Social media shines with #FakeToryPhoto spoofs

The Tories have faced mockery for a number of failures during this local election campaign, such as the leaflets that call an Ilford ward ‘your ward/area’ and don’t contain an election message – or the letter from Theresa May calling pensioners ‘Youmustbe F**kingjoking’.

But the debacle that has most caught the public imagination seems to be the case of the former MP photoshopped by his local Conservative association into a local community meeting he never attended.

Along with his dog. Badly. The idiotic scam quickly spawned a number of ‘tributes’ – and social media users quickly jumped in with their own contributions.

Here are some of them. Enjoy:

The stance

The SKWAWKBOX and @UKDemockery created an image reflecting on the fact that the dog’s stance in the faked Tory photo was the same as the silly ‘power stance’ ill-advised used by Tories – including new Home Secretary Sajid Javid in the first photo-opportunity of his tenure. This seems to strike a chord:

javid dog

Some used the theme to point out the origins of the stance:

blackadder dog.png

The dog

Some made variations on the canine theme to sound comedic effect:

javid hump

Quite a few were so entranced by the stance that they sacked the dog altogether:


Javid floating is a nice nod to the fake dog pic, though!

And one combined it with a commentary on ‘dog eat dog’ (sorry) Tory politics:

stance rudd

The hunt for reflected glory

Many took inspiration from early contributions showing the former MP and his dog in famous scenes of triumph – England’s World Cup win and the moon landing, among others – to suggest that the Tories are in such dire straits that they’re desperately looking for any reflected glory they can find:

burrowes wcupgeorge pshop

mandela dog.png

king dog.png

chelsea dog

g20selfiestar wars

Political commentary

Quite a few contributors wanted to link the failed photoshop scam to other political failures and horrors:

dog wheatdog may

sj dog kinnock

cam pigdogmcvey dog

Rewriting history

Some made reference to very recent historical moments, while others went further back – but all with a tweak or two:

dog koreadog iwodog kissdog girderdog monroe

dog ali.png

dog storm


The surreal

A few went for surreal images or pop-culture references:

sgt dog

dog dogs.png

dog dealdog alimad dogdog 84multiple dogs

dog swapdog smiley

Straight talking politics

A few went for a straight political message, presumably mindful of the importance of tomorrow’s local elections:

dog lab 2dog lab 1

Where’s the Wally?

Finally, as a reward for making it this far, @UKDemockery, the artist behind the spoof images that got the ball rolling, made an activity picture, challenging everyone to ‘find the wally’.

They are definitely in there – see if you can find them!

wheres doggy

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  1. Hahahaha. Some of them have got me in pleats!

    Cap proverbially doffed to each & every one. 😀

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