Orthodox rabbis’ statement in support of Jeremy Corbyn


The Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations is an umbrella organisation representing over a hundred congregations and educational establishments in Greater London. In a statement issued by twenty-nine leading rabbis from the group last week, they supported “respected” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and distanced themselves from “irresponsible”

claim[s] in the media that the Jews of Britain are outraged towards the Labour party’s respected leader Jeremy Corbyn. They have spread rumours that the Jewish population are considering leaving the country for fear he becomes Prime Minister… [and] rumours that the Jewish population are considering leaving the country for fear he becomes Prime Minister.


Many Haredi Orthodox communities are largely anti-zionist in outlook, as are many non-Orthodox and secular Jewish citizens, and are angered by attempts to conflate anti-zionism and antisemitism.

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  1. Is the state propaganda BBC, also called Big Bullshit Corporation, going to publish that? I obviously doubt that very much

    1. Eric pickles will wake up skinny, boris johnson intelligent, and fester mcvile human, before the beeb’ll run with this one.

      And if they ever do, it’ll be mentioned in passing on some obscure show on news 24 channel at soft o’clock in the morning when there’s about three dozen people in the entire country watching.

  2. Thank you to Skwawkbox for publishing this statement from Jews who are hardly ever given any publicity in the MSM.

    These are the Jews who totally condemn Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians and know that Jeremy Corbyn is their friend who will speak up for them against any opposition, especially from Zionists who often target them for criticising Israel.

    They have my total respect and admiration.


  3. ANY ‘Semite’, Jew or Arab complaining against Corbyn and Labour is a fool sawing off the bench of tree that he’s sitting on !
    Labour is in support of ALL working folk regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or favourite football team !
    Only the rich and priviledged benefit from a Tory, LibDem and/or Blairite government !

  4. This endorsement is extremely telling. I would assume that Orthodox Jews, due to their distinctive style of clothing and way of life, are more likely to be on the receiving end of any antisemitic abuse than any Jewish group (anyone can confirm my assumption?)

    And it seems they feel safe with Corbyn.

  5. It is very clear the issue was never about AS. The issue has always been about opposition to solidarity with Palestinians as orchestrated and directed by the current Israeli regime. It is code for: stop your support for promoting peace between the Jews and Arabs.

  6. As Conservatives try to create homogeneity through lies.
    The wonderful diversity of Jewish citizens doth arise!
    Live in peace amongst us brothers and sisters.

    1. The JC has challenged its authenticity, but from an anonymous source – and the JC admits it has been circulating in sysnagogues. The UOHC is refusing to answer questions about it. The statement – in Hebrew and English – was sent to this blog by the HQ of an Orthodox Jewish group, so there seems no reasonable doubt about its validity based on current evidence.

  7. The Toffee, 3:06 PM.
    Or on Radio 5Live, at soft o’clock, when the only people listening are fascist truck drivers.

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