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Scotland and Northern Ireland see 53 school outbreaks already – as BBC tries to deflect

53 schools in Scotland and Northern Ireland have seen coronavirus outbreaks – with at least 106 pupils and teachers infected and more than 19,000 pupils in isolation after potential exposure.

Children have been back in school in those nations for a maximum of two weeks.

Teachers in England continue to point out the lack of clarity in the latest government guidelines and in many cases a near-complete lack of adaptations by schools ahead of English schools’ return next week.

Boris Johnson’s deadly ‘herd immunity’ plan is alive and well – and the BBC is helping to deflect attention from the obvious with big stretches of credulity in its claims that outbreaks in schools aren’t connected to schools:

Despite the warning signs in Scotland and Northern Ireland, a clear and continuing increase in infections in England and warnings from the government’s own SAGE group of scientists, the Tories continue to press ahead and are also pushing more people to return to workplaces.

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  1. How many pupils are registered for schools ?
    How many fatalities have there been from the “ pandemic “ amongst pupils?
    What is the percentage of fatalities to the total school numbers ?

    1. Yes how many DIE? oh don’t like to admit people die from this are you and your endless dipshit crap of waaa low numbers. So what if 1 kid dies are you going to apologize?

      No of course your not your such a wingnut you can’t accept that it’s not acceptable for kids and adults to die. Just because you what want to prove some perfectic point about number and statistics.

      Well I don’t give a toss about them. Want to know what I do care about? Deaths and people being permanently affected by this virus, but you don’t give a toss about them do you…!

      1. The school kids have more chance of being hit by a bus than dying of Covid 19. You are some numb nuts aren’t you. The usual mixture by you of emotion mixed with fiction and a good dose of bollocks.

      2. The kids might – though the impact on their health still isn’t well understood. But what is well understood is that they carry and spread it just as effectively as adults and, being often asymptomatic, probably even more effectively. So older or vulnerable relatives are in direct danger. Get over yourself.

      3. It was always thus
        Name a time in history when we haven’t been infecting each other
        If you are vulnerable its your choice to mix or not
        There is no clear peer reviewed evidence kids carry it, suffer from it or spread it
        Still waiting for figures on admissions and deaths from Covid19

      4. So now Doug jumps on the “peer review! peer review! we want peer review!” bandwagon.

        Peer. Review. Takes. For. Fucking. Ever.
        There’s no time for that.
        Consensus of opinion among scientists in the same field is the next best thing to peer review.

    2. Brianbottu, even I child dying is one child too many. Suggest you also take a look at research o the continent. And be aware that children were not really considered and tested if they were then merely in relation to their family. It is known that children have not only been infected but came down with some very different symptoms. Look at the work of Christian Drosten from the Charité hospital in Berlin.

  2. I’m waiting for the Tories to label parents as dangerous extremists and send in Special Branch’s undercover rapists to infiltrate Mumsnet.

  3. The script is already written for when there is further large scale death and the economy is completely wrecked. Key words will include ‘unprecedented,’ ‘unpredictable,’ and good old ‘scientific advice’ (oh dear it was wrong, so it’s their fault). And of course, we will all take great comfort from the good old chestnut which follows every piece of tragic incompetence just as night follows day: ‘Lessons have been learned.’

  4. Its an airborne that leaves major disabilities or death for a significant number of people. If certain controls are not in place it will spiral out of control in no time with hundreds of thousands of deaths. Yes its a frustrating and debilitating time but its better than seeing people you love get very sick or die.

  5. Hey Skwawk, Is there a source for these Scot and NI figures? I am being asked…

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