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Video all parents need to see: terrifying French study shows what awaits UK if Johnson proceeds with school opening plan

Mass infection of pupil, staff and families according to study run by award-winning German virologist specialising in novel and emergent diseases

Award-winning German virologist Christian Drosten has told the NDR radio station about a frightening study that all UK parents need to see – and they must then demand that Boris Johnson leave schools closed until the coronavirus outbreak is eliminated.

Drosten, who specialises in outbreaks of new diseases, described the situation in the Oise region of France, in which the coronavirus ran undetected in a school – and only after the fact did scientists discover it had run for around five weeks. The numbers and patterns of infection the scientists discovered are chilling – and have been ignored by the UK’s media and government.

In just a handful of weeks, from the first infection until the school was closed – by holidays, not by the French lock-down – more than 10% of the pupils siblings and parents were infected by the virus.

This figure was broadly in line with Drosten’s expectations – but the numbers among the pupils, teachers and other school staff were truly terrifying:

Translation and subtitles by SKWAWKBOX

38% of the school’s pupils had become infected – and among school staff, 43% of teachers and 60% of non-teaching staff caught the disease.

Across the school, an average of 40% were infected.

As Drosten concludes, with those kinds of numbers “you cannot open schools”.

The French study is not the only frightening one. A Geneva study of 23 infected children aged 7 months to 15 years showed that 50% of them – including 3 cases of babies less than 3 months old – had high concentration of infectious material when swabbed.

Given that younger children are less able to socially distance, it would be even more dangerous to open nurseries and primary schools than schools for older school students. Other studies indicate similar results

With such numbers – even more so as details of serious and potentially lethal complications emerging among UK children – no parent should be forced to send their children to school, nor any teacher forced to teach them.

Not until, at the very least, the transmission of the virus has been eliminated in this country and the government has got itself into a position – after months of ignoring World Health Organisation advice – to finally conduct thorough, rapid testing and tracing in any new outbreaks.

With the UK’s government, that situation is still a long way off – and certainly far beyond 1 June.

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  1. When Jo Coburn casts doubt on Tory policies on BBC Dateline London you know something’s very different.
    When all Corbyn needed was honesty from the BBC we got wall-to-wall lies.
    Now that there’s a comparatively “safe pair of hands” leading Labour the panic is over and BBC Politicos can chillax on their sofas.

    People who can’t work from home are now to be encouraged to go to work.
    Presumably workers who don’t go back to work because their workplace is unsafe can now be dismissed for cause.

    1. INCOMPETENT in all areas except making their multimillionaire chums richer. CALLOUS at valuing thousands of precious lives.

      CRIMINAL negligence. Eugenicist employed at the heart of government. Blatant LIES if “following the science”. GUTLESS WITLESS “journalists” who lack a gram of sense to ask WHAT science? When & where published? Peer reviewed by whom?

      And even when the joker journalists ask one worthwhile question, useless the journalist are that they bury it by another irrelevant and unconnected four questions. ZERO focus. ZERO tenacity. ZERO journalism. Hand in hand with this government, the MSM is jointly guilty.

      But the MSM are not alone. Sir Kier Starmer the pursuer of Assange “worked night and day” to make a TRUE Labour leader lose, and Cummings his johnson his hancock his grant schapps snatch our victory.

      Joint enterprise. Joint Tory enterprise. Joint wickedness. Joint DETERMINATION to keep the same old same old. Joint Tories – Starmer & Phoney Bliar – two stinking peas in their stinking warmongering USELESS Trident preserving, many killing nasty nasty nasty Tory pod.

    2. Section 44 of 1996 employment act covers you (I’m shocked!)

      Employees have the right not to suffer a detriment or be dismissed for refusing to work in circumstances where they believe they would be in serious and imminent danger.

      I can see a lot of unfair dismissal claims through this.

      1. I can see a lot of unfair dismissal claims through this.

        Until such times as the toerags change the law retrospectively – again. (Most likely within the next few weeks when your average working Joe finally starts to action what he’s been murmuring, and defy the government and unscrupulous employers…)

        No prizes for guessing which unscrupulous employers will start handing out the P45’s like confetti when that happens, eh?

        It’ll be the bloody lot of them, wherever it occurs.

      2. And when the do – They’ll do it with slimeball’s blessing, be in NO doubt about that.

        In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if starmer suggested they retrospectively change the law and then went howling to the MSM that it was HIS policy, the horrible polygonal-heided, slimy twunt.

  2. Sweden
    World Health Organisation
    What will effect of lockdown have on vulnerable students, abuse, hunger and limited life chances
    What effect will school closures have on parents who cannot work because of care responsibilities
    What does the Labour party stand for if not education and equal opportunities

    1. Owen Paterson, Tory. Every year the Tory millionaire ex minister trousers £100,000 a year £500 per hour “advising” and lobbying for a certain company. That company owned by one of the richest men in the UK, with no openness, no scrutiny, no competition was gifted a £133m contract to do… yes you guessed it… the catastrophic Covid-19 testing.

