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UK school outbreaks double in 5 days – and England’s more than double in a SINGLE day

Soaring numbers make fools or liars of both Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer

The SKWAWKBOX reported on Thursday that the number of coronavirus outbreaks in schools in Scotland and Northern Ireland had rocketed – and that five English schools had been hit only a couple of days after pupils returned to the classroom. 81 schools in Northern Ireland and Scotland, which reopened schools earlier, were affected – up from 53 just five days before.

Those numbers were badly obsolete almost as soon as they were reported.

Before the end of Thursday, the number of schools hit across the UK had broken 100 – and in England, it had risen from 5 to 11.

Those numbers represent a near-doubling in Scotland and Ireland in just five days – and a more than doubling in England with a single day. The numbers by the close of school hours were as follows:

• Wales 1
• England 11
• N. Ireland 15
• Scotland 73

Northern Ireland has commissioned a new emergency ‘Nightingale’ COVID-19 hospital in expectation that its increasing infection rates will become a fully-fledged ‘second wave’.

Transmission among pupils has now been confirmed, while studies have already demonstrated both that children carry the same viral load as adults – and that the virus can spread like wildfire both within schools and from them to families and the surrounding community,

In spite of this, both Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer agreed during Wednesday’s PMQs that schools are safe, with Starmer admitting that he had secretly promised support for Johnson in sending children back to school as long ago as mid-May.

The numbers are rapidly making fools or liars of them both.

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  1. They are already fools and liars . . . well liars anyway. Fools have the get-out of not fully understanding what they are doing or appreciating the likely consequences. But both these men are submerged in their own personal careers and willing at every turn to quite deliberately turn a blind eye to the potential consequences of their actions, which I doubt for one moment are unforeseen – just ignored. Collateral damage . . . risks worth taking. ‘Fools’ is far too generous.

  2. This is all too sadly predictable – the well known role of schoolchildren every year in that immediate post summer holidays period , in infecting their teachers and ancillary support staff with colds and flu (familiar to anyone, including myself, who is or ever was a teacher) , was bound to also occur for coronavirus, given that so many children are highly infectious, but asymptomatic carriers of the disease, and will pass it to each other and their teachers and support staff, quickly in the poorly safeguarded UK overcrowded schools system .

    The mistake the Left must NOT make however is to bogusly claim that a significant number of children themselves are ever likely to be seriously damaged by being infected by coronavirus. All evidence shows that most children’s highly effective immune systems simply deal with the virus with little harm – but whilst infected these same children do pass it on to much more vulnerable adults , and hence out into the wider community, with the schools therefore acting as local incubators and superspreading centres for coronavirus.

    The government’s real failure (and their Starmerite Labour supine enablers) has been not to equip schools with the adequate protective equipment, constant testing and tracing systems and resources, and operational strategies (eg, shift-based school attendance to provide for emptier classrooms, plus use of distance teaching via the internet – and internet access and hardware for all children, for instance) , to minimize this inevitable role of schools as local superspreading infection nodes. The outcome of this, and all the government’s other huge range of lamentable failures with coronavirus is of course an all-too-predictable major second wave of coronavirus in the winter . We may well need that network of ‘Nightingale’ (mass dying) centres yet ! Because that is what those ‘Nightingale Centres’ are really for – beyond the PR bullshit cover story.

  3. Children are the Most infectious Organisms on Earth, ALL Part of the ELITES CULL Strategy!
    Funny how we never hear about any of them Dying or Catching CV19! We hear the BS of BJ/DC catching CV19, but where was the daily Interview on the steps of the Hospital with the Doctors giving the Nation the “good” news, we saw a couple of Actors “who stood by his bedside day and night!” in MSM News!
    So only Peasantry get CV19 and ONLY Peasantry DIE of CV19, can we perhaps see some Lackeys at least, Bezos, Starmer, Musk, Branson, Johnson, just one or two die of CV19, confirmed by a Peasant Medical Professional just to be sure it isn’t a Peasant ONLY Cull!

  4. Listening to Simon Calder tell a good old, English man, Welsh man and Scots man joke about flying back from Portugal
    Snowflakes do you accept its gone to far now
    The punchline was the Scots man has to get to Gretna Green by 4am tomorrow
    The Welsh man is f7cked
    The English man is king of his Castle
    For the love of God

  5. We know the government have taken advantage of a world virus and the genuine concerns expressed.Johnson and Cummings are without doubt guilty of fraudulent manipulation of money by diverting NHS funds to political doners and old chums from the apartheid school system..The second charge is murder of the vunerable and numerous staff in the care homes and within the NHS..We must keep highlighting the scandal of this government and never forget what they have done to the working class…lest we forget….!Thankyou Squawkbox for highlighting the vermin and their little helpers in the Labour party…!who have now decided that even the children don’t have any value.

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