New study shows “NO statistically significant difference” in viral load between children and adults – and concludes that opening schools will drive new peak

German study highlights dangers of UK’s rush to send children back to school

Last month, expert virologist Professor Christian Drosten spoke to German radio [watch subtitled video here] to highlight the results of a study of a coronavirus outbreak in a French school. The outbreak saw forty percent of children and staff infected in just a few weeks – and Drosten gave a chilling verdict:

If that’s happening in schools, then you cannot open schools.

Drosten said that further work was needed to confirm that the French school was typical, but the virology institute where he works has now published a report on the scientific analysis he led of coronavirus infections in the German population – and has confirmed his conclusion that a wide-scale return to schools will lead to new spikes in infection.

The research also found that children are at significant risk from the virus, but are likely to be hospitalised later – confirming what has been seen in the worrying new inflammatory

Drosten’s findings have been helpfully summarised on social media by fellow virologist Dr Zoë Hyde:

However, the report’s own wording is also clear:

As pre- or mild-symptomatic behavioural traits are likely virus-independent, the viral load results from the present study cannot be ignored in discussions on potential infectivity. An unlimited re-opening of kindergartens and schools would re-establish behavioural traits that facilitate virus transmission through contact.

And it concludes that any widespread opening of schools should only take place if the government is in a position to test all pupils and staff regularly, whether or not they are showing symptoms, so that the spread of the disease can be identified before it escalates:

Based on the example of influenza, where similar viral loads in children and adults coincide with an increased role of schools and kindergartens for the maintenance of epidemic waves, the unlimited opening of these facilities should be carefully monitored by preemptive diagnostic testing

The significance of the report’s findings are clear: re-opening schools in the UK must be preceded by full-scale, functional capability of regularly testing everyone in the school, or else the return of children to the classroom will drive a new peak.

Since the government is light-years away from even a semblance of such capability, Drosten’s original verdict remains in place:

you cannot open schools.

But the government is ploughing ahead regardless – and has more than tripled temporary mortuary capacity to 100,000 because it fully expects [video] a second and even worse peak to result from its actions.

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  1. Can hardly believe this didn’t occur to me when SB posted about this study last time.
    I don’t even know whether the ‘cheek kiss’ greeting is mostly limited to Paris and other big cities, or maybe just to the middle classes, or whether it’s ubiquitous throughout France.
    I don’t know if children commonly greet each other in that way either – I’ve seen it in movies, but it may not be typical.
    Guessing it might be relevant to whether French statistics translate directly to the UK though.

  2. Ready for the 2nd Wave Boris? Make sure all OAPs are removed from NHS hospitals ‘untested’ & sent back to their ‘Care Homes’…….to protect the NHS Nightingale hospitals.

      Because of the great importance for the Covid-19 occurrence, special attention must be paid to the SARS-CoV-2 PCR test – the only instrument available to measure the virus and to be able to talk about a new spread at all.

      My assessment on this has not changed since the end of February: Without the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 viruses designed by German scientists, we would not have noticed a corona “epidemic” or even a “pandemic”.

      After the WHO recommended it (“not for medical diagnostic purposes”), the test was used all over the country in the attempt to find fragments of SARS virus. An institution in China, whose name was not mentioned by one of the developers of the PCR test, Prof. Drosten, during an interview on German public radio “Deutschlandfunk”, confirmed to the virologist that the test used by him found the SARS fragment they were looking for in the Wuhan SARS virus.

      How can a test that turns out positive for the many different SARS viruses of bats, dogs, tigers, lions, domestic cats and humans, which have been changing and spreading worldwide for many years, be called specific for the detection of an allegedly only four-month-old SARS-CoV-2?

      A disease – even one declared by the WHO – can be a “fake”. In the cases of bird flu and swine flu, I have seen and investigated the unscrupulous and corrupt machinations of the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry. Time and again health fears have been created to divert billions of public money into private pockets with dangerous products.

      That is why one may also ask about Covid-19: Could there be something else behind the public’s continued anxiety? Cui bono? Who benefits from the fear?

      Besides the WHO, the fear-mongers are again some virologists I already know from the past. Most of them – and this is unfortunately already “new normality” everywhere at medical institutes today – have established close cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry or other investors.

      Nowadays it is easier to become a professor if you have shown skills in obtaining third-party funds. Science has become accustomed to “cheating”, and the universities make this easier through non-transparent spin-offs, public-private partnerships or cooperation with alleged charitable foundations.

      The virology department of the Berlin Charité is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation regarding Covid-19. A co-author of the PCR test by Drosten et al. is the CEO of the biotech company TIB Molbiol, which is now increasingly producing tests and selling them for millions. However, these are detective secondary findings that do not explain by far what is turning this world upside down.

      Perhaps before wheeling out these “experts”, it might to be appropiate to see what vested interests they have!

      1. 60,000 excess deaths , how do you explain that away then ? Note it is excess deaths ,above and beyond what normally would occur due to seasonal flu , which still kills people , remember , these are dead human beings .
        I guess for some the only answer will be tens of thousands more dead , just hope it’s not them eh !

