Twelve Holocaust survivors’ open letter to Times supports Corbyn and Labour

Letter from Jewish survivors of the Holocaust says real threat to UK Jewish life is not Jeremy Corbyn or his party

An open letter signed by twelve Jewish Holocaust survivors has been published in the letters section of today’s Sunday Times. The letter, also sent for publication to the SKWAWKBOX, lays out their view of antisemitism in the UK. It is a very different view from that routinely promoted as near-universal by the media – and is reproduced below unedited:


The Equality and Human Rights Commission is launching an investigation into whether the Labour Party’s handling of anti-semitism within its ranks complies with equalities law. We British Jewish Holocaust survivors do not believe that any prejudice against or hostility towards Jews is being perpetrated by Labour; and if any exists within the party, it is minimal and no more prevalent than in any other political party.

Jeremy Corbyn has in fact bent over backwards to help Jewish people. Media attention on the Labour Party in general, and on Corbyn in particular, is being generated by anti-Labour and anti-Corbyn mischief makers, who unfortunately are over-represented within the so-called Anglo-Jewish leadership — a leadership whose legitimacy is not recognised by the mainstream Haredi (strictly Orthodox) Jews.

The real current threat to Jewish life in the UK is the anti-religious education policies being relentlessly pursued by Ofsted. To our chagrin, they receive full backing and support from these so-called Anglo-Jewish leadership organisations, together with certain secularist groups, which display no compunction in discriminating against people with religious beliefs.

Jacob Ostreicher, Avigdor Langberg, Leah Stern, Minia Meisels, London E5;

Mendel Glausiusz, Eli Schreiber, Kurt Winter, Tauba Posen, Roslie Kornbluh, Abraham Just, Hushi Schreiber, London N16;

Hyman Bindinger, Tyne and Wear

Jeremy Corbyn has in fact bent over backwards to help Jewish people

The presentation of the views of the UK’s Jewish people as monolithic has been a regular feature of media coverage. It is a presentation that can easily be seen as antisemitic in and of itself – and one which minimises or completely ignores other concerns held by different parts of this country’s Jewish community.

The Sunday Times was apparently also considering an article on the contributors for today’s edition, but does not seem to have proceeded. It’s remarkable enough that a Murdoch publication went as far as publishing the letter.

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  1. I don’t expect that the letter from these good people will get much positive coverage in the MSM – it doesn’t fit in with the narrative that Jeremy Corbyn is a Jew hater, an anti semite so it will probably be ignored in much the same way as the support for Jeremy expressed by the Othodox Rabbis, the Socialist Jews in e.g. VL and the 200 Jewish intellectuals etc was ignored.
    On the other hand it would not surprise in the slightest if the signatories are themselves, like the late Hajo Mayer ( another Jewish concentration camp survivor and lifelong peace activist), subsequently branded ” anti Semites” in the press and on TV.
    It seems to me that no insult is too vile to hurl at Corbyn supporters particularly those who are Jewish.

    1. The dominant narrative has nothing to do with reality. It is political propaganda emanating from the confluence of right wing and pro-Israeli interests.

      So – you’re right that it will get no airtime in the MSM. If the Guardian is going to studiously ignore the vast mountain of experience and evidence that contradicts the narrative, and the NEC constantly runs scared of the lobby – what possibility is there of a handful of people with actual experience being publicised?

      But we need to keep spreading the truth and putting bricks in the wall. We know that the lobby is getting worried because of the frantic distortions to which it’s resorting (and which actually is now becoming so incredible as to undermine itself).

      1. I agree with you and its people like Swawkbox who ensure that the truth gets out there.

    2. Completely agree.
      The MSM seem determined to push their allegations of institutional antisemitism in Labour, with no evidence, while at the same time ignoring/censoring any real evidence that contradicts and smearing anyone that says different.

      Back in 2016 Channel 4 dispatches did an 3 month undercover investigation into Momentum and its Corbyn supporting members of Labour.
      The undercover reporters didn’t find any evidence of antisemitism
      (or any other abuse!) amongst the very cohort of members that are now alleged, with no evidence!, to be behind rampant antisemitism in the Labour Party.
      The MSM again have quietly ignored this.

  2. Not even the egregious Bored of Deputies would be stupid enough to attempt to label the Charedi community as antisemitic. They would be laughed out of court.
    However, although this letter is politically useful at this point in proceedings, I would point to the fact that it makes the assumption that Corbyn, when he becomes Prime Minister, will be on the Charedi side in their battle with Ofsted. We might want to contemplate the implications of that. Indeed, that may be the very reason why Murdoch allowed the publication, so that he can hang the letter round Corbyn’s neck at a later date.

    1. An interesting question – clearly, any national education policy has to be religiously (in both senses) neutral in a non-discriminatory society. The accepted fact by the Party of a sectarian Christian bias in legislation (i.e. another case of rolling over to the Tory tune) is deplorable.

