SKWAWKBOX emails Jewish Chronicle with evidence. ‘Coincidence’ follows like lightning

Last week, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that the Jewish Chronicle (JC) had quietly amended its claim that a letter supporting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and signed by twenty-nine leading Orthodox rabbis, which had been published on this blog, was fake.

The amended article admitted that three rabbis the JC had spoken to said they had signed the letter, but the piece still conveyed doubt about its authenticity and still carried a claim by the ‘nascent’ Jewish Community Council (JCC) that the letter was fake.

Earlier today, the SKWAWKBOX obtained proof that the JCC had already confirmed its opinion that the letter was genuine, in the form of a text from the founder of the JCC to a fellow member of the Charedi community:

jcc authentic.png

This text had also been forwarded to the Jewish Chronicle – but its existence was not mentioned in the amended article or subsequent articles, leaving the erroneous denial of its authenticity in place.

In accordance with good journalistic practice, the SKWAWKBOX contacted JC editor Stephen Pollard to ask for comment. Note the time-stamp:


Twenty minutes later, at 16.33, the JC tweeted a link to a newly-published article:

jc charedi.png

The article – for the first time by that publication as far as can be ascertained – includes a statement from the Jewish Community Council that completely contradicts what the JC had published until then:

jc jcc.png

Note that the wording quoted by the JCC is identical, apart from a couple of spelling changes, to the text the SKWAWKBOX advised Stephen Pollard it had received – but did not send him.

Mr Pollard has still not responded to this blog’s request for comment.

The authenticity of the letter is now beyond question and as the SKWAWKBOX showed in an article earlier today, it is entirely representative of the views of most Charedim (Orthodox Jews) who make up almost twenty percent of the UK’s Jewish population – a figure expected to exceed fifty percent in less than twenty years – in spite of claims by other organisations to be speaking for at least ninety percent of UK Jews when condemning the Labour party or its leader.

The Jewish Chronicle was not the only publication to publish a misleading denunciation of the rabbis’ letter. The Jerusalem Post went so far as to stridently accuse a particular group of Orthodox Jews in the UK of forging the letter:

jp satmar.png

That article has not yet been retracted.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Seventeen minutes between the arrival of this blog’s enquiry and the publication of an article quoting a text that had been sent to the JC days ago. It’s an interesting coincidence and a long time for a misleading quote attributed to the Jewish Community Council to be presented as correct in the earlier versions of the article.

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    1. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying for some years now. There are no journalists – just lobbyists, PR people. You can count the number of real journalists in this country on two hands (and most of them are foreign correspondents outside the country)

  1. Anyone who is still ignorant that this is Zionist propaganda is also ignorant of any braincells,LF I in my opinion or any other friends of Israel should be proscribed terrorists,because in my opinion that is exactly what they are. Israel is an illigitamate entity and in my view should never have come into being

  2. I’m not sure you should spend so much time arguing with the rightwing and corrupt media propagandist, as JC or even BBC, they are a lost cause and they should be ignored.

    1. Ignore them, and allow them to dictate the narrative completely unchallenged?


      1. The problem is they completely control the agenda. Labour to most people is anti-Semitism and party splits. The media only ever discuss the labour party in either of those two topics.

    2. Not aware I spend time arguing with them, rather than exposing what they get up to.

  3. We should just accept the right-wing mentality, wherever it is found, has less of a moral compass and less humanity and decency to appeal to.

  4. Pollard avoids the boys in blue like the plague.

    If Pollard were feeling genuine, criminal anti-Semitism is originating or being directed by Jeremy Corbyn then his first port of call is the local police station. But interestingly NOT ONE of Jeremy Corbyn’s detractors has drummed up the courage to do this over the last couple of years, ever since JC became leader and ever since AS flared up from practically nothing and nowhere.


    Because they are not stupid, and they know for a fact that were they to allege Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite and instruct the police to investigate, they would very quickly be clobbered between the eyes with counter charges of “wasting police time”.

    A few of these babies stacking up in the headlines nationally and internationally would soon force the whole bogus anti-Semitism bandwagon off the road and kill it stone dead.

    So instead it’s gonna be trial by media, trial by media, trial by media, until people get worn down, angry, the hope being in the mind of the bullies that Labour party members will be pushed and provoked into genuine acts of anti-Semitism.

    It’s not a good time to upset the police who’ve had an axe taken to their numbers by the current Prime Minister. Their patience is thinner than their ranks and their man-hours have never been more precious.

    Pollard and his billionaire tax avoiding newspaper pals know this so will continue to take the coward’s route in the screaming #Fakenews headlines.

  5. “They would very quickly be clobbered between the eyes with counter charges of “wasting police time”.

    I don’t know so much.

    The old bill (And especially GMP in this respect) have long been enthusiastic to nick people for ‘racial hate crimes’ based on the say-so of the alleged victim – no matter how spurious the evidence.

    All cuts one way, too. And done not only to satisfy home office stats, but to try to demonstrate that the ‘institutional racism’ within the old bill is a thing of the past, when it’s far from the case.

    An example would be someone gets burgled and it takes plod 4 weeks to respond. Whereas someone complains they were victim of a hate crime (Even without witnesses or corroboration) and there’s a whole station full of plod on the scene in minutes.

  6. I had a run in with Rosa Doherty of the Jewish Chronicle she uploaded a video that she claimed showed Marc Wadsworth “attacking” (verbally) Luke Akehurst immediately after the press conference after the Ruth Smeeth incident. Marc says: I don’t see why she was so upset Luke: because she’s jewish you idiot. Marc: Oh I didn’t know that.

    How could he be employing anti-Semitic tropes when he didn’t even know she was jewish! I pointed this out to Rosa she deleted the video and the tweet. The Independent edited their article 6 months after the event to no longer mention this tweet and incident.



  7. Just looked up the Fraud Act 2006 – steal cash, go to jail – Wiki say up to ten years.
    Fraud can be by:
    False Representation (Sec 2)
    Failing to Disclose Information (Sec 3)
    Abuse of Position (Sec 4)

    Defrauding people out of their votes though – using exactly the same con tricks – perfectly legal.
    Spin – politics as usual – no problem.
    Stealing votes has to be at least as important as stealing cash.
    Without sensible laws leading to decent politicians we’ll never convince the Vogons we’re a planet worth saving.

  8. Pollard is the anti-Semite who thinks that all bankers are Jewish, therefore anyone criticising bankers must be anti-Semitic, isn’t he?

    1. Well, no, of course he doesn’t. The crucial point is that it was JC saying it, but of course it doesn’t apply to all the hundredss of thousands of journalists and pundits and politicians etc around the world who have been saying exactly the same thing during the course of the past ten years. Only Jeremy Corbyn, because HE’S an anti-semite you see, so THAT is obviously what he really meant (or so Pollard would have people believe!).

    2. PS AND have people believe that THAT is what HE, Pollard, believed. But he didn’t really of course.

      But being a black propagandist, he’s always looking for opportunities to reinforce the anti-semite stigma/label on Jeremy (and the left in general), and to (try to) dupe and decieve and emotionally manipulate people – ie evoke hostility and – in the case of the Jewish community – trepidation and fear. And THAT tells you all you need to know about him.

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