Video: Johnson couldn’t even get 90 seconds into his ‘new restrictions’ speech without trying to con you about the number of new cases

PM makes reference to Vallance and Whitty’s press conference last night – then ignores Vallance’s number for new daily infections and quotes much lower one

Boris Johnson’s new coronavirus measures have been rightly derided as an inadequate sham – leaving schools, workplaces and indoor hospitality open but telling pubs and restaurants to close an hour early will not make a meaningful scratch on the rise in new infections, let alone reverse exponential growth.

But even in his speech to launch them, Johnson couldn’t make it even a minute and a half into his speech before he was misleading – to put it kindly – again:

Even though his Chief Scientific Adviser has now acknowledged that the number of daily new infections is far higher than the government’s meaningless official figure – a constant con at the best of times – and even though he referred to Vallance’s press conference in his speech to MPs, Johnson reeled off the lower figure without hesitation.

But then both Vallance and Chief Medical Officer Whitty are said to be on the verge of resignation because Johnson ignores their scientific advice, so it’s a pattern.

Con artists con. Liars lie. But these are not the people we should trust in a national crisis – let alone unconditionally support on whatever he decides to do, as Keir Starmer has promised.

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  1. Bojo the bullsh*tters bullsh*tter. Is he really that dumb or is it an act? Maybe he just doesn’t give a f@#k. He will probably get away with it. He always seems to.

    1. He only gets away with it as long as the public think of him as the funny bloke off the telly – the harmless buffoon that must be a good bloke if he makes them laugh, mustn’t he?
      People are keeping notes though:

  2. The virus is going to change the face of politics in the UK. The poor are most affected by the virus. The poor will also lose their jobs and homes and be expected to pay the economic cost.Grassroots activism will rise and the working class won’t be voting for Starmer, Johnson, Gove, Hunt or any other political clone.

    1. ….and yet for the first time ever and despite being the ones who had been impacted the most by 10yrs of austerity more poor people voted Tory than voted for Labour at the 2019 GE.

      1. Let me think……oh yes, Labour lost it’s leave constituencies thanks to people just like you. And I’ll tell you something for nothing, Sir Starmer won’t get them back.

      2. lundiel – He has a far better chance than his predecessor who lost them.

  3. Isn’t the virus so considerate. Only dangerous after school hours, after working hours, and after the pubs shut. How kind it is. A real knock down strategy -one way or another !!!

  4. “let alone unconditionally support on whatever he decides to do, as Keir Starmer has promised.”

    Anyone else noticed that Keith’s ‘New Leadership’ consists of supporting the Cons? Maybe he should apply his ‘forensic’ skills to defining ‘leadership’ rather than following focus groups?

    As my Grandad used to say, “engage brain before opening cakehole”.

  5. U-Turn Boris again. Give him a week and he’ll swerve right round. He knows deaths are due to hit 1000 a day again pretty soon, but he welcomes a few days’ breathing space before he goes to full lockdown. I hope I am wrong about the thousand, but the maths supports it.

  6. It would appear that the BBC is providing a never ending platform for their new-found political ideology, for business leaders who advocate ‘the Swedish model’………the lockdown (which is not a lockdown), is killing business.Protect the NHS; Protect businesses. Lock the old & vulnerable away & let Herd Immunity take its course!!! I prefer the New Zealand model to the Brazilian; Test, Test & Test again to Track, Trace, Identify & Isolate..

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