      1. Think the real threat to socialists, communists, social democrats, diverse BME groups including Jewish citizens, LGBT citizens, the Disabled etc, is from the Far Right.
        Hope Not Hate recently reported that Far Right US billionaires are pouring millions into Far Right groups and individuals around the World who are perhaps emboldened by Trump (?) and facilitated by the likes of Bannerman the Barbarian (?) but some will be proud of such a term: Hitler once said: “We should be proud to be called Barbarians!.”
        There has always been isolated bigots but whilst social media has helped the Left to organise it has also allowed these Far Right individuals to connect.
        In the UK the Far Right are running with the issue of predominantly small groups of Asian men abusing young white girls (because the Far Right are racist) and they believe it has traction.
        We are all appalled at what happened (as are the Asian community) and need to address the issue.
        Tragically child abuse is in all groups and classes, mainly within families or by people known to them, and as white citizens being 80% of the population perpetrators logically in this group will be the highest numbers but focussing on one ethic group does nothing to help all vulnerable children.
        But some niaive working class people are being drawn to their narrative and we need to try to wean them away from the Far Right hardcore and back to socialism.
        Of course the Far Right because of their ignorance and racism attempt to divide diverse working people and in reality end up being Useful Idiots for the rich and powerful.
        When difficult issues arise I read, read, and read (I have access to a fantastic Modern History Library) and recently read that the peasants in Russia were beginning to show signs of revolting in Russia in the 1880”s so the state under Tsar Alexander 111 deliberately set them against the Jewish population putting the blame on this group for on all their ills which led to pogroms.
        Classic divide and rule which is still attempted today. Diverse working people of the World unite! X

    2. Don’t be so sure that the Charedi Jews won’t be branded anti semites. Why should they be treated any differently to Hajo Mayer a Jewish concentration camp survivor who dedicated his life post liberation to peace and justice.
      Hajo spoke about life for Jews under the Nazis before they were sent to slave labour and/or death in concentration camps at an event held in Westminister hall around 2012. He spoke about the human rights abuses inflicted on Jews, the enshrinement of these abuses in legislation, the confiscation of Jewish property, the confinement of Jews in Ghettos where they were denied basic human essentials such as food water and medical treatment. He then talked about what he the treatment of Muslims/ Palestinians he had witnessed in Israel and Gaza.
      Four years after his death when the issue of the IHRA definition of anti semetism was being debated by the Labour Party, Hajo’s reputation was trashed. He was branded an anti Semite because of what he had said in 2012 and nobody laughed Ceredig.
      As Jeremy Corbyn was also present at the event, he too was branded an anti semite. Louise Ellman was present at the event as well but unbelievably she joined in the criticism of Hajo and Jeremy despite this and despite having written an article in praise of Hajo at the time.
      So if a Jewish Concentration camp survivor and man of peace like the stature of Hajo Mayer can be villified after his death don’t for one minute think that you, I or anybody else including Charedi Jews couldn’t be attacked in the same way.

      1. The Charedi are the epitome of Jewishness, they adhere as closely to the law as is humanly possible. To accuse them of being antisemitic is culturally impossible.
        However, they are fiercely anti Zionist and don’t care who knows it. This is an ongoing problem for the Zionists and their mates, who tip toe carefully round it hoping it won’t explode.

    3. Good grief you are more conspiratorial than I am. That doesn’t mean that you are wrong. Here comes Nursey. Thanks

  3. As a committed atheist I’m opposed to the concept of religious schools but I wouldn’t ban them.
    Instead I’d require that all students of all schools are taught comparative religion – and the full scientific and logical impossibility of the existence of deities – alongside the beliefs and practices of their parents’ faiths.

    Despite my opposition to parents being allowed to brainwash their children I’m even more opposed to oppressing those victims of religion.
    Sadly that makes the only guaranteed solution to the religion problem – removing all children from their parents for the most impressionable few years so they can be taught that the ability to reason is easily worth the loss of childish optimism/hope/belief in an afterlife that blights what could otherwise be adequately intelligent lives – unworkable.
    No offence 🙂

    1. You would remove all children from their parents? Such insane Stalinism will happen over my dead body and that of every true Socialist. You need therapy my friend.

      1. No, of course I wouldn’t. If you read it again you’ll see I said the only way to kill off religion (in a generation) was unworkable.
        Sometimes radically ridiculous statements can cause some people to question the status quo who otherwise wouldn’t.
        And confuse the fuck out of some other people, clearly 🙂

    2. … and, of course, David, the problem even with ‘atheism’ is that it’s too much of a religious belief. Absence/denial of belief – ‘agnosticism’ in the proper root sense of the word – is the next stage in de-brainwashing if we’re really serious. A real belief detox. 🙂

      1. No, agnosticism is a kind of fearful fence-sitting.
        The “Well I don’t reeelly know” Mavis option, hoping for forgiveness for one’s doubt and “getting in” anyway should it turn out that Santa really exists after all.
        The last resort of the unthinks who cross their fingers as death approaches.
        Indoctrination-by-rote of infants is the only way religions can sustain themselves, as admitted by the Jesuits, and an intelligent society would take steps to end the practice were it not for the fact that it also breeds unquestioning acceptance of whatever the leaders of the larger flock choose to demand of their sheep.

  4. I see that JVL has posted that Jo Bird’s suspension has been lifted.
    ..although it’s unclear whether any disciplinary proceedings are still live. Good news anyway.
    Worth looking at the article. Appallingly, ” the local Conservative group, who moved a motion calling for her not to be allowed to speak because of the suspension. After their motion was voted down, all members of the Tory group except the Mayor sensationally got up and walked out of the chamber.”
    Jo then spoke amongst other thing about the abuse she has had following the suspension.
    Given the pattern of innocent remarks followed by smears followed by suspension, followed by horrendous abuse, shouldn’t it be incumbent on the Labour Party to take on board the consequences of carrying out suspensions irresponsibly?
    Also, the McCarthyism continues. The Jewish Chronicle now thinks it’s antisemitic for a jewish person to adapt Martin Niemoller’s famous ‘First they came for the Communists… ‘ poem. Which is about all the people who the Nazis persecuted and the need for solidarity.
    Ironically, given the JC’s puritanical attitude about this, Wiki tells me that the reference to ‘communists’ is not included on the most famous version in the US – at the US Holocaust museum, because of the McCarthyite anti communism in the US at the time

    1. Thank you for the link to this film RH. I have just finished watching it – it really exposes and explains the witch hunts that have been going on – utterly disgusting. It is no wonder that efforts have been made to stop its showing.

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