Jewish Chronicle pushes fake news to discredit pro-Corbyn letter

Two items of fake news in Chronicle’s report on pro-Labour letter from Holocaust survivors printed in Sunday Times

Earlier today, the SKWAWKBOX published details of an open letter sent by Jewish Holocaust survivors also printed in the Sunday Times. The letter praised Jeremy Corbyn’s efforts on behalf of Jewish people and backed the Labour Party in its interactions with the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The Jewish Chronicle (JC) which has taken a resolutely anti-Corbyn line and was one of three publications who all printed a front page on the same day calling the Labour leader an ‘existential threat’, also covered the publication of the letter. In doing so, it used at least three pieces of false information.

Fake news #1 – Satmar

False information #1

The JC reported that all of the signatories were connected to the ‘Satmar’ group of Orthodox Jews, in what appeared to be an attempt to portray the letter as some kind of factional effort promoted by Labour member Shraga Stern, whom the article went on to criticise.

However, Mr Stern told the SKWAWKBOX that while one of the signatories prays at the same synagogue as he does, many of the twelve have no links to Satmar.

Fake news 2 – the earlier letter

As part of its attack on Shraga Stern, the article refers to an earlier letter, one which was signed by thirty-four leading Orthodox rabbis in support of Jeremy Corbyn. When the letter was published by the SKWAWKBOX, the JC at first dismissed the letter as a fake, then quietly rowed back on the claim.

But today‘s article claims that the some of the rabbis who signed that first letter were not aware of what they were signing – claiming this fact ’emerged’:

But this is untrue – no such thing ’emerged’. Quite the contrary. The idea was briefly floated by opponents of the letter, but then swiftly discredited.

Says who? Says the Jewish Chronicle:

In September, in a follow-up article to the letter – one of several after the SKWAWKBOX debunked false claims the letter was fake – the JC admitted that those who had said the letter was faked had retracted their claim. Not only that, but the only rabbis the JC seems to have asked about the content of the letter all confirmed they were fully aware of the contents.

The JC did not publish details of a single rabbi who said he had not read the contents before signing.

But that’s not all. The Jewish Chronicle was already in possession of proof of the letter’s authenticity – in the form of a text from the rabbi who founded the Jewish Community Council – the organisation the JC said had alleged it was fake. The rabbi confirmed that he had spoken to those involved and they had signed it in full awareness and good faith:

The text message from the founder of the JCC

Yet the paper only printed the evidence after it was contacted by the SKWAWKBOX with a request to comment on why it had not done so, because this blog was preparing to reveal the information and the fact that it had not been published:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The views of the UK’s large Orthodox Jewish population – expected to represent more than half the country’s total Jewish population within a dozen or so year – are routinely ignored by the so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

However, those views have been attacked by the Jewish Chronicle today, employing false claims to do so. It is not the first time.

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    1. At around 3 mins 40secs into the film there’s a collage of newspapers with headlines about anti-semitism, and the central one is a Daily Mail article by Richard Littlejohn, published on April 29th, 2016, the day after the Ken Livingstone radio interview. The headline is:

      ‘The fascists at the poisoned heart of Labour: RICHARD LITTLEJOHN on the Jew-baiting lunatic fringe now in charge of Corbyn’s party’

      And the following is a clip from the article, or should I say abhorrent black op propaganda piece:

      The difference is that the malignant anti-semitism of the Far Left has gone mainstream. For the past couple of months there has been a disturbing upsurge of anti-Jewish sentiment from so-called ‘liberals’ at the heart of the Labour establishment.

      It has come to a head with revolting remarks about Jews — first from Naz Shah, Parliamentary Private Secretary to Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, and then, with depressing predictability, from former London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

      Naz by name, Nazi by nature, was revealed to have backed the transportation of Jews in Israel to the United States. Red Ken rallied to her defence by claiming, absurdly, that Hitler was a Zionist.


      As Adolf Hitler said, the bigger the lies the more effective they are!


      When I did the search for the Littlejohn so-called article, I came across a Daily Express piece published a few days later (on May 3rd) with the following headline:

      ‘LISTEN: Ken Livingstone calls Hitler a Zionist – the full clip leading to suspension’

      Needless to say, Ken DOESN’T say that, but I wonder how many of their readers who listened to the clip came to that conclusion themselves.

      1. Afterthought: Regards the D Express falsehood – which was in effect a double falsehood – they will of course have disseminated the falsehood in their hard-copy newspaper – more-than-likely in a front-page headline story – which reaches far more people than visit their website.

      2. In Littlejohn’s vile and abhorrent piece of black propaganda he says the following in relation to Naz Shah:

        Jew-baiting is what it takes to get elected in the ‘Israel Free Zone’ of Bradford West these days. How else did she manage to unseat PLO puppet George Galloway? Her views are largely consistent with vast numbers of her Muslim constituents. And don’t forget that until this week she was a member of a Commons committee investigating anti-semitism.

        You couldn’t make it up.