  3. The virology department of the Berlin Charite is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation regarding Covid -19. A co- author of the PCR test ( the Sars -Cov-2 test , the only instrument to measure the virus) by Professor Drosten et al is the CEO OF THE BIOTECH COMPANY TIB MOLBIOL which is now increasingly producing tests and selling them for millions. It would be better to investigate these ” experts” more thoroughly for vested interests instead of wheeling them out to support the frenzied hysteria narrative. As Albert Camus said in his novel” The Plague” ” the only way to fight the plague is with the truth “.

  4. ” 69 000 excess deaths “, how of those had prior serious illnesses, eg cancer, emphysema, Parkinson’s, heart problems, strokes, leukemia, etc. How many were over 70, the median age from 8 different countries is 80. How many were in heavily polluted areas and why is that the B&MGF plus international pharmaceuticals companies, who made billions of dollars in the last ” pandemic,” which didn’t materialize. Lastly, why are so many, many world renowned doctors, professors and medical institutions not in the pay of either directly or indirectly from the above foundations plus corporations so fervently disagreeing with the official ” narrative ” of frenzied hysteria.

  5. If you can accuse scientists of being motivated by big pharma funding to promote CV as a danger – can’t I accuse those scientists who are CV deniers of being motivated by bitterness at having their funding applications turned down by the same big pharma?
    The logic works both ways.

    1. If the PCR test is making money there’ll be other companies competing to better it, correct? I’m OK with that.
      Didn’t I hear or read that the Gates foundation was financing many different research facilities and avenues?
      I definitely heard or read that institutions all over the world are collaborating to an unprecedented degree to find answers, better tests and vaccines.
      How does your theory account for these reported facts?

      1. Perhaps if you read the contents of the link, I posted instead of saying “ it’s my theory”, you would realise it’s not my “ theory “ but painstaking research from world renowned doctors, Professors, viriologists, medical institutions not benefiting from the B&MGF, Welcome Trust, GlaxoSmithKline or making millions indirectly from the Covid19 that have questioned A. The veracity, accurateness of the Covid19 test B. The actual numbers who have died from it, as various frontline NHS doctors and in other health services have questioned.

        Read the report in the link from Dr Wolfgang Wodrag ( specialist in Pulmonolgy, former chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) and the work of Dr Sucharit Bhakid ( Professor at the Johannesburg Gutenberg University in Mainz head of the Institute of Medical Microbiology & Hygiene specialist in Microbiology and one of the most cited research scientists in German History).

        Dr Joel Kettner Professor of Community Health Sciences and Surgery at Manitoba University former Chief Public Health Officer for Manitoba province and Medical Director of the International Centre for Infectious Diseases), Dr John Ioannidis ( Professor of Medicine of Health Research and Policy and Biomedical Data Science at Stanford University and Professor of Statistics at Stanford University School of Humanities and Sciences etc), Dr Yoram Lass( Israeli physician former Director General of the Health Ministry etc).

        Professor Hendrik Streeck ( HIV researcher epidemiologist clinical trialist plus Professor of Virology Director of the Institute of Virology and HIV Research, at Bonn University) and many many many more doctors, Professors, medical departments, institutions who don’t agree with the frenzied hysteria narrative.

      2. “Your theory” is that your dozen or so’s minority view trumps the tens of thousands of similarly qualified experts who don’t agree with your dozen.
        You do accept that yours is a minority view?
        And that it’s a minuscule minority?

        Address my points and I’ll read your link.

    2. The major difference is that the scientists, eg Professor Ferguson has a track record of making woefully inaccurate predictions of various “ pandemics”, who received large wads of cash from the B&MGF, which along with the international pharmaceutical corporations made billions on vaccines which had to thrown away. He who pays the piper call this tune so the logic is flawed!

  6. Your ‘major difference’ is that you read something that either shocks you or confirms your half-formed suspicions, you click on the links and read more of the same and you’re convinced – then Google tilts your searches that way – it “suggests” you might like to read every other conspiracy nut’s dross.
    Pretty soon you’re a full on, fully paid up tinfoil hat.

    Conspiracy theorists, cult leaders and business gurus invent some soundbite that can superficially pass for insight and look for the maybe 5 to 10% of people who don’t see through it, then they build a conspiracy, religion or guaranteed path to success on it.
    The suckers are a double-glazing salesman’s dream. Ask me how I know.

  7. If bollocks was expensive, Skwawkbox (Handcock’s little helper) would be a valuable resource.

    If you haven’t caught up with the flaws in PCR testing (only about 28% of ‘positives’ actually indicate a virus) , then you’re so far behind the curve as to be out of sight.

    There is no evidence of any resurgent Covid infection; hospital admissions, ICU occupancy and deaths have remained boringly flat, signifying the passing of what actually never reached epidemic level – even at its worst.

    Go look at the actual data rather than making up flimsy stories based on hot air.

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