      Lets list Tory beneficiaries of this pandemic as soon as we discover them. List the profiteers and parasites.

      Owen Paterson – Tory ex minister “advising” Randox
      Dido Harding – Tory Peer overseeing tracking App. Used to fail TalkTalk

  3. The situation to keep an eye on is that pertaining in New York. Always a Covid hotspot, they are now seeing new infections in school-age children. However, put your head in the sand, and everything looks honky-dory.

  4. All those infections virtually all symptom free and no deaths or illness? We shouldn’t really pander to French hysteria. Looking more like cv not as bad as we thought unless you are one of the tiny minority with pre existing life threatening conditions in a cv hotspot like a care home. Lockdown invented by the the scientist shagger Ferguson when he originally forecast 500,000+ deaths. Made fools of us all. Far more will die from poverty and untreated and undiagnosed other ailments.

  5. On March 23rd when UK was put into so-called “lockdown” the CV cases discovered on that day were 967 according to Worldometer.
    That’s the number of reported new cases – with no testing to speak of, we can assume they were all symptomatic.
    Yesterday, May 10th, there were 3923 new cases reported – with ‘some’ testing assumed, let’s be generous and assume CV was only THREE TIMES more widespread yesterday than on the day lockdown – despite its failings still one of the most radical public health measures ever – was implemented.
    We’re hardly any further forward on PPE or testing and we haven’t even begun tracing – the only genuinely effective measure short of total curfew (the kind of curfew where if you leave your home you’re shot like a zombie).
    Back-pedalling on precautions that have been only marginally effective seems – unwise.

  6. Myths of Tory competence exposed again. Kier Starmer the pursuer of Assange “worked night and day” to make a TRUE Labour leader lose, and Cummings his johnson his hancock his grant schapps snatch our victory.
    Joint enterprise. Joint Tory enterprise. Starmer & Bliar two stinking peas in their stinking warmongering USELESS Trident preserving, many killing nasty nasty nasty Tory pod.

  7. Death rate for Covid19 is 0.1% 1/10th of 1%
    35,000 deaths equates to 35 million infections
    We already have herd immunity
    NHS has survived, capacity has doubled but will never be needed
    Now can we start to repair damage of lockdown, in a safe and sensible manner, common sense is all we need

    1. I don’t speak German and maybe Drosten said more than I read in the subtitles – maybe he mentioned how many of the 660 tested for antibodies had actually been symptomatic and to what degree but I didn’t see it.
      Didn’t see anything about illness either – if illness in a school became noticeable the authorities would presumably have been informed. The fact that the school only closed for holidays as usual suggests no unusual levels of illness.
      The antibody test may be producing false positives
      660 tested when they represent teachers, staff, students, students’ siblings and parents suggests to me a school of a hundred or so pupils. The high percentages Drosten quotes may be based on tiny samples.
      Inside a family I’d expect everyone to catch it so I guess “more than 10% of the pupils’ siblings and parents” must mean 10% of the whole student body’s relatives.

      None of the above supports RH’s flat earth thinking in any way.

  8. The World Health Organisation is predominately funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. It also funds many organisations in academia ie Imperial College London plus many of the regulatory bodies connected with the WHO and medical bodies are predominantly funded by the B&MGF and the giant international pharmaceutical corporations whose directors lists like a whose who from the revolving door of politics and the security services. For example, the former head of the internal security service of the U.K. is on the board of directors of the Welcome foundation. It’s also noticeable that many many renowned experts in the fields of medicine applicable to the current “ pandemic “ are being suppressed, marginalised or silenced by the MSM and the State Broadcaster who are trying to give a balance to the one sided narrative about the “ pandemic “ being pumped up and ramped up to create an atmosphere of fear verging on hysteria. The question is why?

  9. Expect this rancid Tory outfit of cummings, johnson, hancock, grant schapps and the other servers of the 1%, to spin a fifty page bilge fest at 14:00hrs to explain johnson’s bilge yesterday. As if that’s not enough, at 19:00 hrs, expect a farce of planted questions from the “public”… yes… questions to be answered with the same meaningless incoherent twaddle and piffle from boris johnson and his “scientist” of choice. Expect gongs for every one of them. Lords, Dames, Barons, Sirs. That’s how they prostitute themselves. Integrity free. Shameless Tory enablers – Sir Kier Starmer

  10. Covid19 has been in this country since November
    If I’m infected and I sleep with 100 people I will infect 15 of them
    To kill someone I would have to sleep with 1000 people
    Spiegelhalter summed it up, daily briefings should be led by scientists and mathematicians
    Now if you dont mind I still have 980 folk to sleep with, considering I’m 60 that means I will be 3,000 years old by the time I complete the challenge
    So if you dont mind I need to get a shift on

    1. …I sleep with 100 people…

      What’s your secret? Asking for a friend

  11. Dunno, but his missus told me the cat won’t stay in the same room with him 🙂

  12. For anyone who understands German, my compatriot Christian Drosten does a regular Coronavirus update podcast, download able from iTunes.

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