        So anyway, by chance, I just happened to come across the following published in relation to Naz Shah:

        Naz Shah stepped aside from the Committee shortly after her suspension from the Labour Party, and has taken no part in this inquiry. She has recommenced her Committee activities since her reinstatement as a Labour Party member, but has continued to recuse herself from all activities related to this inquiry.


        NB So unsurprisingly, Littlejohn was lying through his teeth again, but what I find just as dispicable is that the Home Affairs Committee say the following in their report:

        Ken Livingstone then gave a number of media interviews, in which he defended Ms Shah and promoted the opinion that Adolf Hitler had supported Zionism in the early 1930s.


        Promoted the opinion! As opposed to having alluded to, in passing, an historical fact. But then it was only the Home Affairs Select Committee after all, and we can hardly expect any of their number to have taken five minutes to research what Ken said and determine if it has a factual basis and, in doing so, ascertain that he was alluding to the Haavara Agreement. Then again, you can be 150% certain that they DID!

    2. “Jackie Walker’s film WitchHunt has been released online”

      An absolute ‘must see’ – not only for the overall detailed coverage of the lobby scam, but also for the concerns that it raises about the Labour Party machinery.

      1. We all know how enthusiastic the Guardian is at covering anything and everything about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Isn’t it strange that so far they have completely ignored the release of Jackie’s documentary, I wonder why?

        Not a word from Hodge either.

  1. Case proven. The constant accusations of Anti-Semitism is just a stick to beat Jeremy Corbyn & Socialism. Yes? Well Yes & No! Innocence will not protect. This is a Moral Panic deliberately & specifically designed by MSM for one purpose. It is a gift that keeps giving. There is a culture that protects the accuser in all things & there is no defence against accusation; no prosecutions ever for false & malicious accusation as the data protection act is often used to protect the guilty & keep secret.
    The language of appeasement will not stop it. The school bully does not just go away if you ask nicely & keep your fingers crossed. If you keep apologising, you must have something to apologise for?
    I’ll be more impressed with Jenny Formby when she challenges the IHRA definition & announces an investigation into MSM & Israeli gov’t interference in British politics. Time to push back!

  2. The latest poll added to the wikipedia list of polls puts Labour 4 points ahead of the Tories. The interesting thing is that the last three polls added to the list were all, in effect, conducted at the same time, but two of them – one of them a yougov poll for the Times – put the Tories 4 points ahead. I think we can safely disregard the yougov poll and, as such, take it that Labour and the Tories are more-or-less tied. The other interesting thing – which I hadn’t noticed before – is that the last three yougov polls for the Times include a figure for the Brexit Party (in the last but one column on the right-hand side hold the cursor over the ‘a’ and ‘b’ and ‘c’ high-lighted).


  3. The following is from a Breitbart article published in February. The headline is ‘UK Labour Accused as Anti-Semitic Hate Incidents Soar to Record High’, with a sub-headline that reads ‘Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party has been targeted as a key driver behind a record number of attacks on Jewish people across the UK in 2018.’:

    A total of 1,652 incidents, a 16 percent increase on 2017, were logged in 2018 by the Community Security Trust (CST), which has monitored anti-Semitism for 35 years and provides security to the UK Jewish community…..

    And further on it says:

    Chakrabarti revealed at a press conference the following July that her investigation had concluded that “the Labour Party is not overrun by anti-Semitism, Islamophobia or other forms of racism.”

    She was elevated to the House of Lords soon after.

    Her findings stand in clear contrast to the latest CST report which also revealed a letter from those who described themselves as “Corbyn supporters” calling Luciana Berger a “nasty, stinking, lying, Zionist Jew-b*tch.” Mr. Corbyn has also faced questions of his own about links to figures from militant groups Hamas and Hezbollah.


    There’s that letter again – the hand-delivered one – in which they describe themselves as “Corbyn supporters”! Well, I mean, it’s only natural that you would point out your support for JC in such a letter of course (and then there was the other hand-delivered letter Ms Bereger spoke about in her recent Sunday Times article in which the signatories said they were going to throw acid over her etc, and referred to JC as Jezza….). And according to Briebart, this is obviously incontrovertable proof that Chakrabarti’s investigation/report was a whitewash, and the fact that she was “elevated” to the House of Lords soon thereafter…… well, that just reaffirms that it WAS of course!


    Their agenda – as with the MSM – isn’t at all glaringly obvious of course.

    1. Oh, and I forgot to mention that, sadly, the police didn’t catch them (the JC supporters of the hand-written letter). And I don’t suppose they ever will. Sadly.

  4. I see that the so called Jewish Labour Movement are at it again.
    Labour’s only Jewish group is set to hold a no-confidence vote in Jeremy Corbyn within weeks amid fresh tensions over the handling of antisemitism complaints within the party.

    The Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) is braced to vote on the unprecedented motion at its annual general meeting, which claims the party is “institutionally antisemitic” and Mr Corbyn’s leadership, combined with his past actions and associations shows “a complete disregard for the Jewish community in Britain”.

    Members of JLM, which has been affiliated to Labour nearly a century, will also consider a separate motion that describes the entire leadership as antisemitic and vows to support deputy leader Tom Watson’s efforts to set up a new social democrat grouping in the party.

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