Breaking: Labour to table new no-confidence vote if May’s vote #3 fails this week

The Labour Party will table a new vote of no confidence in Theresa May’s government this week, if her ‘meaningful vote 3’ on her dismal deal fails on Wednesday as expected.

With even Tory MPs now signalling the end of their tolerance for May’s ongoing farce, the vote is likely to be tighter than it was on Labour’s first no-confidence move, but the odds are that enough craven Tories will still support the government even as they work to undermine it for their own preferred options – and the ‘Tinge group’ of MPs are almost certain to prop up May to maintain their desperate grip on seats they know they will lose if there is a general election.

Labour will take every step available to prevent both May’s botched Brexit deal and a ‘no deal’ outcome – but it’s still entirely likely that May will choose to pull ‘MV3’ when she sees that she will lose it and gamble everything on what should have been ‘MV4’ on 26 March, as failure this week might result in Speaker John Bercow refusing to allow another try on the 26th.

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  1. It would be breaking news to know what Labour intends to do if Theresa May bottles out again and pulls MV3. Doing nothing until TM tables MV4 would be leaving things a little too late in most peoples opinion.

    1. You want remain more than a Labour government. I doubt the people here, who do want a Labour government, are interested in your incoherent Liberal Democrat ramblings.
      Go and troll some other site. We are bored of you now.

      1. Well thanks for your mini rant, however it is somewhat ironic that you have trolled me to accuse me of trolling. Personally I thought it was a perfectly reasonable question to ask, do you know the answer?

      2. So … once again, the majority of Party members and Party voters are ‘wrong’ and don’t ‘want a Labour government?’ The vanguard of the true religion says so. Behold – the unbelievers shall see the light of the one true message! We shan’t have foul opposing doctrines here – it’s a Leaver shop for Leaver people!

        Uncle Jo used to have the same attitude to socialism. He used to rattle on about ‘the people’, too. That went really well!.

        Now who was talking about religious belief recently? – it seems appropriate.

  2. Again another incident of Tories taking the proverbial brown stuff in respect of democracy. No one should be able to do what they are getting away with. Most certainly there will again be bribery (a bung) of DUP. I just hope the speaker throws the third bite at the cherry out. And this is all done to serve Tory self interests. We should not tolerate it, sommet needs to be done. I am extremely annoyed.

  3. I would love to see a Vote of no confidence being carried and a General Election resulting but I just can’t see it happening – the Tories and the Funny Tingers will not allow it because they know that a general election will mean, for many of them, the loss of their seats and all the perks that go with them.
    However we really do need a General Election .As well as ending the Brexit fiasco which is rapidly making us the laughing stock of Europe and ending austerity which is destroying the lives of millions we need an election to restore democracy to parliament.
    At the moment we are in effect been ruled by the DUP, a small group of MPs from Ulster – nobody in GB voted for them but the government can’t make a move without their say so – a shocking state of affairs. The DUP are quite likely to send Theresa May off again to her magic money tree for another bung and then they will, after due consideration, back her deal and bring the ERG with them and we will then exit the EU on Theresa May’s terms – what a way to run a country!
    Theresa May is an appalling PM but I fear as is said above, self interest will prevail, the vote of no confidence will be lost and we are going to be lumbered with her for some time to come.

    1. I’m not sure that it’s even a wise symbolic move. Given that the Tories and the DUP are unlikely to vote for Christmas, it will be seen as a Labour defeat, which is not a great advertisment in image terms.

  4. I’m worried that May’s deal might pass this time. Tory MPs who voted against it are being persuaded, even though they still don’t like it. The threat of a No Confidence vote could even tip more over the line. It’d be awful if enough Labour MPs should rebel to make a Tory Brexit happen.

    1. Having done everything they could to censure this exposé.JLM and LFI will not be very happy. It’s going to be interesting watching the Zionist propaganda backlash in MSM.

  5. Got all excited at first , thought headline said no confidence vote in Tom Watson !

  6. Hobson’s choice in the Hotel California. A Bad Deal or Remain is the Cheats’ Charter engineered by a corrupt Remain PM. We were never going to be allowed to leave as 75% MPs represent themselves & their preferred ideologies. How do you know when an MP is lying & if voting could change anything…………..?

    1. Steve – you really do have an odd view of (a) the inconclusive referendum result (b) the democratic process in general (c) the origins (re. ‘corruption’) of the Leave initiative and (d) the events of the last three years.

      1. … and as a brief addendum to the origins, beneficiaries and outcomes of Brexit, the following from Channel 4 is worth considering :

        “Jacob Rees-Mogg is estimated to have earnt £7m from one of his investments since the referendum .”

