Signatories to leading Orthodox rabbis’ pro-Corbyn letter rise to 34


Last week, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that the Jewish Chronicle (JC) had quietly amended its claim that a letter supporting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and signed by twenty-nine leading Orthodox rabbis, which had been published on this blog, was fake.

This blog then revealed that conclusive evidence of the letter’s authenticity had been in the JC’s possession days before it eventually admitted publicly to having it, only after a challenge by the SKWAWKBOX.

And now, the proven-authentic letter’s number of signatories has grown significantly, with the names of an additional five leading rabbis taking it to thirty-four.

Leading Charedi (Orthodox) activists are now planning a large demonstration at the annual dinner of the Board of Deputies, an organisation at the forefront of accusations against the Labour Party and its leader, which they point out does not represent a community which makes up almost a fifth of the UK’s Jewish population, in spite of Establishment claims that it represents over ninety percent of British Jews.

The JC only published details of the protest after the SKWAWKBOX revealed the plan.

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  1. Will the Jewish Chronicle promise to tell the truth; the whole truth; & nothing but……….? Will the Jewish Chronicle ‘tell it like it is’?………..or is there another agenda? Pray tell us gentiles.

  2. Doesn’t matter anyway… that idiot Chamberlain’s just been on the Beeb going on in PLAIN English about not having received in reply to her final hissy-fit an undertaking from those stupid EU bastards that they were prepared to withdraw at once their objections to superior English common sense and that, no such undertaking having been received, this country is at war with France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Greece, Malta and everywhere else you can get a cheap holiday and a nice bottle of wine.

  3. These fake attacks on Labour though upsetting and frustrating (distracting from attacking the Tories) have been a learning experience for the left wing democratic socialists with open minds. We have learnt about the brilliant diversity of the Jewish community from the excellent Jewdas to Jewish Voice for Labour and now the Charedi community. And whilst we fight for Justice for Palestinians and Peace for Jewish citizens in the region, it now turns out that we are quite rightly fighting alongside the 71% of wonderfully diverse Jewish citizens for the right to be themselves against the 29% of the conservative Jewish forces who want to impose their narrative on all.
    I think those who are the side of progresive humanity are now beginning to turn the page on this issue; diverse working people of the world unite!

  4. FFS! At least when the Guardian wipes a comment they tell you what they have done. On Skwawkbox you just disappear, you become a non-person.
    That isn’t solidarity Skwawk, that is Stalinism. Do I have to set up a web site called 0ff-Skwawk?

  5. Bollocks! Did Skwawkbox wipe my comments or not? Did they censor me or not? Reinstate my comments or lose any credibility for free speech.

    1. Not this time! But then your ‘censored’ comment was in, effect, a slur against the signatories, questioning the sincerity of their support for Jeremy Corbyn.

      1. Reinstate, or concede that you are censoring me. And of course anybody else who questions you.
        If you are going to wipe comments at least do it openly and explain why. Don’t pretend the comment never existed in the first place.
        And is questioning the sincerity of somebody’s support for Jeremy Corbyn a censorable offence? Is your belief that there is a ‘slur’ (whatever that is) in there somewhere, a censorable offence? Is the fact that I am more knowledgeable about the Haredi community than you are a censorable offence?
        Above all, I don’t have to come here, nobody has to come here.
        Don’t blow your reputation.

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