Breaking: Northern Ireland commissions new ‘Nightingale’ hospital

Expectation of second wave from current sharp rise in cases confirmed

The original London ‘Nightingale’ in construction

The Northern Ireland government has commissioned a new ‘Nightingale’ hospital for the treatment of coronavirus victims. The news confirms that Stormont believes that recent sharp increases in the number of infections is the start of a second wave likely to overwhelm health services.

Nightingale hospitals in England were used cynically as a PR stunt by the Tories and rejected the sickest patients to improve perception of the units’ performance, while taking staff from overloaded NHS hospitals.

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  1. Anyone believe the Tories have learned any lessons from the first wave?

  2. Those 8000 empty private beds (And the surgeons/medicos inextricably tied to them, all sat around twiddling their thumbs) still being paid for by john q taxpayer @£2.4m per day?

  3. What an atrocious waste of money – a bit like the FIVE different vaccines per citizen that HMG HAS ALREADY PAID FOR and set up non-liability clauses for.

    The covid epidemic is being used by HMG to scam the British people.

  4. The first closed like all the others due to lack of demand
    This one is a ‘step down ‘ facility, 100 beds for patients leaving ICU’s
    Fair enough let’s see how much use is made of this facility
    My overwhelming thought is follow the money, there are a lot of snouts in troughs

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