        ‘Up’ the workers – Follow the money, indeed!

      2. hello Mr RH,
        (a) any particular reason why anyone would think the referendum was inconclusive; a million + majority in a simple 2 choice process (b) DINO we have democracy in name only (c) please explain ‘Leave Initiative’. The only voices & platforms allowed on MSM belonged to the Tories as people like Dennis Skinner were rendered invisible, you know where the corruption is & (d) the events of the last 3 years? I can’t decide what the joke is, perhaps it is a Remain PM negotiating Brexit stating incessantly that we will be leaving on 29th March, when you know that the ‘establishment. will never allow us to leave the Hotel California, but you can take solace from the events on the streets of Paris as a recipe for future politics as the betrayal becomes reality, even for us ‘deplorables’.

      3. “any particular reason why anyone would think the referendum was inconclusive”

        Yes. Blindingly obvious. It was a split vote by any normal (error aware) criterion. That has been proved by the parliamentary impasse.

        Beyond that, the really important result was that Brexit was supported by only *a third* of the electorate – and that electorate was a shrunken travesty of the relevant population.

        “we have democracy in name only”

        Certainly – if fake simple majoritarianism on a constitutional issue is pretended to be ‘democracy’ – especially if not subject to a re-vote when the public has better information.

        C’mon, Steve – you know the ‘democracy’ bullshit is a crap trope employed by rattle-throwers like Farage and Mogg who don’t have an argument – only an assertion to cower behind.

  7. An interesting result in this week’s LabourList survey

    If a longer Article 50 extension involves holding European elections, would you be opposed to it?

    No – 79.4% (3,531)
    Yes – 15.8% (701)
    Don’t know – 4.8% (214)

    1. “Labour List survey” – good luck drawing any serious wider conclusions from that one. About as reliable as a People’s Vote funded “survey” by YouGov. Inside the smug Remainer bubble only the sound of mutually reinforcing middle class Guardianista delusion can be heard. The only thing that obviously matters is staying in the EU cronyist gravy train for the middle classes – and hiding behind those straightjacket Single Market rules to protect neoliberal capitalism from a slightly reforming Corbyn-led Labour Government. Our little coterie of resident uncritical pro EU fanatics grow ever more tiresome. Mandelson must be so proud of you boys putting in all this fruitless time at the keyboard.

      1. I wonder why you haven’t provided details of all the surveys and polls that support your minority point of view.

      2. C’mon Steve. Since when has bullshit used rational argument as a tool of discourse?

        Ha’penny is a pseudo- intellectual version of the Mabot’s ”Strong and Stable” – type burble.

      3. RH 18/03/2019 at 3:36 pm · ·

        Ha’penny is a pseudo- intellectual version of the Mabot’s ”Strong and Stable” – type burble.

        Wolfie Smith the ‘Marxist urban gorilla’ but unfortunately without the laughs (if you’re old enough to remember Citizen Smith)

      4. Wolfie! Oh yes – I reemembear eet well. You’d think the joke was a bit old-fashioned by now!

  8. Interesting new piece by Jon Trickett on how recent history confirms that social democracy has foundered – leaving room only for the replacement of capitalism (i.e. large scale private enterprise) by democratic socialism. ( Btw, such a transformation of economy and society is entirely illegal under both EU law and the WA, as one would expect from texts crafted by capitalists.)


    1. “recent history confirms that social democracy has foundered”

      Much as I like Jon Trickett. he is also capable of some weirdly subjective generalisations. The left has always been beset by arguing the sort of ‘angels on the head of a pin’ distinctions whilst the burglar runs away with the swag.

      Whjatever you or I think of it, or how you define it, ‘social democracy’ hasn’t been in evidence for some 40+ years in order for it to ‘founder’.

      … and writing in the Staggers isn’t a good look, given it’s Guardianesque standpoint and exclusionary agenda. Hardly cutting edge.- and always surreptitiously (or not so) having a go at Corbyn, social democracy, democratic socialism and socialism – those moving feasts if they get too redistribution. (And always a friend of the Board of Deputies and their right-wing associates). And Jonny boy fell for it.


    Speaker Bercow tells May she can’t have another vote on her deal until it is substantially different. No MV3 and No MV4

    1. Listen from 15:33:30 onwards if the link doesn’t start in the right place. It is worthwhile listening through to 16:15:23

    2. I think Bercow does well – which is why the Tories hate him.

      His ruling is perfectly rational, clear and well-evidenbed. as anyone who has operated as a Chair in disputed territory will recognise.

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