Socialism Impossible to work as ONE!
      Anyway there we have it! If we don’t ACT our choice will be ELITES or ELITES! YAY!

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